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Today we’re going to talk about the Tag Heuer Carrera. This is gonna be the Nissan Nismo edition. Check it out!
Welcome back everybody.
Like I said today, we’ve got a TAG Heuer Carrera.
This is gonna be a Nissan motor sports watch
So NISMO actually stands for Nissan Motorsports
International, and it’s a subsidiary of Nissan
that really kind of engages more high performance
and tuning and stuff like that.
They like to participate in high visibility
events, like the 24 hours of Le Mans and 24
hours of Daytona and TAG Heuer normally kind
of focuses more on like formula one.
But back in 2015, they partnered with NMO
with Nissan NMO and they kind of backed their
play when they put an entry into the 24 hours
of Le Mans and they actually created this
watch to kind of mark that occasion.
So it is gonna be a 43 millimeter piece.
So that’s gonna be the same size as maybe
if you watch the video that I did earlier
this year, it was on the TAG Heuer Carrera.
It was the Monaco grand Prix.
It was a formula one watch very similar to
of this one, but it’s gonna be the same size.
And of

course, what you’ll notice about this
piece, it does come with a black case.
Now it’s gonna be a titanium case that’s coated
in PVD and it does come with a leather strap.
Now, of course, if you’re familiar with Nissan
and NISMO, it’s got this red and black theme,
that’s very it is just a part of the brand,
of course, because to chronograph, you’re
gonna find everything that’s red tips.
You’ve got a red chronograph hand on the seconds,
the hours, and the minutes to help differentiate
between which ones are for time keeping and
which ones are for actually your chronograph
Now, inside this watch, you’re gonna find
the valjoux 7750 and ETA base movement.
So if you’re not familiar with that movement,
it is a powerhouse movement.
And like Nissan, they are built to last I
actually owned one of those cars once upon
a time.
And when I got it, I was talking to mechanics
and I was like, ‘What should I anticipate
on like the upkeep?’
And he said, really, the one thing you need
to worry about is brakes.
The cars are built to last.
They designed this watch the same way.
It’s not gonna just kind of fall apart on
It is however gonna have some very key features
that I am very fond of.
Most importantly, I am a huge fan of the exhibition
Now, you’ll notice that it’s kind of got smoked
out screen.
You can kind of see it, but you’re gonna find
more branding on the back.
And of course it does come with this red and
black leather strap.
It is the only strap that is available on
it, but I’m sure if you wanted to get creative,
you could find some alternative.
Come check it out at SwissWatchExpo.com.

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