TAG HEUER Monaco Showcase – McQueen, Twenty Four, LS Chronograph Review | SwissWatchExpo

Richard again with SwissWatchExpo. Now I know 
there’s a lot of TAG HEUER fans out there. Now,  
if you’re not a necessarily TAG HEUER fan 
and you think all they do is economic pieces.  
I got a couple of reasons to prove you wrong, and 
I’m going to start with the Monaco here. I want  
to start out with the Steve McQueen version. Now 
this is not the watch he wore, but it’s very close  
to the one that he wore when he was racing the Le 
Mans. This is an iconic watch and he’s sort of the  
mascot behind the Monaco line. So this is a great 
piece to start with. When you get, you really want  
to talk about engineering and something. 
That’s outrageous. Look at this absolute  
monstrosity of a piece. Not only is it huge, it’s 
bulky. It has a mechanical watch on one side.
And who thought that revert the JLC was the only 
people that did Reverso. It looks like TAG HEUER  
does too. I’m just going to leave this here. So 
you can just really suck that in for a moment  
because that’s a lot to take in on top of that. We 
go to the LS. This is sort of the pinnacle of the  

line. You can’t really beat a watch better 
than this. This thing is absolutely outstanding.  
It’s accurate to 1/100th of a second on the 
chronograph feature. You can’t beat that in  
terms of technical prowess. And of course, we 
have this one here, which is the 24. This is  
an homage to the 24 hour La Mans. This thing 
literally has shock absorbers inside the case.  
Who else does that? Who else does that? Monaco is 
a fantastic premier line for the TAG HEUER brand.  
Come check these things out at SwissWatchExpo.

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