Tailgunner Review – The new Atari VCS – Mockduck Plays Games

Developed by Grizzly Machine
Released 2/11/21
Also Available on: PC, Oculus Go
Tailgunner is a simple and fun shooting gallery 
game of aerial combat, with two fellow gunners  
to your left and right there to help out. Shoot 
down enemies by steering your aim and firing,  
that’s it. There are challenges that 
give you perks and make things harder;  
for the most part I died before really 
getting much opportunity to see the perks in  
action, but more skilled gunners will see their 
gameplay get additional variety over time.

A Cel-shaded look and swinging art deco inspired 
style add an exciting atmosphere to the game.  
I have to admit, my aim isn’t great, and I haven’t 
really gotten past the first couple of waves.  
It sure is a good thing I have competent teammates 
or I don’t think my side is winning this war.
But I don’t think there is anything wrong with 
the controls, which take advantage of the Classic  
Joystick’s ability to twist to give you some nice 
ability to shift over your tail. It’s just hard to  
steer and aim in aerial combat using a joystick. 
A lot of old school Atari gamers are used to it,  
and in fact people who remember games like 

/> Spitfire Attack, Air Raiders, F-15 Tomcat,  
or even Crossbow will feel fight at 
home. This game is made for you.
The final piece falls into place when you learn 
that Tailgunner is made specifically for the  
Oculus Go VR system. VR uses controllers as 
a sort of light-gun that makes this kind of  
shooting gallery game work flawlessly, and they 
are among the most popular on VR platforms.  
I bet it’s great on the Oculus Go. You can 
also play with an attached keyboard and mouse,  
with the mouse used for aim and fire.
For now, Tailgunner is a simple and fun  
game with great presentation and a cool 
style. At five dollars this game is an  
easy impulse purchase for an evening 
or weekend. Also, love the music.
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