Tannenberg is FREE! – Epic Game Review

if other first-person shooters haven’t
made you feel that you’re truly
engrossed in the art of war tannenberg
takes you all the way back to 1914. as
was common back in world war 1 you will
not be given much instruction beyond a
quick talk that explains the concept of
the game after a few dialogue options to
click through you will be handed a gun
and sent to battle with up to 63 of your
closest friends if you aren’t
anticipating that large of a party you
can squad up with up to three other
teammates or be assigned randomly to one
of the online matches currently running
always on the blue team your squad will
be marked in green above their heads and
pointing a rifle at a character will
reveal them as being either friend or
foe if you are accustomed to most
first-person shooters you’ll recognize
this game as following standard gameplay
controls including the option to hold
your breath to study your aiming
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the things that go well for this game i
have a

few complaints for instance while
i was walking around in the grass i
experienced this glitch
also when i was killed this happened for
a game that was developed in 2019 i felt
that the graphics were a little dated
but the game runs smoothly another thing
that made this game feel dead is the
lack of a single player mode yes you can
join online matches as a solo but there
is no story involved tannenberg receives
86 positive reviews on steam and a score
of 69 on metacritic
overall with the features i’ve observed
i’ve given this game a rating of 4.8 out
of 10. tannenberg is free at the epic
game store until july 28th at 10 o’clock
central time if you missed it while it
was free tandenberg can be purchased
from the epic game store or steam for
the price of 19.99 next week free on the
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