TapCent Review – Highest Paying App? (Truth Revealed)

Is the TapCent app really one of the highest paying apps as it claims or is it a waste of time? My name is Mikael and I love testing different free ways to make some extra money and when I came across this app and saw that it claims to be the highest paying app. Of course I had to test it and in this TapCent review I’ll give you an inside look and show exactly what I found so you can find out if you should join or not. And let me reveal right away there are some important

details you really need to consider before downloading this app. So before I log into the app let’s go over who can join and TapCent is an app as you can see on the website also that can only be downloaded for Android devices. So if you have an iOS device and want to earn instead I’ll leave a link in the top corner to a video I have about the best ways to earn on an iOS device. And also you need to know which countries is available in from what I’ve been able to find out it looks

like it’s available in more or less all countries. At least it’s available in a lot of different countries there might be a few countries it’s not available in but it

is available in a lot. The only way to know for sure is to just go to the Google Play Store search for it if it’s there and you can join well then it is available in your country and you can earn. But whether it’s worth it or not that’s of course a completely different matter. So let me now log into the app show you exactly how

it works and how much you can earn so you can find out if you should download it or not. So I have now logged into the TapCent app and it is quite easy to get an overview. It has mainly two ways to earn you can see earned by surveys and earned by playing games. So let’s start by the surveys so to earn there you need to first start by filling out your profile and you will get some coins. We will go over the value of the coins a little bit later and then you will just

see a number of different surveys there’s a reason I haven’t really filled it out yet and I will go over that later about the whole earning potential and things like this. But it does have a decent amount of paid surveys but no it’s it’s like average in the number of surveys I would say and the pay for the surveys is a little bit below average in my experience. And I have tested hundreds of different paid survey apps I will leave a link in the top corner to a video I have about the top paying survey

sites or apps so you can check that out if you like taking surveys on the go. But that’s one way to earn let’s also go over the other method which is you can earn by playing games. So if you go to the earn by games section you can find quite a lot of different games. And you can see how much you can earn up to it doesn’t have as many as many other apps are tested but you can just click and then you can see you need to complete a level and then I would get

200 coins. It’s not a lot let me just reveal that right away. We will go over the value of coins a little bit later. But what you need to do is then if you click this play now it will take you to the Google Play Store you need to download the app and then when I complete a level, I’ll get a certain number of coins it might be that in some countries you will actually get paid per minute, you play things like that. But in general, is where you get paid per level for these playtime

apps it’s just really not a good way to earn. Because usually you do not earn a lot like that in general playtime apps where you end by playing you don’t earn a lot but when they have this like where you have to complete the level you will usually earn a lot less. I have a video about the top play time apps where you can get paid per minute I will leave a link in the top corners you can check that out. So that’s just something to be aware of it does give you the option to

earn by playing you just really need to do it with the right expectations and do not expect to earn a lot. It can be a fun way to earn but just not a way to earn a lot but let’s now talk about the value of points and how you can get your earnings out because that’s of course very important to know. So right now you can see I just went to see my balance and you can see the exchange rate and right now it shows Thai Baht. I don’t live in Thailand usually but I’m actually

traveling right now so that’s why it shows in Thai Baht so it will show the currency in the country you’re in. So that’s just something to be aware of and there can be some differences from country to country. But 300 coins where I am currently will be worth like one type at so this means like 300 coins will be worth around something like three cents of a dollar three cents. So you can see that for example with one of the games when you complete the label I would get 200 coins it would be like two

cents I would earn to complete a level. So this is something to be aware of. The exact value can vary from country to country. So please if you’re in another country where the value is different so please feel free to share in a comment below. That would be great to hear that’s just something to be aware of that the exact rate will probably be different where you live. But let’s then go over how you can get these earnings out. So the exact payout options will also depend on the country you live in but where I’m

currently located you can see these are the options. What I do like is that they does offer PayPal and this will be an option in most countries where it’s available. But then it will also have other payout options depending on the country we live in. But as you can see like for example if we click PayPal you see I need to earn the equivalent of around 25 to be able to withdraw. And this is a very high payout threshold for an app like this. Especially when you consider the value of the points you need to

earn a lot of points here to be able to reach the very high payout threshold. But you can get paid but it really does take patience in my experience and opinion and this is the reason I am not really used to because I had tested hundreds of different apps so why would I use an app that’s not very effective when I know there are so many other great options. I’ll leave a link below also to list I have of better get paid to apps and websites you can check that out. So to sum it all

up, TapCent has both pros and cons it has some easy ways to earn and some decent payout options but there are many apps you can say that about and in my opinion the cons are just a lot bigger than the pros because the value you get for your time is very low here compared to many other apps. It has a high payout threshold also and it does not offer that many different earning opportunities so this whole claim it has on the website as you can also see here it says highest paying app that is what

it claims it is that in my opinion is really not true. I have tested hundreds of different apps to earn and they are just in my personal opinion and experience a lot of other apps that are a lot better. As mentioned earlier I will leave a link below to a list I have of the top get paid to site. So you can check that out. That’s what I would recommend to use instead but TapCent is an app where you can potentially earn you just need to do it with the right expectations. And I hope this

video helped you figure out what to expect so you you can find out if you should do this or not. And if the video helped you then make sure to hit the like button and also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the notification bell so you won’t miss out next time you see a video with tips and tricks about different ways to make money online.

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