TAROT de MARSEILLE, 💎💎💎una joya antigua – Anima Antiqua – Lo Scarabeo, TAROT REVIEW en español 2020.

hello welcome back to my channel Aes-Shide, this time I bring you the
marseille tarot
is a tarot as you can see from the scarabeo
from the ancient anima collection. As
you can see, the box is something that has us
accustomed scarabeo in this collection,
with colors like my land like doing
colors with shades of gray and both the cover and the
back cover as on the sides of the
because we have small prints of the
original that comes inside
we are going to see this great jewel
because the tarot that I am going to show you is
a jewel and in addition to the oldest ones
we already know that the tarot of marseille
is the base of most
decks and let’s see what it entails
well as you see the box is what we
has used scarabeo in the
old anima in this so beautiful edition in
This color uses the earth color, it is
very beautiful and very fine and we will see
and what it brings inside,
let’s see what is the good jewel like
You see it comes with a little book like
most of the old anima
It is a small book that what it brings is
a small description of the history
of each tarot well in English, Italian,
Spanish, French, Portuguese and
This tarot is the 2019 edition
and in the leaves as they come to match it
is in earth color as doing
small overtones.
Of course, this is a limited edition of
2999 copies and I have 1912,
the truth is that I am very excited
because I have several tarots of the
old anima edition , I know that I am missing some
but it will be very difficult to
achieve but good is what it is
and let’s see what deck we have here. The
original of this deck from the year 1760 and
this March is reproduced through
some wooden plates … imagine some
wooden plates from 1760 is
reproduced in stencil and has all six
The stencil is like putting like when
you put a sheet on top and you are painting
in fact you see that it has small
defects if you have a wooden plank
it is already a triumph and they have the colors
originals and the deck is the
original reproduction as is … here
we have the madman as you see the
back is in a color like pale pink and
dark pink making like squares and
the quality of the card is a quality
normal, it is not bad it is very hard
but good
scarabeo has other much better qualities
in other tarots and colors
They are matte, they have
absolutely no shine and they have priority
the six main colors, this is the
card of the madman, here we have the magician
as you can see sometimes it seems that the colors
are out of the limits of the drawing
but as I have already told you, the spencil
is like a template and it is painted
with the colors and I also don’t know if you
can see it in any of the cards … but
they were as numbered in pencil
each tablet should be numbered
of wood.
Here I do not distinguish very well what number is
78 but in some and what can you see …
here we have the papisa a la
priestess you see that they lack colors
they lack some patch
here we have the
here we have the emperor
to dad
You see that sometimes the drawings are
cut off
here we have the letter of the
lovers is more I will point out there
as stains on the cards
that is, it is as you see
one lacks a nose, another has a
larger eye, the other lacks a nose
and the mouth
here we have the car
here we have justice that lacks
an eye
and here are the frames as cut
here we have the hermit
slight spots that there are I do not know if they are
humidity or what …
here we have the wheel of fortune
the letter of the force
the hanged man is one-eyed, he is missing an
the death card

you see the temperance card … the lack half nose half eye
the devil’s card
the tower letter
the star card
the moon
the sun card
the judgment letter
and the letter of the world
you see that it has as a painting
run like paint moved
and here we have the Ace of Spades as
You see the colors are well marked and
very strong
the 2 of swords
the 4
the five
the truth is that rescuing this deck by
printing it as is
A scarabeo applause because not all
decks are going to be perfect, not all
It seems that all decks are divine and yet these are the
origins and one has to learn and see
where they come from
look at the jack of spades
the knight of swords
queen of spades
and king of spades
here we have the cups
is that even the bottom is as blurry
as …
As with humidity, look, you
cannot see it, I will bring it closer to the
camera this card is marked with the
number 42 but as if they had
put in pencil I do not know if you observe it
but I already tell you
is 46
we continue with the glasses
nine of cups,
10 of cups you see as if this
was more marked it
is known that when removing the template
Well the colors are not dry as
they move and they have left it … look at the
jack of cups
the gentleman of glasses
the queen of cups and the king of cups … some
seem to be as faded the
I brought here we have the golds
ace of golds
the 2nd of gold
that has the year inscribed in 1760, the 3rd of
golds, the 4 of golds with the shield with the
fleur de lis
the 5 look is
On the 6th of gold you see it … everything is
moved like the colors
the 7,
the 8 of gold
the 10th,
the jack of golds
and it says “france conver valet de deners”
the horse of golds
the queen of golds
and the king of golds
look what porte¡¡¡
and now we go with the clubs the ace
of bastos
the two, the three
the 4,
the 5 of wands
the 6,
the seven
on 8
the 10th,
here we have the jack of wands
to the horse of clubs this is one of the
best ones with less defects
so to speak, the queen of wands
and the king of wands these last three
they are the ones with the least failures
well here we have a jewel! the tarot of
marseille in the anima edition
antiqua de lo scarabeo …
I’ll keep it as what it is … a jewel
so that it does not spoil more than what
is already in the original
And this is where today’s review
with the tarot of marseille by
1760 the origins ¡¡¡if you liked it, no
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forget to be happy here and now ¡¡¡
a very big greeting see you soon.

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