Hi, Hello Namaskara…How are you all doing ?
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I want to tell you the Unique side effects experience of 1st Dose & 2nd Dose 😀
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As i promised you in previous video, this video is about complete details on Infotainment system.
I will be making this video into 3 different parts.
First part will be about Infotainment system overview/walkthrough.
In second part of the video i will show how to utilize the Bluetooth feature effectively.
Third part of the video is about How to use Android Auto & CarPlay.
I don’t have iPhone to show CarPlay. But i have My Phone Android to show the Android Auto Feature.
CarPlay is also same as Android auto but you just need an Apple Phone.
Then next will see whether we can play video on screen through USB while car is moving or not.
So, let’s start the Part 1 video of TATA TIAGO XZ Infotainment System.
If you have observed earlier when you start the Car on screen it was showing “ConnectNext”
After the recent ECU update it is showing as “iRA Technology”
let me

show you the current version after the update.
To check that From HomeScreen -Settings – Software Details.
You will see the version R14.20 which is November 9th 2020 released software.
In case if you haven’t got it updated, visit the Service center and ask for latest ECU update.
Let’s see what all option can be accessed easily from Homescreen.
Tap on the Time at bottom left corner
You will get option to Mute/Unmute – Display Turn Off background play – Audio change or FMstation change – Bluetooth Connection.
If you tap on Top Right corner you will see all Media streaming source options.
Let’s see what all options are available under settings options
Under Vehicle Setup – Park Assist volume, nothing but rear parking sensor alert volume can be adjusted.
Keep it at 10 which is sufficient.
If you are thinking why the beep sound is coming ? It is because i have covered sensor with body cover that is the reason for Beep sound.
Next option is approach Lamp, In my previous video i had explained about Follow Me Home Lamp With this option you can adjust the Time with how many seconds you want to keep it ON. (30 Seconds Preferred)
This Voice alert is for when you are not wearing the Seatbelt you will get a Voice alert saying “Please Fasten Your SeatBelt”
If you don’t want to hear voice alert you can uncheck the check box. But you will get the same old Beep sound.
Now will see Audio Setup Option
Bass, Middle, Treble can be adjusted as per your woofer speaker effect.
Balance & Fader option can be used to enable or disable the particular sides of the speaker. Always Keep at center position to get clear surrounding effect.
Audio Presets is same as your Mobile music player equalizer. Always keep selected USER option to get better sound quality.
Phone Setup option will discuss in detail in Part 2 video
In my previous video i had explained about Speed dependent volume.
When you are driving above 60 Kmph Speed after that for every 10 kms speed increases audio volume will also get increase and decrease as per speed.
If you uncheck the option then the audio volume will constant irrespective of speed.
Next Phone Audio Volume, Startup Volume and Notification Volume is default volume when your Phone is connected via Bluetooth.
So this is all about basic information of Tata Tiago XZ infotainment latest version R14.20 features in Part 1 video
In Part 2 & Part 3 I will explain about Bluetooth & Android Auto. So please don’t miss to watch those videos as well.
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