TECOVAS Cartwright Review (2022) | I Never Liked Cowboy Boots…

welcome to boot spy my name is william
and today i’m going to be reviewing the
takovas cartwright that’s right i’m
getting into my first cowboy boots i’m
going to tell you everything i think
about these uh including what the
leather quality is like the sole quality
the fit and sizing and ultimately
whether or not the dakovas cartwright is
right for you let’s get into it
guys thank you so much for joining me as
i said today i am reviewing the takovas
cartwright uh i don’t normally review
western boots or cowboy boots or
anything like that
this brand has been i’ve been seeing
them all over the place and while i
don’t know much about cowboy boots per
se you know on the bootspy channel i
have over 80 videos so i’ve reviewed
tons and tons of boots i know about
boots i don’t know much about cowboy
boots and i figured it was time to start
exploring the brands in there you know
i’ve tried ariad i have a review of some
area boots on here but those are more
work boots and this is my first proper
pair of cowboy boots so

i was really
excited to try to cover this out and i
was you know they had the roper they
have the cartwright which is their um
you know their cowboy boot i was like
i’m just gonna go all the way i’m gonna
go full on and give the cowboy boot a
shot i’m not gonna mess around with the
roper we’re just kinda like in between
i’m just going all the way so uh i’m
just gonna tell you what i think let’s
start off and talk about the style of
the cartwright so this is a traditional
cowboy boot uh it’s made in leon mexico
that is the leather capital of the world
there are amazing boots made there you
know it’s pretty interesting when i
started to research more about cowboy
boots you know it’s not really my
i started to learn there’s not really
that many brands that make cowboy boots
in the usa i totally expected something
different there are some brands that
make cowboy boots in the usa there’s
plenty of them especially in texas but
a lot of those brands they cut they’re
pretty expensive you know you could do
500 600 700 for a and they’re custom
made a lot of times so there’s not too
many usa made cowboy boots that are in a
more affordable price range the cart
right from takovas is a much more
budget-friendly boot uh it’s still in
the mid 200 to 300 range but again it’s
way more you know that’s not like 500
600 and you’re getting really high
quality craftsmanship as well so as a
traditional cowboy boot the cartwright
has a 12-inch shaft so this is 12-inch
from the bottom to the top and then it
has a pretty sizable heel and this is
different than a roper boot as you can
see it’s got a little bit of that what’s
called sometimes a cuban heel or in this
case you know it’s just like a cowboy
boot heel so it’s got a taper to it it’s
a leather stacked heel
this does have a 270 degree goodyear
welt so that’s a very traditional method
of crafting a pair of cowboy boots it’s
got all this stitching and piping along
the shaft here and then it also has the
you know pretty standard western style
stitching along the van now this piping
all the stitching isn’t just for looks
although it does look pretty cool
all these things kind of help the boot
keep its structure because you have a
lot of leather here it’s not very
form-fitting you know this is this is
definitely not the size of your calf um
so because it’s not very form-fitting
that leather can
sag it can deform pretty easily but if
you add the leather stitching the piping
in there that just helps give it some
structure while also looking pretty cool
same goes with the stitching along the
toe here
basically that’s just going to keep this
piece of leather right here the whole
vamp the whole upper it’s gonna keep it
looking structured and not floppy it’s
not gonna the instep isn’t gonna
collapse on you so it should stay good
looking for several years and of course
after you break them in that the leather
kind of forms around your foot and they
get more and more kind of custom made
they get that custom made look for your
feet like many traditional cowboy boots
these feature a leather sole so that is
really cool i’m gonna throw up what that
actually looked like new and then you
can compare that to how it looks now so
it does scuff up the sole a little bit
obviously the sole isn’t something that
projects outwardly so it’s not that big
of a deal as for the leather quality i
am super impressed with the quality of
this leather so for a boot at this price
you know i wasn’t sure what to expect
that would the leather would be the big
thing that you cut corners on so i
wasn’t sure if takovas was gonna you
know if it just looked good online or if
it was in practice putting it on what it
would be like and this leather i’m i’m
really really impressed and i’m talking
about you know i’ve tried some of the
best boots in the world and this stands
up to it now especially for the price
point now there are boots that i own
that are 600 700 whatever
those leathers are
outstanding but for the price point i’m
really really impressed this is some of
the best leather i’ve seen at this price
point and it’s even more impressive
because it’s a 12-inch boot so this is a
lot of leather this isn’t just like a
six inch boot it’s also fully leather
so as you can see in the middle there uh
this is all the way lined all the way
through the toe so you don’t have any
cloth on there um that’s gonna help a
lot with durability it helps a lot with
comfort and it also helps that your feet
don’t become like a sweaty mess it
allows it to be breathable retain a
little bit of that sweat and kind of
diffuse it more slowly so that you’re
never gonna have to worry about having
like a super swampy foot and it gets all
stinky and nasty that’s not necessarily
gonna happen with the cartwright unless
you naturally have sweaty sticky feet i
picked mine up in the bourbon calf
leather i really love this they just
came out with a like i think it’s like
chocolate or it’s a very deep brown
leather that would have been i would
have had a hard time choosing between
the two so i’m glad they came out with
that leather after i got this boot
made the choice a little bit easier but
there’s also i think goat skin and
there’s one other option out there i’ll
throw those on the screen now so there
are some really cool leathers
but i’m super impressed with the bourbon
calf and i’m really happy with that
choice as for the sole of this boot so
as i said it is a leather sole which can
take a little bit time it’s a little bit
slippy when you get out there first but
if you walk on not like wet concrete but
if you walk on asphalt or something like
that that’s going to scuff up the sole a
decent amount and that’s going to make
it you know it’s going to give you a lot
more grip once it gets scuffed up if
you’re really worried if you’re going
out to like an event and you’re gonna be
walking on all marble floors for the
very first time you can take some
sandpaper and sand the sole up a little
bit just to scuff it up and give it a
little more traction
as i said it does have this like cuban
cowboy heel right here so that has a
taper to it that is full leather stacked
that’s really great for durability you
definitely want that and it has this uh
this is about a one centimeter top lift
which is a great that’s like a nice
thickness of rubber right there and if
the heel cap should ever wear out that’s
called the top lift if that ever wears
down is usually the first thing to go um
this is really easy for a cobbler to
replace they can do it super quickly for
you in under a week and for really
really cheap you know 30 20 30 bucks
something like that they can replace
that so you know because it’s a leather
sole i wouldn’t wear it outside in the
rain too much uh because it will
let water can really deteriorate leather
especially on your sole when you’re
walking on hard surfaces but that top
lift right there that’s going to be the
first thing that’s going to wear out
pretty much in any pair of boots you own
so the fact that it’s a nice one center
ready piece you can take it off slap a
new one on that’s going to give you a
lot of longevity for this boot i also
really appreciate that along the arch
right here there are lemon wood pegs
that keep the sole and the midsole
attached so the lemon wood pegs there’s
a really amazing benefit of those it’s
kind of it’s a traditional cowboy boot
style or how they make cowboy boots
lemon wood tends to
expand and contract at the same rate
that leather does so that these pegs
for the most part stay inside the boot
they’ll stay doing their their function
if you were to use brass tacks or any
sort of nails or anything like that
those would not expand or contract and
so those tend to get pushed out over
time when the leather gets moist when it
gets wet but because they’re using lemon
wood which again is more traditional
that expands contracts and you never
really have to worry about those pegs
coming out you can also see that takovas
has reformed their leather over the
shank so this does feature a shank
you’re going to need that especially
with a pair of cowboy boots one and a
half inch heel you definitely want a
shank in there that’s going to give you
a lot more arch support it’s going to be
more comfortable
again along with traditional boot making
methods it has a cork midsole a little
bit of cork filler in there so that’s
going to add a little more cushion it’s
going to your feet will kind of break
into that insole and it’s going to
become more and more comfortable over
time and then the footbed is i believe
it’s a poron footbed it’s some sort of
synthetic material
and that makes it immediately
comfortable as soon as you put your foot
in there you’re not breaking into
leather you don’t have to break in the
cork right away those things happen a
little more gently a little more over
time but when you first put them on it’s
almost it it’s as comfortable as a shoe
can be when you first put it on that’s
because of that footbed is more of a
synthetic material as for durability i
can’t really speak to how long this is
going to last i don’t know
i’ve only worn it a few times
one of the big issues that i would worry
about or that i you know just keep an
eye on is that it does have a leather
sole the cartwright has a leather sole
and if that gets wet if you’re wearing
that a lot it can wear out pretty
in terms of the leather though and the
fact that it’s good your weld
construction it has this one centimeter
top lift everything checks out the full
leather lining everything checks out on
this boot that it should be really
durable good to go
some people are when i was kind of doing
some research for this a lot of people
were wondering is there a work version
are these good for work so they did
takovas did create a sort of work
version of the cartwright if you’re
interested in that one i’ll link it down
below as well
and that just basically has a rubber
sole on it but everything’s pretty much
the same the
slimmer toe box you know the the styling
everything like that it’s pretty much
the same it just has a rubber sole
that’s going to add a lot more longevity
to the boot in a working scenario for me
though i wanted to go with the
traditional leather sole i just think
that’s really cool and i’m happy with
that choice here’s my final verdict on
the takovas
this is my first real pair of cowboy
boots i took the plunge what 31 year 32
years old i don’t know how old i am one
of those two i took the plunge on the
cart right and i am so happy with that
decision what really impressed me about
this boot was the leather quality i
wasn’t sure the price you know you can
use it that mid 200 that could be pretty
hit or miss some brands cut corners the
wrong way some brands cut corners the
right way you’re gonna have to cut a
couple corners if you’re doing 200 to
300 boots um so you’re gonna you’re
gonna have to fudge some stuff but to
kovas they seemed like they you know
they whatever they fudged it wasn’t the
big important things goodyear welt
amazing leather awesome leather stacked
heel fully leather line that takes all
the boxes for me and plus it is a super
stylish boot and i like all the
stitching and i think honestly for
someone who’s never
owned a pair of cowboy boots this is the
best introduction i can’t imagine a
better introductory boot because it
still looks good honestly with my like
slim fit jeans i don’t have to wear a
pair of cowboy boot jeans or whatever
you know like i’m still wearing pretty
much the same stuff i normally do and it
still looks awesome if you’re interested
in getting the takova’s cart right and
you’re wondering about the sizing i do
have a full tokova sizing guide down in
the description below goes to
bootsbuy.com my takova sizing guide
and i’ll give you all the ins and outs i
have a full sizing chart everything you
need to know before buying a pair of
tokovas or you could just take the link
down in the description below straight
to the boot page i just get the same
size boots as i would for my sneakers
that’s a little bit different than most
boots uh takovas i noticed that their
their boot size is pretty similar to
just whatever your sneaker size is uh
that’s what i got i’m a 10 and a half in
nike’s adidas i got a 10 and a half in
takovas and it fits really well whereas
like in red wing or wolverine or
thursday i’m a size 10 so just note that
if you found this video helpful please
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really appreciate it thank you so much
and until next time put your best boot

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