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Hello friends, welcome to our channel Filmy Vaani, friends, today a film has been released named Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya starring Sahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon in the lead role. Friends, when the trailer of this film was released, I was watching it. I was feeling quite sure about the film that it would be good, the reason being Dinesh Vijan’s name being associated with this film, his films have always been delivering something new and entertaining, that is why I was very excited about this film. Today I have come after watching the first day first show

of this film and in today’s video we are going to discuss this film, so friends, subscribe to the channel and stay tuned with the video, friends, as you came to know by watching the trailer. This film is a science fiction comedy film made by keeping a human and a robot at the center, in which what happens is that Aryan played by Sahid Kapoor falls in love with a robot named Sifra, what happens in the family after this? Situation comedy is created and to know what will happen to Aryan and Sifra’s love story in the end,

you will have to watch the film. Well, if I share my opinion of watching the film in one line, then this

film has proved to be quite entertaining for me which through Out the film keeps giving me feel good vibes, although nowadays the market of mass masala commercial films is at its boom, such light hearted films are rarely made which we can enjoy with our family, friends, the kind of situational ones. You can clearly see the comedy in Priyadarshan’s films here too. The dialogues and punches are so accurate that the audience laughs and the audience

literally enjoys the theatre. This is called a perfect family entertainer. Talking about Sahid Kapoor, after a long time, he has made a comeback in such a light-hearted and lover-bye role, which has also been his USP. Sahid Kapoor seems be it romance, comedy, emotional scenes or as usual dancing. Shahid Kapoor is seen giving his 100% best, while talking about Kriti Sanon, she has pulled out the character of a robot named Sifra very perfectly. Her figure is also such that it looks like a robot. And on top of that, the kind of dialogue delivery along with the

state face creates a lot of humor. I guess casting Kriti Sanon in the role of a robot is an example of perfect casting. Here the dialogue writer has also given his best jokes. And the punch line works perfectly. Friends, the chemistry between Sifra and Sahid Kapoor is amazing and watching them together as an audience is quite entertaining. Friends, another plus point of this film is its star cast, there are so many familiar faces here. The audience relates to him and he also keeps us engaged through his humor . There are many funny actors like Dharmendra,Dimple

Kapadiya,Rakesh Bedi and Rajesh Kumar who have kept every situation entertaining Friends, the bond between Shahid Kapoor and his friend Monty. It is also very engaging and entertaining, overall all the characters have done amazing acting which overall makes this film worth watching and this is the biggest plus point of this film. Amit Joshi and Aradhana Shah wrote this film and Has directed and I would like to say that he has presented this film in a very entertaining manner, here someone ‘s level is maintained, especially Karti Sanon’s laughter brings a lot of laughter, while the first interaction

of Aaran and Sifra is. The scene is also very funny and even when Aran comes to know that Sifra is not a human but a robot, that scene is also quite hilarious, along with this, the scene with the family is also quite amazing in and all, there is a lot of comedy in this film. The music of the film is also good. This is another plus point of the film. All the songs are catchy, it is pleasant to listen to. Shahid Kapoor, who is an amazing dancer, and Kriti Sanon also have a good dance performance

in this film. Friends, There is also a cameo of a famous Bollywood celebrity in this film which is a surprise for you in this film as well as there is a twist in the climax which will be better if you know during the film itself. Overall this is a perfect family entertainer. It is a film which the family audience can enjoy a lot in the theater and even this Valentine’s week, it can be a first choice for couples. I liked this film very much. However, if you have seen this film, then what do you like

about this film? Please share your opinion in the comment section below. Also do write in the comment section below how you liked our video. If you liked my video then please like, comment and subscribe to our channel. Thank you very much.

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