Terrible beginning of the end of Kalyug प्रकृति का प्रहार और मानव करे चीत्कार

Jai Shri Kalki Jai Siyaram Jai Hanuman Angarak Yoga of Rahu and Mars in Taurus I had already made a video on this and warned you that ever since this Angarak Yoga was formed and till the time it is going on i.e. till 1st June. This time is a

very dangerous time for the whole world, a time when not only humans are facing natural disasters all around but also some such incidents happen in the lives of people that they will see only and only the orgy of death. Suddenly you will be watching. There is an uproar

all over the world, whether it is China, America, Israel, us, Bangladesh, Mizoram or our country. There is an orgy of death everywhere. What is death? Today people are feeling it on a personal level. It seems like this. Nature is more angry than humans today, the way humans have

played with the laws of nature, it has crushed her, today natural disasters are pushing humans towards death, whether it is the effect of cyclone due to which Ramal storm created havoc in West Bengal. In that year about 2140 trees were uprooted, 2000 electric poles were uprooted, problem of

electricity arose not only in West Bengal but also in Assam, Mizoram and Manipur too. The same situation was seen when not only people lost but

also household items. Their entire house was destroyed and they had to take shelter from their own houses by going to another rescue camp

where tents were set up. Already alert is going on in Arunachal Pradesh. This has been started due to Remal cyclone. In the coming times, it will continue to trouble people in even more dire forms. On one hand, natural disasters in the form of cyclones are troubling people, on

the other hand, due to the increasing heat, boilers are bursting at many places and fires are also taking place in them. People are burning and people are dying, Sonipat is the place where the incident of boiler explosion occurred twice in the month of May itself, in which the

latest boiler explosion occurred on Sunday, one on 16th May 2024 and one on 26th. That is the day of Saturn, the date of Saturn is Vaar i.e. number 8 is Sunday but number 26 is on the same day, the boiler of Sonipat which exploded, about 45 people got

badly burnt and some people died and Extreme heat: Yesterday itself a temperature of 49.9 degrees Celsius was recorded in Delhi and in Rajasthan the temperature is going above 50 plus i.e. 50 degrees. On top of that, people go to Kashmir to enjoy the snow, to enjoy the cold,

but today a summer camp has been declared in Kashmir itself. It has been given for 15 days because the temperature there is already 35 Celsius. 35 degrees means heat in Kashmir. People cannot even imagine that this is a matter of heat. I discussed how people are dying, it

is a natural disaster. I have discussed how they are facing this, now the third thing I am telling about genocide is a word which is used in war because it can be seen in the battle field only in war, but today the same genocide which was never seen

before . It used to be about the past tense, today it is happening in the present. Israel, out of revenge because it suffered a loss, attacked a refugee camp again in 2024 to take revenge and such an attack in which it felt that there Terrorists are hiding in

Gaza. When Hamas attacked a refugee camp in Rafah, Gaza, the attack was so fierce that there were no terrorists there, but the common people who had taken shelter, those poor people, were killed and it was discussed about this despicable act. Discussion When Islamic countries and Western countries responded

together, the only thing that came out of Israel’s mouth was that yes, it was a mistake of ours, a mistake which was not a well-planned conspiracy, we took this step to kill the terrorists. The terrorists did not die but the common people who had taken shelter in that

camp were shot at, attacked with missiles, bombed. Is there such an outcry in the whole world that where should a person go or his own home? It remained safe for him because when his own house is getting filled with water, when there is flood, then to save his

life, he is going to a camp where the situation is turning into misery, so the common man today is very It is facing great trouble, this is what is called the end of Kalyug, by Baba Vinga or by Shri Aju Anand Das Ji in Bhavishya Malika or in

Narada Puran in Bhavishya Purana, all these things have already been told. Nostro Dumas had also told this that As the end of Kaliyuga comes closer, such disasters will continuously surround the human being. This war is being fought at the grassroots level in which everyone is declaring themselves right

and the other person is wrong, but what is right and wrong? Only God knows these things, but when Lord Kalki has also come, it is about religion and unrighteousness. This time of war that is going on will increase as it progresses and will take on a terrifying and

ferocious form in which man’s own intelligence will stop working because when he sees the scene of death in front of his eyes all around, man will start leaving his house. Brij Bhushan’s son has gone to get medicine for his mother but is not able to return. His convoy

, who has got ticket from BJP to contest the elections, was moving forward with his convoy. When he was moving ahead, a car rammed two bikes. The boys who were on their way to their mother to get medicines suddenly died on the spot. Now who is responsible for

this? The car was driven at what speed and the bike coming in front was also ignored, i.e. the human being and that person. Then later they also ran away, that is, crime is happening and criminals are also running away. Recently, the hit and run case happened in Pune.

Now when each and every video of it is coming out, people are telling how horrifying that scene and kiss was. In a way, the criminals are trying to save themselves, that is, the boy who committed the crime is now giving money to save himself, the doctors are also

selling the medical tests, the blood test samples taken. That too has been changed. There is so much greed for money in man’s mind today that he is selling his faith. He doesn’t even have the time to think about what he is doing wrong. Even if no one is

seeing it, but Lord Kalki is there. Lord Shani Dev is there to do justice in Kalyug, he has his eyes on him, how will you be saved from him, so both the doctors who had changed the blood sample by taking money, are now also going to jail, that

is why I had said in one of my videos that in the coming days, In time you will see that the walls of the jail will become less, the rooms of the jail will become less, there will be so many people committing crimes i.e. fill the jail movement,

new crimes will start every day, new criminals every day and Baba Winga has said more about 2024. A dangerous prediction has been made about how China has been exposed in the matter of making biological weapons. I will tell you in the second video and now Angarak Yoga will

end on June 1, but after that, the conjunction of six planets and the other 13 days are coming. One of my viewers said that you make a video on how its effect will be, I will give you a separate video about the simultaneous conjunction of six planets, its

effect and the coming paksha of 13 days, the dark paksha of the 8th month. What will be its effect i.e. the entire sensitive time which is going on till the middle of June and July, people should not come out of their houses unless it is absolutely necessary because

on one hand, nature has taken its fierce form. Due to global warming, the heat is intense. The quantity is increasing; instead of drinking water, a person is pouring water over his head so that some coolness reaches his body. If it is not very necessary, then do not go

out of the house, expose yourself to other diarrhea. To avoid this, drink as much water as possible and take proper care of your diet. Thank you very much for watching my video.

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