TERRIFIER 2 Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Post Credits Scene And Review

foreign spoilers show I’m your host Paul aka the guy who always wants to put a smile on that face and this video we’re breaking down terrifier too the ending of the movie has a lot to impact from it and throughout this video we’re gonna be going over the plot post-credits scene and also giving our thoughts on the film the series follows a killer clown who makes murder a work of art the cloud what now the previous film opened with us seeing a TV interview in which the host talked to a severely disfigured woman she was

the sole survivor of an attack that took place on Halloween and we learned that the killer was masquerading as a clown he was caught but his body mysteriously disappeared from the morgue which sort of sets at the events that happened in this film the rest of the movie then played out these events in full with us watching Arts stalking friends Tara and Dawn this started a deadly game of cat and mouse in which we watched Dawn get half off her birthday suit in the Halloween sale Taro is also shot several times and his sister Vicky

arrived to see what was going on there were several people killed but but if you’re an idiot like me who watched the second one before the

first one then that’s basically what you need to know for that Rod started to eat Becky’s face and he seemingly shut himself as the police arrived he was taken in the morgue where he came back to life and he murdered the medical examiner Vicky was revealed to be the woman at the start and we know from the beginning of the movie that she attacked the interviewer that takes us in

a terrifier too and all of this backstory kind of helps to flesh out the post-credits scene picking up immediately after the first one we join art as he continues on his Killing Spree we still don’t really get it cleared up as to what exactly he is but he’s definitely a supernatural entity that might be the embodiment of evil his attacks are linked with Halloween and this is thought to be the one day of the air in which the veil between our world and the other side is at its thinnest similar to Pennywise the cardigan infect

people’s minds and this is seen in Sienna’s dream which ends up bleeding into the real world this stream perfectly embodies him as it seems bright and happy initially but things do start to take a darker turn and he may be a demon or the personification of evil or maybe even a Mythic being that’s lived forever carrying out attacks like this because of this more Supernatural things are needed to take him out which we’ll talk about later on in the video now he seems to potentially even trap The Souls of some of his victims too and

this is embodied in the pale little girl only art in a select few can see here and the first thing you probably want to know is what the hell is up with her there’s a newspaper article that we see collected by Sienna’s father and this details what happened with her nice little Easter egg is that it’s written by Wes Torrance which could be a not to wear his Craven and also Jack turns from The Shining but I digress anyway the article talks about a Halloween Carnival which ten-year-old Emily crane attended she ended up getting lost

and as then I progressed and the attractions closed down her parents started to search for her eventually her mangled body was discovered and this was found in the makeup trailer now it’s important to bear in mind that crane was the daughter of two circus performers who he laying in the article were in fact mimes potentially art was linked with this too and though I keep calling him a clown he is more in line with a mime when we look at his design he’s officially called or the clown but yeah just so I’d bring that up

and how the pale little girl is linked to him we know from the first film that his victim Vicky is also carrying on his legacy in some ways she survived the attack and is still in the real world which I think is why he ended up going to her Emily would have had to take her the head and as she doesn’t actually exist in the way the people can see her they need someone more tangible this will be seen in Vicky which is why I think the head ends up with her instead of staying with

Emily now children have a weird attachment to art with Jonathan constantly obsessing over the murders and also serial killers wait is the serial thing a serial killer but never mind no answer the pale little girl we don’t learn too much about her beyond that but it’s likely she’s been with art ever since Emily’s death in some sick and twisted way she may have obtained immortality and now be along for the ride with art she can imitate Jonathan’s voice and potentially she’s also connected to them now Jonathan and Sienna are still grieving the loss of their

father who died after crashing his car we learned that he developed a fatal brain tumor and that this caused him to start to see Visions about the clown he collected newspaper clippings of his killings and also started to compile literal art in order to defeat art terrible pen again now we learned that siena’s been making a Halloween costume based on the Fantasy character her dad created and he also left it with a sword that can take out the villain art starts to stalk it and there are theories at Siena can actually kill him she seemingly

comes back from the dead at the end of the movie and it’s possible that she carries the same energy that art does in another similarity the Pennywise we discovered in the book it that there was a cosmic space Turtle who was the opposite of the Killer Clown this is what helped the losers Club kill the creature as it allowed them to Channel A positive energy within that acted as the Ying de pennywise’s Yang I think something similar might be going on here with siena’s Father learning of the way to beat art you might have been

able to channel the opposite energy to what makes him Immortal into the blade and this is how Sienna is able to kill him much like how Pennywise had the turtle or has the Fantasy character that Sienna ends up becoming her father’s brain tumor could have allowed him to view higher forms of reality which is when he saw not only art but also the character Sienna becomes this is the key to defeating him unless he passed in a way to destroy him in the end which Siena was able to embody I’ve even seen theories that art

himself might be Sienna’s father bear with me these didn’t out and out say that he was the same but instead they stated that the evil entity that is odd used his body as a hose to carry out these killings her dad then became aware of what was going on which is why he started to collect the clippings he would have nightmares of what was happening when the creature took over and these became his paintings he wanted to defeat odd which is why he did what he did but all this did was kill him and allow

the demon to fully take over it’s an interesting Theory and it also explains why botherison and daughter are the only ones that can see the pale girl Siena being his one weakness 2 could be linked with this but let me know below if you have any other theories I think your dad burning to death would kind of negate this but ought to be fair has come back from worse now are once more startup is killing spree and the Halloween attack is so gory it would make Michael admires the bloodshed sake and there’s lots of mind-blowing

kills that will make you slash your eyes out and Jonathan is captured the blade is taken by Art and Sienna’s friends ride out with her to the carnival where Emily was killed eventually it leads to a shutdown between the clan and Sienna and when attempting to save her brother art stabs her with the blade she falls to the floor into the water tank that appeared in her dreams and here she sees scenes from the fantasy hitting that this might actually be Art’s domain here she dies but the Stab Wound within her starts to Glow along

with the blade perhaps her father’s love was embedded in this which is what brought her back so that she could save her brother using the blade she finally cuts off Art’s head having been healed now she had to die in order to travel into this world and it is possible that this is also how Arts brought back after death he likely goes there too which is where he’s once more returned to the land of the living through tapping into Supernatural forces he’s beheaded at the end and the little pale girl takes this with her this

could hint at Art coming back fully however she may become the person that we focus on from now as she seems to be being told stuff it could have her carrying the mantle of Art and there are other people that may take this too that’s namely Vicky who we end up joining in the film’s post credit scene you see that she’s been confined to a mental hospital and initially though the staff say she’s very calm this doesn’t last long you see her riding stuff into the wall similar how art did and his stomach swells up

as she gives birth to his head pretty mental and again this could be him now traveling through his victims and telling them to do things that will continue his legacy he bit into her in the first movie and this could have trapped his Essence in here which is why he doesn’t die it’s sort of a horcrux situation with Jonathan potentially also carrying this within him too it’s a similar thing to what he did with a pale little girl and if we get a terrifier 3 then it could focus on Vicky and Emily continuing his Reign

it might break the walls down now linking so bad now linking back to the theory before about Sienna’s father a similar thing could also be happening here if he was indeedart’s vessel then it may have worked in a similar way with him guiding someone to carry out his killings really messed up way to end the movie that sets up a sequel and I hope you enjoyed our thoughts and our theories as for my review I don’t exactly think it’s Citizen Kane but there’s a lot here to like if you’re fans of creepy characters and over-the-top

Gore I can’t believe how well they went with some of the kills and though I can’t show them here they’ll definitely stick in my mind for a long time terrify 2 was a fun film to check out in the aftermath of Halloween and it’s nice seeing indie horror like this slowly building a following the movie will absolutely not be for everyone and some horror fans might even find it a tough watch due to how gory you get but overall I thought it was a pretty wild ride I’m giving it a 7 out of 10 and

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to watch we’ve got a breakdown on screen right now so definitely head over there right after this by the way thanks for sticking through the video I’ve been poor and see you next time take care peace

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