Terrifier 2 Movie Review – Gorehounds, Rejoice!

Hello, World Wide Web, I’m Decker Shado the internet personality with the best hair. And sometimes as a YouTuber, you’re just going to have to accept that your video is going to be hit with limited ads because, yes, of course, I want to do a full in-depth review of Terrifier 2 and boy, Howdy. Does this movie push the boundaries of what can be shown in the cinema. Literally. The third feature length movie by Damien Leone involving Art the clown, Terrifier 2 was also the first of the series to actually receive a full theatrical release despite being

unrated, which is what you call something that’s a bit too heavy to receive a modest R-rating, but doesn’t want to go through the whole rigamarole just to find out how many Xs it gets. This meant it got a more limited release than most, but despite that, Terrifier 2 took the horror world by storm, grossing over 15 million dollars at the box office on a quarter million dollar budget. Much to the surprise of the film world in general and to an extent the creators, though I kind of saw this coming a bit. I mean, I saw

Terrifier 1, I knew Terrifier 2, whatever it was, would have plenty of things for people to talk about. And word of mouth would spread quickly as they left the theater and

possibly vomited in the hallway. So what is Terrifier 2 all about anyway? Well, the events of Terrifier 1 are henceforth referred to as the Miles County massacre and the killer Art the clown has vanished. One year later, on Halloween, Miles County is confronted once again by the murderous mime. But things take a lot more of a supernatural twist this time around, with family history and

a good old clash of good versus evil. Or, to put it simply, it’s a slasher movie that’s over 2 hours long. So let’s take a look at Terrifier 2 and see just how quickly this video can get a yellow dollar sign. We open up right where the last movie left off. Remember Terrifier? Art got quote unquote, killed in that one. But you know how these slasher villains are. That just means he spends a little time in the morgue before whatever poor bastard was tasked with performing the autopsy finds out what it means to be in

a horror movie. A good amount of this damage was done at the end of the previous film, but hey, there’s still plenty more damage left to dish out. And as we can clearly see, Art the Clown, played by David Howard Thornton, is missing an eye after having it shot through in the last movie and bashing on the back of his skull. I was wondering if that maybe was hinting at a bit of a Jeepers Creepers style reconstitution power for him. After all, he does shove the coroner’s eye right in his own socket, but that turns

out to not be because he intends to use it. Just did it because he’s Art the clown. Anyway, looting some spare jars of acid and surgical instruments Art finds his trash bag and heads down to the local laundromat to freshen up. However, as he’s trying to enjoy the funnies, something arrests his attention. A new clown approaches! The pale little girl played by Amelie McLain. She’s predictably disturbing. Not so much from cutting people little tiny bits like Art does, but more just generally by her mere existence. So is it more or less disturbing when the man

at the Laundromat comes to only to see naked Art playing patty cake with someone who isn’t really there? The last thing he ever sees as Art finishes up his business in this establishment by jamming a broken mop handle through the man’s cranium. Anyway, enough death and dismemberment for a moment, it’s time to introduce some more important characters. Sienna played by Lauren LaVera, is prepping her Halloween costume full on cosplayer style with armor, molds, leather and of course, the pièce de résistance, huge custom built white wings tipped with gold paint. Anyway, that was a nice background

for the opening credits. Time for more characters. Sienna’s mother, Barbara, played by Sarah Voigt and of course, her little brother Jonathan, played by Elliott Fullam. “Did you figure out what you’re dressing up as tomorrow?” “The Miles County clown.” “Don’t do that.” “Why not?” Tasteless. Sure. But the real problem is that the Scream franchise already drove the general schmuck dressed as the killer shtick into the ground. Barbara and Sienna hammer home the fact that considering he is a real guy who really killed real people, the locals might find it a bit crass. “You don’t see people

dressing up as Jeffrey Dahmer or Charles Manson.” And ironically, as the pandemic hit and pushed this one’s release window forward into 2022, that year’s Halloween? Oh, boy, You saw plenty of them. Jonathan says it’s just a costume and they’re taking it way too serious. Still, Barbara puts her foot down. He is not to go out dressed like Art the clown. Interestingly enough, the kid’s mother isn’t actually all that worried about this. Sienna thinks Jonathan’s sudden obsession with serial killers and more specifically, Art the clown is popping red flags all over the place. But Barbara isn’t

convinced. It’s just a phase, after all. “All right. Just don’t be surprised if you find a dead animal in his room.” “You know what? Watch your mouth, huh?” He only brings home dead animals and cuts them into little tiny bits because he’s going to grow up to be a doctor and make it so much money. Seriously, That’s what the parents of real psycho killers tended to think. Point is, Barbara, forbades him from dressing up as Art the clown, but isn’t concerned with his growing obsession in the slightest. Also, it looks like the kid’s still planning

on finishing the costume anyway. “Jonathan…” “Come on. It’s too late to get another costume.” This is why I always keep on hand a spare Michael Myers, Joker and Witch, just in case. Sienna can help with the hat. After all, she’s almost done her costume anyway, which Jonathan points out, was a character their father made before he died. Also, he made drawings, just establishing that for future reference. To that extent. Hey, check out this awesome sword. Not part of the costume because it’s fucking real. And it just so happens to be what Sienna inherited from her

father. Anyway, enough set up for later scenes. It’s time for bed with the horror movie tradition of public domain horror movies. Eh, not doing it for Sienna. So we suddenly change to an original work, The Clown Cafe, a happy, happy kids show where the cast of 30 somethings have painted on freckles so as to pretend they’re six. The music is soothing, hypnotizing, and before we know it, Sienna is out cold. But that doesn’t mean she has escaped the clutches of the Clown Cafe. 🎶“We haven’t done it right🎶 🎶unless it makes your teeth decay, ‘cause food’s

a little funny at the Clown Cafe!”🎶 Finding herself in a dream within the Clown Cafe wearing children’s clothes, freckles painted on her face and her hair done up in big, stiff pigtails. So, yeah, things get weird fast. A random nun rings her bell demanding that the Clown Cafe offer food to this homeless man. But they all just laugh at her. The show must go on, showcasing Art Crispies, full of bugs, razorblades, broken glass. And if that’s not enough, a special prize inside! Going to go to that later. The Clown Cafe has far more important things

to talk about. “Please welcome Art the clown.” Art the clown is back, which terrifies Sienna! Oh, so that’s what they call the movie Terrifier. Of course, the Clown Cafe is absolutely enamored to have Art come all the way out to say hello. And he’s even got his big damn trash bag of tricks with him procuring, treat after treat for the grown up youngins. And a special treat for the special girl. But she doesn’t want it. And to be fair, everyone else got lollipops and candy apples. And they just give her the leftovers from Skinned Deep.

As this is not a dream, but a nightmare, no isn’t an option. And Sienna takes the package and opens it to reveal a heart in a bed of worms spewing black ooze everywhere. What could possibly make this worse? Well, how about when Art pulls out an M1928 Thompson submachine gun with a 100 round drum magazine, spewing .45 ACP at everyone in the Clown Cafe. The bullets fly, the patrons die, and the body count rises! And you got to appreciate Art for using guns, but still being a slasher villain at heart. He’s not going to stop

to reload. He alreadyt used that gun. We’ve got to move on to more creative kills. And what better way to keep it spicy than with a motherfucking flamethrower igniting the banjo bard played by Leah Voysey. More people burn as Sienna tries to escape, but her leg was hit during Art’s Tommy Gun episode, making this a lot harder than it has to be. But wait, there was that box of Art Crispies and the voiceover did establish that there was a toy inside. So fighting through the pain of razor blades, glass and bugs. She goes for the

toy. The sword blocking the fire, which then comes out of her dream and into her room setting everything on fire! Establishing that the dream was real and she was in danger that whole time. Damien just got to say, I loved the scene, it’s a lot of fun. But I didn’t really feel scared for her at all while it was running, because I kind of assumed she was safe because it was just a dream. And now we find out that it wasn’t just a dream and she wasn’t safe. Now that the scene is over. But the

fire is still here! Not to worry, that’s why they invented handy dandy fire extinguishers. Also, you can’t hold it against me that I didn’t assume dreams are really dangerous as Barbara ain’t buying that line for a second. She swears Sienna must have left her candles burning, which lit the wings and caused the chaos. “They weren’t lit.” “Then please explain to me how your goddamn room caught on fire.” Really, Mom? You know, most movies would just get angry at their audience for pointing out logical problems like that. Unfortunately for Sienna, she can’t come up with an

answer her mother will accept and both Sienna and Jonathan get shouted off to bed. However, the real tragedy here is that Sienna’s wings have been completely ruined. She spent all opening putting those together. On the plus side, while the sword was also engulfed in flame it’s perfectly fine. Of course, it’s about the only thing that’s fine as Sienna tries to prepare for school the following morning like normal. But the things she saw in that dream still haunt her. It’s either that or Sienna takes her coffee extra dark. However, Art is also preparing for quite the

busy day. It’s Halloween and the anniversary of his last little escapade. Keeping the supernatural elements alive, we see the pale girl with a portable TV that has no power. But that doesn’t mean it can’t turn on and tune into one of those conveniently plot relevant programs. Monica Brown, played by Katie Maguire, who played the babysitter in All Hallows Eve, is interviewing the final girl from Terrifier 1, Victoria Heyes, played by Samantha Scaffidi, reprising her role. Now, while being the final girl means she survived, technically, that doesn’t have to be unscathed. “Do you remember your initial

reaction when you first saw your face?” “Yes.” “Would you like to share that with us?” “I wish I was dead.” Oh, let’s not be hasty, Vicky. I mean, yeah, the face is a bit of a wash, but you still got beautiful hair. And trust me, that can get you far in life. And how about the fact that the body of Art the clown mysteriously vanished? No bother. Victoria is certain he is dead. Much like this possum behind the dumpsters at school. A couple of kids call Jonathan over, and he says they shouldn’t mess with such

things. Oh well, just means they can call over a girl, Jonathan can clam up, the anti-social anxiety riddled shut in that he is, and she can be horrified at the practical effects fleeing in terror, which gets the attention of the authority figures and kind of half assed disciplinary measures. You know the drill. They can technically see what happens, but none of the teachers understand it beyond their own prejudices. “Jonathan, keep your eyes on your own paper.” Such as Mr. Whalen, played by Mark Langston, who reads Jonathan’s remorse at Stephanie as him trying to spy on

her test paper. Dang kids these days, with their smart glasses and their satellite cameras looking all up and over and onto the papers. Looking for a breather from this stress, Jonathan requests a hall pass, but as he refreshes by the water fountain, someone skips by out of focus. That would be the pale girl. Which also means that Art is not the only one who can see her. Even better, they have the dead possum with them, which they chuck at Jonathan, causing him to flee in terror. Oh so that’s why it’s called Terrifier. “Oh, my God.”

And of course, he ran off before he could explain that to a clown serial killer. Just. Just happened to be in school with the same dead animal from behind the dumpster. And then they. They were playing along with the supernatural girl, and. And they both just vanished. It’s a horror movie! Slasher killers do that! Sienna isn’t having the greatest time in school either. She’s hanging with her friends. Allie, played by Casey Hartnett and Brooke, played by Kailey Hyman, only to hear that, hey, Monica Brown totally got her face torn off by her latest guest, Victoria

Heyes. This results in Sienna having a panic attack not because of the face thing, though more on top of the almost burning her family to death earlier today thing. But perhaps a crispy family would be better at this point, as Barbara is hearing all about how Jonathan took a dead animal in school and was found covered in blood. “Get. To your. Room.” “But mom, I…” “Go to your room.” Not going to raise any psychos in my house, no, sir. You go to your room and think about what you did. You think about hauling that corpse

around school. How it’s… blood trickled from your fingers as you handled it’s intestines. Think about it. While Jonathan is grounded Sienna is suffering in her own way. Having to settle for store bought wings to replace the custom ones she immolated this morning. But hey, things could always be worse. “What time are you gonna be home? because- Sorry. I’m sorry.” Like Art the clown just showing up out of the blue. Nothing good can come from that. Except for you, dear viewer that is. As while Art is creepy as all hell, and Sienna is very much in

his sights, is still daylight outside. And we’re barely 40 minutes into this movie. So the best he can do right now is annoy the piss out of the poor girl. “Please don’t…” 🎶 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 And lucky for us, he doesn’t talk. I can only imagine what would be like if Art was standing next to Sienna and threateningly going blblblblblblblblblblbl. The shopkeep, played by Jonath Davis, doesn’t appreciate the clown harassing his customers and demands that he leave her alone. Thus, Sienna gets the hell out of there and Art is close behind. But while he can’t take out

the main girl just yet, there is a fresh shop keeper with no plot armor to speak of. So dig around in the trash bag of tricks for a few spare implements of destruction and bam beer bottle to the face along with a whole lot more carnage in gloroius close ups that I can’t really show you guys without risking a community guideline strike because they went all out with this and was like 95% practical and 5% digital Photoshopping his actual face on top of the dummy that Art driving a cleaver into the skull of. “Oh, my.

They’re closed.” Yeah. Sorry about that. The psycho clown’s been killing everybody. But hey, as long as you’re here, may as well. like the video! “Cool.” No, I mean, click like to like the video. It helps with engagement. And also this video probably isn’t monetized So maybe joining the channel members to help directly or in the description. There’s a link to my Patreon you could support there, too. “All right, let’s go. Let’s go.” I’ll be here if you change your mind. When! When you change… change, Come. Come back. In any case, it’s time to get ready

for Halloween night. But on her way to her room, Sienna sees the Jonathan is already home and swears that he saw the Miles County clown at his school. And that’s not all. He’s got receipts. “Is that Daddy’s sketchbook?” “Look here.” “How long have you had this?” As it turns out, Jonathan has been keeping their late father’s sketchbook by him this whole time. No idea why, but it sure is convenient now because Daddy collected news clippings showing the death of who we now know as the pale girl. All the deaths from the previous movie. And of

course, Art the Fucking Clown. “Daddy drew this?” “That’s not all.” Dad also got a job as a storyboard artist? But he also drew this badass character Sienna is dressing up as this year, so maybe she’s connected, too? After all, he did leave her that badass sword. She doesn’t believe him, though. And after hearing about how Art totally played with the dead animal at Jonathan school. Yeah, she doubly doesn’t believe him. That was probably just some prankster punks just like that jagoff the costume shop. “Nothing’s going to happen.” “Fine. Just don’t act surprised when a bunch

of people get killed tonight.” Is that a threat? Or a promise? But they should be fine as long as Art doesn’t show up again. On that note, while Allie is tending to trick or treaters who should happen to show up but Art the clown. She says he looks a bit too old to be trick or treating, but he refuses to leave. And eventually, in frustration, she relents and gives him some damn candy. “Happy Halloween…” Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m more impressed that Art can carry around that thing like it ain’t that heavy at all.

Or that the trash bag hasn’t punctured yet. Kind of freaked out by this, Allie tries calling Sienna up, but she’s busy doing the candy duties herself. But this is interrupted when she notices one of those convenient news broadcasts about a thing that she heard about earlier in this movie. How Monica Brown was brutally mauled by her special guest, Victoria Heyes, the sole survivor of Terrifier 1. “Heyes was released from St Michaels Hospital yesterday evening after months of rehabilitation and psychoanalysis. Like you, Sienna.” And yeah, there’s this whole thing about Sienna’s father’s death. How it was

really harsh on them towards the end, he kind of went crazy and was crazy abusive towards both of them shortly before he died. And from what I hear, for movie characters it’s really, really hard to deal with that for a relatively short period of time. Thus, Sienna was institutionalized, only recently being released and to deal with the trauma she’s doing drugs. Prescription drugs as to quiet the brain fireworks not light them. But the best way to take your mind off the horrors on the Daily News is to focus on a project like her 99.9% done

costume based on her father’s character, Odd choice to get her mind off things. But you can’t deny that Lauren LaVera looks absolutely killer in it. Speaking of killer, the night’s winding down at Allie’s place. But would you look at that? The sliding door has been broken into. That’s because Art the clown is in there with her. The homicidal humorist is in her house hydrating! and he certainly has noticed she’s there too, so she must run. Blocked by the clown. She heads right up the stairs and Art follows. She can’t get out the window before he

grabs her and… We have reached THE scene. The scene that they were working on around the time a little pandemic hit. And that delayed a lot of things for making the movie. But they still had all the stuff to kind of work on this and plenty of time to bring in more and work harder and make it as big and bad as they could. So exactly how did that all end up? Well, let me get the doll. Art slashes her eye open and then cuts her across the forehead with some scissors before tearing the scalp

clean off. Well, not not clean. And, of course, cutting open her back. Breaking her arm, tearing her arm off, ripping her other hand in half lengthwise! Then of course, we take a little break, have a little breather before returning with the chemicals! Pouring bleach all over her broken body. And pouring some salt in and rubbing it into the wound. And tearing half her face off! And Allie’s mother comes home, played by Amy Russ, who, after seeing the state of the House, realizes her daughter must be in trouble and rushes up to her room. And yes,

still, if I actually show this scene on YouTube, there’s a good chance I’ll get a community guideline strike. But suffice to say, Art’s still there So happily cutting away pieces of her and she opens her remaining eye and looks and calls to her mother. And while the kills are Oh, so God damn well done. I can’t help but feel like the screams leave a bit to be desired. I mean, I know not everyone out there can be a scream queen, but given the situation, I feel like that requires a reaction that’s a little more vocal,

cord shattering. While Art cut loose with Allie, Sienna made it to the Halloween party with her friend Brooke. Yeah, Allie was supposed to come as well, but Sienna is the only one worried about that. Brooke is more concerned with making sure Sienna has a good time tonight. “Maybe if I just text her mom, she’ll get back.” “No, off your phone. Phone, down.” “Okay.” “Look, we’re gonna have fun.” We didn’t go out of our way to hire enough extras to make the club actually look like a club just to have you run off for a texting

into the void scene. So they each take a shot shortly before Brooke is grabbed from behind from her boyfriend, Jeff, played by Charlie McElveen. That way, we can have our introductions as well as establish that Sienna is worried about drinking too much tonight, afraid of what her mother would say if she were to come home wasted. Oh, well, no reason to let that spoil the night. It’s time to dance. But speaking of her mother, Barbara is taking the time to have a nice, leisurely argument with Jonathan, as he still insists it was the clown that

threw the dead animal around school. To prove his case, he pulls out Dad’s old sketchbook. But Barbara has had enough of this and tears it to pieces. “You’re such a bitch.” “Don’t you EVER say that to me again.” Having him grow up to be a potential serial killer is one thing, but she is going to make damn sure he does not grow into Freddy Krueger. So Jonathan decides to just say fuck it and leave. Did Barbara go too far? Was this the right thing to do? She wrestles with the question, but then hears a strange

noise. The garage door? Thus… She goes to check what it could be. Okay. The next time she sees Jonathan it’s probably going to go something like that earlier scene with Allie. Oh, well, Sienna’s had a much better night partying away all her worries and feeling good. Incredibly good. So indescribably good. She has to tell Brook and tell her how she can’t possibly understand how good she feels, but she totally understands. It’s because she’s on drugs. Yeah. Brooks spiked her drink with Molly, you know, just to help her have a good time. “That is so messed

up.” “I did it. I made you feel better, didn’t I?” “I’m fucking pissed.” “No, don’t be pissed. You’re smiling, you can’t be pissed.” “No, bitch I’m not smiling.” Still pretty messed up Brooke, when I have to worry about whether or not I’ve got to break out the dolls again. But that’s not the only disturbing thing going on, Jonathan having run out into the night, spies an ominous, windowless van. And there’s our mathematically mandated jump scare. It’s been too long since our last officially recognized fright that the movie has to remind us we’re watching a horror

movie by interrupting the slow, suspenseful horror building scene. Anyway, back to the suspense, slowly creeping up to the mysterious van. Jonathan eventually spots the pale girl within, her eyes aglow, so he must run. The bad night vibes keep rolling from there as Sienna realizes she missed six calls from her mother and calling her up now, Hears how Jonathan trashed the car. And when Sienna asks for details, Barbara can easily tell she’s hopped up on goofballs, resulting a sub argument to break out in the middle of this. No bother. Sienna can drunkenly tell her mother that

she loves her truly, and Barbara can take a breath to acknowledge that, yes. Despite all this, she also loves her family back and they will get through this. On that note… Art the clown blows her fucking face off. So if we neglected to humanize her a few seconds ago, he would have come off more like an anti-hero in this scene. But while Art is making abstract Barbara, the Pale Girl has made its way to the club with Sienna. However, only she can see her and indeed feel her as a little girl grabs Sienna, terrifying her.

So that’s why the movie’s called Terrifier. This freak out kind of spoils the mood, but hey, it’s not as bad as when Jonathan gets back home and finds his mother horrifyingly mutilated at the kitchen table. While Art has taken up homemaking, preparing some lovely, lovely mashed potatoes. Oh, God, that is way too many carbohydrates. Jonathan tries to flee, but he cannot escape, being easily captured by the clown and the creepy child and injected by Art’s enormous syringe. And wouldn’t you know it? Now, Art has that super sharp sword to put to good use. Later. First,

we gotta hop back and find out that Sienna’s little episode meant that her and her friends had to leave. Which upset Brooke, considering she only drugged her a teeny bit just to make her happy. “I put a pinch of Molly in her drink. It was nothing.” “Plus Xanax.” “What?” “I did not give you Xanax.” No, she was already on Xanax, which I didn’t know about. Okay, let’s make that perfectly fucking clear.” “You could have fucking killed me.” And that would be a ridiculously anticlimactic way to go in a slasher movie. Point is, they got to

take her home. But hold on, Sienna has a call from Jonathan? “What’s wrong? Where are you?” “I’m at the old carnival. Eric and Sean left me. I’m all alone.” “What is wrong with you?” But it’s actually the pale girl mimicking Jonathan’s voice. A handy power to have and complementing Art’s repertoire. Best he could do is just kind of text his victims and hope for the best. So change of plans. Can’t take Sienna home yet. They got to swing by the old carnival first. That sounds like the perfect setting for our final climactic battle between the

forces of good and evil. However, Jonathan isn’t waiting at the gate like Sienna told him to do. So she decides to head inside and look for him. While looking, she gets another call from him, but it’s hard to make out after failing to get them to come to the merry go round, he texts her telling her that he’s stuck and she’s going to have to come get him. Oh so that’s why they call the movie Terrifier. And he there waking up from that injection fueled nap time to see the pale girl dismembering her own face.

So Sienna heads on over to the Terrifier. Fun fact the set is the Fright Factory in Philadelphia. As such, all the lovely, lovely sets and animatronics were already built, which explains how they can be of exceedingly high haunted house quality and the movie as a whole was still made for only a quarter million dollar budget. But this is taking quite a while. And how are Brooke and Jeff holding up in the meantime? Could be better. As Art stabs Jeff in the dick before smashing the car window and pulling Brooke outside so she must run, a

task made slightly harder by the fact that the broken glass window drag did a number on her thigh and eventually Art catches up with her in the bloody bathroom attraction. Not going down without a fight, Brooke grabs a two by four for protection, but Art counters that with a jar of acid to the face before beating her to death with a spiked table leg, which made enough noise that Sienna certainly noticed, coming far too late to save Brooke but just in time to find Art the clown. Oh, and Jonathan as well. “Jonathan, run!” And you

got to give it to him, through thick and thin, whether he has to mime laughing or screaming in agony. Art never utters a sound. Professional. Jonathan flees for his life while Art beats the crap out of Sienna, easily overpowering her and knocking her out before returning to pursue her little brother. Reacquiring his quarry, he begins to delicately slice him up using a scalpel to torture the boy. But Sienna has come to and come to help. Using Art’s discarded table leg to knock him over and stab him in the head. But considering he could survive a

bullet to the brain from the last movie, this is more of a mild inconvenience. So they flee to escape. Hey, wait a minute. We still got a half hour movie left. They can’t leave. Oh, I got it. They. They can’t find a way out. And Sienna, well uh, she decides to split up just to make this easier. Then Art uses his slasher villain, teleportation powers, and boom, he’s right there capturing Jonathan yet again, Sienna tries to save him, but Art pulls out his patented cat o nine tails to flail them mercilessly. But what’s this? Sienna’s

one of those badass female protagonists from 2022 and turns this against him beating the clown with his own weapon before grabbing some rebar and stabbing him through the brain! “Jonathan…” Like he gives a shit. So he’s got Sienna, but have no fear for Jonathan is not content to simply be a gender bent damsel in distress and grabbing Art’s super sawed-off, he blows him away. But Sienna can take no more and passes out. And after a handy dandy nightmare wakes to find that Jonathan and the clown have vanished. Heading over to the climax, she finds them

both. But her attacks against Art are even less effective now, as he shrugs them off, throws her down a pit and returns with something unexpected. Her father’s sword. Been keeping it for a special occasion, like killing Sienna. As she falls lifelessly into the void, Art leaves the sword behind and returns to work on Jonathan. Anyway, what’s death like for Sienna? Well it’s an awful lot like finding yourself back at the Clown Cafe, trapped in a tank with a tentacle twisted around your tootsies. No way to escape. She dies again. But what’s this? Mystical glowes emanate

from the sword, Sienna, and Sienna’s sword wound. And they return to life crawling out of the pit and stabbing Art with the sword. Continuing the onslaught, she keeps them off Jonathan, and eventually decapitates the motherfucker. Therefore, happy ending. Jonathan and Sienna are alive and Art, the clown is finally dead. I mean, as long as you ignore the pale girl showing up at the 11th hour to recover Art’s head and disappear into the night and the entire mid-credits sequence. I’m not sure if I can put a single frame of on YouTube, but anyway, that was Terrifier

2. And I can’t wait for Terrifier 3. Terrifier was a favorite of mine when I first came across it, and as such, I expected great things from Terrifier 2. Was it all that I had hoped for? Yes and no. Terrifier 2 is different, which is good. Means there’s a reason for it to exist rather than just watching Terrifier 1 again. But some aspects of Terrifier 1 I enjoyed like how Tara’s fate really flew in the face of how to make a movie 101 and was all the more surprising for it, kind of don’t have an

analog in Terrifier 2 which feels more like a more traditionally structured movie. No, that’s not to say it’s predictable in the slightest. There’s a lot of new stuff to dig into here and a whole lot goes unexplained. And all you can do is wonder what it might lead to in a sequel. Normally, I don’t care for that in my movies, as most of it is blatant sequel bait that is either ignored or quickly explained away so the sequel can be something different anyway. But as Damian Leone has been the one weaving these tales of Art

the clown this whole time, things have actually led into each other. That makes the biggest shift in Terrifier 2 all the more alarming with how it changes the balance of power and how much it actually fits in with the pre-established lore. The existence of supernatural good to complement the supernatural evil. This happens a lot in slasher sequels. Yes, but this was like a nightmare on Elm Street, Skipping straight to Dream Warriors. Yes, it fits, but I can’t say it wasn’t jarring. When it comes to the scares, Terrifier 2 has some of the best damn work

I’ve ever seen from slasher kills. Creative, well-edited and bloody as hell. And there’s the standard horror structure stipulations dropping jump scares here and there that just take me out of it. I know not everyone spends all day every day being drip fed horror like I do, but jump scares just don’t do it for me. All they do is remind me I’m watching a movie. At the end of the day, Terrifier 2 is a must see for fans to Terrifier 1 and as a fan of Terrifier 1, it was great to see this movie do as

well as it did, and it gives me great hope that Terrifier 3 will have an even bigger budget and bigger scope, all while keeping Damian Leone at the helm, telling the story he wants to tell. As it stands for me, Terrifier 2 comes in at four lashes with a cat out of five. All the little nitpics really did get to me, but I mean, it’s not as bad as some things out there. It’s not like this was some straight to video horror sequel just crapped out to make sure that a studio could keep the rights

to a specific franchise. Miramax. Anyway, thank you all for watching. I have been Decker Shado and remember, “Sir. If you’re gonna put that in your mouth, you’ve got to pay for it.” Hey, kids, it’s end screen element engagement time. So what have I reviewed that is related to Terrifier 2? Oh, I know. Terrifier 1, All Hallows Eve. Damien Leone did ‘em both. All Hallows Eve is the shorts, Ninth Circle and Terrifier, the original, right there. Check that one out there is the recommended video right there and support me on Patreon because I like to eat

at least sometimes.

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