The Antagonists Revealed? Picard S3E03 Spoiler Review

hello all Rick here with my review and thoughts on episode 3 of Star Trek Picard’s third season 17 seconds it’s an episode that builds tension and adds Stakes for our cast through emotional moments and real threat the shrike seems to have the quantum tunneling device within its Armory and uses it to great effect simply to teleport vessels around bringing the Titan back into range whenever they try to flee such a weapon would be ineffectual against more maneuverable shuttlecraft but the Titan despite being smaller and a fast vessel that impulse is still a starfit crew Zone

slow to turn it was something noted by Riker 2 that the Titan 8 really has the mission profile of an exploratory craft and does not have the Firepower to stand up to the strike although its shielding seems to be doing a very commendable job in warding off Photon torpedoes metaphasic Picard assesses the situation and concludes that the only course of action is to attack or to be damned and while I agree that evading the Shrek seems to be futile I find it odd that his plan seems to be little and more than hit it and

hope in fact the only Pro to Picard’s plan I can see is that vatic does not want them dead but I see she is still willing to Peck away at them

as she describes it so I’m not against Riker who commands that the Titan continue to evade for as long as it can and in fact his plan would have worked if it was not for The Saboteur breaking down the warp engines and removing that option by this stage if flight really is no longer an option then fighting is but I don’t disagree with his choices

either now you could argue that Picard saw this outcome coming from the experience but at this time he was unaware of The Insider on board leaving a trail for vatic so I feel he did jump to pushing for the offensive far too soon when Escape was still very much on the table it was certainly added weight to the conversation between Riker and picardo and the latter brought up the fear of fatherhood as a limiting factor and I that was certainly a deep jab at Riker the episode opened with a look to the Past soon after

the birth of the Thaddeus Troy Riker and touched on how fatherhood shaped Riker’s Outlook we also get Diana’s first appearance in this season and it put a smile on my face to see this glimpse into Riker’s Early Times there’s a family the sentiment is touching and we see that beneath all the genuine love Picard has for his friend there is a sadness at never experiencing the same thing a lament for what he never had of course this is around the same time Jack Crusher came into being which leads me to another scene the confrontation between

Beverly and Jean-Luc this is another emotionally charged scene and unlike the confrontation between Riker and Picard I find myself more fully understanding both approaches from earlier we know that Picard quietly Mourns the fact he has never had the family life that Riker has found always putting Duty first no matter how dangerous so when he learns that he did not even have the choice in the matter Beverly decided for him it cuts deep who knows if he would have continued on as an admiral if asked and he sums it up succinctly by well saying as much

in turn Beverly admits her own fears fueling her actions she has lost everyone around her her parents when she was young her husband under Picard’s command and then Wesley and while not dead is part of The Travelers now and are way protecting other times and timelines she could not stay with Picard there was too much danger involved in his new role as the face of the Roman evacuations and she wanted to keep Jack’s identity a secret in case he was used against him understandable motives for a mother above all she wanted to keep her family

safe in a universe that has already taken that from her several times this whole scene was engaging and I think believable on the Rafi and Wharf front this is the first episode where we get to see him in action fully and there is still that comedic Edge to him that works better considering his introduction displayed his more badass side already wolf does not technically work for Starfleet intelligence or perhaps he does and it’s more of a deniable asset either way he is a good choice for this and while he was never exactly subtle in TNG

DS9 tenure did a lot to develop him he has continued to Trend it seems becoming a very focused and calm individual one who makes an apt agent he already had his paranoia and instincts as well as the security background and political knowledge to work this and while not a future I had foreseen for him this one I think fits honestly far better than the role of a Starship Captain Rafi as expected is having doubts as to how much she has sacrificed and on the verge of throwing it all in if morph had not reached out

to her to assure that they would continue the hunt themselves while interrogating Titus arika I remember thinking that perhaps they had underestimated how devoted or resilient this low life was but I was not prepared for how much so we get the mention of Odo feeding Starfleet intelligence or at least his old friend dwarf information that there are changelings who have separated from the great Link in order to pursue some anti-federation objective y remains to be seen as well as how come it seems to be Picard as a Target I can speculate and look into other

stories that featured such relics of the Dominion to look for motivations but honestly I feel that this is going to be something new or at least something from Picard that we’ve seen before rather than folding in outside apocryphal content but what I’m saying is I think there are still other players on the field it was heartwarming to see that wolf fondly remembers his time from DS9 and that Odo seems to be trying to maintain the peace between the Dominion and the Federation by trusting starfleets to handle this covertly understandably the involvement of changelings answers a

lot of questions as to how The daystream Institute was burgled and the recruitment Bureau hit the exchangelings that seem to have infiltrated several layers of society from the USS Titan to the criminal underworld and such placements are all working towards some goal it’s a good antagonist to be behind the scenes one that the Federation has had recent history with and a perfectly capable threat when it comes to Bringing low the ufp so yeah the scale increases the show is moving very slowly right now I expected us to be on our way home to the ESD

or some other Rendezvous by this point and I’m not complaining because I’m enjoying things so far in fact I take it as is a sign that the show is not going to be jumping around for the sake of it while Jack is passing out on the floor he sees visions of seven of nine saying Jack connecting the branches and other indistinct phrases as well as seeing a vision of a storm and a red door I take this to mean he is putting together these strands of this conspiracy in his head and might be able to

supply some answers when he wakes either that or these stranger missions from the nebula they are in have some other effect going on because evidently this is going to come up again they’ve dropped the strange nebula bioscience before and we are reminded twice in this episode so it has to come to something also it was a fun aside hearing Picard ask about the accent Jack had with Beverly explaining and even making jokes about it being hereditary once he picked it up from London especially as it was something called out by watches of the show and

it actually got answered again this is a minor detail getting a couple of seconds to alleviate a gripe something that I feel this show would have previously ignored attention to detail is appreciated in terms of the look of the show Once More the visuals of combat in space are clear to follow and full of tense moments it’s also fun to see vatic at work a very collected individual with a clear plan of action up her sleeve the flashback scene featured some slight de-aging maybe it was the quality of my stream but I did not notice

anything out of place or uncanny about it I almost liked the slightly modified it movie era uniform Riker was wearing making this one that followed on from that era just after his appearance in lower decks and I say I almost liked it because it’s yet another variation added on for no reason that I can see but at least I can tell where it lands in the chronology from its look so overall this was an intense episode upgrading these Stakes for our TNG crew and the Federation itself the butting heads of Picard with crusher and raka

is showing the strain in friendship which I have no doubt will endure even if they Clash while vatic keeps the Titan a cornered and continues harassing them as she promised into submission the involvement of the changelings increases these Stakes as Rogue or Not The Echoes of the Dominion are still going to be something that gives Starfleet Shivers and as anyone who has seen DS9 can attest they are not to be taken lightly a solid episode of development with discussions I wanted to see from all involved that suitably raises the crisis level and I look forwards

to the next part thanks for watching this video I’ve been Rick and I’ll see you again later for another one thanks again and goodbye

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