THE BEEKEEPER (2024) MOVIE REACTION!! Jason Statham | David Ayer | Full Movie Review

thank you to better help and Shopify for sponsoring more on them after the reaction reject Nation we’re going to watch what I can only imagine to be the greatest movie ever made The Beekeeper I’m of course joined by the man I’ve been covering all these action movies with Andrew Gordon Andrew how are you I’m doing great Greg but I want to know who’s impression is better it’s definitely mine but what’s most important are we watching the theatrical cut or the air cut we watching whatever cut regardless it’s going to be the greatest movie ever made

some people say we sound Australian I don’t hear it I think these are the greatest Impressions you’re ever going to hear of Jason STM on this YouTube platform anyway guys did you see The Beekeeper Andre and I’ve been so excited to watch this I think we’re we’re Jazz we’re jacked up all righty Andrew you ready to do it let’s do it leave a like also be sure to subscribe click that notification Bell to get notified whenever we got a reaction up on this channel thanks to prea for helping us set it down these highlights also

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say how long can you do this I’m impressed F Tri the Fang Reaction watch along we syn up with the own copy of beekeeper John and I also cover several shows over there exclusively with highlights and watch alongs included let’s do it I’m the line Tamer I hope that’s his next movie she just going to battle every every kind of animal that exist and I would pay to see it that should

be his his stick it should be his uh typ casting Bing kangaroo oh you see the the letters they’re like like Stingers oh that’s neat there’s autistic Merit to this it’s very stylized thank you David hair oh my God there’s a whole history to unpack of beekeepers it’s really neat oh I didn’t know Josh erson was in this H forg thought he was love this this is going to be like a secret organization that has spanned centuries it looks like true historical Protection Program Jason STM was a producer on this I’m the producer I’m the

producer ominous it’s a good establishing shot to show it’s a shadowy organization that’s a cool mood kind of reminds me to the town from first bej juice reference number one those things scare me to death then killing my honeybees few days unchecked Wipe Out the whole Colony what are you going to do with them well that’s between me and them if you don’t mind what does that mean he’s going to torture them they’re putting up with me and all of my bees this place is crab grass and weeds and you brought it back to life

no one’s ever taken care of me before bees are an endangered species yeah unfortunately Mr Clay come back at supper time let me feed you don’t bring the bees with you he put like trackers in the bees or is he just an actual beekeeper oh oh my God whoa I’ve never seen that done before interesting method damn that is beautiful did you know Jason Stam uh studied beekeeping for six months prior to doing this I made that up I’m a method actor no who did that now Jason STM is going to seek retribution I like

how uh that’s all draped in yellow like bee color United data group good afternoon this is void how may I help you oh I hate this guy already oh hello I I just got a message saying that there’s a problem with my computer why are you calling the number the message you received is from our United data group antivirus software it’s part of the software package that you pre-installed on your computer oh I’m sorry I’m not a computer person what did you say the name of your product is again uh she seems like such a

sweet old lady I know that’s who they Prey Upon the most is older people there is actually a software package that you can download that would allow me to resinall remotely oh my gosh what a jerk can you uh can you type this friendly friend. net spell just how it sounds I’m there oh this seems like a realistic con artist prick oh of for sure yeah I clicked the button so you’re about to see some windows open closed on your desktop as I reinstall the vir shield for you wow I hope you clowns are paying

attention you stick to the script you are not Leo DiCaprio and I choose Rich every time she has got 10K checking life insurance annuity Roth IRA teachers pension and that is so messed up all right she is a signatory wow let the scrip mining begin oh my God that is actually infuriating just because of I want to punch through the screen right now can you log into that account and verify the transfer please Miss Parker hold on yes there’s she’s so innocent this a transfer for $50,000 I made a terrible mistake I was supposed to

credit you $500 but I know I got a a stuck key here I’m going to lose my job here no I could wire the amount back I will need a different password though one second now this is the master password for all her accounts we get it we zero out everything a yuck I think I should call the bank please don’t you’re probably right but there goes my job and there goes all your data oh she a widow yeah and I’m assuming this is she’s going to want to take her own life after this hello

wow the worst of the worst douche piece of crap uh oh oh God whoa was not expecting a feel this much not going to lie Dam this is real this feels so which he’s going through right now oh my God these are uncomfortable Goosebumps I’m getting that is awful a this poor poor woman honey looks delicious though oh I’m so scared she’s not going to be okay smart cuz even if this move movie gets like cheesy action fun starting off on a serious note is really good do you need that opposition good direction David a

oh man don’t you move oh oh drop the knife she the one from Umbrella Academy I think she is now who the why would you suspect this the one who came in here at calling her name Verona ah I’m so sorry well how do you know my yikes though we can clear him me our best and only per clear him damn lens flares on the camera this is really starting a heavy note let’s just completely ignore the big white dude in her house with a knife get him up surprisingly effective because the the communication he

had with her was was limited but you could feel it through the emotion and the tone I was bringing her a jar of honey who the are you Winnie the Pooh the keep bees how do you know my mother R some space in the bomb from her have a sign leas she didn’t answer when I knocked I noted a car in the driveway I had the smoke alarm and I entered you got a law enforcement background I told you I’d take care of bees most badass beekeeper I am so on boarded from taking out all

those guys guys I was not expecting to beat this personally invested you see on the phone all the fraud alerts and all that there there you go I’m surprised it still stayed logged in that long when I usually get booted out in like 5 10 minutes it’s the most unrealistic part of this movie undoubtedly nothing more unrealistic is to come his hands test a negative for gunshot residue but the prince on the gun were your mothers yep I wanted to thank you for taking care of my mom tried to stay in her life as much

as I could obviously I could have done a better job being old can be a lonely thing the certain age you used to exist used to be a part of life or the family or of the hive I guess you could say you know I think I know why she liked you you’re just like my brother he was in marso a marine Raider he was killed a few years ago kicking doors his family’s experienced a lot of tragedy she got scammed somebody emptied out all her accounts she was an educator director of a charity for

kids I got 2 million out of that account know it did it there’s some commentary here I talked to an agent in our cyber crimes office this crew’s been operating for 2 years and we don’t even have names jeez you don’t need a cyber security team you need a beekeeper taking from an elderly person is as bad as stealing from a child maybe worse why have we been stealing from children this whole time Andrew the money’s in the elderly yeah and so help me God I’m going to get these mother who did this like how

it’s like the the yellow with the Angelic light cuz he is the Angel savior what are you doing I thought you retired I did I need a favor oh he’s got a past a name and address easy this is exting not easy know even the FBI can’t find these people well we’re not the FBI are we should me the DS and standby they’re routing all over the world you found them sure but who these people you want to find out is that this a good the ramp up this it’s actually more patient than I expected

who the hell you think you’re going pal this United data group this is private property and you’re trespassing I’m going inside this is a I’m going to burn it down you’re not going anying where except write the back the way you came shut up do you know what they do here buddy I’m count of three seal from the elderly one two three there I did it for you so badass scamming the weakest in our society stealing everything they have do you know that’s who you work for yes oh that is what I’m talking about but

it’s emotional action protect the old tell any of the companies in the building to evacuate now there’s going to be a fire okay thanks need your attention please repeat after me I will never steal from the weak the vulnerable again he’s here to bring order sh repeat after me I will never steal from the weak and the vulnerable again I will never steal here to teach you a lesson kids I hope anyone who actually does this is watch watching this movie and thinks twice about that wow he’s the psycho you’re the cold-hearted sons of what

the you think you’re doing I’m a beekeeper to protect the hive this is a multi-million dollar operation okay so you can’t come up here white nighting will you stomp his ass out please yes yes yeah yeah oh my God I love it yes it’s like J Jason Bor me Jackie Chan damn that was awesome but you feel really proud of yourself I’ve never seen that he slammed right onto the keyboard that was great I was not expecting him to get here so quickly I mean there’s a problem you got to solve it man the next

call from your little fishing scam to this call center will make a spark across these wires anything alive in here won’t be I’m liking this more that I already knew I would like it yeah from the trailers I was not expecting to I thought it just G to be a non action piece I thought it just be like yeah I just want to watch a goofy goofy goofy film yeah it it came back the whole thing yeah and it’s it’s like I can barely it’s all tweaked oh those are nice mhm Josh Hutcherson is playing

a douchebag Three Amigos skateboard it’s fake ass hippie he must be from Southern California this dude just scolls in see we’re stealing from people and and he burns the place to the ground four people didn’t get out you’re telling me that this burnt the entire building down and dropped fouring bodies hey I need to talk to you Jeremy Irons if I had a friend who like had a call center and someone burned it down and maybe killed some people you could get him right get him yeah like disappear the problem come on you literally ran

the CIA and you’re telling me you can’t just find some guy in Massachusetts listen this sounds like a job for the police I know this guy’s back right now you’re going to log into our cloud and you’re going to look at anyone connected to the last few deals you closed what if I find this guy you get a wrecking crew together and you go good Fellas on I mean come on you’re a connected guy right you understand I understood that reference he doesn’t like to get his hands physically dirty though you good yeah I’m great

why I mean you did lose your mother yesterday thanks for the reminder remember United data group you sober enough to drive where’s mine it’s an old cup for my car with instant gas station and hot water e no are they also like ex lovers I think that’s the application that’s clown car saw everything but no one’s talking all frequent flyers with Burgery fraud and cyber beeps I want IDs on all of them you know this is just a tip of like 20 Spears right can I just have this moment back to business as usual so

in this beekeeper program you retire and remain a beekeeper what do the bees actually do okay Widow just has a daughter in Boston I don’t think this is it but Matt Pat you are making a terrible call that’s him oh he knows he knows what are you guys supposed to do to him oh no oh my God he knew they’d be coming yeah ke was talking about him I guess he’s a bee Lover he breaks my you break his that’s why I said oh no God oh my goodness what are we in for dark yellow

lighting now oh you guys just stroll into the wrong place oh all that honey I feel like this is going to be fun this going be a fun gory time let’s go hiding come face us I bit now such a worm it’s like Batman beekeeper begins do it oh I mean that is like Batman a silent takedown I know very methodical not even that was nasty oh oh boy where are you here help me is he going to get the eyeball one now we we we can talk about this we we can talk about this

this just worked this out me and you we can f yes a why didn’t you just listen to him oh my God the action in here is so well done oh it’s fantastic it’s really well done why are people just wiring you their entire life savings must be your winning personality they got us a lawyer so maybe you want to talk to them you know this is a really nice shirt by the way did you steal it out of a caset you dog are you applauding people who sleep with dogs I’m applauding her line oh

I agree with her oh my bad I misunderstood oh so you like fires yeah today I do good cuz uh today’s your lucky day cuz apparently your mother’s house is on fire too and some other This Woman’s dealing with a lot of what a coldhearted way of delivering that information United dat grou well he’s handsome you think there’s even the remotest chance that the dude who burned down United data group is the same guy we entering the spot from your mother The Beekeeper said the name of the title this movie is taking itself just serious

enough you know what I mean yeah to like it’s actually a really fascinating tone they’re writing and it because you you want the action to feel like th Artic when it’s happening instead of just hurry up and get to it it’s fun who who the is he tell me who he is right now I I I I don’t know beekeeper what’s he saying about bees I don’t know he said he was protecting the hive or something he in the back of the car there he is oh he wanted him to make that call I I

got NF what no is this man what is he doing is he going to drag him with the car or you’re crazy man what the bro oh is he going to drag him uh I feel like it worse than that man that’s pretty bad drag is still bad oh I think he’s going to drive it off and he’s going to go I don’t know let’s just find out yeah cuz isn’t the Bridge open yeah oh God cool well technically a drag do I have the pleasure of speaking with yes you burned up a million dollar

call center now I’m going to burn you down you haven’t told me your name you Mr you and you bettering remember it you sound young I bet you don’t have estate planning I’m I’m 28 years old why would I need that I’m about to show you 80s action dialogue and this is your data mining consumer service business right yeah something like that pulling in 9 million a month one office I’ve got like 20 if a beekeeper says you’re going to die you’re going to die there’s nothing I can do or or anybody else to stop

it oh cuzz he’s a CIA he knows who he is yeah I could have done anything but I chose this job as a favor to your mother I keep danth Enterprises safe is his stepfather Wallace just tell me what the this guy is he’s probably the last pair of eyes that you’re going to sneer at that is daunting it’s like Jeremy Irons wants his stepson to die what’d you get on Clay he’s a ghost all I have is a birth certificate as social never even had a bank account why does this guy seem so goddamn

apathetic towards everything Adam clay doesn’t exist which is terrifying to me because he’s probably in a classified program if we don’t get a beekeeper Cinematic Universe I will Riot wasted opportunity I’ll give you a board seat on the holding company that’s another million a year plus you promised you’d take care of him you have my word oh he really loves her my young friend seems to have caught the unwanted attentions of of a beekeeper a beekeeper beekeeper well that’s not good dark yellow yellow is the theme color in this film he’s retired from the program

no longer active well that Chang I like the reversal on this framing now he’s handheld and she’s Center framed in the camera still the current active beekeeper lunatic should have been removed months ago almost feels like the Continental little with like uh with tech that’s upgrade but like lower crate I hear like fax machines and old monitors and stuff got my job honey uh-oh get out of here oh yes yes you need colorful personality bag guys let’s go oh uh what are you going to do oh you’ve been a busy bee kill her I’m assuming

you’re my replacement ouch God the action so good ouch Jesus he really is Batman oh wow wow damn this this turned into a whole kind of different action movies oh Jesus L her up what a burn he still has not fired one shot in this film really that is impressive good catch Andrew okay so he takes the fingers and I have no idea why did you it’s like dude you’re sure no problem badass work I’m a fan me that can set the whole G yeah man did he tell that guy that’s civilian to leave to

I hope so he doesn’t seem like an evil human being that’s a vehicle registered to a anet landroid everywhere he goes it ends up in Flames that’s a minigun they use those on military vehicles do you know that puppy shoot 6,000 rounds a minute I do think all this like FBI could use a lot more personality though you know it’s one part of the storytelling that I feel like lacks okay then do you know who Anna at landas is yes I do I think it’s more him even so who doesn’t exist in any commercial or

government database someone who a ghost like our good friend Adam clay beekeeping for beekeepers I think she does a really good job though yeah I like her she’s really good how are you my friend good come on leave him alone leave him alone don’t play with those things they go off oh my god look this is where all the diversity is and the stuntmen they got to play key roles for the action now Simon Says beekeepers have given all resources empowered to act on their own judgment for decades they have quietly worked to keep the

hive safe damn I am the law beekeepers keep working until they die he’s basically one of us he’s not like you got to pull the stinger out with enough of you then maybe you just might in fact be able to kill him I like how they’ve constructed everything around being actual beekeeping oh okay smart I thought beekeepers weren’t supposed to intervene and why does that beekeeper behave so sadistically he’s getting the location of every single one he’s going to take them all down we believe that Mr Clay is connected to a classified program named beekeeper

let’s stick to what we know she totally seems like she knows this is his next Target nin star United which appears to be the entity operating the regional call centers like the one that Mr Clay burned down why is Adam Clay on this Rampage tell him avenging my mother what’s your ask my ask a swap team for starters surveillance support additional agents analysts that shouldn’t be a problem do she want to stop him didn’t I mean she wants to uncover the truth yeah she doesn’t know exactly like what any connections are and stuff Phoenix where

we at oh my God 201k 200k I love you how can you live with yourself doing this crap every Target on there was an older person out awful all weapons on Entry We Ready give me an o o power down the private security here under orders of the Governor State Department certified oh is that one of the Jeremy iron’s Crew He was the main guy yeah the main guy who spoke up you’re not welcome here get the out all right boys let’s go set up the per outside it’s yellow in the background closed and locked

steel gate want a body on comms watch delivery dog same deal we don’t see Jason stay them a lot it’s kind of interesting instead of going in Smoke them out I figured I’d give the five Fighters a break I put him through enough already what do you say your mean was currently I go by Adam clay there was a back entrance I would have used it I don’t want to injure anyone who’s innocent or not involved he’s such a bad ass somebody detain this guy oh nobody he won’t kill any of them wa damn oh

D he is oh my God why you my business CU Mr west wild hire me to kick some beekeeper ass Mr west wild works for me which means that you work for me now listen that place is the crown jewel of my kingdom they didn’t have you so maybe you just do your job and and don’t tell me how to do mine please copy that set up a perimeter outside let’s go move letting his ego get the best of him Greg I love how he lets the buildup it’s just yes yeah we love you stab

him with the pen oh he just let them clear us so funny not a good day to dve some people into this these Not Innocent for either one of us to close that distance some of them will get hurt let’s start with this right here ouch ouch wonder if they’re going to go all film without him shooting a gun so does Jason S and view these guys as innocent they seem like they’re working for the wrong people yeah but this would be self-defense still but he’s is very clear on not hurting on not killing innocent

people yeah but if you work for the villains y he doesn’t be the best innocent okay fire oh good cool lighting fire clean sweep you know who you’re working for I business I’m just the guy they call when there’s a problem you’re creating a bigger problem man and you are a problem God damn right I’m a problem oh ouch that would kill a man if not break every bone in his face oh he going to drop the elevator oh no oh oh please please don’t kill me I’m just the middle manager I never Hur nobody

shut up I’d respect you more if you look people in their eyes when you stu from now you’re making a lot of money here what are you about to do I know you’re the middle man who’s above you they’ll kill me what do you think he’s going to do I’ll torture you then kill you such a cool torture scene interrogation T it’s so simple like the stapler of a damn make it stop you can make it stop dedicated her whole life to helping people yesterday she shot herself she took 2 million from a cherry she

ran she was the only person who ever took care of me it’s like losing a mom these people they’re Untouchable no please please I stop I I will I will let me sure you better not do some stupid move I told you they were Untouchable nobody’s un touchable sometimes when the hive is out of balance you have to replace the queen I love all these yeah Clay that man is directly responsible for your mother’s death I believe you but we have laws for these things I can’t put my personal life in front of my jaws

you have laws for these things until they fail then you have me yes the laws are protecting these things oh no not Mr Personality I have four kids three boys and a girl what man does his research okay I guess he’s not bad yeah he would have uncovered that yeah colors holy what’s his name that’s a son of a important politician oh right right right maybe now’s the time to call your mother he can’t make his move on us if we’re in her proximity can he I still don’t see that stopping him you’re scared and

you want to use my mother as a human shield just call her just call her come on I’m actually was going to you know get together with some of my tech homies and stuff if that’s uh that’s cool with you is she podus no way is she oh she is oh she is God are you what a reveal I just figured she was a Senator or a I felt like cuz someone mentioned about meeting with pus or something earlier and I was like is she pus yeah why not let clay do his thing your mom

is dead because of these people like Boondock Saints I haven’t seen it put it on the list okay we think we have a sense of Mr Clay’s true intentions he seems to be following the money looks so much slower on that camera nin star United uses data mining software to identify these people and then Target their assets there’s another involved are you going to tell me the name of this Company Danforth Enterprises with an annual revenue of 10 billion dollar founded and operated by Jessica Danforth who recently stepped down because she was sworn in as

president of the United States who else knows this us three Let’s uh keep the circle small that’s dangerous information to have about the president of the United States I see his kill count is steadily rising in a beehive there is something called a queen Slayer it’s a bee that will rise up and kill the queen if she produces defective Offspring oh my God clay believes that Derek Danforth is the defective offspring of a queen thereby clay will strike at the heart of the problem and become a queen Slayer Adam Clay’s next victim is Derek Dan

for’s mother oh my God you have a blank check good luck oh this isn’t insane I would not do that information on a zoom call or whatever the hell they I would have th% done that in person go away Federal Bureau of something or another we’re good all right you’ll need to excuse my partner he’s recently concussed hasn’t slept in 2 days we’re on the access list good boss n that’s been his personality the whole movie the whole movie interesting choice they picked for that is what it is but the screen time they give Jason

STM just seems so reserved doesn’t it yeah like you can go like a extended periods without seeing him mom’s detail is not going to like that well if Mom’s detail gets in the way of what’s coming for us they’re dead men and so are we tell them they can stay in the kitchen damn they call this a state the beach house wasn’t your super secret CIA data mining software supposed to I don’t know maybe filter out Unstoppable killing Mach don’t you with me young man peeper yeah you know I killed one once really yeah only

cuz I was lucky and un lucky my team will be out shortly if anyone can knock this guys in the dirt it’s them thought that guy look like Steven Tyler little tell that guy to hurry up I want every man on this street welded shut this is David A’s Twitter the president is the ultimate B gu oh I miss his I missed the hat out now he just looks like Jason STM in every Jason STM movie well at least they had it as long as we did it’s at a Three Amigos skateboard whoa I’m in

there now oh I was late to picking up that he was wearing their outfit although how much cooler would it have been if he was wearing what he’s been wearing this whole time and then switching into that guy’s clothes why does Wallace westw wild look nervous as a burning cat what have you done to the man I wouldn’t know mother well he’s there to protect you if you’ll let him want to go run the Free World don’t burn it down don’t worry The Beekeeper coming to do that Love David A’s like colorful choice of villainous

personalities he’s like super Larger than Life eccentric random characters that show up no oh okay just coming out and playing tight the deputy director has flaged his uh concerns about some uncomfortable things happening inside the family company uncomfortable things about the source of my campaign funds Mr Danforth are you familiar with uh United data Group Place stupid I invested in that how about a Nine Star unit that’s more of like a Consulting type role this the blockchain issues and you bye dude this guy’s going to get killed at least we know he’s not rupt he

just nods he’s here St Targets in the building East Wing give me everything you got he’s in the house how did he get by us we’re useless put your hands up now turn the around is that is that him or no no how did he plan for that he’s outside Target’s outside love how he’s always like 20 steps ahead of everyone well Beast have an ability to anticipate man on your knees on your knees place your fingers behind your end down what’s that in his hand oh the the detonate the detonators for those bombs he

planted in the cars slide a hand there St it behind you a whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I thought you stti back what are you doing he’s not even armed as long as Des breathing his arms you’re about to see something amazing to be or not to be he isn’t that the bloody question I think will take to be to be yeah oh shot damn oh my God I really thought we were going on film without a gunshot from him oh H he’s alive oh it’s he lives two weapons three why are you waiting take

it it easy take it easy whoa ouch ouch oh oh excellent this guy’s like freaking 50 something R Jason you broke the rules you corrupted an imperfect but functioning system I was just trying to get you into office Mom this is a good conversation to have right now oh blame blame you realize that you were behind in 15 of 20 counties you needed to win I taught CIA software to hunt money and and not terrorists you didn’t hear that he has to like pick and choose who to kill and who not and you got to

elected because of me and you know that now I know where the money came from and all the people you hurt somebody in this family has to have their feet on the ground to actually get done you understand that I like the transitioning Cuts back and forth between the action and what are you going to do to fix this calling the Army tell the truth really that guy who’s coming to kill us that beekeeper I’m telling him the truth about what you did Derek then I’m telling the entire nation and if it costs me everything

well so be it is he going to kill his mom I think he’s going to kill his mom oh damn damn great shot nice Shoto cool I love that POV from below that was amazing oh great transition cut oh damn it’s easy The Mercenaries are obvious mercenaries come on man oh I felt that might still be alive whoa we haven’t been doing our Jason safe impression the entire whoa oh how is this guy still moving oh wow bled him up in oh brutal effective sound design oh oh god oh I love the brutality of this

oh he got one on him dude this guy is tough as hell H I know he’s Stu ferocious like force I love how he studied that yes oh oh oh oh oh how much more can you take he’s hopping on one leg Yeah that’s right oh my God this is severed arteries that was awesome that was a great fight yeah that a great fight knuckle uppercut finish I love it Jason say this performance there just just the way like you would like take notes of a thing it’s a cool story to the way the fight

was going you’re going to tell this guy the truth and hope that he he spares you and kills me instead no d I’ll tell them the truth because it’s the truth oh they’ve been having the same dialogue for the last like 10 minutes I’ll tell the truth you going to tell the truth I’ll tell the truth beekeepers live for the good of society I’m retired it’s just personal it’s always been personal go back live a quiet life I will when this is over that’s all I wanted my neighbor’s dead but do you live in the

real world or just protect it what does it matter to you how presidents come to be elected what does matter right wrong it’s not fashionable it’s an interesting climax with them don’t do that so you might want to step back no I don’t want to sorry I can’t do that truth wait wait wait you put that oh my God told you he was going to get killed drop the weapon drop it wow got interesting standoff here you decide who you work for for the law or for justice job more important than your mother this Bye

Mom oh full on Cowboy shot he just straight up revolver shot let him go and the bee just flew right by him too it was sick can we confirm it was a be it sounded like it your son was just about to kill you still it’s your son I know it’s true H yeah like a western he’s amazing then the sequel shall be fired you let him go oh no uh what is he going to swim back he’s going to swim back he’s the swimmer and there he encounters a Megalodon yeah right b no it’s

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them helps support the channel so thank you guys very much thank you Andrew for always wearing an RR shirt man thank you to all been buying our real re I wasn’t planning Shing them out but I’m always wearing them too you’re the only other one you’ve we them more than consistently more than John we have so many shirts and getting one is also a great way to support the channel really is great involved ourselves and got two more in development right now hopefully get a launch the first one within the next week or so uh

but yeah man listen to us Apple Spotify we just watched The Beekeeper Andrew beekeper The Beekeeper he’s pretty quiet in this one we’ve watched two movies of Jason sathan where he was pretty subdued and quiet but again you just always feel his presence and you and uh like the way he’s emoting his facial expressions like it it didn’t bother me that he had limited dialogue I I I didn’t care I loved him so much in this movie but I loved how personal it was like right away in the first like 10 15 minutes again I

I’d only experienced that one trailer that you showed me after we watched Wrath of man I was like this is going to be a schlocky fun little action film I was not expecting it to be so heavy-handed at least in the first 15 20 minutes and like that is a real serious World thing where you know people uh especially older people get I mean obviously everyone deals with fraud and scam uh you know artists and all that but it really affects older people my unfortunately my grandfather God Rest his soul he dealt with that quite

a bit um and we had to try and tell him many times like no like you got to stop falling for this and uh you know that that’s a big audience of who they go after so uh I like that David a Incorporated that into the story and then that was obviously the personal thing um also too I really loved all the The Beekeeper stuff that they were uh you know incorporating with all the uh the lines in uh crap that I thought they were very interestingly uh and well methodically used used you know like

just like the the queen beehive and the offsp all that stuff it was just so well utilized um and just like the organization and the backstory and the history there was just so many different interesting layers um but again the the way everything was balanced out from the action to the heavy-hearted and then uh little incorporation of the humor as well uh I thought very well done um I think like you uh my only weak point was some of the the FBI stuff uh especially more so on that one actor I’m sure he’s a great

actor I haven’t really seen him in anything it’s just I wasn’t particularly fond of the way the direction of that character was used um personally and uh overall though uh this was such a fun time um and such a heavy-hearted subject again just with what happened with the the one the old nice lady at the beginning you know her offing herself um and what happened uh just incorporating real life situations and then the reveal to that she’s the president I was not expecting that I just figured just a regular politician um just some interesting reveals

and uh also the hand toand combat oh my freaking God I can’t even imagine the level of difficulty that all that planning took and the way uh you know that um uh how long it took to film all of that um and Jason STM he is the master that was like very impressive to watch uh I got more to say but what what did you think Craig uh I thought it was a really fun movie I thought it was really fun and in a way that I didn’t anticipate being fun cuz the trailers’s pitched something

that was going to that I thought would just only lean into a schlock Fest like you said like a cheese fest of of an experience and while the cheesiness is there yeah it it it’s it’s surprising like I think in the first 15 20 minutes it was really smart to lean into it being serious yeah because if you’re going to go onto this Mission this Vendetta this Revenge Quest against this clandestine organization you need to First ground it in something that’s not just Mission based you need to ground in something that is like just Primal

which is Revenge but get you connected to the characters at hand and you need want to and the key to any Revenge movie is you have to want to feel the character’s motivation of getting that Revenge it’s a real I think revenge stories are a very cathartic uh thing for people to experience because in real life you know they say don’t get revenge that’s bad most people shouldn’t go after getting revenge don’t take the law your own hands yeah yeah exactly but you know it’s a fantasy a lot of Us wish to live out and

and so movies are supposed to give us that cathartic experience right of those feelings that releasee in a way so I think investing you in that uh was smart and and I feel like David a is a political commentary side of you know uh politics and of course the uh 1% systems in place corruption well was there it it was all was a big part of the the World building to it and there were times throughout where I felt like maybe it was taking it I like the first half I thought was actually near perfect

to me I think the first half was near perfect in terms of the the the the tonal balance and then the last half I thought kind of got a little too like seriousness where I thought there was at times I thought the self-awareness of what they were doing might have been not as self-aware I will say you know what I mean like it would just get like super serious to the point where cuz this movie has a weird um a weird approach where you start off with Jason STM as his beekeeper and while the movie

revolves around him uh in all fronts all aspects you’ll you’ll go these extended periods of time where you’re cutting around to characters who are mainly just plot mechanics like you got Jeremy Irons and Josh Hutcherson interacting you got uh the the FBI people and it feels like they lose sight of what should feel more personal for the FBI uh girl aged uh I forget I want to get her name cuz I believe she’s the one from Umbrella Academy yeah I think she is the one from umbrella I want to get her name um yeah like

because and I felt like there was a lack of wraparound for her when this started off as this should also be something pretty per why does this feel more personal for Jason St for her it was her mom who died from this you know and and the only reason I’m taking that serious is because the movie started taking a more serious approach but now I’m very selective on using the words but and the words however because when they say but that means you are negating everything that comes before it I’m not negating it’s a bit

of a but and a however however being in conjunction however and but I would say that what I showed up for was grandiose what I showed up for was awesome like the action to me and the trailers didn’t even demonstrate uh what would make the because to me whenever I see a Jason stapon trailer the action looks the exact same like I feel like it’s the same choreographer and the same fight scenes every time and while he always does a great job that I look like the same I’ve seen in like every Jason STM movie

and then usually when you check into the film itself you could see more of the uniqueness and to me me because this is a hard R like we saw wrath the man where there’s no hand to hand right it it’s it’s gun play gun sh and then here uh it’s it’s mainly hand to hand for the guy with this like Jason Bourne meets Jackie Chan s level of violence where he use use brutality but you’re using props around you and the presence of Jason STM of course like he’s he he’s that guy who can play

stoicism but ooze Charisma simultaneously it’s a gift it really he’s got that it factor to being a star and and I think he’s excellent here and the the violence was violent but but creative yes and packed a punch and and I really loved uh the and there was always a bit of a cathartic release and and I like the sequences too when he’s when he’s put in a position like at the uh at the estate at the very end when he has to make his way to the president you know he’s got to deal with

mercenaries and SWAT team people and SWAT team you don’t kill mercenaries you can kill and and so I like how in that action scene you’re like paying attention to if anything I think this movie really proved David a is a hell of an action director because because he has to get you like follow the action follow follow this happening uh in a sequence like that where normally you just only get you don’t kill these guys you only you can harm them but you don’t kill them and here I like that that was a unique thing

where I feel like that can be overlooked it’s a mix where he’s like okay you don’t kill that guy but you can kill this guy you know and he has to be like anticipation anticipatory to that and the final fight too like he saved a good brutal I thought like the best fights might have been behind us early on but he saved that brutal one-on-one fight for that very end guy which was amazing that fight yeah yeah so sometimes I thought like this movie leaned into it cuz you know like you got these like wacky

colorful villains uh at times The Mercenaries or or that other beekeeper lady at the gas station where that’s where I’m like okay I feel like this movie is being self there are times like the the the energy of the movie would um lose itself lose some of the the like the The Dread or drama wasn’t strong enough to to Warrant some of those scenes for me and then the fun would get a little bit lost when you would cut to like it was weird because Jeremy Irons podus lady and and and and uh Josh Hutson

they really gave like performances here they did a really good job and then the one who plays the FBI agent the FBI agent uh it should be her right Emy raver lampin lampin okay yeah and like she did a really good job too and and I I feel umbrella yeah and I I do think they uh like lost sight of her but for terms of like an action movie where it was fun and I was engaged throughout and had a little more on its mind than I was expecting to uh I I thought it was

really good it pretty much gave me everything that I wanted I think the first half is stronger but there are some great stuff in the in the last half yeah personally yeah yeah know not excuse me yeah and I I I hear what you’re saying and I totally agree with you just like on in terms of her character I get it she’s an FBI agent you got to tiptoe that line on you know your job and I get it they did come around to it in the end where you know she did let him go

which I’m glad she did um but yeah it did feel like it was more personal to Jason Statham’s character uh which again you know we we found out like that uh the there was that line of dialogue that how she was the only one who was ever like you know that motherly figure that was kind to him and understandable but I I really would have uh you know just if when they were leaning more on that serious stuff just would have liked that they were showing like that she was extremely conflicted with like trying to

you know do her job or take this more in a more personal sense cuz I really feel like that would have been a little more grounded in the sense of all this but you know it is what it is um but also too in in regards to Jason stm’s character on top of the badass that he was I just loved how you know to your point as well in terms of like how he was able to sneak into you know the the estate and all that he was just so resourceful and you know that came

into whe whether he was sneaking into places whether he had the tactical gear ready to go um with the the suit or to go onto the beach also too when he uh met the uh charismatic and uh best character of the a partner FBI agent uh he’s like I have kids and he’s like yeah three boys and a girl and like he just he did his research he was extremely uh you know uh just intelligent he just knew things and I just I love intelligent smart badass characters like that and I just was so appreciative

of that yeah I think I think this was overall like a really this is a solid action movie to me it’s a solid action movie where um at times I could like in the last half particular there were certain scenes where I was like is this when it was cheesy I felt like intentionally self-aware yes and other times I’m like are we not self-aware anymore and is this supposed to be like really serious CU at times you’re supposed to be serious so you know and that’s what I mean it’s fine you got to just find

a balance though and I think sometimes that balance comes a little bit off and uh ese but whenever Jason STM is there the movie is incredibly engaging and yeah for sure I I really thought it it’s fine that they didn’t but I truly thought they were going to go through the entire film without him using a gun but the in time that they did go that was incredible I mean I can’t remember the last time I saw an action hero in it in this type of film go that long into a film like with that

many action sequences just do hand toand no guns that was impressive yeah but I think again that’s a testament to David a as a director uh is because the buildup to that you know like you were really noticing sing it too and I was noticing it so they Reserve when he uses guns for a moment like they make it a moment when he first uses that gun and even the introduction like my favorite colorful villain play the last guy who had the the the hallway fight with uh because even the introduction on that guy like

he’s so much larger than life he’s so eccentric and crazy but they set him up with the with the um pratic leg prosthetic leg and that tells you right away like you know this guy can take a hit so take a lot of hits he could take a lot of hits put a bullet in his face leg he’s just going to keep coming didn’t care so there there is this force of nature that just keep I me yeah that guy had me saying this dude is a badass too he’s crazy yeah yeah uh I wonder

if the there are any fun facts here this is Jason stm’s fifth film in the last year that’s it Adam Clay’s birthday oh this is a fun fact from the FBI file is July 2667 which is Jason stam’s actual birthday you didn’t know that was his birthday oh I I didn’t either okay um this sounds like when Adam clay EXC himself from the conversation with agent Parker says I have to take care of the hive this sounds like he is taking care of his bees but instead the first reference to his former world to protect

Society that’s so funny most of this was shot in England really a lot of this oh F fascinating I would have thought maybe they really did shoot in Massachusetts no explanation of the old Tech especially the CRT computer monitor seen film is ever offered that because the story was originally supposed to be said in 2003 remember I was saying the computer I was like this is weird the computers seem like they’re older Tech yeah uh before the idea was abandoned however as the art Department had already started sourcing uh some of the hardware for budgetary

reasons it decided just to keep in what they had already purchased oh that’s funny I don’t know it kind of like worked for me kind of like added to the flavor of like they are so underground you know uh that was that was that was really interesting but no this was a fun fun movie Man uh I I really liked it gave what I wanted keep scrolling down there’s I think there might be some more really yeah keep going anything else oh no oh I thought that okay I thought there was Nor they get more

facts when the movie’s been while long forgot to First St but yeah no overall good stuff um I hope this movie is a lesson for the pieces of shits out there that do these kinds of things and scam people that if you ever do something like this an actual beekeeper will come after you um so don’t even try it um I want to go to an actual beekeeper and see what’s up be like I know who you really are beekeeper like um do you want some honey Craig okay I don’t know what you’re trying to

say here I hope there are beekeepers out there who have have a serious passion for their job who did not see the trailer for this and saw oh beekeeper finally a movie that does a story about beekeepers I can’t wait and then see they watch like this is all my life like which organization do I need to join this is a false representation of me as in my profession now people who get scammed are going to call me like this is not what I do I’ve been asked to do a lot of things that are

not part of my what my job entails me to do now all righty guys well good job David air awesome and Jason St them what did you think of the beekeeper leave your thoughts down below I think they can do a sequel that goes and wall I would love a sequel I really would I really love a sequel it’s like it’s like an eight out of 10 for me yeah I would say that too even two if they a sequel I’d be down for even if they showed us a prequel just what led him to

getting to where we started the film i’ I’d be down for either or I’m just so down for this universe The Beekeeper Universe yeah I’m like 7.5 to 8 out of 10 somewhere there where are you I’d probably go 7.8 out of 10 okay yeah I’m like seven point if I’m going to look if I’m looking for that solid so yeah 7. 797 damn it oh beat me again yeah yeah anyway what do you guys think leave your thoughts down below I had a really fun time and I would absolutely love a sequel we’ll talk

with you guys soon

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