The BEST Car I've EVER Driven? 2020 McLaren 720S Spider Review

good morning YouTube today I’m a review our McLaren 720s spider if you’re new to the channel my name is Dan and this is my garage and this is our McLaren 720s spider and it’s for sale through our dealership NG super cars and we actually already have it off Friday so by the time this video is out it’s probably already be sold so sorry about that yeah we knew this car would go fast because it is in the absolutely fantastic papaya spark which is just a gorgeous color I think it’s probably my favorite color on McLaren

I know some people don’t like it it’s a little bit too Orange but that’s what’s so amazing about it if you’d like to support us please like share and subscribe and go visit there you go by parts and services for your car including McLarens and of course you can check out our inventory on but let’s talk all about this absolutely glorious car and it is so so stupid fast I don’t even know why this thing is legal so I’ve been telling the guys for months that we need to get a 720 and they’re

like uh it can’t be that much better blah blah blah blah blah and then they drove it and they’re all like oh my God this thing is just

absolutely stupid yep these cars are just stupid some people love the look of this some people hate it I think it looks good it actually has grown on me over the years when it first came out I thought it looked a little bit too much like a spaceship they kind of leaned into that people started getting like license plates that said like UFO and stuff like that and

yeah that was kind of funny and it makes sense but it it’s just a little bit like almost like a bubble on like this weird spaceship front end but obvious obviously all of that’s due to like aerodynamics and whatever that all goes away as soon as you press the gas pedal and you’re just like holy crap this thing is just insane this particular example is extremely highly optioned this thing had an MSRP of close to 380 000 this is probably the most expensive car we have purchased yet it is certainly the fastest and quickest car

that we have purchased up to this point and of course is just beautiful and we have a convertible top so it’s pretty incredible and badass and well obviously we have to get out the road and you guys will see just how insane this thing is some of the options on this car that make it absolutely awesome are of course we’ve got a bunch of carbon fiber we’ve got carbon fiber side view mirrors we’ve got the ultra lightweight Wheels we’ve got carbon fiber accents here on the back onto these air intake Scoops insanely colored papaya spark

this is like a 9000 dollar option just for the color does have the factory exhaust has not been molested in any way this thing is 100 stock which is good so that’s one of the things about these cars is so many people realized hey you know what for a little bit of money you can take this thing from what’s already Stupid Fast and just make it absolutely ridiculously fast and when they start doing that that’s when you start having people blow up turbos or pop head gaskets and stuff starts to go bad I wanted to

get one for the dealership that was completely unmolested and this one well it’s as it was for the factory it is totally untouched it’s just still so so fast it’s no reason that you need to go too much faster unless like you just want to die which I get it like I get it so you can get these things well up over a thousand horsepower without much effort which is pretty ridiculous so it already comes with 720-ish horsepower that’s the reason it’s called the 720 do you really need that much more horsepower well I guess

the answer is usually yes so we’ve got the well kind of boring remote control I’ve never been super impressed with McLaren remotes but anyway let’s check out the trunk here you go oh oh the battery is getting low come on there it goes yeah not a whole lot of trunk space I mean you know you got the fire extinguisher we got a first aid kit uh it looks like triangles and floor mats and stuff and oh we got the trickle charger that’s a good thing well he could fit like maybe two little little itty bitty

suitcases that’s about it this is one of those colors that you really got to see the sunlight and see it up close to appreciate it has so much metallic flake in it it just looks absolutely fantastic one thing that I never noticed is this little panel right here is actually glass so you can actually see through it that’s pretty cool it is a flying buttress so you know hey if you get one of these 720 Coupes this is just a tip for you guys the door glass there’s a glass pill on the door that goes

up with the door that breaks all the time so just make sure to look for that check for cracks it’s extremely expensive get access to it you got a little door thing right here you reach in push a button and there you go the door comes up and you get the cool yes there you go look at that oh and screen it flipped up so cool look at that carbon fiber tons of carbon fiber this thing is actually so new it’s still got the little plastic covering on the uh the screen it still has the

factory floor mat covers and this thing’s barely been used look it’s still got the stickers on the dashboard this thing is about as uh new as it gets like I said only about 3 000 miles on it so it is basically Flawless there is nothing nothing wrong with it and you got these awesome accents and the seats the orange matching seat belts carbon fiber steering wheel carbon fiber all over Alcantara dashboard it is just beautiful you got more carbon fiber back here she’s a little that oh there’s something behind the seat looks like a jacket

huh one thing you gotta be careful of is with these doors going up like this you gotta make sure you have plenty of space when you park the car to open the door so park it between these left side to be really careful I parked it hard over to the right obviously now that door there’s no way it could open so the passenger would have to wait until I back out but I had to do that just to be able to get this door open far enough so I can actually get in and out of

the car it’s cool but it’s actually kind of a big pain in the ass you really can’t have some Park really close to the car so anyway let’s get this thing let’s take out the road and we’ll show you just how insane this thing is foot on the brake push the engine start button there we go I don’t know if you saw that little screen kind of flips up it’s kind of cool one thing that’s kind of sucky about these cars is the sound is yeah it’s not the greatest let’s do the convertible top roof

closed okay there we go roof oh here it goes pretty fast top operation I’m actually very pleased with that uh we have a little window we can roll it down or up for very nice reverse camera McLaren’s weird they have it set when you release the brake the car starts moving just like a traditional automatic transmission is that like uh the Ferraris and other dual clutches where you actually have to give it gas first one weird thing about McLarens you gotta activate the different modes so we’re gonna hit active button oh I felt felt it

changed a little bit we’re in power we’re gonna put it in track we want the most power oh oh I changed my little thing maybe we don’t want that we’ll put in the sport for now all right we’ll leave that in the little sport mode and the handling is in sports that big Wing does affect your rear visibility like it’s actually a little bit hard to see so driving it normally very civil very very fast shifts very smooth so it is very quiet you know it’s just kind of comfortable and quiet let’s put in comfort

for a second so we’re out of a fairly bumpy road here super smooth Pleasant this is nice ride quality is amazing putting sport a little bit tighter you can feel it tight up a little bit let’s try track look at the little thing now oh yeah everything gets kind of a little more aggressive well we might as well put the power mode in trap now the funny thing is it’s in track mode I can’t actually see if the oil is wired up enough because it flipped out and all it gives you is speed gear and

how many RPMs you’re at which is actually really cool if you’re actually at the track so I’m gonna flip it back up just because I want to make sure I warm it up first got a seventh gear 60 miles an hour below 2000 RPMs oh that is that is tight suspension I’m gonna take that out of track put it back to sport it’s a little bit rough okay here we go I think the vaping is because the camera is right behind the uh sensors all right ready here we go holy shit oh my God that’s

fast all right we’re in second gear watch this let’s go 30. 30 miles an hour let’s go 30 to 60 ready go 60. a lot more than 60. this is a vibration something’s getting some noise it’s that window wow that is just sickening get a little pop that’s awesome it’s got little lights that come up and it tells you to shift I wonder if it does that in the track setting so we’re gonna put this down third gear second gear spun the tires I was going like 45 and it spun the tires oh my God

oh that does not get old oh I just lost my stomach my God I want this car I don’t want to sell this car I am completely completely in love with this thing is oh you can see the wing in the back moving around every time you give a gas I don’t know if the wing stands up when you break real hard yep oh that’s so cool all right this thing’s just ridiculous absolutely I don’t understand why this is street legal should not be street legal at all is just insanity you don’t you have to

get the some pops this is not my first time in a 720 by the way but the spider gives it so much more noise and excitement I don’t know how to describe this thing but it’s just what in the hell no one needs this but everyone wants it ready here we go a 60-foot patch of rubber oh my God yeah I know my tire is low if you want a ridiculous performance car this is definitely it it just it’s like effortless how fast it is I mean my God you could get arrested in this car

so fast it’s just not even funny the laws of physics stopped applying to this car it doesn’t make any sense anymore what in the hell was McLaren thinking when they made this it’s just ridiculous absolutely Bonkers and it’s super comfortable I am completely comfortable the seats feel nice the ergonomics are actually okay the little touch screen’s a little bit wonky but it’s not it’s not the worst it looks nice in here it’s like it’s got drama in the interior the interior is nice it’s got cool looking vents everything about this is just exciting and fun

holy crap is it fun it just insane my God it’s so much power it does take a bit for the turbos to get going it does have some turbo lag but it’s not ridiculous it’s still just Punchy as hell like you get it it starts to spool and then my God it just goes you know Lord so much power wow foreign it’s like zero body roll absolutely planted as a frog Enthusiast I’m having a hard time but this could be one of the best cars if not the best car I’ve ever driven and it’s not

that stupid expensive the MSRP was below 400 to get this level of performance at a Ferrari you are absolutely going to be spending over four hundred thousand dollars you’d have to get at least an f8 if not a Pista that’s the only way you’re gonna get this out of a Ferrari they know everyone’s gonna say oh what about the reliability oh I got the 720 doesn’t really have the same reliability issues as the other McLarens the glass roofs if you have a coupe they’re gonna break it’s just gonna happen replace them with the gorilla glass

ones supposedly they don’t break as much I think there’s even some aftermarket options of things that can take care of that maybe it’s got the same coolant hose stuff where the clamps suck okay so you get different cooling clamps big deal chips it’s just sick this thing is sickity holy shit I want this in my life I don’t know this might convert me I may need more McLarens in my life specifically 720s like the lower level McLarens they’re badass they’re fun but this is just a whole new level my Lord oh that guy passing over

the double yellow go for it all right yeah I’m like I had an adrenaline rush I’m coming down from it now holy shit this thing’s insane like so when I drove this before I was on a pre-planned route they really didn’t let you play a whole lot this is possibly the best car I’ve ever driven it’s just it might be to get this in a Ferrari you’re gonna be spending a half a million dollars or a Pista that’s it I mean you have to be probably a Pista yeah it moves oh God yeah oh turning

off trash control is just not an option you would die no you can’t no you would die I think it’s safe to say I like it a little bit uh you need to try one of these it’s just good Lord I’ll tell you this much I don’t think we’re gonna let people test drive this because they’ll die if you haven’t driven something like this before this is this is legit scary dangerous and scary I don’t want people to get in this thing and die and I don’t want to be the passenger and die with them

holy crap um I kind of lost words because this may have just broken my fry brain it’s gonna be a problem uh like share and subscribe hit the notification Bell go visit normal guys super buy some parts and services through us and go check out NG supercars so right now we have two McLarens this and a 570s so can’t quite swing the big boy we have little boy still pretty fast so review of that coming soon so stay tuned for that but you guys are amazing thank you so much for watching we’re gonna be

doing a lot of cool car stuff so you’re gonna stay tuned it’s gonna be sweet thank you

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