THE BLACK PHONE MOVIE REACTION!! First Time Watching! Full Movie Review | Blumhouse 2022

back up sweet this is a nice tv i know citizens of the reject nation going to watch the movie black phone today and i’m joined by the lovely and talented roxy the strider i love it though am i more lovely or more talented this is a terrible first impression uh you are more uh talented i’d say yeah i was listening to uh one of your videos with harloff i think he mentioned the black phone and you said you hadn’t seen it and i’ve been wanting to watch this movie myself so i was like this is

perfect i feel like it’s right up my alley i hear that i’m going to love it so i’m going to be really disappointed if i don’t wow and i knew if you watch roxy you’ll see she’s a very very honest individual so she doesn’t like this she’s going to let you guys know you go follow rocks on social media world girls channel as well where she’s teamed up with two other lovely talented women who aren’t getting invited here oh the shades yeah starting drama today please don’t show them this video i i am not good

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movie reaction up have you seen scott derrickson’s other movies like sinister or no name another one doctor strange the first one yeah do you know how much i don’t like doctor strange they’re off to a great start there were asian kids in the 70s in colorado we don’t know they might get taken oh man she’s watching you staring at us you deserve to get kidnapped no this does have a very

authentic 70s vibe to it you can tell the audio at the beginning too it’s like horror audio yeah yeah your arm is mint you almost had good game mint in the 70s dude this guy’s having the time of his life right now until i knew it i feel bad for joking about it oh creepy it’s the 70s so it’s grainy i think in like 70s 80s that’s when there were a lot of missing children and like the rise of serial killers and the milk cartons yeah exactly well he’s an abusive father you can just tell

mr yamada’s putting them up again you don’t think they’re gonna find them too not how they want to come on let’s go we’re gonna be late i really love the way this is shot yeah it looks awesome like a nail you scrawny little then do it unless you’re scared oh holy crap what the oh my goodness oh my god oh my god this is really violent feels very real coming out queen not fooling anyone annoyed jesus is everyone here a bully what you doing in our bathroom huh see the sign it says boys yeah boys

move hey finn what’s happening you know just keeping on keeping on i guess cool there who’s yes i was so that guy when i was his age which one you know that one yeah yeah yeah you’re gonna have to stand up for yourself one of these days i don’t know i got cheech and chong shirt you got time to stop by my house after school is it math again mr johnson talks too fast he doesn’t explain it right not like you can you walk me through it if i get another f i’m suspended yeah sure

i like them together friendship goals i had a dream about it he was taken that’s all by man with black balloons in a van we found two black balloons at the scene gwen and we never release those details either there’s a leak in the department or what i’m the grabber no vance got held back twice i’ve seen him fight and trust me he could kick the out of either of you blindfolded when watch your language yeah i took him down cause obviously i’m the grabber you dumb fart knocker i love her what aren’t you telling

us that sometimes my dreams are right oh interesting is she like a pr premonition yeah power okay or maybe she saw it yeah it’s probably this pen’s making a lot of appearances oh no oh what the hell no hit me again and i’m dropping it you drop that and then we’ll breathe your ass towards this heart oh my god no no no no god damn you are not your mother that means you do not hear things they’re not there you do not see things that are not there okay they’re not there granny jesus oh my

dreams are just say it again my dreams are just dreams oh this who’s this little girl she’s amazing she is okay this feels very much like a stephen king movie i have like such a so much harsher than i thought i love siblings though it’s like that and that moment where she needs that she need her brother not him he didn’t even say it what oh man he was like the badass warrior one and now they’re gonna kick the crap out of the kid do you know kitten and robin ariana why were they walking towards

each other like that though i know you think these kids would like hear enough signs like maybe don’t walk that way yeah i feel nauseous right now you could help me have a dream or two and just see something that could help the police or me or anyone find him i would follow you forever no no no no no no no amen get that button in there no playing after live sound sorry daddy go to sleep i love you you don’t it does feel like a very realistic portrayal of an alcoholic father no i knew

it i told you no no no oh my god cowards oh two of oh my god that is he kicked her head the bullying is so relentless in this movie where are you going i’m staying over at susie’s tonight it’s friday so i’ll look after dad see you kid she is great both of them are oh you see that yeah would you hand me my hat do not throw it throw it throw it throw it oh my god you know this guy’s would you like to see a magic trick no yeah are those black balloons

in there oh my god stop this oh my god this is so much harsher than i thought it was gonna be i should snap your neck for what you did to my arm oh what he did to his oh it was his heart but that was that oh my god i was like damn dude dude what was it the pen that he did in his mind yeah i think he’s a rocket pen you don’t have to be scared nothing bad is going to happen here i’m going to go get you a soda and then earphone

ring the black phone do you know who that actor is ethan hawk that’s ethan hawk i didn’t know ethanol was in this movie i think i think no it sounds like him that makes sense they worked on sinister yeah okay that makes sense hi daddy no i haven’t not since school no night night time he’s already got someone oh i have goosebumps if you try to touch me i’ll scratch your face and whoever’s coming will see and ask why this face hang up the phone now he is creepy man yeah i don’t think i ever

even saw a trailer for this oh it’s like you can’t there’s no moment to breathe no it’s the call to black phone try to use the phone i’m not getting anything that’s not true honey pick up every time you don’t know stop it stop working oh oh my god i can’t bring you anything to eat if you weren’t gonna feed me why’d you even come down here i just wanted to look at you okay it maybe it’s like split multiple personalities maybe i’m trying to figure out what the what the ritual is that he has

here that was different hair too he’s like it wasn’t me yeah hello did you catch what he said no did you no i don’t remember my name why not it’s the first thing you lose first thing you lose win oh we met once your arm is mint you almost had me oh it’s the asian kid dig down underneath the foundation i tried but it wasn’t time for me to take up and out the other side hello oh no is he losing his memories oh interesting that’s gonna get backed up real quick yeah man you think

bruce is alive or dead i think he’s definitely dead he’s gotta be a ghost breakfast what did you put in that huh eat it don’t eat it you’re already down here what do i need to drug you for those eggs look good did you not lock the door no no no no no don’t open that i mean dude but don’t i don’t know i think don’t miss the phone call no no don’t go upstairs no why not it’s a trap fat fascinating it’s a homie oh this is that really got me do not go upstairs

what is he doing well i got nipple chills he’s waiting on the other side with that belt he’ll beat you with that belt you pass out you beg him to stop we all did but he just keeps beating you so he can talk to dead people and the sister can see yeah she could probably connect to the dead in somewhere oh dude you’re going to go up when they said not to go up on crack kid listen to me ah at least eat the eggs no no get downstairs get downstairs get downstairs oh this must

be what she saw when he was banging at the at the door no that is messed up can he see him right now uh his eyes are open i think yeah but i don’t know if he went high enough up oh that’s what you mean see the walls separated from the floor to our long cable loose from down there ah well pull it down or at least be able to reach there with the cable what do you see the paper boy yeah so she can connect to the dead that’s smart no no no no what’s

on his hand no oh what you think oh that’s so smart how did it just like magically no he put it through yeah i know but it’s a strong it’s a cable it’s a little more firm no no no he’s coming downstairs no no no no no he’s coming right now okay oh smart yeah but then what when he climbs up the wall the guy’s coming downstairs he’s coming downstairs he’s coming downstairs he’s coming downstairs he’s coming downstairs he’s coming downstairs no no no get your fingers away stop no no oh oh that is too

much noise it’s soundproofed your mother she just became so convinced that her dreams meant something and eventually they told her to do things until she took her own life so she can get in too deep i don’t want that future for you sweetheart but what if it could help me find benny mm-hmm oh wow that is unexpected yes doom graffiti uh you’re right for the missing kids yes sir and if there’s anything else i don’t know come inside come on samson stop it all right let’s show you something yes right over here oh my god

he has to be able to grab these kids and get them back to his place very quickly which means he’s got a house with a garage how long have you lived in the area max oh i’m just crashing here this is my brother’s place i’ve been reading about this case a lot and i’m in between jobs right now and you guys could really use my help i want to tidy up before your brother gets home there’s something to the brother situation is that below him i can’t tell if it’s just a transitional shot he said

he’s his brothers though tell me your name what do you care i usually don’t i find out eventually in the paper they always print a nice big photo what’s different this time oh duh dog you can blindfold me drop me off on the street i’ll walk home well tell me your name taylor mullen it’s a lie paper has been friends oh he already knew yeah i was really starting to like you finney see is it vinnie or finney what’s going on with the window thing that he pulled down ah good question is his name vinnie

or finney it’s an inconsequential detail at the moment oh so homeboy just kind of stays here and just waits all night what’s he doing right now i think he’s trying to stay awake how come last time he looked ripped i know it’s exciting i’m not trying to shame anybody but no i was like you looked like super like yeah that’s exactly what i was thinking is it two different people the mask is it two parts and sometimes he doesn’t like yeah where the top house yeah yeah what’s that about it’s an insequential dude no no

actually no i think it’s important because with the identifying as different personalities yeah you’re thinking inconsequential real thinking what is it what is it what is it right now but the sound got me oh my god it’s a hanging body it’s fresh why is it oh those are kids you don’t have much time the grabber hasn’t been sleeping he thinks this might be it that he’s gonna figure it out who’s gonna figure it out his brother upstairs though it is upstairs holy if you don’t play naughty boy the grabber can’t beat you but naughty boy

if he can’t beat you you can’t move on to the next part you’re the next part of naughty boy this is favorite part he’s not trying to escape yeah what’s the next part you don’t have much time he’s not been sleeping you said that too yeah he is now in his chair oh oh my god the door is still unlocked there’s a combination lock it was my bike lock he took it when he took me what’s the combination oh yeah i remember being afraid to forget it that’s why i wrote it down what where stop

talking to the law man with a bottle cap in the wall which wall which wall the one on your right about shoulder height when you’re sitting down he’s gonna play a naughty boy though if he tries to escape remember when ethan hawk said he had a visitor earlier on oh yeah yeah two three three one something two three four one second and you’ll have to be very quiet about it or just stay down there i’m wondering if the brother is like a filmmaker mislead like that actually is ethan hawk’s character but they just cast someone

else’s personality yeah like the brother is one person like split kind of thing yeah i know that’s what i was thinking before but it is weird that’s different person but how far they’re upstairs could he be true true it is shot so dark at times he just told you if you don’t go upstairs so then you’re never naughty boy but he never escapes he has to take a chance i almost just hit you yeah i would grab like a fork or a knife and stab him you would especially when he’s in fat mode god damn

man figure it out just sign this quietly don’t be naughty boy don’t be naughty boy silent no so intense no no he’s waking up he’s waking up he’s waking up he’s waking up sorry sorry the dog the dog oh he got outside no no run dude run into like a neighborhood did he hit him like a pig right here in the street the brother right and strangle you with your own intestine fascinating i would scream anyway i would scream anyway naughty boy i would have screamed while i was running you get out of that house

you start screaming samson was barking at something it’s nothing go back to bad max what is the structural layout of their house three stories yeah what is going on there i ask you for help when you give me these clues that don’t mean anything and now this morning you wake up without any dream at all seriously what the hell is wrong with you i’m with you girl maybe you’re not even real oh my god now it’s time for an existential crisis they’re too young for that you what do you mean they got you out man

you just you should have ran into a neighborhood scream do you even know who you are what the kind of question is that you’re a fan’s hopper you should scare me if you knew what you had coming you’d be terrified today’s the day it’s kind of like decker montgomery stranger things that’s exactly what i was thinking west side story jesus christ what are these kids why seven seven four one like a satanist or something what is this tower these kids are awful i don’t know i’m like shaking my body right now these kids are so

awful oh spotted i spotted what the camera’s focusing on right now where’s waldo way oh she’s like traveling through this tell them oh damn i got nipple chills man it’s crazy look at that it’s like stood up here everywhere you even know who you are what the kind of question is that do you even know who you are i’m finney blake hello nice to meet you finney blake right here this is it this is it oh my gosh you could reach him your fence hopper i remember you you should scare me there’s an outlet in

the across from the john break it to the wall about two feet above the outlet till you get to a panel with screws in it get the panel off you’re into the freezer and then out to the storage room thank you this isn’t about you what is going on wait for his sister oh no no no no no no no that was disgusting he was drinking toilet water yeah sorry sorry you do what you gotta do man what yeah how did that work it’s just the right size what’s that what is that what is that

what is that food oh yeah it’s refrigerator remember yeah yeah meat it goes to outside i don’t think the fridge is on the outside who’s gonna hear him he’s gonna hear him he’s gonna i i don’t know i think you have left frame roxy you know same bro same phone thingy yeah you gotta go pick up you have no choice get up get up kid finney vinny delayed reaction hey finn it’s the homie there it is we’ve been waiting for him i’m with you i’ve been with you this whole time yes a man never leaves

a friend behind hmm and i’m not going to leave you behind we’ll be together against you that you ain’t gonna go like i did you gotta stand up to him you gotta feed him man do you remember what i told you mm-hmm bruce lee movies there’s some dance to stand up for myself exactly someday it’s today finn yep today is the day you stop taking from anybody yup not a fighter like you robin you couldn’t even take him you’ve always been a fighter finn you were always afraid to throw a punch but you always knew

how to take one and you always caught back up stop thumping you’re getting out of here if you can’t do it for you do it for me what does it matter because i don’t want to die for nothing mm-hmm i would at least have died for a friend and because i can’t kill that iko deputy you have to do it for me yeah you are being a puta you’re gonna use a weapon phone fill the receiver with dirt pack it in tight give it some heft you raise the phone take a fast step back step

forward step back and swing god the black lighting again you raise the phone take a fast step back step forward step back no no you messed it up i still be able to talk with you this was the last call finn oh what about the pen you’re right yeah use the pen well none of the other worked i mean that’s why he’s got to stand up yeah but like why do you have to go through the refrigerator thing why if they knew it didn’t work then don’t tell them to dig through the i’m just pissed

damn dead kids please dear jesus please please i’m sorry i said you weren’t real please be real please you watched jewish roxy yeah yeah jesus gonna pull through today i like the name jewish rocks the jewish rocks in the house oh oh you found it this movie has such a great grip on atmosphere man what the detective right please oh my god he’s shopping i don’t think no i think he actually has a brother he knows it’s his house he knows his house he knows he knows he knows did you hear me i hear you

kind of looks like jim carrey yeah i was thinking that oh my god he really is putting it together oh i hope he doesn’t mess him up with the phone yeah he’s gonna mess up the wrong guy no way i knew that he was hiding something from me down here a holy married mother of god can you call my dad call my sister oh listen don’t worry he’s not here he no oh my god he’s no no you won’t know the story about how i found you man no no no no no no don’t worry

about it no bottom part for the first time look what you made me do you made me kill my brother no oh naughty boy now i’m gonna have to put you with the others looks like you’ll find those naughty boys after all open up i would use a knife but you are special vinny vinnie you’re finna oh that is cruel all right you gotta find the other doors go go go yeah it’s gabrielle it’s the wrong house no it’s not no it’s not oh my god oh my god this is he’s gonna kill him this

is for every single person that ever bullied you you mother you’re gonna get the phone in the middle of a choke what phone the phone doesn’t even exist anymore you filled the phone with sand my dude it is for you welcome to the nightmare end of your pathetic little life i can’t kill you so finn is gonna do it for me finn’s arm is mint oh i did not see that coming dead or is he not dead is he dead or is he not dead we’ve got a basement great he did all the hard work

interesting timing oh we got a piece of meat for the dog okay i thought he scalped it oh it doesn’t that way so you can get the stairs this is where he buries him i think he kills them someplace else what that’s the hole for him that’s the hole for the kid they’re gonna see her brother’s not down there across the street across the street is she looking at him yeah yeah oh that touches my heart that’s so sweet what a cathartic ass ending man that’s some crazy why was he burying them across the street

now beat your dad up i’m so sorry please forgive me wow on an ending shot the perpetrator known as the grabber owned two homes one where he kept the victims while alive and a second empty home across the street where he buried them postmortem damn i thought he would be bigger he’s the one who killed the girl that’s right you show respect uh yeah you guys ain’t bullying him anymore go kiss that girl hi finney um i’ll be finn it is finn okay i did not know for sure until the very last line that is

actually the way they ended on that for me the whole time like i think it’s vinnie the entire movie great music too oh man that’s an experience that movie was excellent yeah wow holy balls holy balls holy balls dude i don’t think there’s a post-credits scene trying to remember all these names memorized out of respect yeah could those fallen that was really really effing good i’m sorry about your pillow yeah you’ve gone down and destroyed that thing you almost tore the inside of the cushions out on that all right let’s talk about it all righty

black phone well roxy what did you think you gotta get stretching after that workout you honestly i feel like i just ran a marathon like i was going 360 man that was i thought incredible yeah it was really solid but also i feel like you set me up what do you mean like i thought that i was gonna come over and like have a nice chill moment and instead i haven’t felt my heart beat that hard in like a long time it was that was tough i thought it was great but tough i thought it

was gonna be more of like a slower psychological drama and i was like this is oppressive and making me tense the entire time it was a real like tense thriller well because when it wasn’t physically violent it was emotionally damaging so there was no breathing because it wasn’t like when we were cutting away to the the sister that she wasn’t and then when we’re cutting back to him so there was no we weren’t safe anywhere no not for one second and i think that’s a big i love the arc of the character though the main

got finney finney we nailed down that name every time you were saying vinnie finney in my head i was actually thinking come on roxy it’s vinnie i was actually thinking that i’m pretty positive at one point they do call him vinnie and at one point they call him finn i thought the dad called him i thought like the dad called him vinnie at one point i think maybe he thought that was his name and that’s the true problem with fatherhood yeah that’s that’s the lesson of the story learn your goddamn kids names but him learning

this that the whole solution through it all just leads to such a great catharsis when he does stand up to ethan hawk uh the grabber which i did not know that there was ethan that com piece of information i completely missed so i thought you were testing me i thought that that was a trivia moment you’re like who plays who plays this guy and i was like oh come on pretty sure it wasn’t my attitude when i asked you that pretty sure i wasn’t like that’s how i felt so rocks voices cockside huh if you

understood east coast you would get that that’s everyone’s attitude i understand no so you know who plays this dude or not you don’t know no you don’t know i don’t mean to challenge you my bostonian friend he is so good so good and i can’t believe his agent let him do something where his face was covered the whole time that’s brilliant i love that show i respect that choice so much i mean it’s got to be one of those like favor asks too because he’s he’s reuniting with the director of sinister like you haven’t seen

sinister right no phenomenal that he it he ethan hawk is incredible when are we talking about most like a couple years ago nah like i don’t know i think maybe like five years ago or something like that is this is the star of it he’s the main star of it and uh it was the same to writer and director oh i missed that one yeah he’s he’s great in that film and that was for a lot of people they consider that almost a semi like resurgence of ethan hawk because of how graceful in that film

he is so to see him here to be playing the the main baddie and also you know he was just in moon night as the main villain i feel like what he did here was just exceptionally more creepy and what’s better sinister or this it just has a movie oh it’s so difficult to compare the two but i’m asking you to anyway yeah you’re being a dick shocker yeah i i guess i would i don’t want to play this game i don’t know like it’s my channel i don’t have to play by your being a

naughty boy right now i don’t like it i didn’t i didn’t love the term naughty boy throughout the entire thing i i couldn’t help but kind of giggle at it like the naughty boy thing made it feel sexual well i think that’s i don’t think that’s the point though is this was i don’t think it’s supposed to be comedically sexual but i think a big part of it is to have a bit of uh like i don’t think he you know does anything sexual to the children like directly but i feel like part of it

is a sort of lustful vibe what was what is your interpretation of what was happening when ethan hawke’s character continues to be like i’m not going to hurt you i wouldn’t do that i’ve never hurt any of the boys that wasn’t me that took them like is he what’s actually going on there i mean to me it felt like it was he’s trying to you know um uh i forget what the term i’m trying to look for is but it’s it’s sort of like the ring out that’s what i was trying to think yeah no

no ring out that’s right this video is right they’re not real no uh what i think he’s the bring out i forgot my original appointment i’m trying to make it i got some focus to try to find the word you think that he’s trying to the um the you know i totally had like a smart word in my head i did and she got so caught up in butts and butt that i completely forgot what i was gonna say i feel like he’s either what was your question my question is do we think that he

is multiple personality do we think that he’s lying to him like what he’s trying to do is he’s trying to pull out like kind of the the perversion of of innocence in a way like he he plays on the innocent actually wants them to do something bad and it’s it is like praying on the sin like he seems to embody this sort of satanic like mentality they have this jesus symbolism in there so it’s i think it is about pulling out the sin in there and punishing upon it at least that’s a part of my

interpretation of it but i’m just i agree with you there i just don’t know whether the movie was trying to say to us this is this man has multiple personalities who and this one with this kind of mask believes that he doesn’t hurt people and he wasn’t the one who kidnapped those boys but when he’s wearing this mask he believes this or whether they were just saying bad guys are bad guys who lie and sometimes they claim they didn’t do something that they did do right right you know what i mean at all yeah you’re

just trying to you’re trying to say that there’s some version of him that maybe doesn’t think he actually did some of this could be i didn’t know if that’s what i was trying to say because he says at one point i think very early on when when when the main kid finney is abducted he does say i didn’t i didn’t hurt i didn’t say you took those other boys didn’t you and he says i didn’t do that he denies it yeah that’s a good point actually so i’m just like maybe some people just lie he

could have just been lying or there’s a version of it in which he doesn’t that that version of him that wears the mask like that doesn’t think that he took the boy but full mask version of him knows he took the boy yeah whatever this greater entity is that he fancies himself to be it’s kind of like have you ever seen a hannibal or red dragon that kind of serial killer motif that there he is a greater being than that so i feel like whatever entity he feels he’s embodying that is the thing that is

the the real pull definitely i was getting m night vibes from it for the like the unbroken split that whole with what was going on but i hear you it wasn’t as directly as a split personality i think he believes that he is something of a bit of a higher calling of some sorts yeah i’m not i’m not sure but whatever ethan hawk was doing it seemed very purposeful the entire time the brother felt like he was in a different comedy though like the brother was doing something it wasn’t bad it didn’t take me out

of it but i was just like huh where where are you at right now you coke you’re a little you’re like a few years early to be blowing lines as hard right now it was like a real left field funny thing to infuse in the movie and then with the accident yeah yeah and i wasn’t even entirely sure of the purpose of inclusion including him because they were saying the grabber owned all this but i guess it might have just been for the mislead for the plot point element yeah there did seem to be a

couple on i don’t know if they’re unnecessary because maybe if i watch it again i would figure out why it’s necessary but i don’t know why we had to have two houses and why the kids couldn’t have been buried underground where he was because that’s where their ghosts were and i’m not sure why we needed the brother to be in the brother’s home but the brother’s not there and it kind of made us question like how many layers of the house maybe something to do with like the cleansing like this is pure here um you

know jesus yeah jesus you know probably just like jesus saying in you know that’s what you got to do at the end of the day just say jesus that’s what it was it was all christ allegories the entire time that little girl man yeah what is this actor saying we have the imdb pulled up madeline mcgraw you s where do you see that top right oh the very top friend there yeah first name very beginning of this whole search uh madeline mcgraw we don’t look at it for a second what was her the character’s name

i would have when yeah yeah gwen man right gwen stacy man yeah there you go that’s the queen stacy origin story and um it was crazy that they decided to make this gwen stacey’s origin as well that little girl slaps because i think some of the kids sort of felt like child actors you know like actors playing kids those two though felt especially her even though it’s a supernatural power that she has she felt like a real child and they felt like siblings too like that sibling connection i just think it i i have a

brother as do you i think that like bond i’m a younger sister too yeah so you know the the boy girl sibling bond too oh my brother’s older there’s something about that older brother little sister vibe that they the dynamic that they showed where i was just like yeah that’s what it’s like when you go when it’s you guys against the world it kind of feels like that and i loved watching the depiction of that because they just genuinely felt like siblings that had that like espn espn they had that espn cnbc ah that’s like

that esp brother sister thing don’t do it man go away stay in the video go away yes yeah no more i’ve said stupider things there all the time um yeah no i think that which especially when she is having more of those like breakdown moments with her father i think what they this movie did surprisingly well for me was find a a rare gray like the dad’s awful he’s awful but they’ve managed to find a a gray area for where the kids can have that that understanding towards an abusive father like know that he’s abusive

know that he’s awful but also the movie shows the pitiful side of him and shows you when he is like uh truly weak and then he’s just a hurt man and he takes it out on them so it’s not that i’m sympathetic for the dad it’s that i can see why the kids find that complexity where they don’t just like you know want to ditch him or they they do feel that push and pull as well like it’s very real for a domestically violent home of how they flash that out you know that part does

pose some issues as well though because of course they have no other option their mom killed herself so they have no other parent that they can go to and it is kind of that uncomfortable moment as an audience member at the end when the boy is saved and the the son and the daughter are sitting there and the dad comes over to them and you’re just thinking to yourself this is what they’re going back to this man who kicks the living out of them like i get it’s better than being in a basement but like

that’s what life looks like but i think it’s also showing that finney every time i say his name now i just want to laugh i think it also shows that finney is no longer going to take that anymore and he can he can be the man of the house now maybe that’s pretty big the sequel will be he just murders his dad and now they’re on the run i kind of do feel like there is room for more story here i don’t think they could do a sequel obviously because of the ending but what did

happen with the mom what are those premonitions or what happened with the children too the dead children are they just like tethered to the home or do they get an opportunity to move on there’s souls yeah oh jesus jesus we were talking about the matches jesus went in there he resurrected them he just took the wheel and now we know what happened yeah there’s definitely created a whole world like this this little not little movie but it was a pretty short movie but there was so much going on outside of our main dude yeah well

i think with the main dude it’s it’s a cool i like the connection that by him defeating the grabber it is him taking care of like a lot of different goals of overcoming the the obstacle like he will stand up to his dad needless to say i feel like he will at least stand up to his dad we don’t know what the future that will be and maybe there’s i do like the ambiguity of we don’t really know what’s going to become of the relationship with the dad but then also the you know with the

children at school he gets the opportunity to sh he’s obviously going to get the girl and then on top of that too those people aren’t going to bully him anymore this whole image has changed and it’s neat i thought i i personally thought it was really neat how this whole movie he’s trying to strategize and get help of how he’s going to like sneak out and escape from here when it all came down to i just need to stand up to this guy the way how i’ve avoided standing up to everyone else my whole life

and that was the key for them so it’s i wasn’t expecting such a neat character arc to unfold from it there’s a really good point like it’s not about getting out the window it’s not about breaking through the refrigerator it’s not about getting out the padlock quick enough it’s about defeating the demon inside that’s inside the house yeah i thought that i i agree with you completely that that was a really interesting message and uh i would like to agree with you about the dad thing that he’s gonna stand up to him but i don’t

know i if you are an abusive parent and then your kid gets kidnapped and then they they come home and you’re still abusive how the hell with that i mean that’s how i feel yeah no i mean in real life a dad would have to like do like years of therapy and and like really go to rehab like there’s there’s a lot more it wouldn’t just be a simple i’m gonna stop in like in in the reality of it that’s what i was saying it’s ambiguous for it i mean your path is definitely the more

realistic path yeah realism like movie magic movie healing movie character arcs they live happily ever after or something like that i’m like pull these kids out of school for a day homie i know just keep making her go to school and all that yeah i also really love the part though that when his homie finally calls on the phone the guy who was standing up for him all the time and he says i don’t want my death to go without saving you or whatever it was like you want to die for nothing die for nothing

yeah my words were better yeah yeah they were definitely more efficient and more compact i don’t want my listen here’s the deal my dude i don’t want my death to go without saving you though that’s the truth i don’t want to die for nothing i thought that that was really cool because as a watching it i kept thinking like well all these kids are already dead but it did feel like at least they died for something at least they they did help him to be able to live that made it feel a little better yeah

it’s true that’s very true good point i i like uh i like the children actors a lot they all the dead kids i like the dead kids i like dead kids it’s just a great thought i like all the the kids no no i’m gonna let you sit in that one yeah not agreeing no come on don’t leave me in the coo come on yes and that’s what that’s what improv is yeah who would yes give me a location yes and i also feel strongly about deaf kids in the bushes underneath the stairwell with the

wrench actually you know if the kids were discovered that might be how their souls like the bodies were found that could be how their souls actually escaped from being trapped in that location what’s your deal with the kids and the souls you’re thinking that they’re no they were definitely their souls were like trapped there you you think that’s what was happening a thousand percent even though they’re across the street you get so caught up in the most technical because yo they’re across the street that’s right it’s like why were there two houses no their bodies

died they they were killed though in that house yeah so their souls were trapped though and but now they’re not because their bodies are across the street so their body shifts or their soul i don’t know they were connecting through the phone ah now you’re now your semantics are making me get caught up in the great part is this movie was awesome but if i think too much about the soul meets body you’re making your own rules yeah cause that’s not what this means i’m sorry all right this is just a little uh i’m i

thought it was whatever all right the sequel will explain it oh what’s it gonna be called blacker pack the sand into the cell phone what it doesn’t even make sense i can’t do that back and step forward i’m still on the cell phone thing i still have wi-fi why can’t i just call someone and get me out of here destroy the cell phone with the dirt can’t i just pin my location get me out of here please no that’s not how it works i also think the uh setting of the way they captured this was

cool because it felt like it was shot on film instead of digital yeah especially with the the cool flashbacks i guess i i want to call them flashbacks but they’re also the moments that the sister is seeing so the premonitions but they were flashbacks yeah they were kind of spliced together yeah whatever it was that the the juxtaposition of that how that was shot with how the rest of the movie was shot was really cool yeah it was excellent and even this the art this the whole production design like it the cars the clothes everything

about it just really felt felt very lived in there was such a great atmosphere too to every quality of this yeah so surprisingly because this could have been like a slow almost boring drama but it or or something that could have been perceived that way because i personally like i love that elevated horror type of vibe and it it kind of has that good blend of both where it’s like an entertaining horror film entertaining horror thriller backed with being a little much more elevated than that and more character driven than that so i thought it

was like a good blend i agree completely and also i think that one of the a big strength of this movie was the fact that it was what did you tell me 95 minutes i think it’s like an hour i think the total run time’s like an hour 40 but it’s like 95 and without credits so 95 so no mommy being sexy all right sorry possibly 96. i just don’t want to lay it down here i think that that was i i actually couldn’t have taken even five more minutes more of abuse so it especially

my heart was like she started doing backflips at one point i wanted to flip my whole chair around and i was like i think he’s gonna kick me off smash the camera well this thing’s destroyed now my nails went into it your arm destroyed almost tried to rip out the hair on your yeah i was like wow she’s really this is really going hard here yeah i’m a grabber you’re a violent human being roxy star not after you watch this not comparatively true not comparatively to actual murderers you know what i’m not that violent if

you watch the phone you watch this movie about this murder i’m less violent than that i’m not that guy that’s hilarious adding it to my profile we should end on that note conversation right there oh yeah that was uh that was a great film really impressed with it shouts out to oh my god and the last thing we got to mention the sound design was so immersive from the minute it started like even you know you know it’s a horror movie when you put a cup down and it’s like and you just every sound kind

of puts you on edge makes the hair stand up in the back of your neck from the minute it started i was like oh and it punches to the face that was like hammers into my little ear drums i’m sorry i was hammering your eardrum like a little like a little man in there it doesn’t sound like good sound design that sounds like a very awful sound camera sounds like someone was hammering my ear drums no one was hammering my ear saying a little man inside my ear being like creating like the perfect sound okay

kind of like um like dopey or somebody yeah one of them you’re talking about the dwarfs yeah they’re not that tight i don’t know if we call them that anymore so i said dopey specifically you knocked it out of the park i like the music too music great do you want to take it away on that yeah the music was ideal uh there were some there were some popular songs like someone was nailing the music in my hair it’s like sharp needles i loved it so much it felt like somebody was getting a screwdriver it

was like kind of a drill into my like a drill bit you know yeah no it was interesting when it started probably with its most popular song that was in the whole movie i was thinking like wow are they gonna go with how much money do they spend on music but then there was only a few song songs in it which i thought was a strange choice the bullying was a bit excessive to me at times sometimes it was like i got it you punched him six times did you have to punch him 12. but

sometimes i was like maybe you did the commit there’s like this community just seems like everyone’s a goddamn bully totally i forgot at the beginning they said that it was in denver and then at the end when the denver police was like this was in denver just thinking myself this was a different place before cannabis they like that little moment when the guy she hits the guy with the with the brick and then she gets kicked in the face and then they’re just both sitting next to each other and both bleeding and they’re like yeah

this is life this is this is so good for the fact that he was clearly dead he was on his on his way to die dude was gushing blood from his brain yeah that like you got to get it this you would have a concussion or you got to get that checked out and sometimes concussion he’s gushing blood yeah no it’s that’s like a usually when you see that movie that means the character’s about to die i think i turned to you and said is he dead is he one of the ghosts maybe maybe all

right now we’re really in four more points later all right guys well follow roxy on the world girls channel just crawling around chairs the whole time yeah you were about to morph into something this was it’s morphing time this was your wolf manager yeah this movie did sound good to me um yeah follow roxy uh subscribe click that bell leave a like thank you guys for being here we’ll um catch you guys yeah what he said

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