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hey folks welcome back to this channel
today i will tell you about a book
called the blue umbrella by
the skin bond the famous indian writer
of british descent
the novel blue umbrella is a children’s
it’s about bini adivi a young girl and
her family
india live in a small village with her
family she is a very simple girl with
realistic dreams multiple emotions are
the part of this book for example
materialistic love jealousy and kindness
minia is a poor girl and her family is
barely earning anything
india has only one valuable thing and
is a necklace with beer spo
her mother believes that it’s blessing
for her
it’s a good luck for her and that is why
the only valuable thing is that necklace
when india was searching for her car on
the mountain
she saw a very beautiful blue umbrella
that belonged to an english lady that
english lady
wanted a necklace with beer spore that
vinya was wearing and mini wanted that
blue umbrella
mini offered her necklace in exchange
for that
very beautiful blue umbrella vinnie was

when she received the umbrella
and everyone in the village admired that
beautiful umbrella
and also they all wanted to have
that umbrella they were jealous they
wondered how binia was able to offer
that expensive umbrella when she is
poor girl but vinya didn’t care about
what other things
vinnia carried it wherever she wants and
she was in love with that little
beautiful thing
here comes lampardosa a soap owner
he used to sell trophies to minia and
her brother but when he saw that
umbrella in the hand of a poor girl that
very expensive umbrella
he thought he should own that umbrella
he wanted the umbrella very badly in
exchange for the umbrella
he offered trophies some free trophies
to be nia but pinya
rejected his offer because she was so
devoted to that
umbrella and she refused to have free
trophies instead of that beautiful
one day ramos asked his servant to fetch
the umbrella that boy tried to steal
that umbrella from vinya when she was
out alone with her beautiful umbrella
but minia’s brother caught him
and the servant told that rambasa told
him to do this
and he wanted a bella very badly
everyone in the village
found out that what ramborosa did to
that little girl
vinya for just an umbrella the villagers
felt very bad for what happened with
that girl
and they started buying things from
other shops
instead of zamboasa because sambar soap
was very famous
and you always found cloud around his
veneers blue umbrella faded after some
days and there was some stitch marks on
but still it was the most beautiful
umbrella in the whole village
one more time ambrose offered a trophy
to binya
but this was not for the umbrella or he
didn’t want anything in
exchange but he wanted to show that
he made a mistake what he did with her
and now
he wants to be a good person not a
graduate at the same time vinnie
realized that she doesn’t need this
umbrella or any other things that
necklace or anything
to be a happy person or look attractive
because she has everything she wants her
the good villages and the nature around
her when rampanca gave her trophy
she gave her umbrella and she saw a
happy face
of ramborosa after that he became less
greedy when many a forgive zamboasa
people started forgetting everything
that happened previously and they again
started purchasing things from ramparosa
and once again
you see that big clown around is soft
but something was different this time
rambosa started treating
his customer with kindness and he always
a happy smile on his face to be happy we
actually don’t need any material things
we can be happy just by having a good
people around us
and only the beauty of the nature if you
love anything it will
fade away after sometimes but the love
between peoples
never fade away now let me read what is
written behind this book
the umbrella was like a flower a great
blue flower that had sprung
up on the dry brown hillside the short
and humorous novella kept his life in
hilly village
of galwal the ordinary characters become
and others find opportunities to reading
themselves there is a movie to based
on this book that was directed by vishal
vishwa bhadwat described his film as
a children’s movie for adults blue
a movie by vishal bhatwat will transport
you in a different world
it’s a very lovely movie it’s available
on netflix
it’s also a treatment to a filmmaker’s
having given us films like magdi makul
and omkada after finishing this movie
you will understand
what that means when people say good
sometimes come in a small package so
guys that is it for today’s video
we’ll meet next time goodbye

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