THE BOOGEYMAN Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Short Story Comparisons & Review

all right so the Boogeyman has slowly creeped into theaters the latest Stephen King adaptation and I’m I’m not gonna lie they’re uh there’s some scary stuff scurrying about here so in this video we’re gonna be breaking down this latest Fright Fest explaining the ending differences between the movie and Stephen King’s short story the symbolism of the boogeyman along with our thoughts of the film spoilers inbound so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out then I highly recommend you close the closet door now but do please hit that like button and make sure

to subscribe for breakdowns like this every day with all of that out of the way thank you so much for clicking this again I am Jared now don’t turn off that light dad you have to listen to me okay I’m listening sweetheart let me handle so with the boogeyman being based on Stephen King’s short story by the same name Rob Savage and crew took some of the lore and twisted things a bit with this movie almost being a foe follow-up to that book as the opening shows us the daughter of Lester Billings being attacked by

the Fable Boogeyman as a bit of a cold open showing the intensity and some attributes of this fabled creature the story then settles on our

main family of the Harpers will and his two daughters Sadie and Sawyer as it deluded that their wife slash mother had recently perished in a car accident as all of them struggled to get back to the normalcy of daily life both daughters returned back to school and will returns back to his role at stay at home or therapist when a Shifty Man shows up unannounced to Dr Harper’s office begging to

talk this is Lester Billings from the opening of the movie and main character from Stephen King’s short story as he lays out his story for Dr or Harper Lester confides in Dr Harper explaining how his infant child had passed away due to SIDS bringing grief upon his family which soon then followed by his two other children mysteriously passing due to unknown circumstances with the public thinking that he and his wife were murderers however Lester believes that he and his family were being stalked by something something something of a supernatural entity showing a sketch of it

to Harper while being frightened by this slightly ajar Closet in Dr Harper’s office after some reassurance will cause the authorities because of Lester’s erratic Behavior as Lester then wanders upstairs of the Harper’s home Sadie had ditched school earlier that day and here’s some strange banging and wrestling noises coming from their late mother’s Art Studio she then finds Lester’s lifeless body hanging from the back of the closet door in her studio now the main thing we learned throughout this is that the boogeyman is drawn to quote wounded victims typically one suffering from loss grief some sort

of trauma and the fear of these victims uh almost acts as like a food source for the ancient unknown creature this toying with its food continues with several frightful sequences as Sadie reminisces over some of her mother’s belongings in their basement finding a lighter that belongs to her mother she’s curious if her mother’s spirit is there with them watching them protecting over them and as a test she asks her mother to move the lighter’s flame slightly to the left however the flame does not move these further attacks cause Sadie to wander into the billing’s old

home only to find Lester’s wife acting all crazy old lady type hunting this unknown Beast like the old man from the end of Jeepers Creepers 2. this is where Sadie learns of the monster’s Tendencies its motives and so forth leading to her and her family having a much larger Target on them as later that evening the boogeyman drags around the young Sawyer tossing her into the television set like a 2008 Rogue Wii moat while playing bowling sending her to the hospital Lester’s wife calls Sadie at the hospital telling her that she’s found a way to

stop the beast but it’s all a trap tying up Sadie’s bait to lure out the old bogeyman from hiding but the thing is the room is rigged like an adult Kevin McAllister Contraption resulting in the boogeyman being pelted with dozens of shotgun shells once it steps on a tripwire like Dutch always says if it breathes we can kill it so with this new information Sadie runs home to find her father and sister now prisoners to the boogeyman almost using them as bait to get to her Sadie goes back down into their basement Casey Jones style

fighting off the creature with a hockey stick until she’s pinned and her Essence is slowly devoured by the boogeyman I I’m gonna be honest I have no idea it looked like the Death Eater stealing something out of her but then Dr Harper steps in stabbing the creature with the broken hockey stick freeing Sadie as she then attempts to ignite her mother’s lighter once again only for the flame to shine brighter than before or slightly moving to the left as a sign her mother’s spirit is finally with them City then lights that some beach up with

some hairspray and gasoline resulting in some crispy fried Boogie as the family escapes the home watching as everything burns down I’m assuming what his days potentially weeks later we see Dr Harper and his two daughters all in therapy together finally confronting the trauma grief and loss together the things the boogeyman was thriving on are now healed as a bonded family unit but as they are about to leave Sadie hears the therapist call her back into her office only to find an empty room with the closet door slightly ajar oh the boogeyman is still there just

like the short story but instead of fear Sadie closes the closet as a symbol that she is healed the past is in the past and she is okay with moving forward with life grief will always be with her but will no longer consume her control her life as closing the door literally and metaphorically uh symbolizes this as for the boogeyman overall I think that this was a somewhat effective horror film some might say that it’s more of an elevated horror film because of the real life metaphorical implications of it dealing with you know a lot

more things that people can probably relate to themselves from the loss the grief depression and so forth but it’s also a Creature Feature monster movie so it’s kind of in this weird position trying to pull overtime I was scared do not get me wrong and the camera movements helped with those frights whether it be painting to a character to distract us from something in the background or the boogeyman like I said is just lurking around in the background for an unsuspecting character there’s a specific shot of the youngest Harper looking under her bed and the

camera flipping was the perfect disorienting way to take things in this scene in the end does it all work no not not entirely I think the acting specifically Vivian Blair and Sophie Thatcher really bring us into this world and the lore of the boogeyman combined with the idea of grief and Trauma and how it can effectively affect people differently but in the end deteriorates a person’s mind slowly over time I thought I thought that those aspects were the strongest I also thought that the creature design even though much of the time it shrouded in darkness

therefore leaving a lot up for imagination really worked in this film attaching itself to the grief and Trauma I had just mentioned I I I’d give the boogeyman I don’t know in a 6.1 ish out of 10 just because it doesn’t necessarily do anything new it’s it’s quite paint by the Numbers predictable and the lore and mechanics of the boogeyman are sort of left to again our imagination it’s taking elements from it follows Relic from 2020 smile Darkness Falls and a few others and like is it teleporting are there multiple of them was it a

human at some time or is it literally just a creature from Monsters Inc trying to make a living folks it is tough in this economy I I don’t know anyway that is everything that we thought on the boogeyman was this one of 2023 scariest movies or was this just another horror movie running through the motions let us know all of your thoughts in the comments down below also if you want to support this Channel please do your fans of us so please support us for as little as 99 cents a month then please click the

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here we’re ramping up more classic movie breakdowns so treat yourself and stay tuned for even more with all of that out of the way though thank you a huge thank you for sitting through this video I’ve been your host to Jared I’ll see in the next one take care and peace close that close that class close it

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