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The Book of boba fett which 
premiered this past wednesday
no more friday drops at least for right now for 
disney plus star wars shows so yeah back to the
wednesdays just like the mc what do you think 
about that yeah i mean i don’t mind i like stuff
in the middle of the week there’s less stuff 
in the middle of the week take it over you know
own wednesday the way hbo owns sunday 
night you know it’s it’s not a bad call
disney did not waste any time hawkeye finale 
next week here’s boba fett no breaks and i bet
after boba fett ends we’re getting miss marvel or 
something from marvel’s side of things you know i
i’m sure they’re gonna they’re gonna flood 
the zone but yeah i like the wednesday call
no question yeah i do too and we knew this was 
coming teaser at the end of mandalorian season two
temuera morrison and ming-na wen playing fennec 
shand obviously it’s temuera morrison as boba fett
dave just like where were you at going into this 
were you excited for this was this something you
wanted something you would even considered 
prior to the teaser boba fett where you at
yeah well it’s it’s ultimately the culmination 
of a

lot of things that have not been fulfilled
lest we forget the josh tranq boba fett 
spin-off phil that died on the vine because
josh drank and also lucasfilm you know but 
i’m sure this this had to be on the mind of
many as soon as we actually saw boba fett 
in the flesh removed from the sarlacc pit
in fact alive once we saw that in mandalore 
in season two this was definitely on the table
i really liked how they showed it to us at the 
end of mandalore in season two as a stinger scene
and they had not announced it like the week before 
at that disney investor day at the end of 2020
i thought it was a really cool way to introduce 
the show i was like a spin-off of the mandalorian
while we wait for the next proper mandalorian 
season that being said you know i i i think from
a storytelling perspective it’s probably not going 
to be as ambitious and probably as interesting
as something like the mandalorian or even maybe 
kenobi i don’t know but you’re finally seeing boba
fett be a protagonist something that has only been 
done even briefly in comic form you know he boba
fett is someone who got so popular and so famous 
because he looked [ __ ] cool with his armor not
because he had anything to say he has four lines 
and six and a half minutes of screen time in the
original trilogy boba fett is truly a cipher and 
that is no more demure morrison reprising his role
obviously with mandalorian season two jango fett 
the clones now boba fett here he is so i i don’t
think there’s like i wouldn’t say there’s a 
lot riding on it i really wouldn’t because
it’s just boba fett you know he’s yeah we we i 
think i think we got it like there’s nothing like
there’s nothing to learn there’s nothing to to 
get it’s just kind of having fun seeing boba fett
people with it i think yeah just a a mini series 
telling a i think a small story it’s supposed to
be seven episodes i believe seven or eight so it’s 
it’s not gonna be it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna
be something that’s ongoing i think there’s 
a piece of this story that will most likely
be continued in other stories moving forward 
at least written in and that’s fennec shand
just seems like a character that is gaining a 
lot of traction a lot of fan love so far was
in the bad batch earlier this year so definitely 
going to be seeing more of her but what did you
think of just this premiere in general did you 
like it where were you pleased with what we got
yeah i liked it again i don’t have like high 
demands for the show though like seeing boba
fett burst out of the sarlacc bit something 
people have thought about for for decades
cool to see a manifest gotta be honest you 
know patton oswalt called this on an episode of
parks and rec pretty great look that up he 
did yes that’s being widely circulated and
i am quite interested in seeing him with the 
tuskens notably when we see him reveal at the
end of mandalorian season 2 episode 1 armor-less 
boba wielding a gaffy stick suggesting that he has
been accepted in some manner into tusken culture i 
like the nod we got in the premiere of season two
to tusken culture as well so just kind of seeing 
boba fett interact with the tusken raiders i think
is going to be pretty cool and you know the 
present-day timeline taking over jabba and bib’s
you know criminal enterprise i think 
that probably has more potential as for
for fans of star wars lore for people looking 
for those easter eggs and references because i
think we could maybe see a crimson dawn qi’ra 
reference a la solo or even something even
more hardcore like prince xizor or black sun 
and stuff from shadows of the empire so you know
we’re not going to get anything groundbreaking 
but yeah again for the lower heads i think that
there’ll be some fun stuff to be to beat with you 
know on the other hand it’s more time on tatooine
i think we know tattooing for the most part at 
this point hate sand just hate it gets everywhere
you know i was a lot less interested in the stuff 
with the tusken raiders than i was with the you
know seeing him and infect walking around meeting 
the different people on tatooine interacting with
them kind of seeing what the setup is going to 
be i think i guess what i’m hoping is that the
tusken raider stuff is less and less as we go 
forward and that’s where kind of storyline gets
resolved and we’re more in the present because 
i think the the criminal enterprise of it all is
much more interesting to me and seeing 
how those like relationships interplay
seems like stuff with the mayor of that city on 
tatooine i’m freaking the name of it brother yes
but that’s water that’s watto’s hometown i wonder 
seems like that’s going to be something that we’re
you know spending some time with or that’s 
going to be a main point of contention
but yeah i think the the scene that probably 
stood out most to me outside of them just
sitting in jabba’s palace and greet you know 
having people come and offer them gifts was
ming-na wen just that chase scene with the 
the assassins was just awesome i really
i’m really looking forward to seeing how fennec 
as a character just continues to to grow in this
story it feels like the most exciting thread 
that will have a lasting effect from this
this mini series for me but anything else 
that you’re excited for or expect to see
yeah it’d be cool to see crimson dawn it’d 
be less cool if you’re not seeing emilia
clarke’s cure though i suppose in a sense 
this show is set up for a long runway because
your the present day timeline you’re looking at 
five years after returning the jedi meaning you
have 25 years till force awakens it’s a lot of 
time to do criminal underworld stuff and you know
it doesn’t seem like boba’s gonna be 
bounty hunting all that much anymore but
i think that that that side of star wars has 
long been something under explore the underworld
the smugglers the the bounty hunters 
the scum and villainy of it all
that you know it’s a little grimier and darker 
and thus probably not as appealing to lucasfilm to
make but if they went there you know it would be 
cool i it is nice to see a mainstream property led
by two older actors temuera morrison 60 ming-na 
wen is 58 and there are two leads he’s that old
she is yeah still so crushing it and actually 
another thing i think is exciting the mandalorian
sorry the book of boba fett trailer only features 
material from episode one of the show so sounds
like they’re gonna be hiding some stuff and in 
general just that unknown is cool robert rodriguez
co-showrunner following some directing he did 
on season two yeah so i’m looking forward to
you know seeing seeing what they do this was 
film pandemic end of 2020 but because they
film with the stagecraft technology in manhattan 
beach they can can nail it you know so i don’t
yeah again i don’t think it’s going to be anything 
to too groundbreaking but i just think it’ll be
fun and i think this this is something i find more 
fulfilling even if it’s lower stakes and something
like like like hawkeye which i just feel way less 
invested in so i guess it depends what you want
currently we’ll we’ll be talking about the 
book above that when we wrap up the season

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