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hey guys thank you so much for joining me again today today we are going to be checking out the Bourne Supremacy from 2004 and I’m really excited for this one yeah what about you I love the born identity I also loved him in the Martian which I watched recently looking forward to seeing what Jason Bourne gets up to in this one so let’s get to it here we go the porn Supremacy yay I’m really excited I really like the first one I really like Matt Damon very hunky I wonder if Marie was that her name

I wonder if she’ll be back the bone Supremacy got my black on for Espionage this is not a drill Soldier are his memories all starting to come back wonder where he is I mean last we left him actually he was with Marie India summary oh it is she’s blonde hair yeah yay they’re together you’re burning up they’re very sweet I can hear Conklin’s voice and there’s that photograph I just can’t stay with it it was a mission you should write it down two years scribbling it’s always bad and now it’s just the same thing sooner

or later you remember something good I do remember something good all the time does he mean her sucks that like he has all these memories

and he did all this stuff but the guy he is now waking up as like kind of a new guy he’s horrified by everything he’s done if he could choose now he wouldn’t choose to do that stuff I don’t think but it’s already done Berlin I want one final go bro we got a mission underway here this is survey one mobile one is in motion I like this we’re doing some

kind of mission Frankie there’s nothing much more to discuss all right Pam is trying to pull something that the CIA is not entirely happy with is that the dude from uh the boys he’s so young I love that show I want to watch season three speaking Russian is it a bomb is it a bomb uh I do love explosions but no oh no whoa It’s a lot of cash these files will prove we stole your money did you put a fingerprint on there is that expected I don’t think this is going according to playing in

there right now interesting well that all went to hell now who are you you’re late does he have to go kill Jason born oh Manny D going for a run staying in shape looking fine well I’m really happy they’re still together oh this is his journal I think I feel like he’s going through some stuff yeah we didn’t get a lot of answers on the last one it was just kind of an intro it’s got those assassin instincts yeah I think that is the dude oh he’s on him and I wonder if you’ve seen him

have you heard a Callum good she’s not at the house don’t go home Marie it’s not safe oh good he found her cover’s Bloom babe car chase yeah let’s do it he’s wearing it’s just wrong it could be anybody this is real silver balloon Marie does not have those spy instincts but she’s very lovely are they gonna go down an alley just like that last one we’re doing a skinny little classic bar you’re gonna drive oh the old under over now from her perspective she’s not sure you know she’s thinking you might be paranoid man

you might be a little nuts although he is chasing them so cut through the field oh God what’s in the bag is it a sniper rifle it’s not a yoga mat I do love a good sniper rifle build that gun I don’t want him to shoot them but I would like to see a little what if it’s not what do you think it is I told you what would happen it’s never gonna be over like this we don’t have a choice yes you do um no no no no no no no no no no excuse

me it’s not gonna leave her oh okay okay get her bring her up is she bleeding no well that is not what I wanted to happen now I feel terrible because I wanted him to snipe oh my God I didn’t think he was gonna shoot her oh my God she’s dead I’m just thinking like is there any way she could show up later and be like I survived but I don’t think so he left her down there two of these explosive charges with a fingerprints from the one that didn’t go off God I can’t believe

she’s dead get me a flight we’re going to Langley going to Russia is that what he meant to do do you mean to show her that really sucks yeah no a little too hard too did he leave Corn’s fingerprint there but how would he get it piles the fingerprint and born being dead I mean he can’t happen on him I know that but no keep it I don’t think you can this is really sad piss now they awoke the Beast he’s really lost everything now he doesn’t give enough two men did rip Marie no nesky

filed we have a lead fingerprint it’s one of us what can you tell me when it was left by someone else level five SEI access we have a lead Marty no you’re being played Italy without Marine oh he looks sad I would love to go to Italy not under these kind of circumstances just on a vacation would be nice do not say born do not say born all right so these Russian guys are what framing them oh whoa that girl’s back Amnesia possible diagnosis yeah what can I do for you I was hoping you had

some time operation dreadstone never heard him I think you might want to pay great that’s a warrant from director Marshall granted me on restricted access it was a kill Squad black on black I don’t really believe anything it says it went my desk I want to know what happened then let’s cut the crap yeah let us cut the crap one was his number one pumpkin couldn’t fix it couldn’t find born couldn’t adjust you had Conklin killed yeah for cutting the crap if you think I’m gonna sit here and go to hell kind of like her

but I don’t know if she’s gonna help porn or not it had to be done and the one where is he now who knows I think I do our case officer in the cellar were killed killed by Jason Bourne no they weren’t crap maybe she’ll find out the truth and help him that’s probably not gonna happen London England this board is on his own now he doesn’t even have a little sidekick or anything possible crap crap crap wasn’t traveling with his own passport was he years ago 20 million dollars of CIA funds disappeared we were

contacted by a Russian politician SK claimed we had a leak we were negotiating a meet with Mr nesky when he was killed that’s right another Russian claimed to have access to the nesky murder files turns out the Assassin was one of our own Jason Bourne this is Conklin’s personal computer at the time of his death he was 7 00 000 he was up to something new Conklin is this scam it cut to the chase man I think that born in Conklin were in business I was trying to buy big enough to bring born out how’s

that scan Jason Bourne’s passport just popped up on the ground he is using his own passport why would he do that he’s smarter than that maybe it’s part of his plan some guy’s name came up on the company he’s not just any guy is he right where he wants to be because he could get out of this in one second I feel like you’re coming out of Tangiers is that correct so you like lunch at him I don’t know who you’re who you were but I promise you this you’re gonna play ball one way or

the other well I don’t know about that I think it’d be like uh he’s super dangerous he’s an agency priority Target I understand that’s what I thought okay I was like did he lose it is he not the guy anymore but okay all right skills on point oh he was just waiting got it got whatever we came for damn he’s good so freaking cool and that’s it he’s been detained no he has not this guy’s out cold this is supervisor I uh I think he got away for the agency Jason Bourne is armed last week

he assassinated two men oh he knows now okay okay he’s like no I didn’t all right what’s your plan Jason idea what you’re getting face killed and eluded every single person that you’ve sent it enough I want you both on that point I think she’s gonna get it like eventually take him down not having Jason Bourne destroy any more definitive enough for you yes I’m amused at like how confident they are and he’s so not gonna let that happen I want that area to feel good and I want it done right now and he’s not

gonna get lazy this time because look what happened last time got the flashbacks maybe there’s a clue in those flashes though all right Amsterdam oh Julia Styles is back maybe she’ll have more than three minutes of screen time in this one working at treadstone for three years two responsibilities one was to coordinate the other was to monitor the health of the agents their mental health Amnesia before born no so I definitely know he had Amnesia that’s good you’re coming with us look at this beautiful scenery he did keep it oh my gosh I would also

love to go there wow I want them to understand it’s making his first mistake no yeah I think he meant to be there it’s not a mistake yeah this is on purpose they don’t do random they’re always a Target the objectives and targets always came from us who’s giving a scary version he is okay we’re back in Germany we’re in Munich in the shadows yeah oh he’s ready use your teeth I’m glad in the Easter once you’ve lost your memory you still should have moved what do you want Conway shot dead in Paris so who’s

running threadsden they shut it down we’re the last two why are they still after what’s going on in Berlin don’t no why would I lie is he gonna kill him I thought you were here to kill me you call it in oh get up oh my God you have a car out front this guy’s pretty good too ah these guys are good I’m not just calling him you might have to kill him now I’m bored his hands are tired let’s go this is a hell of a fight has he got him around the neck oh

he’s gonna have to kill him he’s gonna have to kill him oh crap I don’t think you went there to kill him that’s not what he wanted you gotta go Bud and blow it you’re gonna blow the house up and I feel like he just gets in deeper and deeper hello boom well that was a good explosion geez not even wearing a hat ah the old Locker Danka foreign I definitely have a secret Alias just in case I have to go on the Run Someday I’m a landing please they call a guest Pamela Landy hello

super smart sorry so the phone’s busy right now he is good Pam you don’t even know okay let’s take a look at the Timeline check everything flights trains police reports prior connections so good oh so far behind him I want to identify his method of travel language offered to upload any satellite image guys you’re so far behind he’s literally across the street from you he’s got you in his scope sight it’s literally got her into sights dang he’s good oh my God Jason Bourne born they’re so out of it so much better than them having

treadstone was closed down what do you want with me Berlin have you forgotten what happened in Berlin he does recognize her born I want to come in yeah right girl in Paris she used to handle Logistics send her alone give her your phone what if I can’t find her she’s standing right next to you nice nice nice I was wondering if he was gonna let on that he could see them that sent like a chill up my spine though because she’s standing right next to you we need snipers dod you put snipers on the roof

and it’ll scare him off born dead gives me nothing you lost two men and you wanted to mean something there’s something you’re not telling me I want it now is there something he’s not saying you talk about this stuff like you read it in a book put the snipers in place things go bad we take them out I mean sing it from her perspective she really does think he killed those two dude so that does make sense what is this he’s so good he knew this would happen there’s a tram coming towards here and understand

what’s really happening I don’t know if that’s possible send him in a bottle tell him to keep their distance taking notes in case I’m ever framed how to get out of it 25 seconds yeah this is perfect for him get her out of there she’s gonna go I thought for sure she would stand please don’t hurt me oh he’s got her he’s got her he’s got her he’s got her yeah she’s the deputy director agency officer tried to make a buy-up trying to sell out a mold and you got to him before we did that

were partial prints that traced back to treadstone I was 4 000 miles away watching Marie die they came for me and they killed him now do they believe him I think she’ll believe him why are you trying to frame me he shut down Trends did he run treadstone yes what was Landy buying stuff on Conklin to do with a Russian politician oh he’s gonna remember something useful put it together training is over when was I here in Berlin for a treadstone you’ve never worked in Berlin my first job you’ve never worked personally the first assignment

was Geneva don’t hurt her I know I was here stop the books foreign you’ve been pushing that agenda I’m convinced that born knows something shady I need to show you something uh-oh what are they up to Pam do you see this is Pam on it she said she sees it JB what are you gonna do I cracked this I think this is the guy I think that he murdered he’s gonna go to that hotel yeah oh my whole leg is asleep all right you Shady Devils what are you up to conquer was a nut but

a traitor two charges the one over here didn’t go off this is nothing second why put the charge on the way down you don’t need this orange would Bell stage ah okay not shady oh my my God what if one didn’t have anything to do with this okay I was wrong these guys aren’t shady unless this guy’s gonna kill him okay he for sure Shady that other guy was trying to do the right thing oh my God it’s the black gloves every time someone’s wearing black gloves they’re just gonna be murdering this is not a

drill Soldier this is a live project here we go we’ll see you on the other side yeah the staging they made it look too easy the print was still there born would never let that happen is room at 6 45 available our bedroom 644 is right across the hall it’s fine passport and the signature this wasn’t in the treadstone files off the books oh if you’re hoping to find a clue or jog his memory some more Rebecca how far about five six minutes you know your time is limited here born oh crap they got the

whole freaking Swatch team huh remembering oh God he just shot them both congratulations well did he get whatever he needed oh but you know it’s time to go now let’s go let’s go let’s go uh you know you better go out the window and scale the building is he doing outside and scale the building she’s my tactical instincts are good I like this one what the hell is he doing here right as far as I can tell Jason Warren doesn’t sleep oh man this is a close Pursuit though Ketchum go go go go get on

the train let’s go yeah like no now we wait dude now we’re too what is that like a Garbage barge jump up and hide under the bridge very good you gotta get a hat or something man sunglasses it works hide your face man you can’t get a minute’s rest they found Nikki she’s back at the West he let her go yeah landy’s upstairs she said she’d call you when she’s done okay Casino what born was there for why would he come in here maybe he’s trying to lead Pamela to all those places where his wife

killed him do you still think his wife killed him she’s gonna figure it out they found Danny Zorn’s body call that but tell him to wait for me in his hotel all right now this is the real shady character what’s he up to die with the Russians they can’t prove anything without born killborn the time has come for uses with CIA seed money you owe me oh I guess I should have seen that coming now get him get Jason this guy’s got to go down and Jason’s got to figure it out I’m sure he is

a hunch is he there already she wasn’t doing much good to cry for help not much well okay you’ve killed her it was supposed to be you the fire was linking me to the nescue murder files disappeared and they suspected you to be chasing a ghost right just kill him is that why you killed Marie you killed Marie no no no the minute you entered her life she was dead told you people to leave us alone there’s no place that won’t catch up to you it’s what you are geez the killer do it do it

do it you don’t need it she wouldn’t want me to he’s the only reason you’re alive nice oh it’s got the confession What’s it gonna do with it oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God I love that I was like I hope Jason figures it out meanwhile like he’s already in the room ready to kill him he’s always one step ahead oh Pam’s not safe in there I’m a patriot Danny’s horn unlucky collateral damage don’t kill her don’t kill her don’t kill her I’m not sorry Korea kind of surprised you

didn’t shoot her and then himself but okay I mean so she knows the truth-ish now not the whole story but she knows now right that is a cute photo no what did she would want me to there we go so he doesn’t have to run anymore does he right this bottom okay here it comes again kill the Russian they killed his girlfriend oh I think maybe that’s my hunch I don’t know that is the only other loose end yeah this dude yep yep this is gonna be like very John wickesque he just hunts him down

and kills him I think he’s not dead son he’s coming for you this guy’s in big trouble I mean he doesn’t know his name doesn’t he foreign Showdown they’re coming for you yeah is he looking for the daughter of the guy he called no it’s just now he knows perfect man get out of there run run run we know this guy’s a good shot not good enough you didn’t get shot right you missed him he’s like ah crap okay go faster than that man run now oh man I don’t know the guy chasing him it’s

pretty good he’s dripping blood I’m good hunches though too I was wondering where you got the vodka I thought maybe for his wound but was it as a weapon oh he’s bleeding so much got another car chase very good at Maps oh crap shoulder oh it is for the wound okay oh no I gotta learn how to drive a stick in case I gotta make a getaway good driver oh they saw each other he has hit so many things most indestructible cab ever foreign God but are you all right go thank you Hide Your Gun

Man Russia looks freezing is it the daughter of the Duty field mesky yeah where’s Mr I speak English that mean a lot to you it’s just a picture because you don’t know how they died I know you don’t yeah she thinks her mom killed her dad right I would want to know and my mother didn’t kill my father that she didn’t show himself it’s not what happened to your parents well that’s nice that he’s trying to make it right I killed that was my job it was my first time your father who was supposed to

be alone but then your mother came out of nowhere and I had to change my plan it changes things that knowledge but the love gets taken from you you want to know the truth yeah sorry I mean I guess that’s all he could do you know New York City I hear you’re still looking for me I wanted to thank you oh I got what we needed it’s over I guess I owe you an apology is that official off the Record you know how it is David Webb it’s your real name why don’t you come in

and we’ll talk about it David Webb it’s not as good of a name get some rest Pam you’re retired I can see you classic cool music cheese okay guys well that was The Bourne Supremacy again I really liked it I love Matt Damon I think he’s so awesome and I especially liked the scene where he was in custody and then all of a sudden he was like disabled the two guys and got the guy’s cell phone and got the guy’s gun and he’s just so capable as Jason Bourne he’s so skilled I don’t even think

he still knows every single skill that he has it was not cool that the girlfriend died didn’t see her death coming and did not love it but you know sort of had to happen that way and it was cool to see born on his own again you know just just fighting the man I really like the music in this one too it was really good really like intense and driving and it really made the pace of the movie kind of moving forward at a good Pace I liked it if there were any other Thriller Mysteries

by secret agent assassin type movies I should check out make sure you let me know below I definitely like this one and I’m super curious to see what happens in the last one so let me know down below too if you want me to carry on watch The Bourne Ultimatum because I’m definitely interested in that one MVP I have to give it to Jason Bourne Matt Damon he’s awesome he’s hunky he’s very skilled can handle himself in any situation just when I think like oh no they’ve got him like that was usually part of his

plan he was in total control of everything so Jason Bourne Matt Damon you are the MVP Loki MVP is harder because you didn’t have a sidekick in this one so I think I’ll just give it to the music it was just born on the run with a killer score behind him lots of strings lots of percussion I liked a lot so we will give the low-key MVP to the score of this movie and the worst award we’re gonna give to that old guy that was the bad guy I’m really glad he didn’t kill that lady

Pam I was just thinking like oh I hope Jason figures out it was this guy like meanwhile he’s literally behind him already ready to kill him well he didn’t even have to kill him he just outsmarted him and that was enough so yeah we will give the Shady bad guy the worst award overall I really like this one I really want to see some more Jason Bourne so definitely let me know if you want me to check that out thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate it I had a great time I

hope you had a great time too and I will see you next time bye guys

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