The Boy in the Striped Pajamas – Movie Review – ENGLISH

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a 2008
historical drama film written and
directed by Mark Herman it is based on
the 2006 novel of the same name by John
Boyne set in World War II the Holocaust
drama relates the horror of a Nazi
extermination camp Through The Eyes of
two eight-year-old boys Bruno the son of
the camps Nazi commander and Shamil a
Jewish prisoner
it is an amazing Epic on screen the
scenes the dialogues and the
performances of the participants are
perfect and the film is a great movie
that will bind us
questions that arise in our minds after
watching the film have made it the
greatest Cinema of all time we can say
for sure that this is a film that should
not be missed by anyone who enjoys World
Ralph was a high-ranking officer in
Hitler’s Army his wife is Elsa they have
a 12-year-old daughter Gretel and an
eight-year-old son Bruno
when he gets promoted he and his family
moved to another town
at first Bruno doesn’t like the new
place in the house he has no partner
even to

play with
in the distance from his bedroom he
notices a barbed wire fence and the
occupants are wearing striped pajamas
and shirts
he assumes it is a farm but it was a
concentration camp for Hitler’s Nazis
they are all prisoners
loneliness bores Bruno so he sneaks out
of the house without anyone knowing and
befriends Shamil a Jewish boy beyond the
electric fence he informs Bruno that
everyone there is a prisoner
Ralph appoints a tutor for their
children he also preaches Hitler’s
principles in their minds Gretel likes
his teachings but Bruno hates them
doubts arise in him about whether his
father is good
one day Elsa breathes a strange smell
from the air
in the distance she sees smoke rising
from the chimney and charred Embers
flying in the air
asked about it by her husband’s
assistant koteler he says when they burn
you can feel the even worse breath
Eliza is shocked to learn that the
campus for the death of the prisoners
she fights with her husband about this
she says that it is not right for
children to stay here and she will take
them and go far away Ralph agrees
Bruno who is close to shamuel is sad to
leave he informs Shamil that he will go
from there then shamuel says that his
father has disappeared
unaware that he has been burned in the
camp the two search for him for this
Bruno digs a hole under the electric
fence and enters he wears the striped
pajamas and shirt that shamuel gives him
so that he doesn’t look different
both enter and search many places then
many people present they are asked to
take off their clothes and enter a room
they go into it thinking that they are
doing so to bathe themselves the boys in
the crowd also have to go with them
meanwhile Elisa who is ready to go
searches for the missing Bruno he is
nowhere to be found and everyone is
looking outside
Ralph walks in after finding that Bruno
crossing the electric fence and going
into the camp
inside the camp Ralph can’t find Bruno
he assumes he must have gone to the gas
chamber used to kill the prisoners
to stop it he goes shouting Bruno Bruno
but by then everything is over Elisa and
Gretel are deeply saddened to learn this
the film concludes by showing hundreds
of Striped Pajamas strewn across the
we pause to let our minds freeze for a
moment the sadness that comes to our
hearts cannot be expressed in words
both the boys have acted superbly every
scene and camera angle can give us an
unforgettable screen experience forever
the dialogues in this film were well
written the film’s focus is mainly on
on-screen frames rather than sounds many
subtle scenes are filled throughout the
the character of the Jewish doctor who
comes as a servant Pavel is a wonderful
portrayal it hurts our hearts to know
that he too is being killed in the gas
this film is one of the best films that
will attract anyone who watches it The
Boy in the Striped Pajamas has a 64
approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based
on 142 reviews with an average rating of
6.3 out of 10. the site’s critical
consensus reads A touching and haunting
family film that deals with the
Holocaust in an arresting and unusual
manner and packs a brutal final punch of
a twist

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