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Hi Friends! Welcome to a brand new episode of Breaking The Fourth Wall With AJ.
2020 is about to end. And now Social Media is buzzing with the exciting news of the Election.
Even the US is having its presidential elections.
An election is an event that can have a telling impact on our lives.
So, to celebrate this democratic process let us look into a movie, Campaign.
It is a social satire directed by Jay Roach released in 2012.
It is a humorous take on the Election process, associated corruption, the lengths that each candidate goes to ensure their victory, and so on…
Without further delay, Let us break the Fourth Wall.
The election is about to happen in the (fictional) 14th district of North Carolina, USA.
Incumbent candidate, Cam Brady, is running unopposed for a fifth term. He is having an affair with one of his supporters, and he sent her an explicit voice message.
But it ends up in the answering machine of a conservative Christian family.
This incident destroys his reputation.
With Brady’s campaign sinking, Motch Brothers, a corrupt business corporation that was sponsoring him decides to invest in a fresh candidate.
They choose, Marty Higgins, a tourism operator in the town as their candidate.
Thus they launch

a campaign against Cam Brady with Marty as the opponent.
Cam Brady is the democratic candidate, while arty Higgins represents the Republican interests.
Marty is supported by Motch Brothers. An infuriated Brady unleashes a saga of sabotage attempts.
Brady launches a pre-emptive strike by releasing a video containing potentially embarrassing moments of Marty’s life. Even the Motch brothers are taken by surprise.
Motch brothers appoint a secretive character, Tim Wattley as Marty’s campaign manager.
Wattley re-invents and reshape Marty as a family man and molds him into a challenging opponent.
The film unfolds as a humorous take on the heated battle between these two, their media manipulations, etc.
With this background, watch the movie.

Dan Aykroyd as Wade Motch and Joh Lithgow as Glenn Motch.

Technical Details.
Let us talk about the main theme.
The campaign is deep cutting, a social satire on the current political scenario, and election tactics.
It is a bright film, with pink and yellow color tones emphasizing the humorous nature…
You can find, Sarcasm, Slapstick and Situational comedic scenes all through the film.
About North Carolina.
It has a conservative, right of the center majority.
And like any part of the US, socialist ideals are frowned upon.
You can see both candidates, jumping head over heels to fit their actions to cater to this political demographic. Those scenes add to the humor.
Will Ferrel and zack Galifiankis deserve a special mention…
Dialogues are crisp and timing is golden…
You may find some content offensive…
But those are just well-intentioned social satire.
As it has racy scenes and vulgar dialogues, the movie is meant for an adult audience.
But a censored version is also available.
Let us look at the critical response.
Candidates are chosen not by people, but by corporates.
People are fooled…
We can see how people’s choices are taken away and the whole process becomes a corporate-sponsored farce.
You may even correlate it to current election scenarios.
Even in India, parties are sponsored by big corporations. We have a national party sponsored by a corporate giant, ironically that company is also headed by two brothers.
Film universe is not exactly similar to this situation. Motch brothers is a wordplay on a famous American group, Koch Brothers.
Energy, oil, plastic – Koch Brothers have shares in many major industries.
So, naturally, they lobby hard for a favorable political result.
But the climax of the film gives us a beacon of hope. Cam Brady and Marty Higgins work together to expose the shady deals of the Motch brothers and take them to court.
But they seem to escape using many legal loopholes. But, somehow Justice Department manages to find them guilty on a ridiculous case.
Watch the movie for the answers…
Let me warp it up after saying one more thing. There is a Malayalam movie that reflects the same ethos.
Mohanlal starring Peruchazhi (2014) is that movie.
That film shows the hero going to the USA as campaign managers, but the climax scenes and Chinese connections will make you think about The Campaign.
Watch this movie, this movie will change your perspective
and that perspective will influence the coming elections.
So make a better choice.
Thank You!.

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