The Daily Poutine | Vegan & non-vegan food review | Disney Springs | Walt Disney World

halloween is over so it’s christmas time! 
hello everybody princess the bear here  
and we are here to do a 
video we’ve never done before  
poutine because what else better to 
eat pending thanksgiving than gravy and  
fries you know there’s no better new poutine than 
the celie [ __ ] let’s just put that out there  
but we’ll see what they can do here disney 
springs be sure to canada you’re the girl
yeah i guess we can get the canadian map
do you have anything that’s vegan
so they didn’t have any of their 
specialty drinks available at the  
present moment so we decided to 
go with a canadian beer on draft
it tastes like one life three out of five hops
blue i feel like we’ve had this before in 
the canadian pavilion like they had it for  
a little bit either draft maybe when the bar 
was open inside the store which is open again  
but either way it’s sad that they don’t 
have any of their specialty drinks  
none it’s like that disappointment when 
you hype yourself up for a drink and then  
you got to settle for draft beer i guess not the 
last foods and issues i already mentally prepared  

/> myself for some ridiculously sweet candy alcohol 
drink with whiskey in it and this either way
smoothie is slightly sweet like the 
canadians he’s got a good drinkability  
score and it’s always gonna be better 
than bud light for that three out of five
there used to be a mushroom uh poutine here 
with cheese curd so that was vegetarian  
vegan they don’t even have gravy you get 
freaks which they’re nice steak freaks  
they’re not your typical disney shoestring 
freaks so i’m not actually mad at this  
but you can see like the little glistening 
pieces of salt on it so you can see that it’s  
very evenly salted so this isn’t going to be a 
bad tasting fry i’m guessing but i’m assuming  
based on i mean this is this this is already 
looking pretty oh oh i broke it i broke it
now if you could put a gravy on 
top of this it would be sublime  
where’s the celly a vegan poutine when 
you need it they should manufacture that  
there’s there’s no better poutine 
on property outside of la celle  
find me in the comments and if you haven’t had 
lisselier before tell me why in the comments  
i’ll go book your reservation and then 
tell me what you thought tell me i’m right
i’ll give the fries
three out of five potatoes they’re average at best
steak frites it will be so simple for them 
to make a plant-based gravy at the very least  
i can forget the lack of cheese curds but like
you’re on such a good roll 
for a while disney with like  
rolling out new plant-based options now it’s just
i could do with a little bit more crisp 
but i will agree it’s evenly salted  
overly soft like evenly salted two nine 
out of five two and a half out of five plus
you did the bare minimum but only the bare minimum  
so with the holidays comes holiday poutine so 
you have what’s basically a thanksgiving dinner  
in poutine style you have fries i don’t 
know that would fit into thanksgiving but  
you have shredded turkeys oh yeah mashed potatoes 
wouldn’t do that as far as thanksgiving so you  
have your mashed potatoes you have your 
your turkey your cranberry and then uh  
some cheese curds because cheese curds 
and canadia so do all our friends up north  
a little fry and little action 
here and i’m just saying hey
i think really decent gravy i was 
making something that tasted bottled  
probably used like a mass-produced gravy but 
it’s got a little bit of flavor to it a little  
bit seasoning the turkey’s not dry even without 
the gravy but it’s got a nice texture to it  
well cooked cheese skirts 
go down well and then the  
cranberry sauce is just sweet enough and just tart 
enough not to get in the way of everything else  
i would say as far as putting a 
thanksgiving dinner into poutine  
it succeeds as far as poutine goes cheese churches 
gravy and there’s fries so i guess technically it  
passes i’m gonna give it a three and a half out 
of five claws but lucille is still the better team
this brings food teams down for me
i do have to say having only had the option 
of getting fries the fries were unevenly  
cooked so i can’t really give it high marks you’re 
basically a mole you should have some plant-based  
options some like standard good plant-based 
because you’re hurting disney springs and  
they’re not doing yourself any favors offering 
people the leftover bits of other food dishes  
at least bb wolf has an actual like 
plant-based dog baby wolf has bite of  
quite a few things they have a new plant-based 
burger eventually we’ll go review that actually  
comment on this video and tell us if you 
want us to go there and then maybe we will  
we’ll probably but either way let us know if you 
want to do it hype us up and then maybe we’ll  
do it a little bit faster until then i don’t 
know do you guys look forward to the holiday  
treats here doing springs or anything else 
you want us to try comments gonna be please  
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you heard the girl

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