The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2021) – Movie Review. Chastain and Garfield deliver excellent performances!

Gotta be honest, I love this movie and everybody
knows that both Jessica Chastain and Andrew
Garfield nailed they respective roles and
, Oscar Nominations? It’s a sin if both
don’t at least receive a nomination. That
is how great they are in this movie.
The production design is also top tier, successfully
recrates everything we know about the bakers,
their clothes, makes ups, properties really
make you feel like we’re back in the 80’s
again. Even some of the clips in this movie
are real.
The story is pretty solid, even though I wasn’t
really sure that I like the ending and probably
some people will say the movie let tammy faye
off the hook, it humanizes tammy but it’s
ok. This is a movie about Tammy Faye and that
is what it shows us, the struggle she went
I just wish they should have gotten deeper
in the criminal action committed largely by
Jim, but it doesn’t do that yeah. At least
for me this movie deserves an A-

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