THE FALL GUY (2024) MOVIE REACTION!! Ryan Gosling | Emily Blunt | Full Movie Review

oh God uh yep I think he’s are you down this is a bad idea yep it was not a good idea H my head I should have helped you but I froze thinking I should just keep the keep the thing rolling keep it good so they can use

the T I got a massive migraine yeah yep so we’re probably not going to watch the movie we’re not going to watch the yeah okay citizens of the reject Nation it’s me Terry Erikson this is Gregory Alba bof freezing his head after that Fall Guys stunt there’s no

time for ice back it might get in my eyes we did some St I’m so excited for this movie Terra me too one of my friends went to see it twice in the theaters I was like it’s that good oh my gosh I to be here it’s definitely

my eyeball well this is you oh my god when you get Biofreeze in your in your eyeball you feel like you’re going to die oh my God Gregory you’re GNA have to go to the bathroom and and and no this is going to be a good reaction he’s

gonna suffer through it okay you guys now listen you got to leave a like you got to leave a like for this you got

do and tell us um how we can save Gregory from not dying today and also obviously never forget to this video is not sponsored

by bioe ring the bell not sponsored by what are we doing with our lives listen thanks to prepper for helping us edit down these videos we appreci men do they W their they W their butts off for the sake of entertainment they put their lives at risk oh

my God the Biofreeze After Effects is getting in my eyes his head is so close W that woke me up patrons if you’re not patrons you better get on board we’re going to watch this get on Patron where you can seek up with your own copy watch with

me Gregory all the F all all the Fall Guy I almost said all the fact guy all the Fall Guy watch it together also Greg and John offer exclusive highight watch there he’s dying definitely don’t have a headache anymore he’s going to have to go to the bathroom

there’s snot coming out of my eyes all right if I just close my eyes and hear the movie it’s going to be good enough I can use my imagination that’s good I’ll watch for you I guess God the smell is so strong why did you use the whole

bottle on your forehead CU I thought maybe the camera doesn’t get it visually so I needed them to see it my nose is literally running because of the fume the comedy needed to land right now started off with a somersault bit and it is greatly evolved into something

way worse he won’t make it after this you guys I even want to watch this let’s go watch let’s go I love Ryan Gosling I love Emily Blunt I love them both they’re both kings and queens not a rehearsal picture is up camera set let’s roll sound I

love this already speed cameras oh they’re great they do like John Wick films in a bunch of like they some of the best action team working around 3 2 one action St man don’t get enough credit they really don’t look at this Fall Guy they’re in almost every

movie you just don’t know that they’re there oh these are real was Atomic one yeah that was good job oh they’re the unknown done performing that’s Furious woo they also get paid to take it on the chin yeah like they biof freeze their foreheads you know what I

mean oh my God he’s just like yep that’s me Colt seers getting blown up and hiding my face in a muddy puddle which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to look cool in front of Jodie she’s a camera operator she’s definitely going to achieve her goal of being a

big time Hollywood movie director oh that’s cool I love this thanks so much for the stunt chats stunt chats I love them anytime hey uh Tom to see with the monitor uhoh this is a long shot we’re still rolling I love it Tom Ryder who happens to be

the biggest action star on the wait why am I explaining this you know who Tom Ryder is he’s Tom Ryder I’ve been a stunt double for 6 years uh but he’s a stunt stunt double and Stunt Driver in uh Drive see that is not my chin I mean

look at my face oh it’s Aaron Taylor Johnson his chin is off we can’t replace his face it’s like Mr Potato replace his face fence or anything but you oh yeah no sorry I got lost in your beautiful jawline that’s what’s are nuts from Ted Lassa with a

wig on and it’s not always easy give us some oh I’m I can’t complain I’m working with my dream girl I love how Ryan Gosling’s hair looks natural but Aaron Taylor Johnson does yeah guys I I haven’t let it go that this may be a long shot movie

and I am already in love with it do you have a question for me uh yeah it just looked just now like you wanted to ask me something oh I was going to go for a spicy margarito to work and was wondering if you drink spicy Margaritas well

you know drinking margaritas is all about making bad decisions that’s a great shot yeah do you have any towels that I can borrow yeah I have some towels you know it’s so dangerous to swim alone well I would ask you to you know be my swim buddy but

I don’t know if you have a bathing suit I love how it’s just another day day in his life another job casually going to go risk his life this is so real life camera guys and and Camera girls and stunt peeps is he gonna do the actual stunt

Ryan goson I wonder don’t cut it don’t cut it do the stunt yeah this is I’m in love with this movie already do the stunt this is phenomenal camera work I don’t know how long long they had to rehearse this to make this shot happen this is just

I’m in love with it I’m trying to see if there’s a hid and cut damn that’s scary my goodness I think that’s real that can’t be is it green screen no it looks no that looks real this does not look green screen at all three two one action

action action medic oh no oh my gosh you okay I need you to step back you’re not helping oh my gosh showcasing the danger unsung heroes that’s a brilliant opening because it shows you like the 18 months later like it shows you the action movie you’re going to

get but the romance you’re going to get all in one all of it that’s a really strong opening scene oh no he’s little same pride comes before the fall well jod tried so hard to be there for me she really did I just I couldn’t do it Dam

he’s so sexy so sexy you have like 38 ABS Ryan it’s like you’re photoshopped it’s Gil someone said you’re working at the Captain’s KATU valet it’s actually El kakatua Del Capitan it’s a family Run Place plus I get all the burritos I can eat kind of live in

the dream if you think about it how do you stay in such good shape I just hope that you don’t hold it against me or Tom you we were absolutely devastated he sent you a message right that’s all he did for send a message prayer hands Emoji right

yet this dude was on a movie I was on most epic fail I’ve ever seen I don’t blame either one of you Gil that was my fault a little bit of help from an old friend who just happen to be the best stump man I’ve ever worked with

look around with a waffle and an umbrella you need to be smashing burning cow through paines of glass yo Fall Guy bring my car back without a scratch I hate this guy I got a crispy FIV here for you bro oh my God you got to go to

Sydney my man he’s got crispy five though Sydney or a crispy 5 which one do you choose yes are you going to take that car steal the car ah I love everything about this movie oh my God this is so my film did I tell you that the

directors for you specifically sorry to disappoint him what don’t you want to know who it is oh it’s Emily Blunt it’s Jody I’m giving her her big break make sure it’s an aisle seat it’s got a reason maybe I just spent so much time writing shotgun in someone

else’s story I forgot how to take the wheel in my own wait does that make sense Ryan gos that’s those are cool cred so great I’m just a stunk guy oh back aw Thunder fun setup my man yes right in his face they’re all supporting him he’s doing

donuts it’s a rental embarrassing Earth minerals Stone a newo perform God thunder struck I am in love with this movie this is a movie of the I’m calling it now Dan Tucker Oh Winston Duke Big Time Hollywood stunt coordinator I don’t think I should be in this nous

right I mean it’s like we’re not doing anything crazy I was just about to explain that a cannon roll you know I’d rather just not have my first stunt back be another epic failure especially in front of J it’s not about how hard of a hit you can

give it’s about how many times you can get hit and keep moving forward Rocky yeah baby so it’s a laser gun with a dagger how many have you done like this uh two okay 100 oh God it looks like a guitar yes how we doing on the piric

I think we only have enough one take no I love these behind the scenes movies so much they’re so fun this is so realistic of how it is on set y’all Cosmic proportions it’s got a mirror that otherworldly thing when you fall in love you know it’s it’s

imperfect it’s beautiful I want it that way you got to channel your emotions with the Fall Guy oh oh my god well I’ve got to say though looks Happ fantastic it’s a stunt man in a car with a helmet on okay no looping no what the hell is

going on over there Rush do not call for pyro what’s happening man bad sand I think we got it postpone we’re looking at the density of the sand there’s a new driver this is the biggest shot of the film and I have a newbie seriously we’re going to

drift all over the place what is that a king tide you’re stalling maybe you’re stalling two things can be true brother I’ve two things can be true you got this why you got say that why you got to say that you you’ve done this a million times and

so VI you know you just jinxed it you just jinxed it thank you so much appreciate you is that jod yes it’s jod did she say something about me your face stop it stop it she didn’t say anything about you the car this is really important to her

yes it’s important to her it was Comic-Con or something this is one of those times whether it’s an inch or a mile win is a win win it boy they’re doing a great job on building the attention and keeping them separate yes a great job on detention oh

I love this okay fck in everybody knows their responsibilities I already know I want to go home and rewatch this movie again PSI Canon oh that’s a lot that’s some juice right there stunt guy is the action hero of the movie that’s so cool and someone probably really

stunt double for Ryan Gosling in real life yeah right you got this man you got it buddy guys stay frusty she Manning the camera herself yeah it looks like she is well she is a cam up turn director I want to be that guy but the Sands are

a little loose can’t get any traction when I do it jumps so getting closer you’re going to lose the camera woo you got this baby move up move up what the we have seven more cameras keep rolling okay ready in three 2 1 get your head in the

game oh bu circles whoa damn okay buddy you rolled it they know how to sell stakes in this film Out goes in until St gives the all clear get out hey get out and be fine yes come on get you faced your fears you can do it again

okay good good hey hey hey hey he’s probably going to need some Biofreeze for his forehead so good so good loved it loved it incredible I love the music cute did she not request him I don’t think she did I think his friend did it I didn’t approve

him I would never have approved him she didn’t approve me can I talk to I’m not approved I’m not approved very casual here you are you show up and I’m your new stunt man this is a great take with the hat thing oh my God Gail told me

whatever I don’t even care about it but you clip the camera I I I’m a little rusty ComiCon shot ruined this whole director thing looks good on you even the gardening hat somehow everyone wear it it’s like a set thing okay yeah I see it it’s they’re not

making it look as good as you are but you look good in everything you look good to nothing whatever no I don’t mean Dad I love this so much I’ll take anyone anyone but him literally have no one else what’s next the fire got it man okay their

chemistry is amazing he tends to have great chemistry with woman whoa yeah now we’re all what is the movie they’re making something epic cut cut cut cut there please Ah that’s neat sci-fi love story two characters one of them’s an alien aliena and your space cowboy they shared

what’s called a moon season in real life you might call it a fling ah very intense and hopeful Bas Cowboy is wounded and he just disappears she made it based on the ro oh yep I can keep going I can hit the rock better now thanks oh my

goodness oh God I don’t think he should be doing that to his back right like are you going to end up paralyzed elenna is sort of devastated and she starts sort of replaying everything in her head over and over again did she misread the vibe was it just

a fling so great or did he lie to her is he full of no eventually Aliana did move on all right and she started doing Pilates and she had so many mindblowing far superior experiences wouldn’t even believe it right girls you know what I mean yeah it was

like a sushi train oh God that’s it’s just feeling so withheld the editing is so good if Space Cowboy had to say something what would he say how would he justify this year she spent spinning out over this what could he say it’s a Puzzler isn’t it but

have you got any thoughts maybe he can you I can’t hear give him a mic he’s going to do it on the bullhorn back I love this in this movie do the aliens and the humans ever talk in private no they don’t like doing private like they like

to keep it very public very open have you ever been in one of those situations where you want to say something and it’s so important that you can’t mess it up yeah you think long and hard about it yeah God what’s he wants the I had a simar

situ when I he’d probably say that he’s been living in total regret since then uh-huh absolutely you’re afraid that he’ll never get an opportunity to make it up to her damn those Shades holy because he waited too long he’s probably moved on uh sorry Jody speaking of moving

on we are you guys are wasting so much money I love another chance huh oh subtext seriously not good for every time he gets hurt I’m like this so not good for you you lied you know how that feels I think you deserve a second chance it’s like

the message in all my movies what’s the message in all my movies nihilism is a viable World viiew entertainment that’s like the sexy bacon you know it’s like dogs you got to wrap the message in some sexy bacon a greed right is missing he has fallen in with

some shady shitty shitty people call the cops I can’t call the cops why not the studio will know that I am way over he’s going to fake being Tom they will pull the plug on this or he’s going to rescue him right please go and find him I

was oh okay they’ll just not show his face the whole time you know him intimately do you want her first movie to be her last I was wondering why this producer was giving this stunt man so much attention right yeah I can only keep this from jod in

the studio 48 hours max save Jody’s movie and maybe you get the love of your life back it’s got 48 Hours plot setup did you just turn jod into the sexy bacon she’s been the sexy bacon all a lot of rapid up you’re good you’re good Ryan go

look is so goddamn funny he’s so funny my favorite tlor swii song All Too Well a little love Montage originally she released a short version but then released the extended version and that’s the real version the extended one yeah the 8 Minute one look at these sweet memories

we got lost in translation oh I love them so much yeah they’re so hot a promise so casually cruel in the name of being honest that’s my favorite line of all great line uh chilling down were you chilling down to tail Swift y I’ve been here for 6

months I’ve never heard of it yeah chilling down under you know it’s shorter to say chilling down you been crying not at all you look like you been crying the T it’s like jazz when they talk isn’t it so good can I get in the call with you

a so how have you been yeah thumbs up God I hate that stunky it’s not like I didn’t want to apologize a million times uh it’s just every time I you know when I think of something to say doesn’t seem like enough let’s just start somewhere oh yeah

say something Buddy if you’re going to stay here we need to keep it like super profession professional is my middle name I thought your middle name was danger what’s a stage name want to do some donuts yeah shaking her head no she like yes do you want to

drive me to my car yes do donuts on the way it’s going to her car is going to be like right there yeah I love it it’s great perfect well it’s cool they get this guy like more depth too and I like how they’re romant feel like they’re

real people of characters you I’m like feeling every moment that they have together I am so invested cuz Seas have just made them like types but they actually give them more layers yeah like just enough more layers to make it more interesting agreed there is so much subtext

also in this movie it’s like oh God is this this guy’s porch wow that’s how he gets up I don’t want to be a part of any breaking in roleplay games why is Chinese chicken Orange finally gets his coffee delicious something’s going to interrupt it something’s going to

interrupt it yep he stepped to an it’s protecting the coffee oh no oh God why do you look so familiar what do I know you from I’m Iggy star lead actress on Metal Storm I’m Ryder’s girlfriend you’re in Metal Storm yeah were you in that movie car jack

where the guy named Jack steals your car then you shoot him in the hand and you say hope you know how to drive stick should be automatic but the way you say that’s the wa wa awesome it’s not real trying to find Ryder he’s like really drugged up

and paranoid right now he thinks someone’s trying to kill him and I’m like if you don’t finish Metal Storm I’m going to kill you myself that is so much class what’s with your Miami Vice stunt team jacket oh was the first show I ever did I had to

jump a boat through a ring of fire damn how old are you you’re really into yourself I mean you know you did ask bu like you into the club so just act like Tom you’re a stunt double you know how to do that don’t you yeah I just

act like I own everything and everyone and there’s no repercussions for my act this movie is so fun I’m just looking for ryer you seen him shley Temple I to see no offense Mr Dune I just want to find Ryder how come no one ever wants to chat

with the drug dealer oh CU you’re the drug dealer you better sit down drink that Shirley Temple and do some drugs real quick they give Oscars for that for stunts no they got to give them Oscars they deserve agree see movies are always trying to make things real

what did they put in it it’s a movie it’s not meant to be real it’s got drugs in it all like with ease of it make it a double oh get you nice and comfortable at the hotel huh yeah oh yeah cool this looks amazing wa what what

oh awesome this is like some a Scott Pilgrim right here this is great video game fighting he even drugged up there you go that was so awesome this is epic aesome even drugged up he can still whoop every wants ass whoa can you do the on foot chase

yes coming real life action this is amazing you know what I’m doing I’m going to stop this car protection oh my God where’s Ryder deliver drugs to him at the penon hotel sometimes okay what room I don’t know what room just ask Kevin for the for the fruit

plate you know Kevin Kev I don’t know Kevin long does this last oh when you stop seeing unicorns I like to speak to Kevin the background okay maybe you could help me I can I order the food plate okay do you want me to call room service I

don’t know know is that what happens hi so look what happened to you face hi hi okay be good what’s wrong with you it’s good to see you you look terrible you look amazing I’m little body my when I my glucose levels Get Low I get a little

is that a new thing yes I cut it I changed my hair you changed your number we’re even I thought we sort of even the score can you go and grab your things we have ready okay got a zip cold you’re you look like you’ve been busy yeah

a lot of running around G you’re having problems with the third act hey he said it he asked the question it’s like the studio are wanting me to contort the love story so that it all ends happily and everything’s Rosy and but I feel like if I lean

into reality then maybe that’s the way to go and most love stories don’t end well love that Kevin yes it’s fun so nice the hell’s this going to be you’re going too fast man you got to do it nice and slow called it unicorn is still unic is

still there what a fun visual Motif to show that he’s still on the drugs hello what do you think about split screen Jody yeah is this okay I’m calling you said to call Victory let’s chop it up it’s a good time not doing anything okay um so split

screen right do you think nice love that cool or do you think it’s a gimmick nostalgic super cool when it’s done the right way baby tell me you know about your vision so I like that they’re on screen together but they are in separate worlds you know visually

and emotionally so you’ve got this very prominent divide between the lovers and I want that very better you want the Divide I want the div all I know so far is that the alien lady and the cowboy are having what seem to be pretty manageable problems so this

whole thing the studio pushing for the love conquers all thing I’m not buying it well I have to admit that I’m surprised to hear you say that why just a boy in a neon suit standing in front of a girl reminding her that nodding Hill is her favorite

movie and she watches Love Actually every year at Christmas yes me too well you know I watched it again this year and I didn’t love it actually nodding Hill is my favorite wrong com any time I drop something I say Whoopsie Daisy that’s from nodding Hill all we

know is that in the beginning she’s pretty much up for anything but kissing and in the end she’s open to kissing him you have got your Julia Roberts movies so Twisted that is pretty woman where she is a lady of the night and this is Notting Hill yeah

yeah yeah did they have them like actually talk to each other on the phone timing was too good yeah it’s so good you’re going to see this bright line between them that we’re going to ache to see blur you know but maybe it try to blur that split

screen line cuz all we know at this point is that the cowboy likes the alien does the alien like the cowboy she’s on the fence because they got problems because she’s an alien and he’s a cowboy and that’s a problem but is it a problem they can’t overcome

here’s a question are they even going to try do you think they’re going to try I think I think this was a great brainstorm so close what’ you decide about the split screen have a better idea I think the connection between these characters is so strong that nothing

can come between them oh God there is a dead guy on ice at the hotel girl wait sorry what are you talking about well if you think that doesn’t make sense don’t order the fruit plate you’ve just seen a dead body yes Gale super these cuts and transitions

are absolutely amazing he was very dead super dead hold on how did you even get there Gail you asked me to do this so please try and keep up I went to Rider’s apartment just like you told me that’s where Iggy with the sword gave me the neon

suit and they sent me to the man with the leprint head he sounds like he’s high on drugs I am going to handle everything I want the police you are not going to talk to the police you don’t talk to anyone about this okay not talking to the

police excuse me sir wait who’s there it’s the police it’s the police I’m going to talk to no no no I want to report a crime okay an ice crime ice crime crime was he just seeing it no they they moved it the fight scene today and Jord

has decided that she wants to do it all in one take a wner yes my girl can I talk to you for a okay about this sequence today R is no show again he’s on it’s interesting you say that because that’s that’s what I want to talk to

going to tell her the truth after we spoke it all came to me really yeah the third act this sequence all of it I’ve been after talking to me yeah you know I was shocked just started to wonder if maybe you showed up just at the right time

and I’ve been going for this thing and the action and I’ve never been able to get it like this feeling of the pursuit of love and how far would you go for the one that you love and yeah I just need you to finish this movie you know

maybe even make it a great movie you know yes W It’s Great Brain Ser session going to get some dots on your face cuz I need you but not your face oh God get yeah just get I’m going to stick right his head on you okay cool okay

okay ready for a take is that you’re making me feel steering wheel even shows you how to appreciate cinematography yes oh he thinks it’s all going well but no man bad guys just be closing in I yeah do it I like a lot of these just visual hangout

moments that I throw in with them I agree they add so much it’s just emotion yes great job team I mean they are really relying on the def fake technology yeah it was good I mean it was amazing it was so amazing we’re going to go do some

Karaoke If you if you like karaoke oh post set karaoke sign me up I’ll be there okay oh no something’s going to intervene it’s gonna H oh right he has to go find Ryder wonder how much I let them improvise cuz damn I think a lot of it

is like from the beginning I was like I feel like yes cuz I know wedding him improvises a lot and in that beginning scene I was like I feel like this is all improv I’ve got you on a 555 flight I have a car waiting for you where’s

some serious going down okay told jod I was going to meet her for Koke and I’m actually embarrassed that I got you here and got you all tangled up man I just want to get you out of here before it escalates get your stuff together we’re going I’m

got Miss flight thank you now what would you do in the pursuit of love you go to k he’s got to make it assistant you must know all I can tell you is that if ryer is a no show tomorrow the studio will shut us down or Jody

say hello to director’s jail oh he’s got to really save this movie uhhuh Stephanie Sue I know who you are a she’s waiting for him yeah and he’s not going to make it oh another let down so the last time I saw Tom everything was pretty normal he

and Henry were in some kind of drug induced shirtless show grappling match but then Gail called me early the next morning in a panic drop whatever you’re doing Tom has lost his phone again so I found the phone what do you want for a producer credit on metal

stor I’m a stunt guy you’re a stunt guy who used to date the director and seems to be getting close to rekindling some sort of short but legendary toed love affair do you think we’re close to Reg just love how the small Stakes are the most important thing

in the movie as you know nothing I don’t have time for NBA I got oh what a whoa this is getting real yes I love everything about this it’s coming here no I gave him the tickets I need him to finish the movie why Would why wouldn’t you

talk to me about it oh boy ah the producer messed up yeah John Wick dogs woo there’s no cops in City my man this is so great I love the music yes oh could have easily killed a lot of civilians and he just left what are you working

for there’s oh I thank you I really thought I was doing my job F it’s fine a do you know you have a big fat hit on your hands high noon at the edge of the universe yes all right next up we got Jody this is big round

of applause for Jody all right Jody this going to be a sad song I hope it’s so goth I hope song plays over this car chase yeah who what a great shot looks real awesome walk away o love how they still managed to make him feel like an

everyday guy yeah a it’s really impressive this a surprisingly impressive movie of course of course in the background oh this is amazingly shot like I don’t know how they did it but it’s great holy crap how did they do this wa that was so cool this is amazing

holy I feel like they had them really spitting in something oh it’s so good take a look at me now Dam she’s really she has been kicking this guy’s butt for 30 minutes yes girl finally yes oh no s there for just uple days good boy oh God

damn it my God you okay thumbs upit you is he’s just literally doing his job oh my God he’s gonna he’s gonna he’s gonna make it at the at the end of this to me don’t let something interrupt this you’re taking the chance he better pop in there

baby or I’m going to be so upset yes yes is he there just too late no where’s Jody she left give me a sunset on ice and a water B coming right up I just got to figure out what’s on there then find Ryder and get him to

finish Jody’s movie okay oh yeah venty she’s like a tech genius at this stuff thank you hey oh my God the whole behind the scenes crew is going to save the day so great knowing Rider written on a posted in his apartment somewhere it’s got to be around

here somewhere let’s just split up kakatu someone feeding the kakatu is it Mamoa or Mamo 2% breast milk yes 11411 98 I got it co what about about this oh here’s that oh yeah that’s our party that’s Henry that’s Ryder’s Dunt double he looks a lot like the

guy sat at the hotel yeah in the bathtub right yeah oh he accidentally killed him oh is he not getting up I think what if he did and that guy’s out yeah I think he accidentally killed and then he they hide him and then he has to be

on the Run oh my god did they just kill Henry oh man whoa oh man why are all these people involved exactly like does he just have a lot of money can then hire like the mob to be like look out for me the dead body discovered this

morning at the Pendleton hotel has been identified as Henry Herrera an American Stunt Man known for doubling Superstar Tom Ryder oh suspect is another stunt man cult sers who was oh last seene in the hotel room where herrera’s body was discovered police have released this security she was

setting him up the whole time a oh my gosh smart play which one was that that was take God damn it what is it on airplane mode if this was the Fugitive and you or Harrison Ford the bad guys will be closing in and they are right now

that is this act of the screenplay you stay alive no matter how long it takes no matter how far I will find you the I think they’re just trying to kill him they L she some boor Jason Bor where’s the phone St man we got to get this

phone to the C okay it’s no the phone oh my gosh oh hey man bu where the phone stunned man CL ATT good boy don’t you shoot that dog I’ll freaking kill you I’m going to take that be careful that big fell teamwork f it so C down

big fell go away though he’s just going to run no it’s too dangerous it’s got to be stairs oh my God this movie is hilarious no got there no got to be stairs oh you hey man murderer the one that proves that you killed Henry not me that

I’m going to hold on to that seems like it’s the only thing keeping me alive right now he’s the prime suspect Jody I hate her so much are you kidding I know cult you’re ruining a love story lady we used to be like brothers you and I entered

into the sacred Bond of actor and stunt man man oh God this is a man who spent 23 minutes ushering a cockroach out of my room once and I was like just stum on it yeah because he was at the airport where you sent him yeah if you

break your back I replace you like this if you just stuck to your job instead of trying to hog the spotlight this wouldn’t have happened I mean Henry wouldn’t have be on the scene his acction would have happened your accent freaky Little Fall cuz you just push my

buttons man what oh my God he did it intentionally what’ you say about my accident oh my God it wasn’t an accident you pushed me over the edge you literally pushed the button I mean you didn’t I mean I pushed the button oh my God this guy’s evil

he is a real villain that was you yeah oh my God hey you do your own stunts do I do my own stunts in front of all those people that’s humiliating yeah I’m going to kick you in the next week what a prick I hate him calls me

off and says it doesn’t look good bad for me marketing and branding I I really don’t need this right now don’t worry about it I’ll handle it and I will handle everything but maybe we don’t know people as well as we think we do producers oh my God

it’s cold give me no what are you doing get off oh my God let me take it you know what just give me a minute yep this plan was so simple Hollywood is an evil business you can pull you out from that rock you crawled under my life

yeah you know scan your face dzy here is going to stick you on the murder video drug you drive you and Henry’s body up oh my god wow you got murder epic plan check the gay move on beautiful you know what this can still work it kind of

we got the murder now we just need to it’s plot heavy we’re getting tangled in Exposition where’s the phone Tom you need carbs your brain runs on glucose I’m you for simple cognitive function there’s no phone he shot it no he didn’t I was by the door frame

no and he shoots it out of my hands no I really wish you could see what Jody’s going to do in Metal Storm it’s going to be awesome kind honestly going to be a banger that’s a crazy twist wish you didn’t break that Bond bro break that bond

for a drink there we got oh oh spit in his face this fog act real baby we’re cooking with gas now got this man this is such an entertaining movie oh my gosh this is like pure Hollywood entertainment man oh is he going to jump it it’s going

to look awesome love how they do the actual like classical stunts all the time yeah this mie is so fun and you and you stay concerned that like I want jod to know the truth yeah the whole time yeah like the stakes of that the most entertaining movie

everyone saying you killed Henry oh that’s not true you’re going to hear a lot of things that aren’t true I just wanted to say that when I first got here know you asked how I was doing oh he’s going to tell her you get thrown out of a

window you get set on fire you give the thumbs up but uh after my accident turns out was not an accident by the way I thought maybe I wasn’t so special or something so I uh just figured that the thumbs down version of me wasn’t what you got

inut for so I Disappeared but you know I didn’t just disappear on you uh just disappeared on on the myself too oh my God anyway I’m sorry you deserve more than that sorry I just wanted you to be honest honestly it uh all hurts getting hit by a

car hurts getting thrown out of a window hurts but uh but none of it ever hurt as much as not being with you is that from a movie or I just pick that up it’s pretty good there is you can use it if you want what wor I’m

still in love with you a I think you should give up on that happy ending oh I got nipple chills oh my God god wow w w w oh my goodness oh my God damn yeah he must have jumped out he must have jumped out that’s a WAP

on cult saers uh that’s what you think this movie is giving me me all the feels y’all Colt Colt’s dead Colt will rise again yeah you will where it appears a boat has collided with a fuel barge yes that’s a great shot beautiful this is so epic I

like how the movie knows that the audience knows he’s alive yeah respons they defected it wow a dram exposion on Sydney Harbor Police are currently investigating of American stunt they would say like the timeline doesn’t even line up he would have to have been in Sydney to have

killed the stunt man right yeah yeah like there’s so many plot holes with that with there with their cover up yeah police are currently investigating stunt oh yes girl yes Jason bordon yes hit him with that neutral bullet girl if it’s Ryan gosl like yes I still love

it thumbs up him yeah I knew it I knew it knew it oh my God doing a nice work with the pen so sorry no it was great you got it out just in time I think the in Poison AG didn’t said up Ryder killed Henry he framed

me there’s footage of you they def faked me they take Tom Cruz’s face and they put it on yours and you can’t tell the difference no okay so where’s the real footage of Ryder killing Henry how do we get it it was on Ryder’s phone and then it

got destroyed because Dan’s last limo heans plan didn’t work out it’s not his fault you know he called Tomahawk first okay I got blanks only and it was going pretty well we’re going to hide you until we can clear your name none of it matters anymore it’s just

a stupid movie what it’s her movie that’s the movie you spent your whole life trying to make who knows you might inspire a whole generation of little jodies to pick up cameras truth you’re just you’re special and all of us get to be a part of something special

because it comes from you a that’s cool but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let space B cowboy and Aliana not have theirs dir my love she’s in on it why let’s just kiss no come on get out of the suit man there’s no time Gregory what

hi here thank you oh how’s my favorite director bit emot what Miss right who knew I mean I tried to help him but sometimes you can’t help people who don’t want to be safe I’ve got Ryder to come back and I have a plan really but we’re not

going to be able to do your big third act set piece the car jump why all we need to focus on is Ryder’s new Final bombastic monologue you meanwhile please go and rest up in Fiji on me you know second unit this H take care of all of

it for you yeah it’s her movie yeah no you got to direct his big ass monologue I’m directing this movie oh my God that’s my girl thank you so much I’m proud of you thank you thanks for okay byebye love you Dary love you too bye you’re going

to finish the movie we’re going to bring him to set in a controlled environment and then we surround him and we beat the out of him no force a confession out of him by putting him in a scene right you know he always forgets his mic that’s better

I just don’t know how to do it yet I never forget I’m miked make him do his own The Impossible Jump then we beat the out of oh I love this action it’s high noon at the edge of the universe folks it seems like a terrible movie it’s

like madx Vibe except Mad Max is a rad movie an alien species born of the worst of Humanity’s treats what our enemy doesn’t see that par to eyes is imminent today is our Independence Day powerful weapon in all Galaxy love a godamn fire love is how we will

win but even if we lose we’re going to die selling that monologue selling baby so when they’re filming why are there VFX all in place I don’t yeah yeah oh my God I felt that one I really felt that cuz I had tears cuz I had tears tears

zero notice here we’re moving as fast as we can all right this is so great oh I love that shot quit pop on Space Cowboy a’t scared no R I’m thinking maybe just couple of reaction shots I’m like drinking my tea like God damn sounds just like Matthew

MCC I take him out first and I’m like pow pow pow I slide over go pow and maybe I say a little line like I was shooting aliens way before I was paid to just like Matthew mcon it’s insane hey who is that in the car with him

what are you doing he’s just buckling you in safety first that’s really tight hey we are filming right now get out out of the car yes I love get to the cars yeah baby they’re approaching aali right now we’re ready let me out what are you going to

do huh you’re going to kill me again mcabe smoke screen in three two one everything’s going to plan I can’t see hell yeah yes wo woohoo yes damn no oh I want to L way to get a confession oh I love this you’re supposed to be dead you

blew up in a thousand pieces you ain’t Kaboom why would I have blown up Tom Ridder why are you saying my name like that that is your name isn’t it you’re going to do your own stunts from now I don’t want to do my own stunts relx it’s

just a 250t jump that’ll probably kill us it’s never been done before for ComicCon tall age it’s a big deal can you just pull over and let me out right now you’re not getting out of this car until you Tom Rider tell me cold saers the truth all

right all right all right all right it was all Gil when I killed Henry she wanted to cover it up oh you Gail Meer was responsible for framing me for your murder of Henry yes yes they have but what’s your real name Tom Ryder did you get that

Jody we got it do the jump anyway you wearing a wire bro you recording this this is entrapment you can’t do that it’s not in because you’re wearing the wire dip do the jump do the jump do it do it baby film that he has a mouth G

I don’t have a mouth G yes damn and he still gave her her moving oh don’t kill him oh no no no all right y’all better make it out of here don’t kill him oh good give me that confession dog will sa all the me you death give

me the recording girl darling just come with me we don’t need all this toxic masculinity Ron de with the boss in the canyon extraction at the spaceships oh no big red I don’t think you’re going to make that one what a celebration yes I will not be taking

the fall for this because I deliver hit for all you little people you’re welcome oh no no no dog dog vation hey the weapon came back yes the laser guitar gun came in handy yes badass he fell the Fall Guy get in let’s get out of here yeah

copy that wait what what is this it’s the evidence I think that guy was the original Fall Guy guy from the TV show Fall Guy oh I could be wrong but the closeup on it made me think that Easter egg lower the arm I’m going to jump okay

hey lower the arm lower the arm I have a plan get me to the helicopter I’m going to jump onto this this looks so cool then I’m going to beat the out of it no just just get the recording go woo just wondering you know after this movie

if I don’t go to prison and you know you’re not busy maybe we could go to a beach somewhere wear a couple of swimming costumes spicy margarito or something yeah yeah make some bad decisions a picking up the the conversation from the beginning oh God swing around go

wow yes my man yeah oh oh oh no no get it get it get out of okay come on no get it get it I love this a celebration team so cool I love it so much so good run oh yes sick stunt some real parkour skills 87

North yeah God damn it dang it the good knock him out give me that confession jump with that audio baby it’s empty Gail such a good sound CU oh damn he’s like twirling woo real St man right there this is good great call back to the song they

played in the beginning EDD had a successful fall successful fall from the beginning yep that’s neat that’s really neat yes yes yes you are made Ling me perfect Perfect oh my gosh this film is perfect it’s perfect is it the premier Metal Storm yes oh yes comes a

Cosmic Love Story of Epic Proportion how they release this with Tom Ryder in It MTV best kiss award Nomine Jason M I fought them must reot the whole movie oh that’s great but what our enemy does not know inside each and every one of you there a godamn

fire yeah ah they shot on the beach oh it’s great Justice is on the horizon metal store ComicCon at ComicCon Aliana and Space Cowboy finally got that happy ending as for Jody and I we got something even better we got a new beginning filled with spicy margaritas and

bad decisions on the beach oh my God I think what jod and I got it’s even better than what you find in the movies I love this movie so much amazing want to cry how good it is oh cool this is awesome I walk whoa David Leech the

director has a stun man background damn I guess Ryan go did do a lot of his own St thing that’s cool that’s cool they’re showing you who the stunt devils are wow look at that that’s neat movies never do that that is so cool build and I might

roll a brand new car really cool they’ll they showing this is awesome stunts deserve definitely an Oscar Academy which I believe they’re going to add in 2027 Logan’s goodan good chasing wow look at that entertaining us it’s expensive let’s see this oh that is an amazing shot wow

look at that he did it man your whoa look how fast that helmet was going wow look at that and there’s someone in that vehicle no gold so is the unsung heroes hey some of the biggest winners in Academy’s history are completely dependent on stunts w wow previously

on the Fall Guy oh interesting oh yes yes you should WRA this story why you just calm down I mean it can make you a massive St you handsome Beast no that’s that’s the original of the guy you have the right to remain silent so shut the hell

up well somebody cued this B huh back up man calling my agent getting my agent involved let let him go let him go no signal got to get oh oh no oh no actor get me Jason mamo’s agent on the phone oh my God that was fun was

fun you guys I literally have tears in my eyes because this movie was so great and it makes me miss being on set so much and this movie is so true to exactly what it’s like on set ask the pro and go it’s faster bro ladies and gentlemen

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buying them myself I heavily vouch them reject Nation give them a shot thank you by the way if you guys are listening to this on Apple or Spotify give us all the ratings now listen this movie it it gave me all of the feels only because of how

realistic it is and how they display everything about how it is being on set and how stunt people do not get enough credit and it’s just like the Epic things that you see in the movies those are all run by crew I always say like crew is the

hardest working people on the planet and I think the reason like it makes me I just was like oh I just love it so much is because when I am on set I feel like it’s like a second home and the way that they oh yeah this might

so far away and the way that they they put this film together makes you feel like you are on set like you are part of that family when you were on set making a film it is just I mean this is such a hat hats off to cinema

and film making and stunts and actors and I just I can’t say enough about it but just it takes my heart and I love it and I think that’s why I had like tears in my eyes even watching the bloopers of just I want to be there with

them like all the time that would just be it would be a dream I don’t do stunt stuff I wish I did but if I did I’d be like I always say put me in with for Mrs John Wick I would I would love to do it this

movie is is everything that I wanted in more what that doesn’t show you is how boring set can also be yeah it’s a lot of waiting around I have created a lot of Art in a in a in a book of me sitting on set if you’re a

director you’re going to probably be the lease for because there’s always something to be doing and orchestrating but any other position you got there can be some real boring times man a lot of waiting for them to get one shot ready to go yeah also this this did

remind me before I forget about um Harry Potter’s stunt double he was just a kid and he was paralyzed and it was the same rigging and it went too quickly into a wall they didn’t like double check it and um they are still friends now there’s a doc

about it I watched that documentary and it’s just it’s so realistic that this stuff does happen there’s one move that you can make and make the tension too strong and somebody could die and these people are putting their lives on the line every single day to make a

film look amazing and in those bloopers you see them like crash and they’re like they give a win and they’re like I’m good and it’s just I just I felt just so strongly for this movie I just love it yeah they’re unsung heroes yeah because there’s so many

people that go into crafting a film right you know the a lot of people sometimes go like why do actors get paid more money than a lot of these other people who work on set and like with act actors are so important because they are the emotional connection

that make that that uh tethers you to the audience basically right and at the end of the day that emotional connection is so vital and having an actor is very important but in the creation of making the film you know there’s all these people who are laboring much

longer than the actors generally are and especially for the stunt team of what they’re focusing on with them here there’s been a big uproar about how we’ve never had like an Oscar nomination category for that sometimes we do things to honor stunt men but they’re so easily forgotten

and I’ve met some stunt people who are like I kind of like that Mystique about us you know to not that’s like the point of our job at the same time they do deserve the true recognition they ought to get and I love how this is such a

celebration of that like the the vibe and the mood the energy of this movie I think like the last hour I I think I just was smiling the whole time I wasn’t even talking as much but I was smiling the entire time I I had this movie brought

me so much joy yeah it’s the I think it’s the first movie I’ve seen uh at least this year and probably in a long time that or I was just feeling so overwhelmed like this is a really fun joyful experience that is is like some men set out

to entertain you and have a good time that’s a big part of their job and that’s all this movie is also setting out to do they’re telling a big Hollywood film with a you know a love story and they’re get stunt man getting into these action scenes in

real life and it was clever what I I thought was clever about the way they did it was they did a lot of homaging they did a lot of honoring and they still managed to root it in this love story you know like it was very much a

romantic movie as much as it was an action movie yep and some a lot of times in these action movies the if there is a romantic plot it’s kind of an afterthought it’s kind of like something they throw in there because you know producer somebody says like we

need something to hook the audience in but usually they’re just they’re they’re so typ cast or they’re they’re basic they’re boring yeah boring and they they make the movie about that you know cuz even when he’s in these like huge action set pieces you’re aware of blunt going

on you see how much that’s all he cares about is how important that is to him that the real that the physical Stakes is just a big part of his daytoday that’s a big part of his life and it’s the intimate Stakes that uh are the thing you

feel like a lot of the tension around I love that I was that’s a really clever flip and it’s really clever I I was surprised by that you know because usually there it’s an inverse and uh I thought it was really I thought it was smart I was

it was also really clever you know oh yeah I mean the love story was woven in so nicely throughout it and I think them throwing in that epic scene when they kiss at the end and there’s explosions that’s what normally you would see in like a Bond film

where all this stuff is happening we have no conversations about the relationship and at the end he gets the girl they kiss there’s fireworks in the background and explosions but the best thing about this movie is when it’s slowed down and he’s on that boat and they’re on

a walkie and he he just tells her every everything and it’s so subtle and the last thing he says is like I am still in love with you and it’s like I just felt it I was like I’m filled with all of these emotions that I wish that

every action adventure film had this type of connection to the audience and this type of like romance that isn’t overly romantic it’s not melodramatic it’s just freaking real we are fighting for these people to come together again and every step that we see him take he misses it

he misses it he misses it and then when they just slow it down and he he’s he says it you know on a walkie to her it’s just you just feel everything and they’re still so divided and then of course the boat goes off and you’re like is

he dead or is he alive and and the show up I mean the way they also added in comedy to this that is such a hard thing to do you guys to make people feel stuff where you’re like I am connected to this story but I’m also connected

to the action and adventure and I’m laughing a lot like there are movies that do a good job at it but the pacing between people and the chemistry the casting in this the chemistry and the pacing off it that what you want and what I want really in

every movie is when people have a conversation that it’s you’re not I don’t wait up two seconds after I say something to Greg Greg says a thing and I go right back that’s just normal and that’s when we they initially had that conversation when he’s in the truck

and she’s right there that was just boom boom boom even on the phone it’s boom boom boom boom boom there’s not a lot they talked over each other that’s real life and those are the types of movies where I go everything about this movie is perfect from the

way that it was directed to the tone and the pacing to the action to the stunts to the way that they’re paying homage to all of the stunt people and just a cinema of like you feel like you’re being thrown on set and you’re in a film and

it makes makes me just go God I want to be there yeah it captures this Vibe of Hollywood magic in a way that doesn’t feel like masturbatory you know there’s a lot of movies that it’s very much very much could have been that and a lot of movies

that are about the making of a movie or whatever kind of get that Vibe where they got to go a little bit into this pretentious Arena sometimes or they go very like cynical about it this was one that was a that really found the the love behind it

and it wasn’t even so much about like what I loved about the process of making the movie is that they made it about uh Jody Emily Blunt her fulfilling her passion and dream you know and how supportive he was about that yeah I thought that was great like

there was the love of the creative that they were emphasizing a lot here and I also thought it was smart too how this Mo cuz I believe this based on a show called The Fall Guy which I’ve never seen but I believe I believe that show is about

a Hollywood Stunt Man Who moonlights as a bounty hunter oh I believe that’s what the plot is interesting and that’s not this movie um at all right other than the fact he’s a stunt man and they took this movie is about a stunt man who ends up becoming

an action hero in real life and what I thought was great about the voice of the direction was they never had Ryan Gosling ever point that out that he is living an action hero life right now like it’s they’re just showing us they’re just yeah it’s it’s showing

and it’s like you sees going through all the Beats of an action movie whenever he enters an action scene some type of cliche or recognizable stunt goes down that you’re familiar with and I thought the I thought they were just the fun is very palpable here and I

thought what was great about Ryan Gosling too was he’s an actual character you know uh and I think when I saw the trailer I didn’t get the sense of that but he’s really a character I thought he might have just been like funny Ryan Gosling in this movie

and they a key part of of an action hero if you think like even what makes John Wick so great in that first movie is he’s struggling if you look at you know John mlan and die hard it’s he’s struggling and then you got a guy who’s a

stunt man and it’s easy to position him as a person who wouldn’t be having a struggle yet they found a way VIA through the right fting and Via through Ryan Gosling’s performance like setting him up where he where he’s injured at the very beginning so whenever he’s getting

hurt you’re like are you going to get hurt you know and setting that up so smart and just the way he cares so much more about Emily Blunt more than anything else yeah they managed to make him feel like an everyday guy that when he’s going through the

stunts you can feel the stakes of it when he’s going through the action you can feel the stakes of it but he still feels like a guy you can relate to and a and a a a really likable one and not some larger than action figure guy right

and I thought that was great like like oh this is a really great character as well I agree cuz they were very aware when they did one Exposition moment which was on purpose which was with him on the boat explaining yeah I killed him and now you’re here

and now murder suicide and then Ryan goslings has a line of like this is too much Exposition people are going to they they they they zone out if you put too much in it and it’s just so M like that is such a great joke they are so

aware of the the script writing here every move they make is like sure that action films can be cookie cutter they added that in there for us but this movie surprised me left and right because it was written well by people who are like we make we they’ve

I’m sure that everyone involved has made a ton of films before and the production behind this was amazing but also in the writing it’s like it’s it’s very aware of itself while also at the same time it has the juice in there to surprise us and that’s what

I like love the most that it didn’t feel like I know what’s going to happen here and I know exactly what’s going to I kind of knew but I was like I’m not even going to think about it I don’t even have time I’m having so much fun

that I’m like I’m not even thinking about it it was just from stunt to him running to karaoke and oh God they’re gone and now he’s got to convince this guy this guy’s dead and like I mean there’s just there’s so many things in here that you would

Su that you would maybe assume like is there too many plots in here and you’re like no this is just it’s literally a perfect film and it’s especially at the end I got goosebumps when he’s like stunt team get on it and they start blowing up the cars

and then they they’re like get that helicopter stable and you see exactly how they do it with the fall pad with just them running and you see the behind the scenes it gives me goosebumps because that is that is real that’s how they make movies and when you

see it I just think people who are now exposed to that who have never been on set before and and just don’t don’t watch behind the scenes videos and they have no idea but they’re exposed to this movie with Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt and now they’re going

to be like holy crap that’s how they do it wow there’s millions of people behind the scenes doing all of this stuff like that that is I I tend to say a lot of the time that even when a movie is not the best movie on the planet

but it’s still good it’s freaking hard to make a movie period it’s so hard and it it costs people thousands of hours of their lives and millions of dollars to give you entertainment and I love that they open up the world and said but here is what it

is behind the scenes too so you can also see that yeah and I think they do a good job even with sometimes with these behind the scenes movies The Comedy can feel very much only for people who already know movies ex inclusive while there’s a lot of jokes

that might fly over people’s heads if you’re not a film N I think for the most part they don’t keep the audience at a distance I still feel like for General audiences they close that Gap significantly in a way that makes everything attainable for for everyone yeah and

Emily Blunt is also fantastic in this movie as well again like a refreshing take on this kind of character and the love interest and their back and forth was like there was such great Rhythm to to the way they they they overlap when the way they talk with

each other or the way they respond uh it’s like okay some of this has to be scripted because of the timing and then other parts feel like improv that’s like the best kind of acting cuz you’re like I don’t know I mean just sounds so freaking natural so

real and the way they are they’re interacting with each other it sounds so damn real yeah Aaron Taylor Johnson who’s amazing actor I thought he was great here too and of course the action scenes are awesome yeah they’re really awesome and I think they would really go out

of their way I love the the ending credit scene because you couldn’t there were some parts I was like okay that’s blue screen and then uh but there’s other parts that they really wanted you to know that that we did this practically we really did this we rigged

a lot of Stu container moving around I was like this looks too real they they were in that thing there’s certain shots where I think the director who has a stuntman background he he wanted I think he wants you to know like no this really happened yeah yeah

like and they they did a really good job I capturing that on film so kudos to the stunt team involved behind this I know Ryan Gosling was at some event and he said he had two stunt doubles and and I love that even on his promotional tour for

this he’s he’s talking about his stunt doubles as well making sure to shine a light on on them and yeah they deserve all the the recognition for sure I agree I don’t know who directed this do we know his name is David Leech David Lee he was the

co-director of the first John Wick he uh directed Deadpool 2 he directed Hobs and Shaw and he directed bullet train and he is the same as like Chad who directed John Wick four I think three and four who is a stunt guy who became a director yeah they

directed they co-directed the first movie together Chad’s directed all the John Wick movies and and leech is also a stunt guy turn director uh yeah I believe they were both I believe they’re both stunt coordinators turn director yeah I love that that is how you make because I

believe so yeah I bet you that that’s because in this I I mean John Wick four I was like best stunts I’ve ever seen in my life if it’s not Nom send all the just nominated for literally the best stunts there’s an over thehead shot that keeps rolling

with all of these stunts it’s amazing but this film same freaking thing I mean the long shot in the beginning how they don’t cut guys a long a Warner a Warner I love a Winer it’s so hard to do a Warner you’ve got and they they went from

location to location I think there might might have been a way that they could hide the shot when he goes in through the push door maybe in that crease I don’t think so though I think they kept going and those doing a Warner is so hard you’ve got

extras you got to remember your line somebody has to be right on top of you the pacing has to happen they have a conversation that he moves away from the screen he’s got to go up there he’s still talking to her in a walk he gets in an

elevator goes up the elevator it’s still rolling he gets clipped in to do his stunt that is an amazing wner that I was like give this movie all the money all the credit all the awards sign me up forever because that stuff is hard work and I am

just so glad that every every move they made in this movie was just a great way to make a film and I just I can’t say any more about it except that I just adore it and love it and yes I would rewatch it over and over again

and I will tell everybody if you haven’t seen Fall Guy I don’t know what you’re doing with your life get out of my life until you see Fall Guy then you can come back we’ll be friends until if you haven’t seen Fall Guy get out of the room

you know it’s a really fun fact I just realized because I mentioned how and I think a lot of people probably Drew this correlation he plays in drive he plays a stunt a stunt man who moonlights as a as a I don’t know what the job is he

does like illegal crimes getaway driver and like that right and um and then you were talking about the opening shot and there’s this other movie he did called Place Beyond the Pines oh yeah have you seen that that’s a great yeah where he’s yeah he’s a motorcycle guy

and in that movie there’s a one shot the opening shot is a Warner where you see him get ready to go on the bike thing and go inside it’s the same similar concept yeah he he it’s a one shot you follow him to go do the stunt and

then he goes and does the stunt and I’m like oh and he does the same thing here that’s pretty cool yes and I I think the Pine movies where he met his wife she was in that right I mean just amazing job and it’s it’s just hard it’s

hard to do one or you there’s so many moving Parts I I I’m curious to see how much they would have to rehearse that to get that Bingo one because that that is a to have that Warner and go and now we’re risking doing a stunt in a

Winer that’s a big that’s a big risk and I love that they they took it and it looked amazing and I appreciate everything about this yeah I loved it absolutely loved it I L it so much most entertaining movies I’ve seen in a long time it was 12

out of 10 Stars yeah it was really it was the most fun I’ve had at a movie in a very long time in a very long time very very very fun such a blast do you have any last words no man uh we we bought it you should

buy it too you should buy it support this movie please like I’m just I’m going to be talking about it and telling everybody bu we love you guys for the support like this comment tell us all your thoughts about this movie and how much you love us and

don’t forget reation get your t-shirts here baby and of course share this please share this so people are aware of how amazing Fall Guy is we love you so much and we will see you on the next one

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