The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift MOVIE REACTION!! FIRST TIME WATCHING! Full Movie Review

citizens of the reject Nation Greg here today I am going to do a movie reaction because this reject is missing one movie in a franchise a franchise where I’ve seen all of them but one that is the drifting of Tokyo Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift first time watching today but is the only one out of the Fast and Furious films I have not seen of excluding the one that’s coming out in a few months I was like it’s about time I give this a shot I don’t know why I avoided it well I think it’s

because it kind of got like a bad rep when it first came out and whatever I’ll skip it and then uh as time’s gone on people it’s gotten uh more of a what’s kind of more love I think over I really don’t know what the conversation is surrounding it all I know is I haven’t seen this movie and I was like I should just watch it I’m gonna share my reaction with the reject Nation so thank you all for being here so drift on over to that like button if you can I know you’re capable

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off hobo Max right now alrighty guys let’s see what this is all about I gotta put myself in a mindset before they were superheroes foreign because I saw him in the seventh movies or seventh or sixth movie and I I feel like I’m watching Like An Origin story now and it’s Han’s introduction yo it’s that guy from Home Improvement nice ride does the job delivering pizzas it’s not the ride is the rider nice hey you talking to my girl it’s a friendly conversation man she was just a mind my ride my rod stands for trailer

trash what about your daddy’s Viper oh he’s got 500 horsepower and a borley exhaust system it does 0-60 in like 4.3 seconds you can read the brochure got it oh hell no why don’t you nice boys let your car see the talking I like yoga lady this car goes for 80 grand what I do with a broken ass piece of like that well if you’re so confident how about me winner gets me oh my God this movie’s so Progressive I would hate having a girlfriend like that though goddamn now that sucks on instability of having

a relationship where she would just prostitute herself uh with the bottom to back into baby 2006 baby oh damn dude you’re not gonna win his girlfriend is he allowed to do that please keep your eyes forward I want you to win I thought you loved me what is this seriously toxic relationship oh dude I guess I got a new date for prom oh my God dude oh my God lay off the steroids man oh I look painful oh my God for what the Fast and Furious franchise has become this feels more grounded you could actually

feel the pain on this damn laughs can I get a copy of that you’re going to Tokyo son why does he go to Tokyo 100 guaranteed conviction where’s my car I crushed it you did what sit down you understand you’re done you know before your 18th birthday now sit down this guy’s not 18. officer is it um illegal to smoke in here says no smoking right back there the one sign in the whole interrogation room your son’s got two priors for reckless driving willful destruction of property they’re definitely going to get them off the streets

well there’s just Tokyo so where are we moving this time we are not moving any that was a good transition although for a moment I did think he was in a hospital I guess he’s going to Tokyo whatever gets us there ‘d be great to visit here look how beautiful it is sure I thought you’re going to be here on the seventh ah okay this makes more sense oh what is he doing at the like an American Psycho situation you know she had no other choice I mean it was either this or juvie hall I

mean you just can’t keep moving away every time you get into trouble theme you go to school you come back here right after and I don’t want to see or hear about you anywhere near a car especially no drifting God this looks like every room John has ever occupied or taken over be careful Sean you’re gonna have to be racing her on the streets later you’ll fit her right in only the non-asian girl is checking you out man foreign Japanese food is like um don’t ask don’t tell names you ain’t have a laptop I’ll hook

you up half price I ain’t got no cash man well what about a cell phone I’m probably not going to be here long enough to remember your name ain’t gonna need some new shoes to book town with me you selling Sparkle stand well that’s mine right there when I even pay retail for it you paid retail my ride’s One of a Kind Show me holy is that how it works in Japan foreign oh my God I love this it’s just a like a pure Asian Fast and Furious movie where you follow characters who are not

Asians there’s one thing consistent in all these movies it’s the world of illegal street racing and the kind of supermodels that occupy it oh how did I fail to predict that she herself was into all this so where are you from anyway here where’d you come from does it really matter where I’m from oh that’s a villain look right there who’s a tourist on gaiji we were just talking that word you call me Gaijin or something what does that mean exactly something complimentary I see Yakuza you know who I am boy you like the Justin

Timberlake of Japan good luck Timber Lake whoa you’re the one that’s lucky is that what it is and let’s race oh my God Sean’s gonna destroy Japan easy to sound cocky when you got no ride take mine what the hell can he drive can he drive you know what DK stands for Donkey Kong drift King drift King what do you mean drill oh this is fun it’s fun learning all these things about Han when I’m aware of the crazy Adventures he’s been on prior to this movie story and how none of that was canon in

the writer’s praise go let’s see what’s going on yikes oh DK oh my God this is so embarrassing oh my God this is so embarrassing how is he not fat God damn this is so bad holy no way what do people do this Sean give up I could be with a hot girl oh he’s got like five bottles there if you’re gonna live under my roof you’re gonna go buy my rules or get out understand understand just say yeah and do what you got to do man I’ll get you your money why are you talking

like you have a choice there’s a guy in there with a paw that owes me some money what’s up Paul like a dog a bear a monkey why we need a job hold on so he just has to make a guess as to who it is that would be it on said oh Kenny oh we just gotta put his clothes back on let’s go he is cool man I’m already like I get why you brought this guy back might call you once a week or once an hour I call you show only if you teach

me how to drift stay in a negotiation I wasn’t negotiator he learned how to drift from Han not Twinkie I thought I’d stop by and ask your boyfriend for some drifting lessons trust me you don’t want to be a part of this world that’s good enough for you you don’t know anything about me I know you’re very attractive you’re an army Brad he moved around a lot Mom and Daddy was never home so you walked around pissed off all the time now you found your family with these drift nuts drift nuts zero for one cowboy

can’t you go find a nice Japanese girl like the rest of the white guys around here Fair Point well I need them keeps Uncle kamada from poking around too much what do you mean well his uncle gets a piece of the action from everyone on this turf run this Turf 50 of something is better than 100 of nothing that’s not true it’s like YouTube monetization It’s the point of a race see if I’m better than other guys just proves you’re faster that’s all that would erase it would have to be for some important something important

show them what you got NOS sure we might as well race why not what the police cars the only Factory tune you can do better than 180k they can’t catch you so they don’t even try holy that can’t be true I know there are countries without speed limits let’s go foreign this movie I really wish the Fast and Furious movie stayed in this world more it’s like he got over Giselle fast oh my God this is heaven the red Evo’s yours what do you mean well yeah what what you think I’m gonna let you roll

in a Hyundai thank you oh holy holy that does look really really hard where did you find this guy I really do like how this is a genuine obstacle for him it’s got potential foreign Maybe we’ll see are we talking about the car are we talking about you Sean you’re showing the Japanese have a saying the nail that sticks out gets hammered I don’t know when to apply that you’re gonna be late and these high school kids get real taken advantage of thank you hey look man I don’t do refunds all right try not to

break this how iPods that it’s an iPad I forgot about iPods the hell is wrong with you huh not everybody’s going exchanges around here we went to you Sean because we thought you would know how to handle the situation better than anyone else not easy saving the day is it I mean you can give me some pointers sometime you’re doing all right thanks I love their scenes they’re always the same tone so how’d you end up over here anyway well you know those old westerns the Cowboys make a run for the Border is my Mexico

I gotta go back and watch fast six now 36. it’s a trust and character I need around me who you choose to be around you that you know who you are that is true one car in exchange for knowing what a man’s made of that’s a price I can live with you’re an all right guy hon so if you don’t drift to win what do you drill for the latest foreign there’s a whole history to the drifting huh watch it not too early now damn he’s getting it of course he’s gonna get it but damn

it’s cool he’s getting it damn oh my God I do love the a practical stunt driving that this movie will show me obviously some stuff will CGI but like like this man it’s awesome hello oh no way he won uh oh guys you’re doing business trip tonight this movie’s taught me one thing being good at racing gets you the girl my parents split up when I was three me and Mom moved around a lot it was all because of me kind of made myself an outsider you know Southern but I realize now outside our Insider

doesn’t really matter all that matters knowing what you really want yeah might as well go after her get yourself killed man oh my God look at them they’re all drift compatible today I got my license today I got my first speeding ticket Born to Race day after that I won my first race key of My Three Links I don’t know what three lengths means what the hell is going on oh this is getting personal now okay grab a chair we’re about to roast some marshmallows yo come on man yep should not be hanging out with

the man’s girl stay away from her or the only thing you’ll be driving is a wheelchair find yourself a new driver oh I was picking on him I’m all right we’re gonna just play with fire he soak the matches in gasoline Sean you really are a screw-up you know that man don’t smile at him it’s over oh this is I am a Gaijin I should have called this guy change DK he used to be a good nephew of a gangster you say I’ve changed but we’re not so different you and I We’re Not So Different

you and I they say your mom was the best trick in all of Google back in the day oh that’s messed up differences I know who I am and what up at all I am the female character of this movie hey such as soap up with them but I enjoy it I do I’d be lying if I said I didn’t I enjoy them two together were you um oh I know a nail and a wood thing foreign it’s still about family hey brother whoa keep your side deals for me it’s been in the Boy Scouts

it’s what we do oh don’t don’t uh you’re just gonna make it worse what are you doing here nicely done oh my God you gotta Drift Away oh my God drifting out of necessity wow that looks really scary to do damn holy that is scary that is cool wow It’s gotta be a mix of some CGI cars in traffic right wow what’s up look at that foreign drive through the crowd of people they live their lives in fear foreign so much drifting oh it’s messed up man that’s Jason Statham foreign wow I always thought Furious

7 did a weird job on justifying how he’s still alive and now I especially think it’s weird but screw it he’s back I wouldn’t do that if I were you okay I’ll go with you I drift because that would be awesome it’s about family putting you on a plane tonight I did this I can’t run away remember your advice at the beginning of this move it pops I’m your father I’m responsible for your well-being and I’m responsible for my mess oh my God I gotta do this can you understand that yes yes he can the

way of the Japanese people in Tokyo there’s a saying about nails and wood and and don’t step on them something I think Han would have wanted you to have giselle’s body you’re gonna need if you’re gonna make it out of Commodus Place alive you have five hundred dollars in here man they can’t drink and then we’re called Gringo in Japan here we go it’s not just Sean oh my God she looks so so ugly I’ve never seen a more horrendous looking human being damn you picked you put Japanese well he drifted into that language I’m

here to offer you a peaceful solution how do you prevent the accomplish that drift erase yes it’s the cops to call the cause you could build your own oh nice symbolic oh yes yes it’s about family DK picked his role for a reason he’s the only one ever make it to the bottom not today it’s about family or some shoes now that’s sex appeal look and fly wow damn they’re doing this at night oh my God the super ugly girls worked oh damn it’s your mountain now Sean they put those cars close together it is

scary come on dude he is acing this it’s going too well it’s going too well oh man it’s nice to return to a time in this franchise when there was a comprehension of physics to a certain degree just turn the lights off oh my goodness that was a great shot whoa dude I mean he must win yeah oh you race for me now can someone translate for me what he said foreign racing this is like a Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift song at the theme song check this out man God don’t like that new look

she’s so ugly okay said harm was family so I heard about that I totally forgot all it took was that magic word to remind me this is all I heard about this out he had a cameo in it there he is wow he he was younger at one point I didn’t know he was into American Muscle it was when he was rolling with me you know this ain’t no 10 second race I got nothing but time that’s true he’s got like 20 more of these movies now you ready kid yeah I gotta admit though man

Vin Diesel does have that star Charisma drift with that car holy crap really they had to put that out there what was going on at the time of this movie’s release we need disclaimers like that for all the Fast and Furious movies now don’t be jumping out of airplanes without parachutes all right well there’s no need for like a big in-depth review on this you know I think you like the reaction kind of speaks for itself I had a I had a lot of fun with that movie that was that was a lot of fun

it’s it’s interesting coming from this experience on it because I would I’d like to be in the position where I was wise enough to go against the grain and go and watch this movie in the theaters in 2006 like a good man but instead I listen to naysayers and I didn’t really care for too fast actually I think I like Too Fast Too Furious I only saw the one time bottom line I missed out on it but to go Nine Movies in Miss the what is essentially in a lot of ways it’s it’s more Canon

than it’s it’s actually very much Canon to The Fast and Furious timeline but in a lot of ways you know Omni media said it best because I told him I was going to be watching this movie and he said it’s kind of the uh Halloween Season of the Witch of the franchise at the time it came out where you know if you were like well Vin Diesel was none and if Paul Walker’s on it what’s the point in actually watching it but I see why people like it I mean it’s it’s a good fast I

missed kind of these days of Fast and Furious I think I like it more than 2 Fast Too Furious even though I don’t really remember it I think I like it more than 2 Fast 2 Furious and and I I enjoyed it more than even like F9 uh definitely more than Fast and Furious did not like that movie that much wasn’t until like Fast Five you know I I if I were to rank this I’d probably go like Fast Five furious six fast seven Fast and Furious Tokyo The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift I’m

sort of winging it I don’t really know I’ve only seen most of them just one time so I don’t I don’t really know if my ranking would be needless to say I was pleasantly surprised by this I was worried it was gonna be boring then again it was Justin Lynn’s first film then he was the main director the Christopher McCrory if you will of this franchise for quite some time even supposed to have directed the last one but then went a little bit Haywire there and I I see I can get why at the time

it would not be well received uh you know because especially with what Fast and Furious is about family certain set of characters and stuff but I really enjoyed this one uh I like the Fish Out of Water Element to it I thought you know going back to the the time where it was obviously there’s gonna be a lot of CGI in there but not that CGI Reliant like for the most part it’s grounded in a sense of reality and to get a lot of the street racing and the drifting like it was actually really cool

and as sappy and melodramatic as some of these moments can certainly be where the cheese is really amped up to a degree where it’s you know the movie itself seems to lack self-awareness in certain scenes it’s not like overly cheesy it’s not overdoing it but it just hits it right enough to be like this is pretty corny this is pretty cheesy but because I’m a viewer who is so well down the pipeline now uh where I’m all the way into F9 that this to me is is nothing you know it’s nothing like it is so

far from what this franchise becomes that to me I’m like wow this is like a grounded approach this is realistic it would be kind of jarring if the Fast and Furious franchise moved back to something like this because and it’s nice to be reminded of of a time like that because I saw the first one uh quite a few times and then the other ones I’ve only seen once so yeah to be seeing to be seeing um to be seeing this it was it’s cool going in the context of knowing like my real introduction to

Han was Fast Five and Furious 6 and F9 and and then having the context of Shaw and then you’re like piecing it together like they clearly did not they clearly like made this up as they went along like it’s not it’s not like some of the best anime you’ll watch uh like I’ve been reading Attack on Titan manga and I’m like damn you know uh because the new Season’s coming out for Attack on Titan I don’t know when uh but it’s I’ve been seeing on Twitter I’m like I gotta like get a refresher and I

thought instead of re-watching the show read the Manga and then to to go back to the very beginning it’s crazy if you’re uh and like I feel like shows like Naruto do this like some of the best animes just do this where you can go so far down the rabbit hole and it’s mapped out better than any Cinematic Universe you get in America better than MCU or DC Universe you know any any Cinematic Universe like anime does that so well and there are parts of this that remind me of anime that might sound racist because

they’re in Japan but it does there are parts of it that remind me of an anime uh this is like the the type of tone the bravado and the height that just enough heightenedness of it there there were there were qualities about it like I wouldn’t even call the later ones like an anime those are something other some other kind of cartoon uh the this this had that that nice little punch it was like an american guy trying to make an anime directed by an Asian director who I don’t know if his Asian American or

actually Asian Asian I don’t know where Justin Lynn is from so my point with that is when you get to this moment with Han where he does die uh it’s not like the best anime where you go wow they’ve been napping this out since the beginning and we’re like 10 seasons into this show but it’s so obvious they really had that mapped out since the beginning how they get this far it’s really what this did for my experience was go yeah they were they’ve definitely been making up as they went along like let’s have Shaw

be the guy who crashed the car in there let’s uh looks like they didn’t come up with Shaw then let’s let’s let’s have him know what happened I don’t remember how he survived but the explanation was like he just wasn’t in the car and then like he witnessed it happened he was standing with Kurt Russell or some right it’s I barely remember what occurred but yeah it’s clearly silly but seeing like the real introduction the way how a lot of people got to experience Han because I know this movie definitely got more viewership than less

viewership than Fast Five but the way a lot of people got to experience on through this film was cool because it is fun playing the game of knowing the the Canon they made up after uh when they did like Fast Five and furious six but you know it is he is like a different kind of character here and he is more of like a gangster and but he’s like the cool gangster the one you feel like you can still be like vulnerable around and still be friends with you know he’s a really cool guy and

he and to me he was he it wasn’t just because I’m familiar with him I undoubtedly would walk and I suspect that’s probably why they brought him back and wanted to find a way to bring him back is because he is the best character in this film and yeah you know when I would see like a clip or two from it’s a very different kind of discussion for me because I’ve of course been like somewhat familiar with this movie uh just through via you know and the rest of the movies and the franchise and is

uh with uh with Sean i i a big part of it was I just did like even when I would see him in the other films it’s like ah there’s nothing about this is making me want to go check out Tokyo Drift especially like when you seem like Furious 7 and like they’re kind of fun and whatever but nothing that was like I wanted I need to go see that third film they’re presented differently here you know I’m not I’m not I wouldn’t say I’m I’m in love with these characters but I really enjoyed them

I I that would be it would be it would be a straight up lie if I said I did not enjoy them I I did enjoy them uh I enjoyed Sean he was a character sometimes I’d see a clip or two and like there’s no way I’m gonna like this but I did they had a very clear character Arc and they really laid it out for you uh but I and his he’s got a he’s real real southern guy um you hear his parents and you’re like he sounds so much more Southern than his parents

but I I as a character I was I wasn’t dear to him I thought it would be he doesn’t like possess the star power charisma because that is the thing that happens at the very end of this film you know when you do see Vin Diesel and him you’re like yeah there’s something about Vin Diesel that is not like the greatest freaking actor in the world but but he does he does have whatever they call it to be he’s got he’s got that it factor that even if you really he’s not a really great actor

but he’s still got something about him that makes him a leading man and and and uh and you see that that Charisma there you’re like yeah yeah he doesn’t have that kind of power but I was surprised walking into this to be enjoying the Ensemble I’d like Takashi I thought he was a interesting villain who had the complexity of you know bde energy and uh wanting to you know be tough and but he’s also so submissive to his uncle there’s ah and it still Falls in tune with the the family joke about this whole franchise

because this is still dealing with families you know it’s a father and son story and growing up and there and and then with Takashi his uncle his is like his father and you know he becomes so submissive to him and it’s about pleasing him and whereas you got one path of the of our Caucasian character uh finding his own way and the other one just trying to be obedient and a loyal servant to his uncle but that’s also dealing with like Yakuza and different cultures and stuff or whatever it’s just a lot of fun drama

who’s the girl let me let me pull up the imdiba over here it is played by Natalie Kelly Peruvian and Argentine yeah yeah they had weird chemistry it was it was really flat chemistry but it’s it had that it had that weird charm to me though I went anywhere I’m not I don’t feel like they got some Dynamite chemistry or some and and the way their scenes played out it was always the same kind of pitch and the same kind of note in the same kind of flirtatious way of talking to each other and it

really felt like the script forced emotional connection instead of truly finding it I don’t care like that’s one of the things with this you’re like yeah this is passable enough for me to like yeah let’s move it along find it interesting and they had other character moments that I thought were they would at least make the attempt to elevate it like with Takashi and her having that Showdown was right up in her face there’s a lot of right up in your face action scenes uh dialogue scenes here a lot of intimidation really close to each

other but you know get into it and and bow wow I thought was entertaining man is Twinkie I thought he was really entertaining and then being familiar with Leonardo Nam and like other works he’s done and then to see him here if I did not know his other works I would believe this is the kind of guy Leonardo Nam always plays do you guys know who Leonardo Nam is if you don’t that speaks volumes for his portrayal here as character whose name I don’t remember he was number two to uh Takashi in this film and

you know getting like the the Japanese culture and really letting it like the the it was like in in the in a franchise that has evolved into a globe trotting Adventure it was cool to get an installment that just focused on one part of culture like there are some moments that yeah they read a tad sappy like when they’re all drifting together up the mountain at night and it’s kind of supposed to be romantic but they’re talking about watching them drift and there’s there’s a but there’s like this weird Community Vibe about it but then

you get like the cool different angles of it of of an American dude getting to experience how laws in the underground World works over here and the Aesthetics to it it was nice to just have it zero in on Tokyo and really get to experience that really get to feel that it a part of me made me go I wish there was a an ALT Universe where we got to really find a way to make this work for the for the for the Ensemble here or the characters here and and and let their stories actually

continue instead of just being funny cameos that now appear it would have been neat because there was something here there is something pretty special and and I gotta say like the the funny part about it is the The Fast and Furious franchise from after Fast Five were really embraced a new type of a new type of extremity and it’s just about constantly upping that angle and then leaning into some of its very overtly cheesy qualities you know like the family angle and then you get some new big bad guy in there who also is what

I love about the bad guys and the new ones is how they they’ll they’re they’re also obsessed with cars I was watching the the last Fast and Furious trailer and Jason Momoa was racing him and I’m like why are these bad guys they’re all the bad guys are in the cars too it’s just it’s always been some Family Feud and they’re also into cars it’s good it’s good it works it always works out that way the cards are always there so yeah it’s it is just pure silliness and I thought there were actually some scenes

here where the drama was hitting just enough like I was never really strongly moved emotionally but it was enough to keep me engaged and there was this sense of groundedness with the racing and the action where I would you know like Fast and Furious now it’s more like whoa cool that’s crazy and then here it’s a different kind of crazy for example I remember watching the the trailer for the last one there’s this one little bike stunt for this I think it’s like a female bike rider she like goes over like this little curb or

wall I don’t know what it was but she went over it’s really brief moment in the trailer and it’s not this crazy explosive stunt but it it looks so real and it felt so tangible and this provided so much of that for me despite the few not the few but you know they would have to blend certain moments with CGI there was a lot of this where you could it was tangible it you could feel the stunt drivers behind it and I know that the later movies blend at but that’s the thing is it’s so

it’s so Blended in that you don’t even really get to appreciate it because there’s so much other crazies going on that it doesn’t even really register a lot of the time that man look at those stunt performers and and I like seeing the magic of that in this film where I am very much aware that yeah these are real like they have to do a disclaimer at the end of this movie of like don’t do this because they had real people doing it and that to me was one of the most invigorating parts of it

was getting back to that grounded sense and it’s something that I don’t know if the franchise could ever go back there so it was weird to go to a film to the third installment in this franchise like let me do some quick math here minus 13 for 17 years ago to go 17 years ago and see this where if it had come out today I’d be like wow this is the this is a neat direction for the franchise to go down well look actually it’s super old and and uh it and it doesn’t feel it

didn’t feel repetitive so as much as I don’t have like an Nostalgia for Tokyo drugs this is the first time I’m watching it I did find myself going oh it’s a bummer that the franchise seemed to lose sight of this kind of quality and it’s sad to me that the love for this film came around later instead of when it first did come out I mean don’t get me wrong I really do enjoy the other films like they’re they’re a blast not a big fan of F9 but the other films I I really do enjoy

so except for the fourth okay the fourth one I don’t like but five six seven and then pretty much most debate I really enjoy F9 was a little bit of a it was a pretty hard experience for me that was really up and down but I’m looking forward to fast sex uh yeah now this was I I don’t know just kind of it’s like a what is the phrase I’m looking for um a bottle what is that phrase excuse me guys bottle in time a capsule in time a capsule of a certain time you know

it’s like when they talk about movies that were Song of the South the the phrase will come to me when the camera’s not rolling when they talk about like movies that were like yeah but he captured a moment in time of American History Cinema and stuff when they’re when they defend by a racist villain should exists or something and that’s what this cap it’s like a time capsule of what this franchise once was but I thought I think when you go back to him like actually this worked this worked I thought it was good I

I thought it was good and um I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it I thought I would be bored I was nervous I put this off for a while but I wasn’t bored I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I got to experience it with you all so anyway my conversation is is just off the rails it’s just it’s just off off-roading drifting in all kinds of directions like how this franchise has become but hey I had fun I hope you guys did too thank you so much for being here sure support leave

a like subscribe and I will talk with you all soon

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