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I’m G fueled up sponsored ladies and gentlemen get yourself a cheap field today 20 off with our promo code in the description box guys we got ourselves a trailer for The Flash and despite any earlier controversies that have been talked about I am looking forward to this film finally coming out it looks like it’s finally coming here it’s gotta be the greatest film of all time yeah and like Coy said earlier we are the cast of Flashpoint right here of this new Flash movie Ladies and Gentlemen please go ahead and leave a like that would

mean the world to us if you could go ahead and do that also uh Coy and John they finally watched the Justice League Flashpoint movie right here on this channel so you guys can go ahead and check that out at some point and we’re going to cover whatever else comes out of the Super Bowl we’ll be a little bit selective today so subscribe click that notification Bell to get notified when a reaction is up or whatever else might pique your interest you guys excited I’m super excited I’m really excited too people tell me something you

can go anywhere save your mommy online Another Universe fight to save this one it’s definitely Affleck yeah it’s definitely this is

the world where my mom lives I don’t lose her again oh no Ron Livingston oh Ron Livingston’s the dad now yeah the only product couldn’t do it time has a pattern great cast that it can’t help reliving interesting people different worlds oh drawn to each other like no oh my face so my face he’s turning his powers back you can also destroy just kept me happening this is odd I completely broke the universe it’s

enormous whoa damn created a world with no meta-humans and now there’s no one to defend us fascinating foreign it back a future holy oh they’re gonna do this thing damn dude high beams what’s the plate Batman what do we do we try not to die oh wow There She Goes wow it’s not quark my name is Kara Barry what are you doing our kids are gonna want to see this wow oh my yeah I love the trailer I also feel like I kind of pieced together the whole film sure I mean is that not what

full trailers especially in this universe it seems what I like about the change from Flashpoint is you know because when Barry Allen time travels in that he just replaces other Barry Allen right whereas here he’s confronting the Barry Allen before Barry Allen had powers looks like that Barry Allen did never became the Flash and then they do the thing they do in Flashpoint where he gets Powers but it’s not he tries to get the powers yeah it looks like the thing with the batarang like having Flashpoint when he a Batman tries to get him his

powers back it looks like that’s that was the moment but it’s the other Berry in this one yeah he’s getting so there’s two flashes like we saw well I imagine that our I’ll I’ll go by saying like 2022 Barry or what year were we in 2023 well also 2023 Barry is the current you know DC EU one yeah I think it looked like 2023 Barry goes back probably loses his powers like how in the it goes in the comic and then he’s so he’s trying to regain so I see some of the reset of the

timeline by trying to get the 2013 bury that and instead of breaking out Cal L to rescue him who’s been in prison it’s clearly Cara right and it’s taking place so then they gotta go fight Zod together all the end because they don’t have a Superman yeah and I guess I don’t know exactly how it ends but I feel like the most of the movies that’s pretty much the rest of the movie right so the question is is like will he he’s probably going to have to make that choice whether or not that’s where I’m

like conflicted on I imagine that he will make the choice to ultimately not save his mom let her live because he’s got to keep some things in order because imagine some of this is about maturing yeah and like a coming-of-age story of sorts and then a new timeline will be established at the very end yeah yeah um but it’s still a great truth I want to see all that play out that I just said like I want to see all that play out um it looks awesome uh but yo guys who wants to hand up

first let’s talk about Keaton I mean it wasn’t George Clooney but you know I’ll accept Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck I mean that was cool because there’s been so much up in the air about like what if they shot what if they reshot who’s gonna appear and this was cool because I feel like on the one hand you’d want Batman to be a surprise but here I was like cool we got two flashes we got two Batman we got Zod like this feels very big and connected in a way that is probably gonna confuse some

people because of the resetting of the Snyder verse but also this looks very much ripped out of that aesthetic and I love just seeing Michael Keaton back in the suit obviously seeing the kind of attitude just getting those hints of the growth of his character since the last time we saw him in Batman Returns and uh it doesn’t look goofy at all no no it never looks really badass they shot it very bertinely too yeah sure the first time we see him in the trailer even and there’s like a burton like where he does that

pivot tilt where he like swoops and I love that it feels like Batman 3 in those moments and I’m really wondering how much of that plays into much Yeti’s directing style when he’s directing like will he have Cavill I mean sorry everyone we only have uh bat Fleck feel like Snyder shots will he have Burton feel like those shots and will it feel like the Multiverse of directing because yeah this this is allowing us to meld universes and I think that’s going to help people from not be too confused as to the Snyder implosion is

because you’re bringing in both Keaton and batflick and therefore you could shoot it in different ways multiversely yeah and that’d be really fun and it looks like they did that because those couple shots of him on the on the Bat Bike feel very very Snyder oh definitely well it looks like in the beginning of this he’s probably working with the Justice League or just Batman I imagine like will there be more Justice League cameos at the beginning yeah Aquaman will there be Wonder Woman there in the city whatever fight is going down where he’s on

the Bat Bike and like yeah you got Bruce Wayne and Ben Affleck warning him at the top like you probably should in time travel but he’s gonna make that choice anyway because that’s such a Learning lesson for Barry in the flashpoint storyline and so I’m really liking this and honestly it looks very um the flashpoint storyline is also very emotional because it’s the hardest Choice the guy has to make he has to basically choose whether or not he’s going to let his mom live or die yeah and he’s also dealing with the fact that his

dad is in jail and he wants to prove that his dad is actually Innocent but the thing that I was that I did not get from this trailer was who the main villain is are they just redoing Zod again like it looks like the remaking Man of Steel of sorts where there’s no Superman so he’s able to do he’s able to advance a little further with the uh what is that machine called God damn it whatever the machine is that he’s doing to rebuild Krypton I’m forgetting the name of it but pal driver thing yeah

yeah cool Destroyer no that’s not cool I forget it’s been a long tension uh World engine uh so yeah that looks cool and I like things when you know Keaton is uh doing cooler things than he did in any of the Batman movies because we also acknowledge how good like just the framing and the CGI and like the actual movie looks here because we’ve heard over and over again like best thing since dark tonight which is at this point a like Citizen Kane of superhero movies like you say Dark Knight when you want to say

Citizen Kane like it’s that thing for superhero friends right and so I’ve been very worried about just like how anything could live up to that and though we did see a lot of this movie I’m one very glad they didn’t reveal too many cameos Beyond like the core seemingly cast like this could be a lot bigger but it also uh the actual composition and the style of shot choices and again the blending of Multiverse of directors all of that looks like oh this is why Mushi Eddie we’re hearing is like such a force of nature

director like I’ve been saying give muchiati Superman after this trailer I want it way more because that there was some Superman shots that gave me like like with Supergirl in that moment just just give him Superman yeah I I love the trailer I love the trailer Ezra looks great honestly as it looks very emotive I like the new suit on the third shot first I was a little worried and then I got immediately used to it there were a couple of shots with her to get her like that very ending shot where they’re the two

berries or I’m like uh doesn’t get a little like purple same room yeah there’s a couple of uh like but that’s stuff you can easily fix that’s that’s not complicated I mean it’s not easy but it’s that’s me it’s easy for time for everything they’re doing here that’s something they can fix and it’s a bit probably easier to see past in a full-on scene where you’re just sort of used to them being together I feel like the uncanniness of that isn’t as formidable as other things can be I am curious what the ending of this

is gonna be like though because this is supposed to reset it so is the rumors going to be true about whatever the Batman is at the end of this will it be the one who ends up being the DCU Batman I still not what a great way to cast that yeah I mean like to have that beer Moment Like end of the movie with because then you’ve got a built-in didn’t have to see this movie audience that already is there and then you’ve got the we’re gonna make an event in its own way there right

and you also have a way to end uh like I’ve said a million times how do you end a shared universe so what if he sacrifices himself and stays with his mom like what if he stays in the floating universe and then we have the Ezra’s die but then I feel like the DCU would have to continue on in a way that’s dealing with just a bunch of cataclysmic timeline events the whole time instead of just allowing yourself that’s exciting instead of just having like a full-on reset I don’t know we’ll see uh I’m glad

we don’t know bottom line is I thought it was a great bottom line is I me personally I thought it was a great trailer and uh I can’t wait to I really I’m really looking forward to this and the truth of the matter is I was I’ve been excited for Michael Keaton but he looked more badass than I expected him I did not know how I’d feel about the rubber suit coming back and I want Ben Affleck to meet Michael Keaton so much more than I realized until I saw them in a frame and also

watch and read Flashpoint because it does look different enough that it won’t spoil it but it also might give you some moments of like oh that’s what they’re reference like this looks different enough you won’t be ruined so check out the comic check out the Animated Series then watch this you got time the way how you’ve always drawn the analogy of a difference between a remaking and an adaptation this feels like a real adaptation that’s also do you know working within the universe of the DC EU timeline yeah it’s an adaptation versus translation this this

is adapting versus trying to translate a story and they’re using their characters in a unique way like using Supergirl in this way and I’m very curious also what that means per in woman of tomorrow if that’s the thing yeah I don’t feel like it will be that one of course yeah this this one is a very even even for Flashpoint serial it’s a very specific type of uh character from because even just like Superman was I imagine that I wonder what the thing is where where is Superman is Superman just dead like were they come

here together that’s that’s my question I was like where is super gonna see him from the chest down yeah he’s out looking for his lost head yeah he’s like the headless horse that’s not the Saga yeah I’m curious I wonder if he’s just like been killed off I mean it might not exist in that Universe what if the the Kryptonite or the Kryptonian that gets sent to Earth is just her and then you solve that true in that Multiverse all right guys well what did you think about the Flash trailer leave your thoughts down below

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