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hey guys thank you so much for joining me again today today we are going to be checking out the game from 1997 and all I know about this one is it has Michael Douglas and that everybody keeps telling me I need to see it before it gets spoiled so I am excited to get into it and see what the hubbub is about the game make sure you like the video down below if you want me to watch some more Michael Douglas movies or some more Thriller mystery whatever genre movie this is let me know down

below by leaving a like so let’s get into it here we go okay I’m very excited for this one I think it’s some sort of mystery or I don’t know Thriller with a Twist I’m not sure the game this is gonna be good I already know it I like this piano although it’s unsettling something about these home movies with this piano is a little creepy I mean I just feel like I had all of these people died or something you know oh I kind of think clowns are pretty creepy and then the boy murdered everybody

all right Michael Douglas I don’t I know who he is but I can’t think of any Michael Douglas movies I’ve seen so this might be my

first something about your father thank you sir holy moly quite an estate time this morning according to this movie no the inch Burger way no I will not be attending I have an Elizabeth online three your ex-wife I know who it is take a message happy birthday sir a gentleman called requesting to have lunch with you a Mr Seymour butt okay Bart Simpson cancel my lunch make a reservation Mr

Butts oh must be a code for something Mr butts no I’m still waiting iced tea I’ve been a server he does not seem like the kind of dude you’d want to serve oh try not to read what a surprise see more butts let’s get tired of that I’m gonna make a reservation for me and my sister and her see more butts that’s awesome I used to buy crystal meth off the major day it didn’t take they can’t smoke here I’m with you Elizabeth you married a pediatrician or gynecologist or pediatric gynecologist so it brings you

to town Conrad you need anything I feel like he needs money not myself laying naked on the beach all of a sudden October 12. thank you birthday October 11th what do you get for the man who has everything consumer Recreations a profound life experience interesting uh tell me a profound life experience like a drugs thing are you still have medication I’m not on anything do you mind that was the best thing ever happened so he’s done it okay oh God he’s gonna love that I’m very curious what is this profound life experience card get to

it he’s kind of giving me a grumpy Bruce Wayne Vibes you know just thinking a lot about his childhood something traumatic happened to this kid which is him I don’t know is Dad I saw Conrad today how is he I think he’s in one of those personally proven Cults or something yeah send my love oh that looks good I would eat that oh that’s sweet is he gonna have champagne in that glass I would nice dinner hold it on their payments I feel like things are going to ramp up here when we call this number

Elizabeth Rose Kennedy have a black dress yesterday because of your father he was 48 wasn’t he please send Dr Mel and Rachel my best be well bye it’s receiving initial support now I’ve seen one episode of squid games so this is kind of giving me squid games Vibes as well fish in the same house that he’s in now consumer Recreation services going well you should feel this reflects negative receive this I guess she’s on a call I understand could you assist this gentleman oh yeah my brother let’s get started get started oh my God I’m

like excited to see what this is I’m afraid it’s going to be scarier gross or something hey would you mind holding that he is not used to people like this I don’t think well your brother was a client with our London Branch Farm law scoring outstanding sure application and uh psych test there what the heck is this heard small animals huh I feel guilty when I masturbate well I don’t like the question what are you selling it’s a game okay think of it as a great vacation what kind it’s different every time whatever’s lagging admit

to yourself that it sounds intriguing definitely book of the month that was my sales pitch it’s pretty good I kind of want to do it although I feel like it’s going to be scary this is intriguing now I’m curious that there is some sort of real life version of this I have to see how Wild it gets though if it gets just insane then probably not there’s got to be some sort of real life personal tailored experiential game situation this is very thorough it shouldn’t be long said that two hours ago is this part of

the game thing in yeah this is like quite invasive and getting a little creepy insurance company requirement that you’re willing participant and so on and so forth our payments entirely at your mom’s discretion depending on your satisfaction you never had an unsatisfied I’m getting very nervous I don’t know what this game is going to be like a family-owned the game in San Francisco couldn’t help it over here about CRS yeah I got some mental test today at the Montgomery Street Kudos what the heck what is it yeah final question I wish I could go back

and do it for the first time they all love it new experiences I feel like I’m also experiencing it for the first time and it’s like giving me chills you want to know what it is yes yes whereas once I was blind now I can see best of luck it’s so vague they’re all being so vague about it so philosophical I hope his game starts soon I’m so curious yes Mississippi that’s what she was saying at the front desk when you got in but maybe this is part of the game this is Conrad leave a

message and you’re a birthday present I think it’s part of the game it’s how you’re rejected but you’re not actually rejected what is this I have Goosebumps oh my God creepy real or is it just a fake dummy oh it’s part of the game uh what is this Sierras it’s in the game I do not like this dummy very creepy I would not have it propped up right next to me in my room what if there’s like a camera in his face what are you gonna spend the rest of the evening crying I I don’t

frustrating for me you don’t pay attention uh um can you imagine it never mind you want to know how a camera I’ll call dude oh my God warm sit down I knew it it’s gonna I don’t know boiling hot objective that is figuring out the game is the game I I since that dummy came in my I have Goosebumps on my entire body this is really freaky includes include the club oh just a baby rattle what oh it’s pen the one that they told me to keep is this a clue too oh my gosh to

go to the bathroom to meet someone in the bathroom ah this is awesome ask me to step down I don’t think this visit comes as a surprise hey you really holding me to adorable pennies those pennies are costing millions and your father could see you now your father was a friend he misspoke before when you said you’re stepping down I am firing you I’m sorry cut the rail prepare the severance package I’m gonna pop out of the suitcase ah oh right uh how could I forget use the key use the key oh my God oh

my God oh my God oh my God oh my God it’s not it lucky day it didn’t work yeah hmm it has Conrad left a message Connie stood him up jeez is it the same girl so sorry I wasn’t even looking almost exactly the same thing here don’t do that just get me some soda water I don’t think so it was an accident terrific terribly sorry bummer he just can’t catch a break with these shirts is that some sort of thing yeah who was that waiter Apollo nope what does the Note say what is this

can you hear me do you know what to do okay don’t stand there for help how do we know he’s turning blue all right who is this guys would they really detain a pedestrian who found someone don’t let her get away she’s supposed to fall in love with this girl let’s just talk oh my God oh my God this is so freaky this is so freaky this is what I was trying to explain to you again plan elaborate pranks the guy who just turned blue was was sorry about that how do you know that’s the

way I don’t I kind of like this girl she’s sassy but I’m I’m really feeling unsettled this game is free okay so freaky I I don’t think this is a horror movie but it’s like got some creepy horror elements happening but everyone who plays the game likes it they just fall use your key use your key if you’re here okay what the I got the key in the mouth that sounds crazy I don’t like this either do not attempt to open if elevator stops use phone let’s just wait for help oh my God I’m not

wearing any in the room very soon okay I’m just she part of the game like maybe she’s an actor I don’t think so but maybe maybe she can wait a minute this is the company I was talking about don’t let her get away they’ve got the dogs out there let me guess I go first is this song this is all part of it it goes a thousand dollars could you imagine a thousand dollar shoes that’s crazy you signed up for the game drop from here no the garage no that’s not a good idea ew it’s

so weird they’re so close I could throw this or to his office you’ve never even asked me my name because you said your name was Christine you got a shower in your office are you an athlete or something no I’m an investment banker would you mind if I rinsed off I’ll just be safe no problem I don’t know if like I guess I’m rooting for them to kiss or something this game though I have a confession I’m part of the game someone gave me 400 bucks to this will drink some practical jokes uh every final

suit they said the attractive guy in the grave she thinks he’s cute all right what was the point of that the game I meet cute so weird all right I’m told you have my American Express Concierge has arranged for the wine and flowers this is part of the game I’m almost sure of it creepy music though not a mistake I’m suspicious of everything welcome back hmm amen believe so if you’ll just sign here he looks amused Mikey didn’t I give you one last night yeah what is hell who was there last night room’s been used

right what happened holy crap porn on the TV what is going on that’s his signature oh Nicholas Finn Orton this is wild who is it uh don’t do it uh maybe don’t come in flush it it’s gonna cut himself be careful yeah yeah is he really gonna look back on all this later fondly you’re being followed I feel like he needs to go find Christine again she’s part of this for some reason all right we’re private investigating what could be that Anson guy or it could be the game Follow Me Sam you can have pictures

of me the only thing they care about is the stock you’ll be losing it into this is unconscionable but he started the game before he fired him I could meet my attorney oh he misses money my science determination I accepted your sentiment not him man how concerned should I be yeah he looks like a loon find out about a company called consumer Recreation services man that they gave me a waiver and what is this a clue disappeared are you okay no I’m not to worry you don’t have to worry I do not think he has

this under control though Marie the other night got a taxi for young woman United Taxi Company who the driver was where they took her some sort of lever opened something it’s another key really phone’s off the hook oh God I have a gun oh my God this is aft oh my God you just trashed his place what the my father before me I choose Eternal sleep yeah you’re all right what do you mean there’s been a break-in now lock your door if he goes back in the house and it’s all put back to normal I’m

gonna freak out here they’re gone no your car is that his brother oh God the hell his brother’s part of it for the real star oh no I paid him more to make it stop they did this get a grip on yourself will you oh this is bad I don’t I knew this wasn’t a good game the phone doesn’t work I can’t get a signal really surprise it’s gonna be like a body in there so much Keys gone Brothers all I ever try to do was help you nobody asked you to play Dance you need

to stick together what about those other guys he knows that were saying it was a good game I mean he just met them in the club I guess they could be anyone oh my phone answer it weird is it a real taxi 2210 Broadway oh we locked him in it’s not a real taxi c-r-s good oh they got him now what is this what oh my God what the hell are they just trying to kill him it’s a game it’s a game it’s a game yeah do you have a key do you have a key

there’s the lever yeah yeah um holy I’m Sam Smith are they gonna not be there anymore yeah oh my God this is they just think it’s nuts management says the space hasn’t been officially rented yet dive is they’re still looking for the cam have you spoken to your brother he hasn’t called me back he wasn’t even his brother though photo the clown the ambulance or pending breaking an intern we got some attempted murder except you said you hired these guys so far we don’t have money come on there’s psychos I think what was my father

like I think he just worked too hard before nobody expected it I wonder how much of him there is in me not much I think plus mother worried nobody ever worried about your father oh God yeah okay let’s go see Christine hopefully she’s not dead CRS cable repair specialist I hope she didn’t let them in I don’t have a good feeling about this this is a very unsettling movie Christine is she here hey can we talk she’s alive okay I’ll take it is this you was it my hotel are you telling me that this is

not the bra the red bra is she in on her no it’s okay we can talk I’ll put some clothes on I’ll be right back well she’ll be right back you have an aspirin is he gonna find a clue in her house it’s your lamp on fire what the heck is this even a real apartment what is going on gosh oh my God is she an actor what’s going on uh it’s all fake it’s all fake oh my God get out get out of there I don’t like anything about this go go go First Communion

I don’t buy it they’re watching yeah oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God or something who do you people think you are she’s afraid huh well they better go holy these guys with their guns go go go girl holy yeah they gotta go they gotta hide all right note to self never never play a game like this hold on Christine you better start talking I need some answers oh man oh man I don’t know if he can trust her I don’t know You Wanna Know is she just messing with him

start talking girl your brother was in a food that’s a lie because he thought it was his only way how did they get to him they did to you us handwriting voice samples right oh I bet it’s all gone Bluetooth out that’s impossible they took all his money off they have drained my accounts they’re trying to kill me I got one right here we’ll make her testify Sutherland’s probably dead maybe he’s in on it oh my God never never play a game like this never call a phone number I mean I’m sure they know where

this is this cabin sure they know my name’s not Christina who cares I should be glad you’re alive someone like you how many times have you done this what this is pension plans this is 600 million whoa 600 million dollars what oh please be Sutherland please be alive unless he’s in on it I don’t know your funds are intact I checked on them myself okay oh I always did she lie she says that nothing is in on it yeah God or is she in on it I don’t know what to trust here why did oh

my God I wouldn’t worry about it why oh my God did say his code in the car oh my God oh my God oh my God so the girls can be interested in the blanks oh my God she’s good wow where is he where the hell is he freaking creepy whoa wow what well I think he’s hit rock bottom here what she just figured something out he has a plan I hope he has a plan come on Michael Douglas please support for money your father’s watched love how the heck is he gonna beat these guys

this music so creepy can I have your attention please anybody here going to San Francisco got 18.78 anybody got one okay good I’m gonna do I mean can you just go back to his office was his lawyer really in on it I don’t think so no maybe public auction I wonder what happened to Elsa To Kill a Mockingbird it’s always good to have a little bit of cash in your house I guess okay so all your money gets stolen in a creepy game oh oh God what huh there were some complaints we did the best

we could to accommodate a nervous breakdown they said they left this address it’s yours is that his ex-wife don’t get her involved she’s pregnant what happened to you you had 600 million dollars he still cares about him you know I opened I don’t want an open box very very on edge I mean I would be too though like with the last waitress did to him what I hope she’s not in on it I understand what you guys shutting you out I hope that you do for you you’ve been on the go for days there’s nothing

to forgive the onset of a migraine relief is failure yeah his ex-wife is probably like you’re losing it probably Dodge the bullet getting over that marriage did mention that oh come on right now huh yeah he just like does not have time for this right now he’s attacked like one of these people you have here up on your this picture there yeah meet him at the zoo I love you got my kids get rid of them thank you look strange nobody knows I need to find out where they are they own the whole building yeah

this is very dangerous yeah he has nothing left to lose that girl probably should have just killed him maybe she thought she did I mean he did wake up in it like a coffin kind of what are you gonna do anyway pulling back the curtain I want to meet the wizard yeah same you’re not allowed to be here and I’m crazy what floor I was just thinking can’t they see all of this does this guy know more than he’s laying on though could be I do think Christine will be surprised what are you doing here

shoot her in the face not really but next shot explain who’s behind us what do you mean why get your password call Nicholas they won’t do it yes they will cause I’m gonna kill you that’s not an automatic the are you talking about research those goddamn God’s part of your game this is all the game is it okay okay there was always a safety that the taxi there was a driver oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God I don’t know oh my God not a very fun game he’s dead uh

I’m sorry yeah we’re all going to jail for the rest of our lives oh my God here in the back are they expecting him to do that but it can still cut you to check your pulse uh his brother really alive so that was part of the game this is happy birthday Nikki oh it’s not fun let’s start it’s not a birthday present I don’t like it so I can live for dinner birthday present not a good present so what they they wanted to make him try and kill himself just like his dad so he

could face that fear and I mean he was kind of an but that was a little extreme ladies and gentlemen my brother Nicholas van Norton worst birthday ever that is a profound life experience I just what the hell thank God you jump I was I’m stunned is he happy about this sweet dreams she knew about it too this I’ll call you I really was great entrance I’ve never been here well that’s good thank you for coming what’s this the bill yeah how the hell much did that cost thanks yeah that was suspicious I’m just stunned

by that whole ending just like a fake blood on him like I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye hell of an acting job girl no I never did ask you your name no Claire we have a gig starting next week in Australia well when you get back uh maybe we can get we have some dinner you don’t know anything about me so you tell me well where you’re from oh Oklahoma Colorado she can’t stop lying would you like coffee with me at the airport go for it thousand tents okay well that was the game

I am still processing that one I feel like I want to watch it again but man I didn’t really see the end reveal coming I thought he shot his brother for sure so that was awesome great reveal first impression I loved it they Hoodwinked me multiple times in that movie really fun ride really suspenseful I was frightened for some of it lots of Goosebumps unsettling music what a ride MVP I think we have to give it to Michael Douglas you did a great job in this movie I really liked him as our protagonist I was

just as in the dark as he was for all of it pretty much I really liked him in this so we’ll give Michael Douglas our MVP Loki MVP I’m gonna give to the girl Christine or Claire or whatever her name was we’ll give it to her because I didn’t suspect her really I mean I was like oh is she part of the game but like I really didn’t think she was that involved in the game she was good she fooled me and she had good chemistry with Michael Douglas will give our Loki MVP to the

blonde lady and the worst award I don’t even know who to give it to because nobody was who they seemed and was there an actual bad guy in this you guys tell me who’s your worst who’s the worst award overall this one was really cool very different very unique I’ve never really seen anything like it and people are right you can only see this movie the first time once that’s when it really hits home though you could watch it more than once I think it would be really fun to see again I really love this

one if there are more like Thriller Mysteries let me know down below and I’d be happy to check them out because I really really like this one thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate it I had a super great time you had a great time too and I will see you next time bye guys

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