The Gatling Gun – Commentated Movie Weapon Review

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Hollywood loves the Gatling gun it’s featured in 
countless western civil war and even steampunk  
movies not to mention video games this was a 
revolutionary weapon which brought rapid fire  
to the battlefield after its invention in 1861. 
the Gatling Gun saw service in the american civil  
war and around the world at the height of many 
colonial conflicts the weapon is intimidating and  
imposing and it usually steals every scene it’s in 
which is no different than as modern counterparts
it’s unlikely the inventor Dr Richard Gatling 
knew just how influential his invention would be  
it served the united states military for 45 years  
to date the Gatling gun has been featured in over 
100 tv shows and movies some great and some bad
the Gatling gun first saw initial service during 
the civil war ironically dr Gatling when designing  
the Gatling gun wrote one of his intentions was 
to be able to reduce the size of combating armies  
through rapid-fire which he hoped would 
ultimately lead to less casualties  
the civil war would be America’s bloodiest war 
in history with over 625 000 deaths though the  
Gatling gun would only account for a tiny 
fraction of these as the weapon was only  
purchased privately in limited numbers by union 

/> commanders dr galling understandably could not  
predict future tacticians would counter rapid-fire 
with levels of attrition beyond comprehension
the first foreign use of the Gatling 
gun would be by the armies of Argentina  
Peru and Canada who in 1885 used them during the 
northwest rebellion but the gun would be most  
infamously used in Africa and Asia the British 
would use the gun in the Zulu and Sudanese wars  
400 guns would be purchased by Russia and used 
against Turkmen cavalry and other ethnic central  
Asian people the gun would also be acquired 
by modernizing Asian nations such as china  
and japan America starting in the 1850s would 
pressure japan into opening trade with the west  
with a display of naval technological superiority 
japan quickly modernized its armies thereafter
over the life of the Gatling gun between 1862 and 
1903 many different variants would be produced  
they would all have the same firing mechanism 
which is a hand crank rotating between 6 and  
10 barrels each firing once per full rotation 
before the gallon gun only mass volley weapons  
offered anything resembling the Gatling’s firing 
power these weapons needed to be reloaded after  
every discharge whereas the Gatling gun 
had fast methods of being fed ammunition
Gatling guns are gravity fed into a breach through 
a hopper or simple box magazine but many different  
magazines would be developed smaller caliber 
galling guns could use the Broadwell drum which  
held 240 to 400 rounds o drum magazines held up 
to 500 rounds were highly prone to jamming by 1881  
gallon guns could accept two rows of cartridges 
meaning an empty cartridge could be changed while  
the gun was still firing though i’m not sure 
this would be possible in this contraption
that’s really something mr pierce the Gatling gun 
started its career firing 200 rounds per minute  
and ended it firing up to 900 in 1883  
the maxim would become the first fully 
automatic weapon effectively replacing it  
the maxim did not require a hand crank and 
instead used recoil force to reload itself
this is the most potent weapon in war
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watching this video on the Gatling gun  
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