THE GENTLEMEN (2019) MOVIE REACTION!! FIRST TIME WATCHING! Matthew McConaughey | Full Movie Review

thank you to Harry’s and expressvpn for sponsoring more on them after the Rea show citizens of the reject Nation Andrew Gordon and I have been having such a fun time covering these guy Richie films and we are doing the one easily that the comments have been requesting the most it is called the Andrew aka the gentlemen Andrew how excited are you well all right all right all right I’m excited Greg I know it’s not as good as our STM uh impersonations I’m really excited just from all the uh doing a pervert what was that I

if you know what a pervert sounds like you tell me but anyways I excited miror from all the comments we’ve interrupting you thank you cra I appreciate it’s not easy to keep going while you interrupt me but from all the comments we’ve been getting on the request uh for this specific guy Richie film I’m super excited and also two from the last guy Richie films we’ve done I really love both those films so I’m extremely excited for this one looking forward to it guys is this your favorite guy Richie film leave it down below are

you excited for the Netflix series that we just learned was coming out when we were trying to find out where we can stream this

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length reaction where you can sync up with your own copy it’s a full length Reaction watch along and we also cover several things over there exclusively with highlights and watch alongs included lost my my breath there was swallowing my spit it’s a Monday that we’re filming this let’s do it whoa this is weird now the movie starting over the Studio logo I like that always stylistic choices with kyi Bobby what I have a pint in a pickled egg up it’s a very specific pickled egg order you know Matthew mcon doesn’t wear deodorant fun fact is

that true true yeah his dad said he should smell like a man oh okay gry ah good catch made himself an Easter egg if you wish to be the king of the jungle I do it’s not enough to act like a king okay you must be the king don’t wear deodorant don’t fake it till you make it don’t deodorant there can be no doubt because doubt Causes Chaos in one’s own demise that’s cool interal narration that he was actually thinking it wasn’t just a narration for the story I love guy Richie style I really I

really Do’s got such cool variety he really does stay night tonight 9:00 you and I River Cafe who’s there Roz who’s there oh whoa my what what a reveal at the beginning I mean they’re probably going to do like a of course of course but knowing the whole film that’s going to happen oh my God got some major nonlinear storytelling to unfold Charlie Ham’s in this cool Henry Golding this like a bond open yes right this a cool cast man and Hugh Grant Man from Uncle he’s back guy Richie he always picks such I mean

it’s early on but he always picks such good songs in his films it feels like it’s going to feel a little bit more like the guy Richie that when he was first came onto the scene with a gangster films wow this looks like an Ikea a commercial in Britain or something fler I’ve got a meeting on Saturday at your favorite newspaper I love the voice he’s doing they are ready to put 150 Grand in my pocket to give him some filth good for me that but in this case it’s bad for you oh it’s fun

seeing him play a character so big Dave editor extraordinaire has developed a terrible antipathy for your boss he’s out to destroy it we both know that your boss has very very deep pockets and I would like to invite him just to have a teeny rumage in them ah what the are you talking about furnish me with 20 million British pounds I will give you memory cards contact sheets recordings the lots and a modest little screenplay Bush that’s a steep ride R in 30 seconds that you’re lucky because that is nothing compared to what I could

be asking thank God you’re not greedy Fletcher you deluded eating jeez quite like it when you talk dirty to me I can feel myself in ging drink with me it’s really yummy loving the sex oh man I imagine he had so much fun getting a chance to really step out of what he normally does you play a game with me B I don’t want to play a game please no I said play aing game with me R oh cool great editing go from far away and then close up on those two lines and back and

forth here I want you to imagine a character a dramatic character like in a book or a play or a film but not digital analog chemical process keep the Grain in the picture I say old school 35 mil are we watching it I was wondering if lot right when he said it yeah I’m seeing this through a lens I am and I’m not talking about the small screen it’s not TV Raymond as I said old school right okay is this guy Richie talking to us yeah R camera so cool enter our protagonist I had a

okay he’s gorgeous he’s Golden Age he’s a proper handsome his name is Mickey Pearson the betterness of this American Born Road scholar so he’s born clever but poor I relate but he never finished his education because he found his vocation a naughty vocation he’s a bad boy that substance looks familiar he starts stealing the dirty Wonder weed to his rich British upper class uni Pals ah he’s an entrepreneur yeah man drug dealer entrepreneur what’s the difference he had to do some naughty things to get where he got to establish his position to become king to

show he was wasn’t just teeth tits and tan well he wasn’t fing H was he oh he had an engine under his hood and in his holster machete does not look real well that was the early days and he cracked on with his new world Pioneer Spirit what’s he worth today 100 200 500 million I wonder if in person I would be able to keep up with everything H Grant is saying like can you put this in subtes while you’re talking to me cashing his chips and get out the game and he seems to have

found the perfect customer smash cut please has been cultivating a special relationship with the erudite learned and broadminded Matthew burer I do know about the Jewish billionaire Cowboy Jewish billionaires Matthew Burger blindsiding us with his donation to build the entire cognitive behavioral therapy unit he sold him some weed earlier they’ve done some small deals together they for the big one now I understand why you’re seated at the head of the table Making a Splash with the Gentry oh I like to make a splash whenever possible understand the significance of a proper attire I believe a

sense of ownership is vital in every aspect of life perhaps never more so than when it comes to wardrobe represents who you are and for every season a strategy now starts the alpha dogs they’re not really talking about clothes Raymond I know they’re like a pair of old doggies sniffing around one another’s intellectual it’s a good oldfashioned cough Rond it’s fun how he’s letting us know we’re watching a film itself like it’s very self-aware in that sense and it’s like his gangster film with but upper Society you see try as I might I can’t work

out how you do it and Bush is my game how does anyone grow 50 tons of Super Skunk without letting anyone else know how they do it lots of practice 200 million gross PA 100 mil Jesus your people know this already they’ve s the numbers for months now I got to get into a life of crime seriously right we’re wasting our time in here it was Big Dave he commissioned me to do a job on Mickey you know sniff about keep an eye on him go through his bids reveal his sins good bars is that

the Lord pressfield is Grace the Duke yeah once full fin line to the throne apparently Mickey pearon has squeaked his way into the crack of his fat Posh ass I need a man with your creativity with your nose now you know you’re my favorite blood ant I love how animated they get when they curse I’ve learned off you lot you got to look after number one and now’s my turn sun is not going up for me Ray it’s going down I feel like there’s such a fascinating history to hug Grant’s character two months ago your

man Mickey made my man Dave feel like a right idiot didn’t accept his hand Dave had gone after one of Mickey’s Lords it would appear that his lordship had had a quick spin on one of his attractive young footmen after the splash shares crash ah sorbing again Dave will do a feature on him but you’re Mickey he’s got a fabulous set of balls so he snubbed him in front of a crowd that Dave could only wish he belonged to you know Lords and Ladies the sort excuse us oo there is a reason why Matthew cannot

work out how Mickey does what he does how does he grow 50 tons of white widow Super Cheese every year that needs a lot of space so where is the space who does he bribe I want to know you have to be be creative you need an angle problem with land in this country is there’s not much of it and there’s Public Access even when it’s supposed to be private and the public have rights dog walkers yes y on right to roam bimblers Ramblers Badger lovers and any other b c with enough time on his

hand the structuring you have to do in the editing room for something like this yeah I a nightmare you must remember that cash is very persuasive to the class that got spanked by Angry lefties and death duties and every time you inherit a fortune you lose half to the state mhm and offer my services so they can keep their houses in order and they’re not too bothered about what I do as long as that cash keeps rolling in each year 12 sites you a dirty 12 Farms 1,000 of these Estates in the great UK interesting

my infrastructure that sir is with my blessing what you are paying for wow what a cash flow but enough foreplay Michael I want to see your plant if you were standing on my bush you wouldn’t know it it’s like everyone’s talk here is sex in some way they’re not talking about sex but that is their language in the entire time sexual innuendos delightful tool shed for $400 million Ooh La La this is connected to all the homes jeez this is my dream it’s fake YouTube location staff technology so you’re buying the substructure for the super

structure to come imagine they used mirrors to make it look like there’s more so funny Matthew MCC has played this guy did you know it took 15 years after alcohol prohibition ended back home for the legal Market to scratch that itch H mhm I mean Mar is becoming more and more legal yeah and I’m not greedy you and I both know that 400 million is a fair to generous asking price I mean you’ll make that back pretty damn quick 200 billion and well half a trillion pounds annually the legacy of these customers relying on illegal

marijuana White Widow super cheese it’s the new Gold Rush this is the thin end of a very fat wedge sir I don’t know what the laws are and then London cuz like in California be like yeah it’s complet was it’s legal out here yeah I have no idea what it is out there an Enterprise like this we’ll need a face with the clean past exactly yeah we both know growing is only 50% of the business I need your European connections I’ve seen how the sausage is made now tell me about the butcher shops well that

comes later Matthew many miles away another beautiful feral Beast Lopes his way to a watering no I talk Rondo of what is he Chinese Japanese panes get on your knees Jesus yellow is a color gambling is a God oh God like a millennial crack Oh Henry Golden Henry Golden usually plays like such swab elegancy dry eye like a Chinese James Bond harass to kill that’s the one I know right there more like this RAC to kill yeah it’s an old school guy Reggie not afraid to make his characters racist ow him down load him up

and come off yeah this guy usually has such a great err about him debbon air quality it’s kind of I’m excited to see him play more of a gangster criminal rle I quoted you for a 20 when it’s a 40 footer it’s going to be double bubble double bubble a gentleman’s quote is a gentleman’s word o I would not cross this guy it’s not to be trifled with well your family are going to have to pay for that lesson do we have an understanding just say yes just listen man you don’t mess with snake eyes

if you’re thinking of smoking that here don’t I find that confusing do you mean don’t smoke or don’t think both you know exactly what he means oh he’s really serious about this it’s going out it’s going out this movie is about illegal marijuana how funny I think the time has come for me to introduce you to our Queen scatter and cigarette van the only weak link is his devotion with his beautious lady wife this is a sanctuary for the ladies where is he it’s up in your office of the oh my God his car Shop’s

so woke so what do you think ringing the bell but not too loud dipped in noney that’s on the money so this is what we call focus group guys what the is going on in here I should have known it was you behind this Rog is supposed to be working down there and you’re up here blowing his brains out he works better he’s going to be he’s going to have so much more attention to detail or he’s going to totally botch it one of those two one of two if word spreads that you’re getting out

that could read as weakness so you’re going to have to stamp that out without any gentrification don’t you do anything messy that’s why you’ve got people remember she is so lucky why are you wasting our time I know what happens in my my world and what doesn’t he stepped outside you can smoke the cigarette I blame him I would want my spelling why Michael should be motivated to write you a check for 20 million I am a Storyteller there’s any chance of a stake all right I haven’t either it sounds good I’ll guess it mate

oh no you’re all right just stay right there m it’s hot he’s a Sly Fox that Fletcher indeed oh oh my God looks like a young Valk kilos night night asan oh man I thought he was on the straight and arrow I didn’t I didn’t think he was going to be uh I thought he’d be like oh the the good guy you know you got all these parts on a 40ft container how’d you get your hands on that ask no questions and no lies so what surprise I mean with your husband that’s not going to

happen keep the PS consider ajust your Goodwill I like what he’s done with his teeth yeah dry he got his it sit down with Michael didn’t he unsanctioned by the dragon head himself Lord George but dry ey oh he’s next generation and them chinen they upgrade quicker than I big man PR behind Lord George’s back to be fair is very nicely played with 100 Grands worth of free car parts cuz everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his wife it’s true heyen I would like you to consider an offer well let

me stop you right there this is not a discussion for the two of us unlike the salt and pepper it’s not on the table this is a big number is it more than 400 mil when is enough going to be enough well you only verbally agreed to the other guy right gosh I am not for sale I want to know how much it’s on there even if I was you’re several zeros short now you may be able to buy a man sausage for that but to me it just looks rude at breakfast you’re have touch

you don’t have to be so rude to this guy now when the silver backs got more silver than back he best move on before he gets moved on it’s not dignified beneath you Michael trying to do you a favor are we supposed to suspect that it’s Henry Golding who got him killed oh at the beginning yeah there’s suspects and this oh this is a big gun w w oh oh jeez eyes not so dry now are they hurts does it looking for your a hole in the wall was this was this the right call there’s

only one rule in Jungle damn when the Lion’s hungry he eat I don’t think it was Henry Golden I think yeah I was wondering like I don’t know this character entirely but it seems out a character that’s not how Michael works yeah I know no I know he’s just having a bit of fun well we did see with the machete earlier on but just didn’t go that far every movie needs a bit of action doesn’t it and it’s not like Michael doesn’t have a reputation reputation he’s been gentrified here oh okay never mind could be

him they need a little bit of action for the movie was a young and foolish Dragon who came to ask a wise and cunning lion about acquiring his territory now the lion he wasn’t interest said so he do the little dragon off couldn’t understand off me persisted and continued to ask the lion about acquiring his territory so the lion took the little dragon for a walk and put five bullets in his little dragon head oh Jesus now allegedly there’s a message in there I don’t know what it is but you’re a clever boy dry eye

if you can explain it to me so you’re saying you’ll sell Mickey was pleased he took that meeting wasn’t he yes it went very well things started to unravel after that meeting didn’t Mickey get a rat infestation at one of his Farms o oh oh was like those are GoPros they got on going to mess up his operation it’s not going to be worth shnit no no oh they’re going to destroy everything he said to’d be a bit of puff yeah they weren’t joking no don’t do it the fu are you not cover do you

know who owns this Gap he doesn’t even see the slightest bit nervous what’s this Teddy Bear’s Picnic just one at a time you that’s fancy a warm up for you JY bab three Lads three Colin Ferell why you smell a we in here now back two steps Tri you’re on you you’re up he warned you he oh you’re going to stop stop trigger don’t you know dance what he is like a Four Tops tribute actor something putting the gay back in Marvin Gay I’m on fire over here let’s come on I need some back and

forth come on I need some back and forth make it funny you that’s not funny this a point no no not that go again me with it D oh oh slapping them now wake up Lads Lo quick you’re slow Lo hard in a bone top come on down the gym we’ll see what we can do with just I’ll Mentor you guys are you the coach coach is earning he is the coach coaching for Ernie what is it balls in the back of the net I’m going to include you you’re our Mentor well I don’t know

what you’re talking about but I don’t like the sound of it you’ve landed a load of sticky Bush oh walk away it’s too late we’re at the gym now I’m loading the van you took my van we’ll be back in 10 minutes I think you need to see this boss oh my God col Pearl is going to be the best part of this whole movie they uploaded a video crazy picking up dra plants not 10 or 20 gentle I never get cracked man’s his legs nothing like posting a crime you just committed oh damn oh

oh damn right right ear oh no why are we watching fight right because it’s fight at one of my Farms making a rap song out of oh I assume he knows who they stole from yeah yeah know he knows put down that box of scorpions follow Jim what might be coach so is this operational like train kids to become like boxers but also to make them a part of like gangs like it’s like a gang at the same time is the front a boxing gym or is like it’s it’s all rolled into one I’m already

so fascinated by what this is 1.9 million hits in one night Nikes I mean a real fight with a music video it’s dances come on would watch it what I think it is yeah the best version of it tell me you didn’t put that fine no what was I thinking leaving your kids alone supervised it’s your fault take it down now I’ve got to say I was impressed they’re on point Governor what a fun mislead because it seemed like they were going to whoop their asses that’s great mislead who’d be smart enough to find one

Mickey’s farms and who would be bold enough to make such a move especially to film it all and then post it all online because that is really rubbing your face in it isn’t it is that the guy he works for f Grant I hear you might have had a little trouble now you helped me before when my source ran dry so I’m just returning the favor it’s a paper weight to keep down all the paper I’m about to give you well it looks like a gun and it’s a paper weight it’s noisy Cricket bad timing

jeopardizing deals shutting down Farms it would be an expensive disaster if Mickey doesn’t get this cleaned up all right cuz if you don’t pay means I’m going to have to close shop well I’m not going to pretend that missing out on a million pounds commission a year isn’t going to hurt someone I’ve just learned we need a whole new roof apparently just there’s such a quirkiness to some of the like the real world stuff they include and when it rains let me take care of the roof that estate roof though that be so much money

yeah those aren’t cheap and they cover a lot of ground Dave is going to bring Mickey down by using an abusing Lord pressfield’s much beloved child Lord pressfield’s daughter has fallen for this power Noel smacked out dark charm unbridled by distractive parents too busy skiing on a Swiss House to notice and too stupid to care jeez junkie Bic autotune singing daughter shacked out with some smacked out once upon a time pop star and all after by Mickey Pearson I like we miss her terribly Mickey I failed as a parent she was particularly vulnerable only she

had better parenting or good pluging she’s gone missing they’ve asked us to find her bring her home well I had a feeling you might ask me this boss whether some due diligence I know where she is oh she’s on a South London Council estate so tell our jurisdiction I mean what if she doesn’t want to come it’s going to get messy well that may be true but you’re still doing it but can’t you send Fraser instead no I can’t send Fraser instead you’re my best man I want you it’s tough being the best man

this is where you step on stage and set the Domino’s flying every do you think Charlie HUD him killed him it’s very ambiguous but like that we’re asking these questions do you think it’s going to be revealed or are we just not going to know I think it’ll be revealed we have to know so disappointing if we don’t know yeah that would be too no I just need a moment of your time it’s about Laura pressfield I don’t know anyone on that night sure course be much easier for all parties concerned if I could just

step inside for a moment no off the as you was boys and girls why does that actress look so familiar I know I’ve seen her in something maybe it was Spider-Man 3 I can’t remember I work for a man a powerful man Michael Pearson who’s Michael P friend of her fathers runs London’s buff game the anomaly knows oan where are you from I’m from Narnia Disneyland that’s close now Laura father’s asked us to bring you home she’s not going anywhere why you just shut up man seriously just shut up you know you’re not in control

of the situation do your moment out of favor and try the impossible make yourself happy all right that was easy it’s a hole anyway hey there’s no need to be disrespectful don’t go please wait cut his head off touch me again I’ll cut you on oh man dude he’s scary he’s got such a calm and soft demeanor but then he can come off in 180 scary in si keep the kids in school for one minute I love all the subex St oh I think it was that guy was in the freezer aen no there it

is oh no oh oh they going out off the balcony oh what have you done oh that’s not a gun dear that’s a paper weight of course it is along with a family of six baby bullets I mean there’s some serious consequences to that uh she might need some rehab though one of her Associates had an accident fell out of a window boss oh or not the car stream accident yeah more like a death really head is depart moment oh no who was he some Russian kid with tracks on his arms Russian kid that doesn’t

sound good maybe someone related to him is what yeah gets Matthew MCC Yep this is not ideal Oh I thought it was a head there was his whole body there lson we’re going to need those phones clean nle come on and catch me little oh no no gangsters proper naughty boys and all that bollock I come in peace I’m not trying to steal it I’m trying to buy it good money honest money honest money what this one how much full bag and I’ll be gone wouldn’t kill a kid how about you give us that bag

and be gone anyway oh oh God kids don’t poke the Bear right hey oh I love how they all ran and he stayed although he would have shot him if he ran so it didn’t matter put the phone on the ground there’s such an intensity to this movie there’s a real tension well done I had no idea that gun the whole time did you no to reveal call him somewhere I’m trying just give me a second what are you do can I use your toilet is he okay to give this kind of information to him

I mean he could wipe him out at any second well the the shoot the information could be elsewhere be other traces and stuff that’s true can’t just kill them you say come on you say oh oh great St work there phone damn Hugh Grant you are an amazing tracker Story Time over is there a problem here Ray I don’t know is there a problem here Fletcher no no problem no problem at all yes I forgot to wash my hands it’s funny cuz it’s more akin to like the stuff he’s done and stuff like Lock Stock

and snatch but yeah stylistically it actually feels more grounded than those where those are a lot more flashy in it’s editing and execution I need that Chinese Gaz address okay love it morning coach good luck find out his weed we took and now you tell me uhoh this is not the F time to keep your cards close to your chest just tell me his name is Mickey Pearson BL me coach you’re a gypsy too been reading tea leaves got a crystal barall that is not good news AR Mickey Pearson is terrible news in the face

of aoid an expensive death so many options son who offed him I think it might be Charlie onam I think you’re probably right but I still think it could have something to do with that aen guy who can’t wi off the balcony it really feel like that’s going to come back on that note I’d like to extend my apologies on their behalf my boys they’re naive my responsibility so it’s me that should be accountable for their actions so I offer you my loyalty until that debt is settled you ceral is the I love him in

this I’m going to need to know how your Lads got the information about where our farm was cited once we’ve overcome that little challenge then we can talk oh man charlot home is excellent too because he just seems so welcoming but he’s so intimidating when it comes time for it the acting in this is is really good his name is fak sp with a pH so it sounds like FW F we’ve met before haven’t we Fu that’s the one how did you know the location I’ve been dreading you for months R was given the address

I can’t breathe I need that please all for hook for hook down it’s so like unexpectedly funny man here take a blam now good boy no no sh the inhaler we know these guys are not good with their cardiovascular the buildup of this room because this just going faster and faster could just be dry I doing it’s been getting bold lately yeah well they still all work for Lord George it’s like a tumble weed effect of just Gathering more and more crap and problems it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and faster there’s a lot

of emphasis on how scary Mickey is but we really haven’t seen Mickey do anything that like scary other than what didn’t happen in that one’s action sequence they’re more focusing on the intellect of him what you watching I’m watching the horse teally the profile shot of him but his back’s turned to the camera from Hong Kong my only Vice well that’s not strictly true is it meaning I’ve always taken Vice to be the definition of any criminal activity involving prostitution pornography or drugs very fiscated I facilitate I don’t participate in any of the aforementioned devices

well Justified what about te what about te well that too is vice C caffeine is a drug don’t you know so is that what you’re here to talk to me about sweet Mary Jane is my VI of choice as you well know of course I’m addicted to selling it not consuming it okay Matthew we got here deal in marijuana sure I could see there was more to be made and Shifting the white or the brown powder as you so chose you see my jam it it doesn’t kill anyone your poison is and always has been

the the destroyer of world up inimer oh no what this woman do to herself she’s about to oh no your facilitation is most definitely participation yep but I’m not here to give you a sermon on situational ethics why the are you here what did you put in the tea oh going Exorcist here burn it all down you’re starting a war with me George and I’m trying to moonwalk with Elegance here but I’m finding it very difficult just when I said we haven’t seen Mickey do anything that scary you didn’t think I’d find out having me

followed for months you raided one of my locations you know the rules George oh God you thinking you raided one of my locations I think this is the same composer Wrath of man as like the Menace is still there such a sense of a dreary tone always in this film yet it’s like fun yeah yeah yeah yeah for sure it’s like the two guy Richie worlds we’ve been introduced to lately I can see you’re feeling somewhat under the weather because I spiked your tea with a nasty little parasitic genus called Chella I suggest taking two

of these fizzy biscuits you’ll be fine in an hour or two long enough to consider your past indiscretions that would be one way to go on the get to you in your own kitchen I can get you anywhere surpris Let Him Live did you raid Mickey Pearson’s Farm uh-oh so you’re telling me that did this behind your back well let’s just say this he didn’t do it in front of it but you did go behind my back and offer you buy his business I don’t see this ending well for Lord George there comes a point

where the young succeed the old dude you’re going to get you’re going to get murdered right now there’s something I don’t know about something between dry eye and Lord George we’re coming back to that scene at some point whatever it was someone killed Lord George anyone else might think that was you or Mickey I know the way guy Richie works at this point does that arouse your interest Raymond so Matthew no’s dry eye oh interest interesting you play dry eye I should be Matthew try and get it in time with his lips all right roll

Camera Action that was like a perfect cut and edit right there wow this is called el football there was an incident Lord George excite rymond spit wooden the last thing you need to do is attract in the octopus octopus what does that mean it’s not a very good translation no there’s nothing wrong with the translation Matthew’s not that fluent and it’s Cantonese Just go with it and fill in the legs and there will be repercussions for Michael’s actions you think you’re running th do you don’t stroke my mouse hair yeah I think what he means

is don’t jeopardize my deal but I admit that one’s a bit of a googly I’ve never seen new grand transform into a role before this is real this is how it’s going to play out I’m going to back the off and I’m going to take it all and you will you seen coro’s there’s elements of car’s waed this I I never saw that one I know 1993 Brian De Palma dry eye I trust you will make Michael P pay for this the Russian no solidify your position you’ll be done Uncle never mind definitely not the

Russian oh this is it oh from the beginning Hey it said g Richie yeah maybe he was a mislead maybe he wasn’t actually shot maybe the other guy got shot oh then hearing someone there tipped him off that he was going to get killed we’re close hang up no hang the phone up who’s that oh is that uh dry eye Raz who’s there what you doing Charlie yeah at this point I’m guessing that you didn’t even know that Lord George was dead yet let alone what drye was up to hello dry eye what do you

want it’s like those slippers FY B sweet so yourself the gun right there yeah the gold gun what Charlie Hunter must have got him yeah yeah exactly yeah that was that’s what I what I said that just a little bit of go you’re not listening you’re two into the movie and I’m sorry what did you say I know but I heard you but I had to like see it first good call though he’s not picking up maybe you should put your seat Bel on yeah let me call Ros let me do it got to imagine

the adrenaline is going crazy right I love how he protects him so much could just slow down a little bit oh oh god really feel the impact of that oh and Guy Rich he had that so in frame for a good five to six seconds to come with me or Tony here he’s going to make you come with me you’re in my office under my roof it’s not your position for Tony to do anything other than off back from Wy k I love her what’s that is that a paper we funny should say that turns

out anything with weight can be a paper weight either you do as I tell you to and use the door or I’m going to shoot Fat Tony right between the eyes you see this gun’s only got two bullets so I’m not going to about illustrating its significance T get on it ooh right between the eyes I thought he was being tortured for I didn’t realize he was still in the car Nikes yep you dead man I dare you just calm down I’m leaving oh same spot damn she got a great shot she’s so hot there

only two bullets guess that’s your two bullets he didn’t she isn’t there six two she said there’s two where’s all the other employees oh what the hell man hello Bab oh you are so done should have left when you had the chance so you’re basing your whole Crescendo on a figment of your imagination I’m basing my whole Crescendo on the some of its parts unreliable narration you are too smart to be blackmailing us flet yeah that’s what I’m saying so I’ve taken precautionary measures you can do all kinds of horrible things to me if you

want I might even enjoy them Matthew he’s going to need some people to run his business here when he buys it from Michael right he promised dry the job that’s what that’s what I said it was Matthew who told dry ey the location of Mickey’s Farm exactly he’s the only one who knew the location but what he did not plan on you see was dry ey W one step ahead killing Lord George now dry eye does not want to be subservient to Matthew anymore doesn’t want to be subservient to anyone oh damn there is Henry

Golden plays such like a slimy ruthless character everyone so many people are playing against tyer I’ll tell you how this plays out you will drown and then my mad crabs will eat you this is and this is why I want my hard ear 20 million because not only do I know how Mickey’s business operates but I also o know that the very man he’s trying to sell it to is trying to force him into selling it on the chap yep that if anything happens to me I I do have my insurance policy in place everything

will go to Big Dave from him to the public and you my love will go to Mars strong recommendation just pay out you seem terrified right now man 20 million we got 72 hours starting now tick tock tick tock I would have blackmailed the the other guy um what’s his name Matthew it must be a h Grant roll on missing because this is the person I really feel like I’m not watching hug Grant he’s just left he thinks he’s very clever start with Big Dave o someone else is watching Can’t par there mate move the

van don’t worry friend we’ll be gone in a minute we’re on news Paper Blood SP so is John Claud vanam I’m warning you rust does karate he’s like do I careful boys B do karate you know what go for you get in the car sorry boss I’m only a blue belt you melt I come back when I’m a brown belt we’re making a YouTube movie hey break dancing I warning you powerful we know all that how you tell us all about it in the back of the van just go in the van man they just

kidnapp him not masked up at all out front here you’re all right Big Dave you’re in safe hands now no need to panic now in due course we’re going to press the space barar on this computer oh no we’re going to post this online the only thing you need to do to stop this little creative expression from becoming a social media sensation lose any interest you have in the future on Mickey pears black Mir him oh my imagination’s going into 10,000 different directions oh I would even want to watch thatd say you win would you

want to know the truth want to know just his reaction that’s all I need to see it wouldn’t have been the pig I would have chosen is that who I think it is yeah certainly is that’ss you’re doing I’ve got one more thing I need you to do ah look I train lads to be good lads I’m not gangster I’ve been forced to do some gangster things I’m not the gift that keeps on giv so with the greatest respect I’ll do this one last thing for you three strikes no mail like the genie three wishes

that was a guy Richie referenced you totally missed yeah it’s true dude freaking caller Char H are the best parts of this movie and he’s barely in the movie he’s amazing are we ready to finalize the numbers we already have the Situation’s Chang oh you pompous little punk I hate this guy so much oh he’s so smug you’re asking for 100 for 12 locations and a distribution Network which was a fair valuation at the time H your skunk Farm was a viral sensation on YouTube Michael yes I follow it will take at least 3 years

to get your supply distribution and demand back to full capacity oh my God I calculate what was worth 400 million a month ago must now be valued at an anemic 130 it’s not about the first Domino that it fell it’s about the last I have a feeling we’re going to get a great monologue for Matthew mccon I’m hoping so if you want me to help you out of this hole you found yourself in the the one you dug him in yeah I like your Domino analogy the question I ask is who tumbled the first Domo

amen that’s not my concern or my business Michael at the risk of contradicting you it is very much your business only made one mistake you seem to have mistaken me for some kind of let me introduce you to the first Domino recognize him who is this man what’s he got to do with anything that I’m talking about show them the picture of them together you are in denial of so said relationship with this Frozen China man I don’t have relationships with dead Frozen chinen best not to be GLI at this time in the proceedings Matthew

I’ll tell you how this plays out you will drown mic drop while you were discussing who would take over my business after you it you somehow mistook so said chinan for someone else it’s nothing personal and while I am not emotional St up there is a price indebted to me for the blood I’ve gotten on my hands restoring order to the untidiness that you created yeah 400 minus 130 is $270 million and 670 I’m keeping the business ooh are you are getting in the freezer oh that said I wouldn’t about cuz frostbite is very expensive

on the fingers and toes so I would type as quickly as possible while you have the use of them oh my God there’s your monologue as stated I am not emotional about the money but I am emotional about the fact that someone laid their hands on my wife Fair Deal oh man dude that was rough what he was about to do no amount of money on God’s green earth can pay for that trans speci Matthew no for that o take something from it I want to pound a flashh it matters not to me where on

your animate is withdrawing from ooh but oh my God Penny short or a gram shy another pound that freezer door does not open am I clear good he’s a master negotiator there’s your payment come on take a look all the files everything your insurance policy all the photos all the bodies all the skeletons all the filth it’s not the only one darling I’m not among what you think in that need you I knew you’d been following Michael very similar our jobs only I’m better at it than you are God I love these gy Richie reveals

got some very important information to impart to you Raymond when the scotch got into your cold veins you lost the benefit of your sharp instincts see I kept you there cuz I needed to know about Matthew and dry eye smart took us a while to find your insurance policies shoes off inside but it was made a lot easier after I planted a Tracker in your shoe ah now Fletcher what were you saying it wasn’t Lord George that was after Mickey or drye or Matthew it was uh the guy who they threw off the balcony some

someone related to him my guess at least 30 seconds thank you darling it’s got to keep it’s got to come back right yeah we’re going to take care of this for you Ernie’s got a plan you talking about what the Michael situation we’re going to S it what oh no now you remember asland don’t you no dude you got it well this is Asen senior Russian oligarch oh I had a feeling that was going to come back I had to yeah you’re right and I fear that where they failed before Raymond they’re not going to

fail again again how’ you know all this because someone told them everything they want to know about Michael and that someone is me ooh so I said I’d tell him where Michael was for a price but that money was pending till after know the deed was done should have shared that information see get my 20 Ms off Michael first after the event get paid again double bubble why did you just look at your watch well it’s like I say the Russians are going to clean house and you are part of that house Raymond they’re going

to get Michael when he comes out of his meeting oh by telling you I’ve saved your lives which I think in turn saves mine doesn’t it saves stuck a b him Jesus is there a bomb in the car or what oh crap damn damn it and he did not like order that hit on that kid too that was just an accident that sucks oh the kids said they would save him though and they had they owe him oh hey there you goas Bren break oh they going to crash into the car they have to yeah

they’re Square love it love it so the todlers spray the car with bullets killing the Russians selling in the film I love it he’s going to get his money he start to guy Richie so he Airport please terminal three who’s in the carard Charlie ham yeah yeah well well well a man of many vacations ain’t you now I want you to play a game with me Fletcher you like games don’t you if you wish to be the king of the jungle it’s not enough to act like a king you must be the king there can

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get uh the reveals that later come on uh my favorite part of the at least per I mean all the acting was phenomenal but I freaking loved Colin Ferrell so much and Hugh Grant that was just one of those roles were like I could just close my eyes listen to him and I would not hear Hugh Grant in any way shape or form um but the storyline was so interesting I love it was very easy to follow and I love just you know the I just thought it was really cool um just you know trying

to the whole thing of just like the whole King theme and all that but also to like the whole idea of um you know uh with I believe his name was Michael where he wanted to buy it for a certain price then he hired uh dryeee to drive the price down and then you know the whole the whole way the story was structured with Hugh Grant and again the reveals that later came on it just so damn well executed and I freaking loved it uh I got more to say but what’ you think I thought

that was a brilliant brilliant film all around um hold on one second guys if you’re listening this in app Spotify we just watched the gentlemen uh I just want to check out some some things here okay so Ron tomato is saying may not win a riter director guy Richie many new converts for those already attuned to the film makers Brash wng length the gentleman Stands Tall I don’t know I feel like this is actually a pretty solid guy Richie introduction film yeah I think it’s attainable for anybody because the movie is very like it it’s

got all the wit of the things you kind of grew up loving with guy Richie because there’s like Studio I mean it’s mirror maximum so there’s a studio element to it because yeah like the the films that I saw of guy Richie you know growing up like most people uh were you know Lock Stock and snatch and the films that we watched are not at all like those lately right the last few films if if watching Sherlock Holmes watching Aladdin and then watching uh you know Wrath of man here and from Uncle and while wrath

man deals with criminals it’s not you know gangster cool it’s V and revenge whip snap dialogue of of this movie I I feel like just had such a a wonderful blend of Personality great characters messing with structure in the way how guy Richie likes to mess with structure uh it keeps your mind kind of guessing you don’t realize how invested you are in the characters till they’re on the verge of being killed or like oh I actually like this guy I don’t want them to die you know cuz that’s usually a question that happens with

me for films is like how emotionally invested am I in the characters a lot of times when I when I find them in positions where they’re about to die are like oh no and then it feels exciting when they are about to be saved and it’s it’s a and like like like guy Richie films of the before you know a deal with criminal gangsters and and you know criminal underworlds this is the one that deals with a higher class of them like a higher sophistication Mark whereas before it’s like kind of like low-level gangsters you

know and and the Mucky grimy Parts bare knuckle boxing and whatever you know thieves and here because he’s got like probably more of a of a budget and the experience you’re dealing with like Aristocats and you know you’re dealing with a whole new class of of of characters yet it still has got whoa whoa Andrew yet it’s still got this like rounded Focus uh throughout with um a lot of just exciting turns and points because those movies are I find them really fun Lock Stock and snatch and I I think they’re like incredibly entertaining with

this one kind of gave me a new kind of tension like those are so stylistically cool and I love those I really love those two films but here I I found myself engrossed in in the suspense a lot of the time and the tens and then the the the the unexpected laughs that would that would come out via through the characters and the back and forth uh this felt like a world like he built a world here and I was very surprised by uh how that world was done because I didn’t really know what we

were walking into I kind of expected to feel a little bit more like the the guy Richie that when he first came onto the scene um but it’s also like weirdly not as flashy as I thought it might get and terms of just the direction it’s more flashy in the writing you know whereas I think with stuff like Wrath of man and Man from Uncle that we watch it’s more flashy in the direction and I think here like the writing actually speaks a lot more volumes than the direction like they’re going around there’s some like

cool flashy stylistic direction that are happening throughout um but it’s more um it’s more the the writing of the characters a lot of that really uh sings the most of me yeah no I I I agree I love that dream very suspenseful tone while still creating a fun environment and uh also to uh just piggybacking off what you said with it the direction um I love how so many of these characters like you know you get this calm uh demeanor from a lot of these characters but like in they can in a split second can

just get extremely scary on a dime um I mean you even said too there was a sequence where you’re like we haven’t seen a Matthew MCC scene where he gets like extremely intense and frightening and then boom right then and there it’s like guy Richie was listening to you um but I I I like that uh when charact because I think that’s more frightening when characters can seem very calm all throughout you know a film and then in any flash or uh instance they can just frightening come out of their shell if you will um

so I really appreciated uh the direction from guy Richie in terms of performances I really liked uh the actress who played Matthew mcc’s wife like she was able to from an actress point of view she was really able to stand to uh you know on the same toes with Matthew MCC and I just especially for a very masculine movie yeah for sure I just love the interactions between them like they were just so opposite of each other but they were also so perfect for each other like the king of the jungle and the queen I

just I loved all through interactions they were so good yeah man yeah I think like this is a great crime Caper with a with a with a fascinating sort of like a bit of a flamboyant touch I would say you know what I mean yeah like especially like the Hugh Grant character the the Matthew character I thought it was excellent and what I what I like to in terms of casting Grant it’s like I haven’t seen every call and feral role I haven’t seen every um well more so I haven’t seen every Hugh Grant role

and I haven’t seen every Charlie hunm role but usually from the roles I have seen them in especially Hugh Grant in particular where even watching him a Man from Uncle you’re like yeah it’s like more sophisticated Hugh Grant you know yeah yeah usually Hugh Grant is just uh Hugh Grant to me like I always like watching him I always think he’s a very Charming guy I think I think he’s a a star uh but he’s usually just Hugh Grant and here really stepping out of his El he was a character like he was a full-fledged

character and I I loved uh the way he changed his Cadence the voice it was very believable sleazy um you know another cunning character here like guy rich is great at at at illustrating characters who are cunning but then ju supposing it with um a character who I feel like might have gone to like a Vinnie Jones back in the day uh Colin Ferell I think might have been like a Vinnie Jones kind of character totally that of this guy who’s like well yeah he gets he rides the line between like you know like the

world he inhabits and the and the streets he inhabits have gangs involved so he will like have to once in a while participate with the gangs but he himself is not a gangster you know and but wanting to be a mentor for the kids as well I I thought was a really like that whole introduction scene where you just think he’s going to like beat the out of these kids and then it just ends with him saying come on the gym some like so great and he just had like the funniest lines and the and

Charlie hunam especially too I thought played um he had that kind of like Elegance about him but he’s got that loyalty of like a Brad Pit to George Clooney in the oceans movies you know uh that kinship between them seems like their bond extends further past this is just some guy he works for but the movie does doesn’t you know shine a spotlight too much on that it’s just right I think everyone’s CH like to hear that this this is getting a series I don’t know if it’s just in the world of the gentlemen if

it’s these characters of the gentlemen with new actors I don’t know what they’re doing with that series but I like I said I think here he he did build a world and this world is one that seems like a great one to like dabble in and it is super super masculine film but hell yeah man I’m here for the super mascul Kai Richie never really makes a movie where it’s a and I’m super appreciative of the fact like that he can subvert our expectations so much and again it’s not subverting just to subvert but he

does it in a way that’s very satisfactory and IT services the story and the characters and it’s just so well executed when he does it and it’s to the point too when you can rewatch these movies and go ah okay like you can pick up on things um and also too I got to give Matthew mccon props that monologue at the end uh when he was calling out Michael uh you know like saying like hey how you you screwed over the deal and then the froz of China man thing and but when he said like

the whole pound of Flesh thing and then like my wife and then he got in his face freaking powerful acting I mean the acting in this film was just top freaking Notch I mean Charlie hunm scene too with the kids and pulled out that machine like where where was he hiding that thing How It Ends in that with the machine gun but but when he’s first taunting them cuz at first I wasn’t sure about the Dynamics I in the beginning of this journey I wasn’t sure like okay am I not going to be on the

same page as everyone who’s recommended this movie because I’m not exactly loving the way that because it was a lot of information to kind of be keeping up with like it’s throwing you into this world and it’s turning off into Mikey’s perspective yeah and uh it’s going by pretty quick in a way where you’re like oh you got to keep up with that guy Richie you know energy and pace and eventually I’m not sure when it was when it was like oh I’m really starting to like a Groove I’m vibing with the movie now you

know cuz it is like a dance this film and you got kind of like as an audience ever got to you know Dance w your way with the film as well and and there was a I don’t know when the when the when the Pivot Point happened for me when I really start to like it because because in the beginning I was a little unsure of like am I not going to love this in the same way how I feel like people might expect us to love this movie it but once you attune to it

um and you and you really get a sense of of the style yeah and the fact that it can be yeah British banter with some fun plot twists all the all the minations that you love of a guy Richie experience yet with um I think a I mean he always has heart that’s another thing too you know like I think a lot of people often compare a guy Richie is like oh you know he’s British Tarantino I think he’s a little bit more I don’t think he’s that like I see the similarities of course especially

with this one with that has so much cinematic references throughout in the Cinematic uh metanis which is something I going to say I love that so like Tarantino especially loves to call attention to that in a lot of his films and I don’t really associate guy I see Guy Richie pay homage and tribute I don’t really see his characters unless I’m just completely forgetting I don’t really hear his characters often do that where this was so about that you know from this unreliable narrator standpoint of Hugh Grant talking about pitching a film ending with pitching

a film that gets so met by the end to the point he said mirax yeah you know uh which I thought was really fun and cheeky and but in a way that I think complements the experience of this movie and and so I I understand when people compare like him to Tarantino but I don’t feel like I don’t feel like they’re they’re one and the same honestly I think they’re very I think there’s so much differences between them and especially in like the mood and the editing style whereas this is a little bit more of

a patient version of I would say of it’s still fast and energetic it’s I don’t know if the it’s a slow it’s not as not as fast as like a snatch or a Lock Stock I would say but I wouldn’t call it slow either whatever the word is to make me sound smart put that word there apply it here and Tarantino is usually a lot more deliberate regardless and and I think guy Richie is is much more tuned to like yeah you know writes for the edit in a lot of ways and as usual I

mean the nonlinear storytelling just again very meticulous and very well executed because you can really screw that up with bad editing and not you know putting it in the right spot so I thought it once again like he clearly loves going to that technique of nonlinear storytelling him and Christopher Nolan clearly love that angle and again if you’re gonna do it you got to do it right oh my God and Henry Golding as well another guy who play I’ve seen this guy in two movies we interviewed him once for Snake Eyes oh cool um and

Snake Eyes which I know didn’t get great reviews really nice guy we talked to him he was really funny called John and I he said we look like J silent B really yeah he said look like you guys look like especially the time when we interviewed him we had longer hair and bigger beards I did too and he he’s like you look like the funniest thing I got to watch that interview uh yeah so we got to meet a really nice guy and uh you know we saw I he did that some Christmas movie with

Amilia Clark I forget what it was that Christmas movie Crazy Rich Asians most people know from that love them and the guy wasn’t even an actor he was a host and he got crazy Rich Asians now he’s found himself in this world of acting and I love seeing him play uh so against type like I think he did something with his teeth cuz I’m pretty sure the guy’s Perfect Teeth yeah and and he he embodied like a nastiness and I loved guy Richie you know casting actors who kept playing against type like Matthew mccon was

the probably the only one who did what I would expect Matthew mccon to do he does a great job he’s great in the movie like he’s very he’s just unbelievably natural at it at the same time you’re like yeah I don’t know anything about this movie yet this is exactly what I expected from Matthew MCC in this film uh just that suaveness that Deon Aire quality that he brings uh yet you know he could be like a total badass slick monolog the way he carries that dialogue with that southern charm uh yeah I thought he

was excellent but everyone else the cast of characters that were surrounded by were they all played so much of them played against typ just did something I hadn’t really quite seen before like Colin Ferrell has done such a variety of roles that I wouldn’t really call it like against type uh but hug but definitely yeah yeah I I was very much a A Dazzle by it yeah I was not expecting that from Hugh Grant just cuz I’m so used to seeing certain type of roles from him and like I said if I closed my eyes

and was listening to that voice I would never say that’s Hugh Grant so I mean I was like you said his character was completely fully fleshed and I really loved him i’ probably say him and Colin Ferell were my favorite in terms of characters in this film but all the acting was superb in this I mean I watching Charlie Andrew I’m paying for two and a half hours give me like 10 more minutes of you okay all right man all right yeah it stays in the video let let’s do this just going to talk about

the gentleman point I’m done talk I don’t even want to talk more I’m just going to make up to talk about all right let’s do it what we got to talk about Charlie hunam what you think oh I this movie was making me go I would love to see Charlie hunam and Colin Ferrell like not just oh yeah that’s a great wish uh but but to do a movie together or or like to Star the next guy because even though they don’t have a lot of scenes together they had that impact when those two were

on screen yes of this chemistry that I sort of felt was unmatched between anybody else it’s like Charlie hunam is usually paired up with Matthew mccon here but there was something about the Dynamics and the chemistry between those two characters and the way they Rift off of each other a lot of times in just Expressions that they would kind of share uh to each other that I thought M that that really made me go wow I want to see these two characters come back or I want to see them staring another guy Richie film together

or starring something together because uh their chemistry to me had so much conveyed and communicated when they weren’t even speaking a lot of the time yeah and they were the two that I thought did that the strongest out of this wonderful Ensemble of characters yeah they only had a couple scenes together but yeah the way they were emoting in their face Expressions it was just like so infectious to watch I just yeah for sure and I love the unexpectedness too of like the gangster children like the kids you grow up in the Rough Side of

the these streets and they but they kind of you grow up in these streets you find a way a life of crime that’s kind of like the where where you get the guiding Mentor role of Colin frell coming in who wants to steer kids clear from that like I said there’s it’s it’s grounded in a world but there’s also World building you know and Greg they gave us one of the greatest rap songs ever put on film yeah Oh I thought the unexpected Ed I said that was great because when they’re all coming in one

at a time at the marijuana Farm you you’re thinking they’re all going to beat up these kids yeah yeah with like one gu coming in after another like all right they’re about to get the crap beaten out of them and they play the footage and you find out never mind that’s not the case at all again that’s KY Richie’s Style Just revealing something later on love it oh no this is a very oh I think it’s a sequel show uh cuz it’s following a guy Eddie halad inherits a large estate from his father unaware it

was from Pearson’s drug Empire huh yeah oh oh John Carlo Esposito’s in it oh as a criminal oh so yeah it’s got to be a sequel show that makes I’m more happy about that I’d rather watch that than a remake yeah yeah of course and Guy Richie is involved I would assume but even that with like these Estates who are who who who keep the cash flow coming in Via this illegal weed Market uh dealing is is a really uh compelling again World building that that it’s like so I was going to say even if

they didn’t do the sequel series I would have been fascinated if they even if they didn’t get Matthew MCC back like you could have casted a younger version just showing like how he came up with the whole IDE even though they kind of showed that in uh just what he was talking about with uh Michael I believe the character’s name was or Matthew it’s hard for me to wrap my head around because Matthew is is not Matthew mccon he’s the flamboyant the guy who dicks him over yes correct um but I mean that would have

been interesting but again just continuing on that that whole thing with the Estates and all that yeah that’s so compelling and fascinating itself that I think that warrants what they’re going to do with the series and yeah that fascinates me enough to want to continue on watching with that I think that’s a the smart way to go story-wise holy okay fun facts time Hugh Grant filmed the scenes of Charlie hunam in 5 days he had to deliver over 40 pages of dialogue during this year Jesus 40 pages of of dialogue five and with that tough

accent too whoa that’s not easy oh they didn’t even Grant never met Matthew mccon dur they didn’t have any scen they didn’t have any scenes together Raymond’s Grill was designed by Guy Richie cool wow so much of the are about uh Hugh Grant yeah uh Hugh Grant wrote a cheat sheet the night before he scheduled a shoot his car was broken into the robber took his script and the cheat sheet so Grant needed to go without them damn that’s that’s not tough oh guy Richie uh is wrote the TV miniseries yeah yeah oh sweet that’s

what it said was Guy Richie working at um you called that one Richie Brewery you called that one actually is this and its own by director guy Richie oh okay oh funny I just thought that was him just putting his own I me I think the company is him Richie yeah oh funny there were no table readings for the film so like guy Richie had the cast do full rehear rehearsals with multi-angle camera more more natural that way Richie with then review footage of the scenes and revise the script accordingly oh brilliant brilliant like I

said I think it came out more natural that way I mean I think when it comes to acting he knows how to cast he knows how to cast he knows how to get his I think that’s why actors you know even though some of his films can get like mixed review like reviews from the critics actors come back to work with him for a reason yeah no I have not seen again I I I didn’t really watch Aladdin I or I watched 10 minutes I didn’t give it a chance but every film I’ve ever watched

of his act actors wise and acting performance and directors wise I’ve always thought like I’ve Loved all the performances I’ve watched for sure so I can see why like I would imagine being on a guy Richie said and working for him they love working with him and I see that Henry kaville is about to do another film with him yeah it’s true I think T is coming out uh guy or it’s out by the time this video drops guy Richie has a deep interest in fashion and was very concerned with the Wardrobe for the film

concerned I’m concerned about the way the Wardrobe is going down to prepare Charlie Hunter for his role roie took him clothing shopping to get a feel for his character and it’s funny because part of the script is H is about uh you know the the importance of wardrobe uh very early on in the story many of Michelle docker’s monologues were written or Rewritten on the day of shooting she had mere hours to memorize changes before Jesus I can’t even imagine how tough that was oh Kate Beckel was originally cast of the roll of Ros that’s

that’s the wife right yeah yeah I could I could totally see her I I still think Michelle Dockery did fantastic but I could totally see K andell doing that role the track suits for front of the gang were custom man the F the attention of fashion here very important sting we just talked about I accidentally mentioned sting right before we started filming too though never mentioned the movie fans found an Easter revealing Fletcher first name to be Peter at around six minutes in the cover of the screenplay Peter Fletcher can be seen in the bottom

left corner ah that is a funny reference working Tils were tough guys and Bush no the gentleman it’s more Universal his charact rant said his character was based on General SAS uh okay I’ve try to see there’s any quick F fact no not as fun not as fun not F we got to watch Legend of the sword oh King ar oh wasn’t Charlie hunam in that one yeah he plays King Arthur and like you said actors love coming back to work with G Richie Gotta See Brad Pit come back to do another film with gy

Richie that I want to say it’s usually like the A-list um you know white guys who don’t come back Matthew MCC Robert Robert Downey Jr Brad Pit like now we’re one and done sorry buddy remember D he came back for the sequel well I mean other than a sequel we’re one or two and done with you after that he’s like no never mind we’re too famous we got to do um but yeah man I would give this oh music great everything great always picks out great songs in his films I mean he can do no

wrong when it comes to the music I can’t wait to see the show I hope the show’s good if he’s that directing it do I really want to watch it though I feel like his voice is part part of the voice of it is his Direction yeah as long as he’s a Creator and a writer I’d be fascinated just to take a look at it at at minimum I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be surprised if he at least did an EP I mean they said it was eight episodes so I wouldn’t be surprised if he did

an episode I probably the pilot yeah I mean even Tim Burton did like what four or five episodes of Wednesday and he’s about and he’s doing Beetlejuice too right now so yeah got to imagine he did at least one I don’t know but I mean as long as he’s writing creating it I’m going to at least have a look at it for sure cuz I was just so fascinated by this world it must mean it’s a big film yeah yeah I loved it uh guys what do you think about the gentleman what would you rate

it down below is there anything in here Andrew Before I Let You Go that you think you did not like or could have been improved uh hard to say right now but overall um no it was Prett for the most part I loved it um another great guy Richie film uh so far I have not seen any films of his where I did not like I just love his stylistic choices I love non the way he utilizes non-linear storytelling those where he comes back to reveal things uh subversion of expectations uh just really solid director

I love the comparison you made uh in our Man from Uncle video where he obviously does not get the recognition and I’m not saying he’s as great but he’s really damn close in my mind uh to Christopher Nolan I know take that with what you will um but you know uh I just really big fan of his and I’m so glad this journey we getting to go on watching his films he’s damn good yeah especially terms of precision and calculation of how he how he does things you know um yeah they make very different films

but yeah yeah of course of course all righty guys thank you for being here and uh we’ll talk with you all soon

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