The Incredible Hulk (2008) ✦ FIRST TIME WATCHING Reaction & Review

hello everyone and welcome into today’s reaction video my name is KL and today I am watching The Incredible Hulk from 2008 for the very first time thank you so much for being here I have just begun my journey watching the MCU films and eventually TV shows for the very first time so if you are a huge fan don’t forget to subscribe so then that way you get notified of all of my future MCU videos coming out I will have them all in a playlist as well so I’d recommend saving that if you are interested so

what do I know about the Incredible Hulk honestly pretty much nothing I don’t even know his human name I just know what he looks like which is why I decided to dress for the occasion pulling out one of two green shirts that I own and I also decided to change my light wall in the back to have a very heavy green presence I feel like we will just make the room Green in honor of the Hulk but yeah I don’t know backstory I don’t know the Incredible Hulk’s purpose really like I just I don’t know

anything so I’m very excited to learn and find out and if you are someone who prefers to watch along to the whole movie with me you can find

my full-length reactions over on my page patreon along with Early Access polls and I do exclusive reactions on patreon as well just keep in mind for all of these reactions you do need to bring your own copy of the movie I’m not allowed to show the whole movie in my reactions for copyright purposes and with that I don’t have anything else left to say short intro today let’s

press play I’ve got a very hot coffee today and I’m so excited about it I’m super excited for this movie I’m not I’ve never been a comic person I’ve never really been super into superheroes so I’m just excited to learn all the things I am really enjoying how uh These intro credits are done damn is it weird that this whole intro kind of reminds me of the CSI intro the Vegas one I almost want to start singing well that was fun I enjoyed that a lot days without incident 158 Brazil God neighborhoods like this look

and feel like such a maze so I feel like this is our guy that turns into the Hulk and with the 158 days without incident I assume that means the last time since he was in the Hulk form that’s like half cool and half gross until your anger control your body oh does he change into the Hulk of his heart rate goes above a certain number like does that just happen automatically somehow in some way she’s got a little eyes for him I don’t blame her because he’s pretty cute this looks like Mountain Dew ah

oh no oh shut that off yeah turn it off this is gonna be able to find which one oh that’s a relief so if someone would consume is blood then they would also be affected by I don’t know what to call becoming the Hulk no oh no that is not good to the US okay okay honestly those statements can be true though you won’t like me when I’m hungry God remember how thick laptops used to be good times Mr Blue is it drugs oh heck does that mean it can oh I was just about to

say does that mean it can get rid of the ability for him to transform into the Hulk but clearly not another failure how much did you use all of it time to meet living with oh gamma poisoning so I’m chasing flowers send me a blood sample okay is she Mr Blue Mr Green I love all these color names here’s something a bit more interesting it’s a possible gamma sickness Milwaukee Stan Lee hello a man drank one of those guarana sodas oh no is he gonna be the one to drink the bloody one where was it

bottled Puerto Verde Brazil get our agency people looking for a white man at that bottling plant well sure wasn’t expecting Stanley to be the one to drink the contaminated drink for those of you that called me out for missing the Stanley cameo in Iron Man I knew going in that he made cameos in every movie I had been told that I just had temporarily forgotten what he looked like and I did not recognize him in the moment but when the credits rolled and I saw his name I was like oh yeah Stanley and then I

thought Beckham was like oh Hugh Hefner well Hugh Hefner snatch and grab live capture your target is a fugitive from the U.S government stole military Secrets he is also implicated in the deaths of two scientists a military officer in Idaho state trooper and possibly two Canadian Hunters so don’t wait to see if he’s a fighter but I feel like he wouldn’t have done that intentionally right maybe in Hulk form he like can’t control himself which is why he’s been seeing this guy in Brazil to you know control breath control your body control your anger blah

blah blah right Mr Blue good news blood tests show significant gamma reduction okay will it cure me yes but need more data data’s not here um ah love it it’s on the move I feel bad that he left the dog I mean I feel like he had to no fuck dude uh go go go go I hope he’s a fast runner because he has benefits to neighbors like this is that these places are just crazy mazes so it’s easy to get lost easy to hide yeah just leave the Hat it’s long gone now whoa oh

my God rooftop Chase let’s go oh my God run get around behind her Target moving past mobile units oh it just happens to be that guy in a town full of like thousands of people go figure talking quiet is it 200 is that the magic number where he turns into the Hulk y I think we’re gonna I think we’re about to get it okay what’s the magic number I want to know 200 okay whoa I feel like their tank darts are not gonna work on him though oh yeah they’re not doing shit he’s too strong

for your guns did that do something oh yikes I really like how this whole fighting sequence we haven’t really gotten a good look at him he’s kind of been like mostly in the shadows we just kind of see the shape of him I don’t know I like it oh here we go now we see him whoa so now my question is how does he not be the Hulk anymore it’s my girlfriend she helps him maybe she is no longer affected they closed that door to him a long time ago my guess is she’s Mr Blue

then doesn’t anybody want to talk about what went down the neck we had him and then something hit us something it was Ben you have to explain that’s he has a name it’s a banner last name I assume all right so where did he run off to oh he’s not in Hulk form anymore can we just talk about how many clothes he’s probably ruined because of uh transforming into the Hulk so many shirts and pants and shoes Guatemala how the hell did he get here also how lovely is it that the first man that he

Flags down is willing to help it’s so nice I’ve seen good men go down really because someone didn’t let us know what we were walking into they deserve to know what they’re fighting against in my opinion so if you’re taking another cracker in my one in you’re gonna have a lot of professional tough guys pissing in their pants Mexico now oh kids are so nice I mean some of them are assholes but for the most part they’re nice all right how many days until these clothes are wrecked I wonder oh gosh not good you’re aware

that we’ve got an infantry weapons development program well in WW2 they initiated a sub program WW2 I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that before across the hall are trying to arm you better we’re trying to make you better Banner’s work was very early phase he thought he was working on radiation resistance I would never have told him what the project really was and something went very wrong or it went very right whereas I’m concerned that man’s whole body is property of the US Army he said he wasn’t working on weapons right you know

Blonsky how old are you 45 39. so we’ll get out of the trenches no I’m fighting yeah if I could take what I know now put it in the body I had 10 years ago that would be someone I wouldn’t want to fight I could probably arrange something like that I don’t like the sound of that Virginia the university that they were at when they were doing all this stuff to start is he meeting with Mr Blue days of that incident 17. all right good stuff Elizabeth Ross cellular biology hello Liv maybe she’s not Mr

Blue then I don’t know but I feel like he probably has romantic feelings for her and that just was a little bit of a hurt seeing that you know understand I give you my word whatever you’ve heard about me it’s not true I always knew it I mean you know how I felt about you too or maybe she’s an ex have you talked to her no she’s with somebody he’s a head shrink good Bruce what can they do to help Bruce Banner I could use a bed for a few nights you can have the spare

room upstairs there’s one other thing oh yeah by the way can I have a job I need some money fuck foreign she hasn’t changed her password out of all these years or however long it’s been since he was last here did they wipe everything on him or just move it somewhere else and not have it be in this database without it I can’t help we’re pretty well closed here folks I’m sorry oh come on Stan it’s Friday night oh boy Stan uh oh okay I feel like she’s not Mr Blue but I’m very curious who

Mr Blue is I’m also very interested in their relationship Betty tell me if I saw what I think I saw I don’t know what to say is this gonna be her I want you to come with me now please hmm but look in his eyes kind of felt like uncertainty or like unsure of things I don’t know it’s oh I got in there before they carted it all away nice does the general know that you have this I haven’t spoken to him in a couple of years he told me what he wanted to do he

wants it out of me he wants to dissect it so that he can replicate it he wants to make it a weapon the super soldier I feel like this man is ultimately like the bad guy of the story that’s just my guess but it feels like it because he wants to be able to temporarily turn soldiers into hulks for Wars and shit and that’s a bad thing to me in my opinion I should leave early as early as I can really really there’s so much tension here has me very curious are one of you getting

up to go to the other maybe not we’re giving you a very low dose only I’m nervous ouch oh ow that sound was not great does anyone else like me if it’s in a film I can easily watch a needle going into skin but in real life like if I’m getting my blood drawn for whatever reason I cannot look at the nurse doing it to myself what uh oh no no no no no no no no no Betty look at me look at me you have to go far away from me as you can don’t

argue with me just go go great he’s gonna turn into the Hulk again is the name he’s heading two seven zero and is that guy also gonna turn it once yeah nasty stuff you gonna talk to her oh heck okay I did not see that coming please don’t do this you can’t see this clear ance put two canisters in there with him oh he’s gonna get yeah okay now she’ll see oh I hate that expression on his face let him have all of it wow oh my God now you’re up whoa okay Jesus yeah careful

I don’t think we’re gonna see blonski get sliced in half but is it bad that I kind of want to see that what are these oh okay the one thing that successfully stops him good to know hell yeah is that it Blonsky pulled back now this is ballsy is that where you go whoa out uh is that is that the end of Blonsky fire god damn it uh your daughter is right there sir oh God this isn’t good okay so I’m glad that he he whoa okay I’m glad that he like recognizes Betty like you

know in Hulk form still knows that she you know I don’t know what I want to say well that whole action sequence was awesome I really enjoyed that you did the right thing Colin I need to know where they’re going should be an incredible dangerous long as she’s looking for who he protected her you almost killed her it’s a point of Professional Pride with me that I can always tell when somebody’s lying and you are I like him I don’t know where he’s going I know she’ll help him if she can she’s eating a fugitive

there’s nothing that bothers me more when father-daughter relationships are not familial anymore like this man is very much just general through and through including with his own kid which sucks but you can tell that she still cares for him and that you know daughter way I just don’t see him doing the same back to her really all right where did you guys end up also did we get to see him go back into human form because I’m so curious how that works foreign I don’t think you can fight the lightning we’re okay no will he

ever walk again oh he is alive and his body look like crushed gravel right now ew oh my god oh I look like a machine nasty I haven’t seen anything like it outside of a racehorse and here I thought buddy was dead I really hope by the end of the movie we can see him go from the Hulk to human again I just want to know maybe he has to fall asleep I don’t know it also seems like being in Hulk form no matter for how long like really exhausts him oh no no no no

no no no no no no no no no are you okay yeah actually I feel a lot better I just had to get my data back oh you ate it right the circumstances called for a little improvisation I totally forgot about the data what oh okay that actually makes sense because I feel like I’ve seen a picture of the Hulk wearing purple pants my dog is snoring very loudly I’ve done this on your own flippers usually I don’t think she was referring to that turn your head a little bit more my guy you know what

that thought crossed my mind maybe like 20 minutes ago I was like can even have sex I wasn’t gonna say it but I didn’t expect a scene like this to happen so now I’m saying it God that sucks that really sucks has anyone found out if he was next to Kenner family um thank you I was just gonna sound like we need that wow holy see you back on your feet Soldier how do you feel where do you just like this stuff I’m ready for round three close enough okay so blonde ski is gonna be

like the villain in the story that actually fights but the General in my opinion is the True Villain well you can you can take your glasses and your watch okay we can use most of it we just can’t use the credit cards the ID or the phone don’t even turn that on go on forty dollars and no credit well we could sell this no that’s the only thing you have left from her no Mom Mom’s necklace Federal’s already monitoring phones plastic and Dr Ross’s web accounts they’re not gonna just pop up we made it five

years and got five years he’s not gonna use the damn credit card now yeah looking for help that’s how we’re gonna get it Mr Blue I know he’s been talking to somebody who’ll have copies of the correspondence the Alias is Mr Green and Mr Blue have been added to the shield operations database if he comes up for air we’ll be waiting and when he slips up we’ll be ready Dr Samuel Stearns great New York City you’re taking a picture for a fun road trip you would want to take photos on but that’s just me what

happens what do you experience I think someone’s poured a liter of acid into my brain but then it’s still you inside it no it’s not it’s a different version of you I don’t want to control it I want to get rid of it walk toward the bags just don’t move too fast yeah boat’s a good option me in a metal tube deep underground with hundreds of people in the most aggressive city in the world oh no get out thank you baby you don’t like a good ride okay you know I know a few techniques could

help you manage that anger very effectively excuse me Dr Stearns I’m sorry to bother you I’m Elizabeth Ross I have someone who’d like to meet you it’s Mr Blue isn’t it I’ve got to tell you I I’ve been wondering if you were even real I wouldn’t even know each other okay if we induce an episode if we get the dosage exactly right is that going to be a lasting cure I don’t know if we overshoot this by even the smallest integer we’re dealing with concentrations with extraordinary levels of toxicity so you mean it could kill

him kill him yeah if we induce me and it fails this will be very dangerous for you I’ve always been more Curious than cautious are we going to do this let’s do it yeah I assume that he like knew who Mr Blue was and that’s why they used nicknames like that so that nobody would pick it up or anything I had no idea that they’d never actually met before I’m very curious to see what he turns into oh God are you feeling man like a monster so that stuff in the tube that looks like the

same stuff that he ingested at the start of the movie The Flower juice or the drugs as I called it we have begun the dialysis machine will mix the antidote with your blood I take your hands off probably a good call oh my God wait wait there’s more wait yeah he’s not done transforming it oh this isn’t good do it what oh okay Jesus oh his eyes went blue oh yay it worked oh those veins on his head though that was the theme of extraordinary thing I have seen in my entire life okay we need

to go back and talk about what just happened in there yes we do the gamma pulse came from the amygdala I think Dr Ross’s primer lets the cells absorb the energy temporarily and then it abates that’s why you didn’t die of radiation sickness years ago now maybe we’ve neutralized those cells permanently or maybe we just suppressed that event none of our test subjects ever survived of course they’ve been living in the primer what did you just say what test subjects come with me um Bruce this is all you wow so I had to concentrate it

and make more whoa this is not good this game of technology has limits the general could come in here and steal all this we will make humans impervious to disease no no we’ve got to destroy it wait what all of it we could get The Nobel for this you don’t understand the power of this thing it is too dangerous it cannot be controlled without your discretion shooter doesn’t give a shit I don’t think they don’t want the antidote they want to make it a weapon exactly we need to get rid of it all powerful this

thing is I hate the government just as much as anyone but you’re being a little paranoid don’t you think oh my God no no no no no no no no no no I hate him if you took it from me I’m gonna put you in a hole for the rest of your life I will never forgive what you’ve done to him he’s a fugitive you made him a fugitive to cover your failures and to protect your career don’t ever speak to me as your daughter again oh it’s only because you’re my daughter that you’re not

in handcuffs too yikes dude are you telling me you can make more like him no not yet I’ve sorted out a few pieces but it’s not like I can put together the same Humpty Dumpty if that’s what you’re asking Savannah’s the only one wow sick bitch why are you always hitting me that’s what he does Jesus what you’ve got to have Banner on there you look like you’ve got a little something in you already I want more I don’t know what you’ve got inside you already the mixture could be an Abomination I feel like he’s

okay with that I didn’t say I was unwilling all right so Blonsky doesn’t turn into anything yet he just got the super strength in human form strength 14.56 I feel like that’s a good start I feel bad that this guy has to do this to him otherwise he dies what I was trying to explain oh no oh my God he’s gonna die isn’t he on the table I can fix this holy ah no no no no I’m curious what the general is gonna say when he sees what Blonsky has turned into also I want to

see what Blonsky has turned into now wow holy shit dude one of yours oh my God yes General are you proud of yourself you fuck do you think a rifle’s gonna hurt that no well especially because I think Blonsky is a lot stronger than the Hulk because he had he has a bunch of things in him oh wow okay show off this is really scary oh my God that poor driver sir yeah what are you gonna do General tell them bring everything they’ve gotten head for Harlem it has to be me I um yeah you

have to take me back there what are you saying he has to transform we made this thing all of us please open the back door you don’t even know if you’ll change that’s a good point actually but my guess is he does change into the Hulk and he fights Blonsky and he is successful foreign I’m looking forward to this fight so terrifying looking like Hulk is cool but this guy oh not a fan thank you yeah blonsky’s way stronger so I feel like the Hulk is gonna need to not just use strength but I don’t

know something else I think my favorite part is how he just uses anything as weapons and shields oh my God could you imagine just chilling out watching TV and all of a sudden your wall gets ripped apart and you see that your weapons are not gonna do shit just don’t even bother you’re more likely to hurt civilians than you ordered him oh God I gotta put it down all right Betty’s okay let’s find a way out foreign fuck me all right we’re still going oh this isn’t good all right you gotta get out of there

buddy Jesus ow damn all right behind you oh wow Hulk smash so this is how he does it I figured he would need a tool or two just strangle the son of a bitch right now oh ouch those feet are ugly not Hulk’s feet Blondie’s TV oh where is he going hey BC nice so maybe he has to like go into nature to get back into human form I’m still confused about how he returns to being Bruce you know but that’s okay maybe it’s supposed to be big an unknown or maybe it’s when his Harvey

goes back down I guess I don’t know oh lovely I love the beard facial hair is a good look days without incidents 31. zero General hello snow steel beer and defeat you know I hate to say I Told You So General but that super soldier program was put on ice for a reason oh my God God you always wear such nice suits yes he does you should listen if I told you we were putting the team together who’s we yo it’s not exciting that I wasn’t expecting to see uh Tony Stark so soon so that

was The Incredible Hulk movie number two on this MCU journey of mine and I had fun watching this movie even though it wasn’t like the most fantastic movie to ever exist and I definitely think that Iron Man was much better than this one that being said I didn’t dislike this movie at all this is like a solid like Middle of the Road movie for me but leaning more on like the enjoyable mid then the mid there were lots of good things about it but there was also a lot of things that I wish could have

been done better but I will say that I’m very excited to see Hulk again down the road because obviously he reappears and the end of the movie to me kind of makes it seem like Bruce has figured out how to become the Hulk without getting angry which is very interesting it’s cool that he’ll be able to kind of become the Hulk on command now many of you that have been around this channel for a long time know that I don’t like looking up cast lists before I watch a movie but there were a bunch of

new viewers that found me through Iron Man that did comment on that reaction that Mark Ruffalo becomes the Hulk later on I just want to remind you all to please leave your comments below about this movie only please and thank you I love responding to your comments and I’m sure that you all love receiving replies from me so just please keep that in mind because I don’t want to have to delete your comments don’t be ruining things for me all right so the first thing I have to say is I cannot believe that Iron Man

and this movie were filmed and released in the same years because this movie feels like it was made five years prior to Iron Man I don’t think the CGI was terrible by any means but this movie just does not at all feel like it was on the same level as Iron Man so there’s that and I also feel like the only character I really give a shit about was Bruce Banner and then his Hulk form this is yet another film that I’ve watched this year where I personally feel like the front half is a lot

stronger than the back half and I don’t know why I keep watching movies that have this structure but it is what it is I really enjoyed all of the scenes in Brazil I really enjoyed that first appearance of the Hulk I thought that scene was really well done and the first half in general was great my favorite fighting scene was the scene in the park even though the final scene was good fun and you know fighting against the Abomination witch I didn’t know that that was what his name was I should have pieced that together

because Abomination was mentioned earlier but I just kept calling him Blonsky because I didn’t know it wasn’t like explicitly stated also the Abomination did not die it just appeared to me like he was rendered a little bit unconscious so I’m very curious to see if he makes a reappearance at any point obviously please don’t tell me but I am kind of keeping that in the back of my mind I also feel like maybe he was injected with so much crap that he’s unable to turn back into his Blonsky human form which is going to be

kind of interesting if that’s the case I’m really excited to re-watch the beginning of this movie when I go to edit it because during those opening credits I really feel like I was paying too much attention to the words on the screen and reading the actor names and stuff in my head rather than actually paying attention to what was happening and I feel like I probably missed a couple things during that so I’m very excited to re-watch and just see if that clarifies anything for me I know that there is a Hulk movie from 2003

and I don’t know if this movie is like a remake of that or if it’s a direct continuation the way that the opening credits played out to me like those opening scenes it kind of makes it feel like it was done kind of as a recap in just like a reminder to viewers of what happened in the previous movie but it also to me feels like it could have been like an explanary type of scene but just not super directly so that might be something I look up after I’m done recording this just to make

things clear for myself and kind of figure out okay do I need to watch the 2003 one and let me know if you would be interested in seeing a reaction to that on the channel I’m not sure if that’s one that I should do here for YouTube or if it’s one I just watch on my own time as for characters I really enjoyed Edward Norton he was definitely my favorite actor in this movie I really enjoyed the Bruce Banner character I also enjoyed the Hulk scenes but I won’t lie I think I actually enjoyed human

form a lot more I just think he did a great job and I enjoyed him Tim Roth I think was great as Blonsky and the Abomination but especially Blonsky because he definitely felt the most threatening out of everyone for me both Betty and the general were so lacking and I feel like both of them could have been so much more and the one thing that kind of pisses me off about Betty especially is it really bothers me that we didn’t get a scene where Betty and her current boyfriend like had a conversation about this at

all like Betty literally sees Bruce and just seemingly Falls immediately back in love with him and and there’s no there’s no explanation of like okay did she break up with her boyfriend is she now like full steam ahead with Bruce it just I don’t know the romance I think could have been so much better or I just wish that maybe there wasn’t a romance in this at all so yeah I just wish that both of them were written a little bit better and I think that they both could have been really strong characters but there

was just something lacking there for me and if any of you agree please let me know in the comments maybe you are better at explaining it than I am especially because I guarantee that most of you have seen this movie probably many many many times so I will say that I feel a little bit silly for thinking that Betty was Mr Blue for so long but serious firstly at the beginning of the movie every time he was talking to Mr Blue the camera kept panning over to that photo of her so I just made the

assumption that he was talking to her and that he knew he was talking to her so it was actually kind of a surprise for me when the actual Mr Blue was revealed and I did enjoy his character a little bit I kind of wish we had a bit more time with him but I also and I’ve said this before in some other movies like anytime I wish we had a character’s presence more I think back to the overall story and I’m like well there just maybe wasn’t the time or the space for it I don’t

know but I thought that he was like a really fun kind of scientist guy and uh I’m curious to know if he ended up dying or not though because the blood got into his blood and then he kind of started transforming so what does he transform into do we eventually get to see that I don’t know all right I’m super curious to know what others have to say on letterboxed and I just found two reviews that were placed back to back that I really chuckled at and if this isn’t a perfect descriptor of how people

think about movies then I don’t know what is but there’s a review that’s three and a half Stars by yoyo4 that says this is so much better than I remembered followed by a review of one and a half Stars by KB that says this movie is remarkably bad no matter what movie is out there you’re always gonna have these kind of people you’re always going to have people that go ah this is actually not that bad and then you’re gonna have people that go this is fucking terrible and the last review which made me chuckle

a lot is a three star review by Ellie that says I hate Marvel for making me look up average heart rate during sex but suffice it to say that Bruce Banner should be able to fuck that scene was so funny to me because I can’t remember when it was that that thought first came into my mind I think it was a scene where he was running away from the baddies and the thought popped into my mind I didn’t blurt it out at that time because I felt it was unnecessary and was a thought that I

should just keep to myself but then when that scene happened and him and Betty kind of started you know the process of beginning that and then he made her stop because of the whole heart rate issue then that just was hilarious to me and then I felt it was obviously appropriate to speak my thoughts and that concludes my thoughts on this movie Iron Man 2 is next so please click here to subscribe if you’re not already so that you will get notified when that comes out that will be coming out next Monday and if you

want to continue watching one of my reaction videos one will pop up over here for you thank you so much for being here thank you so much for joining me I look forward to reading your comments and have a great day

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