The Incredibles (2004) – Movie Review

The Incredibles is an action and adventure
animation released in 2004, directed by Brad
A couple of retired Superheroes are forced
back to work and now with their families.
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Once in the past, Superheros helped society
fighting crime.
Among them Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and
After much backlash and lawsuits against the
collateral damage they cause, Government forces
them to abandon the crime-fighting life to
assume their secret identities 24/7.
Fifteen years pass by, Mr. Incredible now
only as Bob Parr is married to former Elastigirl,
The couple has three kids, Violet, Dash, and

/> Unhappy about his ordinary life and bureaucratic
job, at night, Bob usually acts as a vigilante
with his best friend Lucius Best, formerly
known as Frozone.
Bob hit his low point after almost getting
caught in his vigilante gig and getting fired
for injuring his boss.
That’s when he lured back into a Superhero
The Incredibles is a very popular animation,
well-regarded by critics and audience alike.
Some people used to act like it was the best
animation ever created.
The anticipation for the second movie was
I gotta say, the movie is indeed quite good.
However, it’s not as good as these people
claimed to be.
A lot of movies have this effect, for example,
Donnie Darko and V for Vendetta, fine films
that are inflated by their cult following.
I liked The Incredibles the first time I watched
it back in the day but nothing so remarkable.
The hype around it preceding the release of
its sequel was so huge that I thought I might
have missed something, after all, I was young,
barely a teenager, when I first watched it.
Nope, the movie was as I remembered it, and
that’s not a bad thing.
As I said, I really liked it when I first
saw it.
It definitely deserved the Oscar of Best Animation
against Shrek 2 and Shark Tale.
The Incredibles has an exceptional and very
original plot overall, and it’s also really
well structured.
In addition, the attention to little details
helps to create an even more believable universe
tying everything up nicely.
It’s a very fun movie to watch, full of humor,
adventure, and action.
The pace is fast and right on point, flowing
With almost two hours, it didn’t drag in any
minute and the time passes seamlessly.
The only thing lacking is a little more strong
At first, I thought it was because it’s a
family animation.
However, if we think about movies like “My
Neighbor Totoro”, it’s aimed at children and
full of emotional moments.
There were some attempts at bringing up emotional
reactions from the viewer, but it didn’t work
much for me.
In the particular scene I’m thinking about
when saying this, I think the problem was
the lack of suspense.
One of the strong points of the film is the
characters, especially the family of Superheroes.
Each one of them has distinct and compelling
characteristics that form a believable and
relatable family, besides their super-powers.
Frozone, Mirage and Edna are close behind
the quartet of protagonists.
Edna (who’s voiced by the film’s director,
Brad Bird) is really funny, but has too little
screen time.
And to be honest, I don’t like the villain,
Syndrome, so much.
He gives some funny interactions with Mr.
Incredible in the beginning, as a little boy,
but later, he’s just a default villain.
One thing that surprised me was how inferior
the quality of the animation is, compared
to the present productions.
It shouldn’t surprise me, I know.
The film is 17 years old, and the technology
evolves so fast.
It’s just that I’ve never thought about that
Since I’m not really knowledgeable in computer
animation, I won’t dare try to point out what
is worse with precision.
That’s one of those things that our eyes simply
can tell.
The movie looks great, though.
It’s no Moana, but it’s very decent and full
of character.
I love the Island seen from the sky, Bob’s
office building full of little cubicles, all
that visuals from the 50s and 60s.
My favorite thing was the architecture of
the houses in the family’s neighborhood.
The score is really perfect for the film.
It has a mix of superhero and spy, fitting
amazingly with all the action and adventure
present in the movie.
It’s really recognizable as well.
When I was listening to a little of the soundtrack
right now, it immediately evokes images of
the Superhero family in my head.
Another thing to address regarding sound is
its editing.
It’s an aspect I completely overlook, and
it’s a flaw I have to fix.
I still mix up sound editing and sound mixing,
I’m glad The Academy merged it.
I always have to look it up on the internet
to forget everything one minute later.
I have to address it only because The Incredibles
also won the Sound Editing Oscar.
The moment it really caught my attention was
when Helen was entering a facility, and some
flying vehicles were landing nearby.
Their sound is amazing.
Immediately after, she enters a tunnel that
also has some very compelling sounds.
That’s all I can talk about it.
I’ll try to study more about sound editing,
mixing and to pay more attention to them in
Maybe next time I can give more insightful
comments about this aspect.
The Incredibles is a deserving Academy Award
winner, full of qualities and barely any flaw.
Besides some over-the-top praises, it really
was a movie that marked its time with merits.
So, I’ll give The Incredibles 8 Moons.
That’s it for now.
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