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The quality of your hair strands is
determined at the hair follicle.
you can of course ruin any hair by
bleaching and heat styling but if your
hair grows from
strong roots, your chances of silky
strands are much higher.
But what influences hair health? Well:
diet and a healthy scalp. And when
The Inkey List launched their hair care line
earlier this year,
instead of shampoo and conditioner they
focused entirely on treatments.
five for the hair and four for the scalp.
but are they worth your money? hi i’m dr
Hi, Iยดm Doctor Anne. I’m a medical doctor with a passion
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A few
words about the line in general:
All products are packed in aluminum
containers that are fully recyclable,
yes that includes the pump, contain 50
milliliter and range between 8
and 15 euro price wise.
the pump. I did not talk about the pump
in my The Inkey List hair treatment video,
simply because it’s fine when it comes
to hair treatments.
For scalp treatments though it is not
the best.
You are supposed to distribute them
evenly on your entire scalp and massage
them in.
So if you pump them into your hand,
you will spend the next 10 minutes
trying to dip your fingers into the
fluid and reach through your strands
without losing half the product on the
way there.
If on the other hand you pump directly
onto your scalp,
you will end up with way too much
product in one spot, because it’s hard
to control. Other scalp treatments I’ve
used before have a spray nozzle instead,
that would just dispense a small
and worked much better for the purpose.
That aside I got
two out of the four: The Inkey List
Salicylic acid exfoliating scalp
treatment and
The Inkey List caffeine stimulating scalp
treatment. Let’s talk about the salicylic
acid exfoliating scalp treatments first
and hear what The Inkey List claims:
exfoliating the scalp is vital to remove
dead skin and product buildup and give
the roots a chance to thrive and lift
versus being weighed down.
it’s a common mistake to think that a
flaky and itchy scalp is caused by a dry
in almost all cases a dry flaky scalp is
caused by
overproduction of oil by the sebaceous
gland located next to the hair follicle.
to tackle itchiness, flakiness and
excessive oil buildup we have created a
lightweight serum which combines three
key ingredients:
salicylic acid works to remove the
buildup through gently exfoliating the
scalp and similarly to its role in skin
care it also helps to balance oil level
the two other ingredients, Fluidipure 8G
and panthenol, respectively help to
reduce scalp redness
and to it hydrate and moisturize the
hair. The product itself is clear, very
runny and with no noticeable scent.
i did not notice any stinging or
irritation when applying it
to my scalp. When you look at the
ingredient list, salicylic acid is listed
third ingredient after water and
propanediol and comes at the two percent
allowed in non-prescription products.
Fluidipure 8G
is apparently at a concentration of 2.5
percent and is a solution aiming to
fight scalp irritation and dandruff,
although i’m not sure that i have seen
it mentioned in the list of ingredients
allowed to make anti-dandruff claims.
salicylic acid on the other hand
is listed, and the added panthenol is
great as anti-inflammatory. Now to be
clear here i do not suffer from dandruff
or scalp itching.
I do however enjoy frequent sweaty
workouts, the excessive use of dry
shampoo and have an oily scalp,
all of which can lead to kind of a
buildup that I can literally
scratch off my head. And yes,
i know how gross that sounds. I’m just
keeping it real here! To help with that i
wanted a scalp exfoliant and as i much
prefer chemical over physical
exfoliation on my face, i figured i would
give that one a go.
Safe to say it did not disappoint.
I experienced zero irritation, but after
two uses, i use it around once every
week, maybe
every other week, depending on my workout
schedule, my scalp felt so much cleaner
and the buildup was gone. Did it make a
difference in my hair health?
well, i honestly can’t tell, i think
things like that are hard to notice.
but as it feels so much better now, the
product definitely will
be repurchased. Now the inkey list
caffeine stimulating scalp treatment
let’s hear what the inkey list claims: the
hair on your scalp grows
cyclically and follows three phases: a
growth phase called the anagen phase,
a regression phase called the catagen
phase, and a resting phase called
the telogen phase. when for a number of
reasons we experience
thinning hair beyond normal shedding,
this means hair is in the catagen phase.
Whilst we cannot fully prevent hair loss
when this happens, we have
created a unique formula that works to
keep hair in the anagen phase,
which is the phase in which hair grows.
the results? an
overnight scalp treatment that uses
caffeine powder and a new ingredient
Redensyl to help reduce and prevent hair
loss by stimulating hair follicles,
therefore encouraging hair growth and
helping to improve
hair thickness. this one has a gel like
texture which makes it a little easier
to get to the scalp than the very runny
salicylic acid exfoliating treatment. I
still think though another form of
dispenser would have been better.
it is absolutely non-oily and does not
leave a film on the roots,
something that was very important to me
as i do not wash my hair every day.
i could apply this one at night and
still have fresh looking hair in the
According to the inkey list one bottle
should last you around one month, with
three months being the time after you
start seeing results.
to be completely honest here, this is
still my first bottle.
it’s as good as empty and i did use it
every night and a decent amount by my
own judgment,
but probably not enough. When you look at
the ingredient list you’ll find caffeine
powder, which aims to increase blood flow
to the follicle and stimulate it that
and Redensyl. The Inkey List says this is a
new ingredient, but it has been around
since around 2014 and is used in
several other anti-aging hair products.
there are a few studies done at
one percent or two percent Redensyl solution,
one percent is used in here, which did
show good results, but were done
as clinical testing with self-report and
mostly on men.
that does not mean i don’t believe it
can help, i
would still say though that we have more
data on minoxidil. i know this is the
product most of you wanted to know
first about, but i really wanted to go
the full three months before i give you
my final verdict.
these three months though were a
struggle. not because the product itself
is a problem, other than the application
it really does not affect your hair
routine at all, no,
because i really struggle with applying
something every night to my scalp.
no problem with skin care but that extra
step was something i had to force myself
to do.
for me the results would have needed to
be outstanding to keep up with that,
and quite honestly they aren’t. if i look
closely i do notice some
baby hair, which is a sign of regrowth, so
yes, i would say there is an effect.
maybe from the product, maybe from the
regular scalp massage that in itself
will increase blood flow, but for me
that is not enough to keep going and
with inconsistent use the results will
most likely be
lost again. So if you are more
disciplined than i am,
it might be worth trying, i personally
will not get another bottle.
Have you tried any of the scalp
treatments? please share your experiences in
the comments below.
i’m going to link to more videos on the
screen now that i think you might enjoy
and i’m going to see you all very soon
with another one. bye!

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