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Hello guys. Welcome to Movie Spy! Today I
am going to share another story about Invisible,
but this time there is indeed an invisible
guy, okay?
One night, Jenny sneakily wakes up, seeing
her boyfriend Tony is unconscious due to the
sleeping pills, she hurriedly packs her luggage,
and then runs out of the villa she has been
living with Tony.
Soon after, Jenny comes to the roadside, her
sister Mary is waiting there to pick her up.
Unexpectedly, as soon as Jenny gets in the
car, Tony shows up suddenly, he breaks the
window with a punch!
Watching this terrifying scene, Mary gets
a hump on starting the car and drives to her
friend John’s house.
Afterward, Jenny begins to explain that Tony
is an extremely possessive person. As a founder
of a technology company, he wants to control
everything in her life. Jenny dares not resist
as Tony always solves problems with violence.
Therefore, she decided to sneak away before
breaking up with him. Jenny still doesn’t
understand why Tony loves her so much in such
a freak way.
But soon after, Mary comes to tell Jenny that
the news reported that Tony committed suicide
by cutting his wrist.
The next day, Mike, the brother of Tony, he

/> meets Jenny and says that his brother left
a heritage of 5 million dollars which would
be paid by installments, but the payment will
be invalid once Jenny does something illegal,
Mike says ” Of course, you have the right
to refuse the money.” Hearing Mike’s words,
Jenny accepts the heritage angrily and then
buy John a ladder as a gift, then she also
transfers a sum of money to John’s daughter
Rebecca as tuition fee.
Everything seems well, but Jenny begins to
notice that somebody is in her room spying
on her, every time she turns around to check
it out but only to find nothing.
One night, the thing that has been spying
on her pulls her quilt, and steps on it when
Jenny’s picking the quilt up. Trembling
with fears, she keeps screaming for help.
However, John comes but finds nobody in her
room and comforts her to continue sleeping
as she will have an interview tomorrow.
Although Jenny receives a huge heritage, she
still wants to live a normal life. When she’s
gonna take out her laptop from the bag, it
disappears but it should have been put in
the bag in the morning. Thinking about what’s
going on, Jenny suddenly faints on the floor.
In the hospital, John comes to pick her up
home, the doctor mentions that Jenny may have
taken sleeping pills, which is the reason
why she fainted.
Coming back home, Jenny is pretty sure that
she did not take the pill. When taking a shower,
she still thinking about what happened.
After the shower, Jenny finds that there is
a bottle of sleeping pills on the desk. She
picks it up and realizes it is the one she
left when she was running away from the villa.
On the next day, she brings the pills to question
Mike: “Is he still alive? He told me before
that the invisible suit would be made soon.
You know what? He came to play tricks to scare
me every day, I can’t understand why he
is so angry. Tell me what he wants, or I will
sue you!”
Without any choice, Mike presents the pictures
of Tony’s body taken by the police, he then
replies: ”Obviously, he ‘s gone.”
However, Jenny is not convinced, she goes
to ask Mary if she can help investigate the
truth. Surprisingly, Mary looks pretty angry
and refuses her request.
Arriving home, Jenny realizes that somebody
used her laptop to insult Mary by email, which
is the reason why Mary treated her so badly.
Presumably the culprit is Tony. In the meantime,
hearing Jenny’s crying, Rebecca walks into
her room and asks if she needs help, but something
invisible slapped her to the ground.
Facing such a terrifying situation, Rebecca
can’t help screaming and tells John that
it is Jenny who just hit her. After blaming
Jenny, he brings her daughter to the hospital.
Jenny feels very miserable for being framed
when she did nothing, but she then talks to
oneself, “I know it was you, Tony.”
She picks up her phone and dials Tony’s
number. Hearing the ringtones, she climbs
in to the attic but only to find a phone showing
the pictures of her.
When checking the phone, Jenny hears that
some noises from the ladder, she turns around
and pours paint down. As expected, the invisible
man is splashed with paint, he then escapes
to the kitchen to have a wash.
Jenny holds a knife to find where he is but
fails, therefore, she takes a taxi to his
house directly and asks the driver to wait
outside. Jenny is able to get into the house
as she knows all the passwords, she’s pretty
sure that Tony is still alive, otherwise,
his dog should have starved to death.
Walking into a chamber, she suspects that
the invisible suit is already made, and here
is one of those suits. Jenny clicks on the
pad and then the suit appears on the shelf.
When Jenny is gonna take down the suit, Tony
is back. She hurriedly hides the suit in a
cupboard and runs out of the house, then leaves
by the taxi she ordered.
At night, Jenny meets Mary in a restaurant
and tells her the truth including that invisible
suit, she wants Mary to assist her to fight
against Tony.
However, the supernatural event happens again.
A knife floats in the air and cuts Mary’s
throat, then it flies back to Jenny’s hand.
After seeing this murder, Jenny is logically
considered as the murderer and is sedated
before being imprisoned in a psychiatric cell.
When the police leaves, Tony with the invisible
suit laughs at her, “Dear, feel surprised?”
Afterward, Jenny wakes up. The medical staff
who gave her a body exam tells her that she’s
already pregnant.
On the next day, Mike comes to tell Jenny
that the heritage is now invalid as she committed
a crime. He also mentions that the baby is
absolutely Tony’s and gives Jenny two choices,
one is to get back to Tony’s side and he
will save her from the jail, the other option
is to stay in jail for life.
Jenny finally understands that Mike has been
helping Tony all the time, she angrily pushes
away the files and takes the opportunity to
steal a pen.
Going back to the cell, Jenny pretends to
commit suicide with the pen, the invisible
man thinks that she is going to perish together
with the baby, he shows up to stop her but
never think that Jenny would stab him with
a knife.
Due to the noises from the cell, a prison
guard comes in but is attacked by the invisible
man. Seeing more and more guards come, he
decides to sneak away.
Jenny picks up a gun and catches up. Annoyed
at Jenny’s behavior, the invisible man pinches
her neck:” Stop pissing me off again. If
you don’t get back to my side, I will kill
Rebecca, absolutely!”
Hearing what said, Jenny grabs a car and calls
John to go back home as someone is about to
hurt Rebecca. Since the invisible man is invisible,
John is knocked down soon. Rebecca is too
scared to call for police or help her father,
fortunately, Jenny goes back home and uses
a fire extinguisher to check where he is,
then shoots him to death.
Unexpectedly, when taking off the man’s
mask, Jenny finds that he is not Tony but
After knowing this situation, the police goes
to the villa and finds Tony imprisoned in
a chamber.
Tony claims that it is his brother Mike who
has been locking him up here and spreading
rumors of his death in order to get his heritage.
At the police station, John says that now
all the crimes are imputed to Mike and he
explains the situation. But Jenny firmly believes
that the truth is not that simple, Tony is
the culprit, after escaping from the police
station, he requests Mike to put on the invisible
suit and go kill Rebecca in order to put everyone’s
eye on Mike. But this is just Jenny’s guess.
For the purpose of knowing the truth, Jenny
decides to find Tony and pretend to get back
together with him. The requirement is that
Tony needs to tell her the truth.
However, Tony insists that he is innocent
and says:”Feel surprised?” The tone is
totally the same to the invisible man who
said “ Feel surprised” to her in the prison.
Therefore, Jenny no longer hesitates and plans
to kill him, she uses the make-up as an excuse
to go to the bathroom.
Driven by anger, Jenny puts on the invisible
suit that was hidden in the cupboard, then
she grabs Tony’s hands to cut his throat.
From the record of CCTV, we can only see that
Tony commits suicide.
After the murder, Jenny goes back to the bathroom
to put off the suit, pretending to be very
nervous, she makes a call to John for help.
The story comes to an end and I think it is
advising us not to piss a woman off.
Thanks for watching! See you next time.

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