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Lots of reviews on The Kerala Story have been published in the last 24 hours… I’m not saying these reviews are wrong … but there was a time when reviews actually mattered and people took them seriously But it is no longer the same… nobody wants reviews but something else entirely: You can call it a drug … the makers and producers of the film have carefully studied how to package and deliver this drug Well it is not rocket science because the same thing that news channels have done for years why can’t movie makers repeat it? Anchors make

so much money and became celebs of a sort … movie makers took inspiration Story of The Kerala Story begins where news channels and whatsapp university brought us today If you are not convinced by all different kinds of jihad and you crave prime time news material If you take every word from anchors like pearl of wisdom and whatsapp university forwards about danger won’t let you sleep … then you will love The Kerala Story No one can stop you from watching the film and if you’re a whatsapp graduate then you will shout slogans by the end of

the movie credits Despite so many negative reviews and despite faking the 32,000 number – the film has opened well at the box office If everyone

likes the movie then what problem do I have? Only problem is that the movie poses itself as a true story Had it been called a work of fiction or loosely inspired then that would be okay – we would have cheered Creative license is a thing after all But here movie feels like playing with the communal harmony 5 months ago the teaser had claimed that 32,000 girls had been buried in Syria

and Yemen desert – we did an episode 32,000 did seem like a big number – the director claimed he had evidence and I thought Bengali man must have done homework After all if the number is true then that is a setback for Modi govt – if 32,000 women went to ISIS from just one state … how did that happen But that helped in marketing – Nike and Adidas must take notes The 32,000 figure disappeared by the time main trailer was released When first day first show was premiering the makers of the movie said in court

that they will remove 32,000 claim In the run time of the movie this 32,000 number is mentioned just once as a claim – no facts or data is given News channels play these tricks often – if caught they say sorry and that is what the makers did by removing 32,000 number But publicity was already done … isn’t that a masterstroke? Now you will ask what is the real number of people who joined ISIS – there must be some basis for movie making The film is based on stories of 4 women who joined ISIS and before

we talk about that it is important reminder that much of the movie is rightly shown – ISIS brutality, sex slaves, sharia, etc. Instant justice by ISIS, use of drugs and how women are treated by ISIS Director has shown ISIS bluntly and quite gory details in the movie Even news channels may not have done the show on ISIS like this By the end, you will hate ISIS but the trick played by the movie is linking truth of ISIS to Kerala to push agenda that Kerala has become terrorist playground That religious conversion is an industry in Kerala

and Hindus are easily converted by greed of lollypop Now how is this for cinematography and storyline – actress Adah Sharma is a nursing college student Osama bin Laden is celebrated and India called imperialist force – that is what must be happening in Kerala as per makers Adah playing Shalini and her friend are both brainwashed – basically liberal college is shown like recruiting ground where terrorists are recruited Shalini tells UN to save her Kerala – God’s own country is at risk … as if that is how it is If you hated my accent then I wonder

what you will do after listening to Adah Sharma accent This line will evoke 2 reactions: One, what is this madness? and second, will applaud, cheer and approve of it Before watching I thought why Adah Sharma and not Kangana – the role fits, or perhaps just a budget issue But after watching I realized any one – even goat – would have done the job and strong minded like Kangana wouldn’t fit the role Spoilers ahead… Shalini goes to a nursing college where she and her friends meet Asifa, a Jihadi recruiter Shalini wants to know more about Islam

Shalini is eve teased then Shalini and friends start wearing hijab – and they feel safe Shalini does not have safe sex with Muslim boyfriend and gets pregnant – boyfriend refuses marriage unless she converts to Islam and Shalini agrees But the boyfriend runs away after conversion Shalini is ready to marry another Muslim guy a Maulvi suggests … and they have to go to Syria and join jihad to repent pre marital sex Shalini agrees to go to Syria … but before that there is honeymoon in Sri Lanka – her college friend calls Her friend tells Shalini that

boyfriend did not run anywhere – he was now onto other girls as he was a recruiter Two other friends of Shalini were also trapped – one took her life Still Shalini does not understand and goes to Syria with new husband – must be a travel bug in her But Shalini realizes after she was denied phone access in Syria – how will she vlog? Shalini is told mobile phone is haram for women – why didn’t she know it already? That is why we say why don’t you read up a little – don’t rely on whatsapp university

There is a concept of red flags in any relationship The movie shows that if you keep ignoring red flags you will be stuck in worse situations Especially if boyfriend runs away after impregnating – then you don’t go to marry a stranger … but Shalini follows like a sheep The story has many loopholes – more holes than an underwear You will scratch your head while watching – but is the story entirely false? 4 women did go to Syria with husbands and husbands were killed in war or terrorism – they trying to return but not welcome Kerala

story is a story of 4 women but it is being shown that there is an organized recruitment on large scale in Kerala ISIS recruits fundamentalists from world over – and many from India too have tried to join there … we keep a close eye on this matter Mostly the ones who tried to go Syria from Kerala were returnees from Gulf countries – but organized recruitment, 32000 missing – no evidence was presented … only jingoism and propaganda to sell All elements of a hit movie are in it – not acting, direction or editing … I am

actually talking about: Like today’s news channels the agenda of the movie is clear and that is what people are liking – it servers Islamophobia on a plate Most disappointing thing is – the movie scratches fault lines in Islam – but the film mocks Hindu religion Shalini and friends are shown so naiive in the film and they are told to their faces that Hindu gods are helpless … wear hijab they don’t get raped If such talk is done in college then that would be the last day in that college but here Shalini accepts all this and

nods Had this been any other director’s work there would be many cases against for showing Hindus so helpless – maybe this must be well thought agenda Either the movie will repulse people or they will cheer for it – in both cases tickets will sell and movie will be discussed further Now politics is also clear – PM is mentioning The Kerala Story in Karnataka and blaming Congress After losing in Kerala assembly this is a good opportunity for BJP to push agenda No matter what the reviews say – I agree there is no good acting, story, etc.

better production is on YouTube … still the film works on insecurities of people and satisfies their thirst for such content ~subscribe and press bell icon

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