THE LAST OF US Episode 1 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Easter Eggs

okay so the Last of Us episode one is now out and I’m so excited to talk about it the first game is my favorite of all time and I’ve bought the PS3 version the PS4 remaster and even the PS5 remake that released a couple of months ago this is a game I’ve completed numerous times on grounded mode and the series is something I’ve been desperate to do a deep dive on throughout this video we’re going to be breaking down the first episode scene by scene and talking about all the Easter eggs hidden details and what

they did differently to the game if you haven’t played it then don’t worry because we won’t be spoiling what happens down the line as I want you to enjoy the twists and turns as much as I did on my first playthrough however I may need to touch upon certain things due to characters that get name dropped here but I’ll only bring them up in our super spoiler section at the end of the video which I’ll give you a heads up on I’m nice like that now unlike the game the series starts off in 1968 originally

we watched as Sarah woke up in her bed and ventured about the house but here they do it differently rather than throwing

us in at the night of the outbreak we get some backstory that wasn’t even filled in in the source material the game told us very little about the virus Beyond it being caused by cordyceps which had mutated to infect humans these real-life fungi exist in the jungle and the parasite infects insects and also anthropods beginning in 1968 though we see a TV show in which two scientists do a big deal time about what

the biggest threat to humanity is the first one goes up about how we may have a pandemic level event that’s caused by a strain of influenza which awkward now both games were made before the pandemic and the creative team of retroactively added this into the show to comment on it in my opinion the scientists mentions how airplanes are a new element that will help viruses like this spread easier and later on we see several planes flying overhead as Sarah Joel and Tommy make their escape they add a lot of Focus to them during the truck

scene and actually change up how the crash happens originally it was caused by another one hitting them but they do a fake out in the episode and instead have plain debris causing it now the sign is played by John Hannah talks about the threat of cordyceps and how climate change could allow the fungi to spread from the more tropical regions of the world to human population centers he talks about how cordyceps work and this is some yet scientists have studied in the wild the fungi infect their housed and they then fill them with hallucinations that

caused them to act a certain way a lot of the time they’ll get ants to climb high up into the trees and then from here they’ll kill the host and get them to spread their spores one thing I thought that was so creepy about the game is that we’d often stumble across the infected whilst they were unaware we were in the area you’d often catch them subbing away in corners and the creative team said it was horrendous being one of them due to the parasite basically infecting your brain similar to how the Spore ants were

set up in fact it would lay down somewhere and die and they’d become points of infection that could fire spores out into the air we see one of these later on in the episode but they do stay their hand and don’t reveal the later stages of the infected in this first entry the character also says this very important line snow cures they don’t exist it’s not even possible to make them that’s why Ali becomes so important later on because she seems like the last hoe to dig Humanity out of this hellhole they end this speech

by clearly setting up the stakes and showing why the world ends up the way it does we lose that’s another thing I love about the game and whereas we normally watch the outbreak and go from there we get a massive time gem to see Humanity far far in the future after this we go to the title sequence which is presented in a similar way to the black and white one that started up the game there’s lots of symbolism here with a fungus rising up to create a Skyline showing how it’s become the dominant force in

the world you also see one creating a face before finally settling on the Silhouettes of Joel and Ellie the theme tune used here is pulled directly from the game and it instantly sets the tone of this solitarian Bleak storyline now if you enjoyed the video so far it’s about to get a lot better I promise but please hit the thumbs up button to help us out also make sure you subscribe as we’ll be covering the show weekly and you definitely don’t want to miss any of our breakdowns by the way a huge thank you for

clicking this now let’s get into The Last of Us okay so originally the game took place in 2013 which just so happened to be the year of its release we then got the 20-year time Jump like what we have in the show which took us to the year 2033 the game was littered with calendars marking the date and in the second one you could even find a PlayStation 3 with a copy of Uncharted 2 beside it about the series changes things up in order to have the main parts take place in 2023 we start off

in 2003 and much like how the game opens we see things from Sarah’s perspective now originally that had the player waking up on the night of the outbreak which also happened to be Joel’s birthday yeah though we get a full day in the life of Sarah and the entire time I was wishing I could sit and watch this with someone who had no idea about the games and be like does he know now Sarah is very much a reflection of Ellie they’ve even given her a backpack which wasn’t in the game to make her more

closely married to her she also wears a hurricane drops t-shirt which Sarah two wore in the game that had the 2012 Tour whereas this is the O2 one so that it doesn’t mess too much with the timeline neat little Easter egg on it is that all the locations that halikin drops to add at are in the order of places that the characters visit in the game now we pick up the scene by starting at Sarah’s window and this is important iconography as an open window is also summing its used on the game’s menu screen it

also ties into something that we’ll talk about in the super spoiler section and this window’s shot could become something defining down the line on Sarah’s room we see a band poster for The Clash and also Destiny’s Child this is similar to her room in the game in which she had a Harkins drop poster and also one for the in-universe movie called dawn of the wolf Destiny’s Child poster says Survivor and it’s not this child’s Destiny to be a Survivor too soon too soon now interestingly the calendar says August but we do get a confirm later

on that the outbreak happened on September 26th because that’s also Joel’s birthday she’s just forgot to change it and I kind of think this was left like this to show she’s just a Carefree kid or someone on the set they’re getting fired now they also pick to set it around summer because the heat would help the spread of the cordyceps and it adds the idea of the seasonal storyline that the last of us has Joel says he’s 36 making him 56 when we join him later and over his left shoulder we can see a football

on the rack will not say soccer ball your Chumps and this is actually an important bit of iconography in the game there’s a photo of Joe and Sarah celebrating her winning a trophy and the character goes back and forth over whether to acknowledge this or not we get a brief Glimpse at her on the team when we go to the news report on the radio we can see a photo of them all together to the right of it later on when we see Sarah moving about the house we also get a good look at the

football again alongside an acoustic guitar on the other side of the room Charles a keen guitar player and we learn in the game that he even wanted to become a singer at some point in his early life however he and his wife at Sarah when they were very young and she ended up leaving him which is when he took on the responsibility of raising her now this point walks in Tommy played by Gabriel Luna he sounds exactly like Tommy does in the game and I actually closed my eyes and couldn’t tell the difference definitely the

same if I was having pancakes they got no clue but we ain’t the only town we know Joel and Tommy worked his carbon is and unfortunately due to a job he has to work a double shift to get stuff finished for the day at this point of news report goes out over the radio and we hear a mention of Jakarta we don’t know where the outbreak originated from due to the game not really telling us but it is possible that this is the show filling in the backstory of how it came about it’s of course

a very hot country and this would tie back to the climate comments made by the scientist earlier on Joel’s t-shirts inside out and I like how they have him done in the gray one that he had at the start of the game this is reflected in Tommy 2 who’s wearing a salmon I want to say salmon some ensured like how he does in the intro now Sarah then goes to Joel’s room and takes his watch out the drawers so that she can get it fixed in the game she just bought him but here she’s using

his money to get it fixed up because she’s a cheapskate she’s a bloody cheap skate now Joel’s watch is extremely important as it breaks on the night the infected rise up but he keeps it with him as a Memento though he shuts himself off from talking about Sarah there are points where it can be seen longingly staring at it as a reminder of what is Left Behind she also finds a knife in his drawer hitting at him potentially having a darker past and outside we see that the truck has combat veteran on it and from

this it’s possible that he might have been part of Operation Desert Storm however this could actually belong to Tommy as well as he’s the one driving it Captain Obvious here but bit of you don’t I think Thomas stuck it in quickly but Tommy did end up joining the fireflies when it all went down and his experience in the Army could have been the reason why he got so high up in the ranks Joel says to Marlene later that she turned his own brother against him and we might see more of the group from Tommy’s perspective

anyway that’s enough it’s not in the game so it’s not a spoiler so you better not be complaining now we also meet their neighbors at this point and in the game this is where the first infected attack from however it wasn’t an old lady and instead it was a man that attacked them called Jimmy Cooper what’s going on Troopers something right with them I think they’re sick picture of George W bush who would have been president at this time due to him being in the job from 2001 to 2009. here we can see the infection

has started to hit Humanity as we can catch a student twitching away which we later see at the federal Camp is one of the signs of infection the cordyceps attached to someone’s brain and affect their nervous system which is why these little mannerisms start before it takes control love the little detail as Sarah steps off the bus and we can catch an advert for a Nokia 3310 which I think I’ve probably had back in 2003 snake 2 reigning Champion you don’t at me anyway Sarah gets the watch fixed and we start to see that summing

might be off due to the amount of sirens and the fact the shop owners close up they’re likely making a run for it like we see people doing later on and hey I appreciate the blind thing was a little clock face Sarah visits her neighbors the adlers and she asks to borrow the DVDs Curtis and Viper two this is a film that later popped up in The Last of Us Part 2 during the conversation has some big spoilers that kind of Riff on this I’ll say for the super spoiler section and I’ll also go through

what was said in regards to the plot of the movie now Sarah later gives this to Joel and the reviews say it’s one of the best performances I’ve ever seen little little bit of a Funny Story here that always makes me chuckle but Jonathan and Paul Ross both used to be massive movie critics and they had a bet with each other about who could get on the back of the box for Batman Forever they both wrote really stupid reviews and that’s why the back of the VHS tape for it has the quote from Jonathan Ross

saying one of the greatest movies ever made Batman Forever one of the greatest movies ever made anyway something is clearly off by the neighbors and the dog is acting strange too dogs were used by the bandits to show whether someone had cordyceps or not as they of course didn’t have the fancy tag that the federal agents do at this point we get Jill and Sarah having a conversation on the sofa which is pulled directly from the game I think this is it’s nice but I I think it’s stuck it’s not what no no no no

oh ha ha did you what I don’t hear anything where did you get the money for this where’d you get the money for this drugs I sell hardcore drugs drugs I saw hardcore drugs it’s better when I do I love how they do some of the stuff about him and the father and daughter moment is the last real conversation they have cut to Sarah asleep and this plays out similar to how it does in the game only this time they make the pair a bit closer by having her dude on its lap in the game

I don’t think we found out why Joe left but we did see text on his phone asking where the hell he was here we see the phone call was learning that one of the infected started attacking people at the bar and Tommy got locked up for fighting them Joel asked to bail him out and he put Sarah to bed which is when we see her waking up which is how the game properly starts in it you take control of hair and walk through the house as you see news reports that are documenting some of the

attacks they have an explosion happen which then appears on the news as well whereas here she’s woken up by the sounds of passing Choppers and dogs the little Pooch Murphy jumps up at the patio which I think is playing on the dog we hear barking that we then hear yelping as Sarah gets to the door oh Sarah visits the adlers and here she finds that the elderly woman is now up about and eating people I got a lot of flashes here to the first zombie that he come across in Resident Evil with a hair loss

making this appear really similar we’ve actually added something to the infected here and we can see that the cordyceps comes out of her mouth which wasn’t present in the game in nature they try and get as high as possible so they can spread the spores easier and I’ll love this addition to the infected that makes them more horrifying Shaolin Tommy arrive with shells swinging a wrench similar to how you use melee weapons in the game they jump in the truck and I love how he can see the atlas in the street now showing how quick

the infection spreads the truck ride is really similar to it with it being word for word at points we also have them approaching signs for Austin one way in the hospital which is the other and this is all ripped right out of the source material they head towards the hospital and this is of course where most of the outbreak would be at its worst due to people being taken there after they got sick we learned that the adlers actually went there to get medicine for the elderly one and this is likely how she picked up

the infection in the first place anyway enough of me talking let’s play the scene side by side so you can see how close they are some sort of parasite or something Irish some kind of parasite are we sick no of course not are we sick no of course not no cell phone no radio yeah we’re doing great a minute ago newsman wouldn’t shut up cell phone no radio how do you know let’s lose this Farm I hope that some made it out it’s Jimmy’s Place we’re good didn’t Jimmy work in the city kids so do

we I’m driving who do you think you’re doing keep driving I got a Kid Joe so do we we have room hey someone else will come along everybody had the same idea everyone and their mother had the same damn idea come on people move what are they running from I’m trying oh no after the truck’s thrown off the road Sarah’s unable to walk and Joel has to carry her this is where we take control of him in the game and it leads to them running through a restaurant chased by the infected like what we see

here at this point we’ll get what’s probably the most devastating part in the whole story normally in post-apocalyptic Tales When characters run into soldiers it’s often a sign of safety they used as a way to show other people of someone looking after them but here it’s the complete opposite order to shoot Joel and Sarah he fires upon them and this ends up killing Sarah now watch this scene a ton of times in the game and it was only upon this watch shoe that I realized that they did this because Cyril was injured and they might

have suspected a bite anyway it completely rips your heart out and as always I’m gonna show you how it works alongside the game foreign oh no sir move your hands babe okay I know baby I know oh my God you’re gonna be okay baby stay with me I know I know I know I know I know it hurts baby baby listen to me I gotta get you up come on baby please I know baby I know Sarah come on baby girl I gotta get you baby don’t do this to me come on come on come

on baby come on completely gut wrenching and it’s the defining mom and Joel’s life that changes him for the worse the scene is the key to understanding the character and it sets up basically everything that’s to come so from here we get a time Jump of 20 years and a big section that wasn’t in the game here we watch a child out in the wilderness making their way to the federal Camp which is located in Boston the red shirt reminded me a lot of the girl in Schindler’s List that we see moving through the devastation

and later on her body’s cast aside similar to what we see Joel doing his role is also very similar to some characters in the stand with there being Body Disposal Crews that had to get rid of the dead after the world had destabilized this child’s found to be infected and the federal soldiers end up euthanizing them fedra is basically the remnants of the federal government but they were seen as fascist in The Last of Us Universe they had strict rules that sends people to death for very very little and in the game were first introduced

to them forcing people to their knees and shooting the infected now because of their strict rule many resistance groups rose up including the fireflies several Rebels rose up and they propped up their own leaders which if they were better or not is another question entirely now I think yeah they’re painted out in a better light and though they kill the kid they do it mercifully and even lie to make it seem like they’re gonna be taking care of them now what’s very Bleak about the last of us is that there’s barely any kids in the

entire thing most of the people we follow are middle aged and as they say children are our future the fact there’s so few kids shows how doomed humanity is and Ellie represents not only the hope and the Cure but also in the fact that children can make it in this world even though the two we meet early on here are killed but moving on and we also see a poster that breaks down the full time to infection and we can see that Ellie’s bite would be roughly two to eight hours as with one being on

the giving someone a day ones in the neck and face give someone 5 to 15 minutes which explains why the atlas got up so quickly in the truck scene the kids killed after the scanner flashes red on them and this very much foreshadows the Fate that would have come to Ellie had Joe not saved her life it’s heartbreaking because we don’t really know what the Red symbol means and part of me was hoping that the kid made it out after the guard said you’re safe sadly though we see her body in the back of a

truck and this is how I reintroduced to Joel and where he is now carries the body almost like how he did with Sarah and dumps him on the fire showing no attachment at all at this point we see ration cards being handed out he’s also appeared in the game and they look identical to how they did in that we thank good shots of the city and also get a careful sign this pops up in the game as well and it’s identical to the one you see when you first walk around Boston we see some of

the citizens and kachigan and Al Gore Lieberman campaign share from the 2000s election campaign don’t know why he’s wearing this but they could possibly be reminiscent thing about a world in which Gore was in charge because because of all of his climate change stuff or they might be the only clothes they’ve been able to get a hold of in the last 20 years Firefly symbols are covered up because they could cause dissent and we see how people are hang for leaving the QC this is something at Joe does regularly and he works as a Smuggler

we catch a federal Soldier twitching but it’s not because it’s infected and Jill in fact ends up selling him pills in the game this is something that Tess is coming back from when we first meet it so I’ll take one guess the uh whole deal went South and the client made off with our pills is that about right the guard shows up later on when he catches them outside and I love this addition to the series for when he pops back up we pretty much don’t spend any time with regards Beyond chucking them out in

the game and it shows how they’re all working in Shades of Gray without wanting people to exit the qz whilst also killing those that do he then brings up the Firefly Attacks and these end up bringing tests from her captives we see a big bit of graffiti for the fireflies on the wall and this is similar to the radio messages that Marlene was putting out in the game remember when you’re lost in the darkness walk for the light from here we jump to test in a moment that we weren’t really privy to in the game

in that we start with y’all waking up and she shows up to the apartment beaten up after two people were sent after her by Robert it turned out that Jill and Tess had sold them some guns that the fireflies also got here though it all centers around the truck battery I actually prefer it with a battery being something they can use to get a car to get out of there and it kind of ties back to the the backstory with Tommy Now They do change things up from the game and the first part in the

future follows Joel and Tess as they hunt Robert down eventually they catch and kill him which is when Marlene arrives and it’s this that leads into the early mission interestingly Marlene’s played by Mill Dandridge who just so also happened to play her in the game now here we pick up with test tied up and Robert begging her to let things go it shows how much of a g she is and in the game she killed the captors herself the Firefly explosion allows her to escape and this is riffing on the scene in the game when

they got across a checkpoint and one blows off which makes Tess and Joe flee through the tunnels and from here we jump to Ellie chained up she’s currently being observed due to being bit and we see her standing in front of a window again calling back to that iconography naughty dog have added in their own Uncharted Easter egg and Ellie’s wearing the same shirt that Young Nathan Drake had on in Uncharted 3. Joel goes to a radio operator and we learned that he’s been trying to reach out to Tommy which is what the truck batteries

for he returned to the apartment and Falls to sleep on the bed hearing Echoes of his brother screaming Joel Tommy and Tess had to do horrendous things in order to survive and we might even get the backstory filled in beyond what we got in the game curtisel waking up which is where we pick up after the time Jump and we see Tess telling him about Robert in a scene that Echoes how we first meet it they man up and decide to head out which is when we cut to Marlene leader of the fireflies we then

see them planning attacks with a map on the table if forces are starting to ask questions about why people are dying and why there’s a random girl locked up just down the hall Marlene is wearing clothes similar to the game and they’re planning to move every Firefly out of the city because of Ellie’s immunity we even see one try trying to recruit Joel and I love how the fireflies are slotted in almost every aspect of the city also worth pointing out that Tess is wearing the exact same clothes that she hasn’t in the game except

for the bandana which uh I like that banana now when Joel stands against the wall we can also see several posters including one in the bottom left for Curtis Viper two at this point Marlene goes to Ali and she throws her bag over this is exactly the same as the game and it even has the little Cyclops head like what the character has in that you also see her pull out a Fleck knife which is something that she uses throughout the original work Molly and gives her the keys to her handcuffs and she brings up

the Federal military school future spoilers that will not spoil now but we will talk about them later on in the video and how this ties in a parts of the story coming up now it’s sort of touched upon here but Marlene Hadley drafted into a fedra program as a child and this was to keep it safe she knew her mother and wanted her away from the fireflies and also brings up Riley which we’ll save that for later on anyway she warns Ellie that she’ll be killed if people know about her and this this comes to

be true Jill and Tess make their way through some buildings and they move underground which is a similar thing to what they did in the game now they come across an infected person who’s grown into the wall and I absolutely love the look of this as it hits towards the more mutated ones that appear later on everything is spot on here including the green wall which looks like it’s ripped right out of the PlayStation classic but moving through the tunnels you encounter someone stuck to a wall and I was kind of hoping they’d pull out

the gas masks for this bit but unfortunately they don’t and those stuck into the wall would attach and then fire sport in the environment but sadly they cut that out here anyway it leads them to the Firefly base which is where they find Robert dead in the game it was Tess who shot him but either way he gets capped in the same place at this point they come across a wounded Marlene similar The Source material and Ellie attempts to attack Joel which is how she’s first introduced in the original work Jolin tests attached with transporting

Ellie to a bunch of fireflies and in exchange they’ll be given a whole truck they agree Ali we get a scene in which they rest up in a room whilst the rain Pours Down this is similar to how it played out in the original with him all laying low here for the first time and Joel getting some should I Ellie finds a note detailing codewords and throughout the game you’d often come across notes with crude scribblings in them detailing things like safe codes backstories and information about the groups you encounter this is inside a billboard

Burke and it details how songs from each decade detail whether there’s a new stocking are the 80s have a big X next to them and we learn that this means danger this is very important as come the end of the episode we hear a song detailing the danger that they’re heading into we can see that the pages open on the 1970s and at the top you can catch the Long and Winding Road slash For You Blue released by The Beatles this single had for you blue is the B-side to it and the long and Winding

Road could be a little nod to the big journey ahead of them big reach but yeah it’s been left behind by Bill and Frank who will talk about more in the spoiler section I’ve been teasing agile falls asleep and we get get some repeated lines from the game you Mumble on your sleep you mumble in your sleep now that night they sneak through the streets and I remember playing this and it being so intense as the trucks moved past and spotlights rain down outside the wall you sneak underground and then pop up like what we

see here and have to avoid search lights as they pierce the surroundings love the juxtaposition of a big sign that says welcome which is of course something that the Shadows of the federal soldiers completely go against we then get this line from Ellie holy I’m actually outside holy I’m actually outside and they also sneak through a pipe which is a lot like the sewer ones that you ended up crawling through at this point they come across the soldier whereas in the original they were caught by two in the game Ali attacked them upon being scanned

and Joel and Tess jumped and shot them respectively here though he gets a PTSD flashback of Sarah’s death which triggers him into attacking actually think this works better especially with a soldier returning and it shows that Gerald’s even willing to attack people they know if it rubs him the wrong way the Disco Rally’s biting she says this is three weeks old nobody lasts more than a day it’s three weeks old you know everyone turns within two days so you stop bullshitting it’s three weeks the alarm rings and the group head through the fence which is

when we cut to the radio to hear the song never let me down again by Depeche Mode it contains lyrics like I’m taking a ride with my best friend sort of playing into the show now this signals the incoming danger as we watch the group head to the twin skyscrapers from the game over the top of this we hear the Cry of and infected and we end the episode with a lingering shot on them now we’ve hit that long-awaited super spoiler section and from this point on we’ll be covering things from both games so if

you haven’t played them then thanks for sticking with me I’ll see you next week you better be back mate you you promised you would anyway yeah spoilers just just wait for everyone to leave right okay they’re gone now the first point is Joel’s guitar that we see in the beginning of the episode this is how the second game opens with him strumming away on it it’s also had the second game ends with Ellie playing on it too but she’s unable to properly do it due to Hell losing her fingers we also get a lingering shot

of the window to close the game out which is very reminiscent of how the scene with Sarah opens which of course ties in with the menu now in the episode there’s of course the mention of Riley as well didn’t want to spoil it for those that didn’t know but here now so you either play the game or you don’t care and this was the girl that was with Ellie on the night that she got bit this is all chronicled in the Left Behind DLC which is basically a night in which Riley takes Ellie to the

mall before she shipped off with the fireflies the parent of kissing and Riley agrees to stay but the piece is interrupted by the infected who end up swarming the area Riley dies and Ellie of course survives which he carries a lot of guilt over now early on in the episode the sinus talks about how the fungus devours its house from the inside and where we look at the clickers we can see the entire top part of their head has been replaced by the fungi the scientist also explains how do the fungi being something we use

for penicillin that it can maintain a host for a prolonged period of time in the game we’ve caused meet the infected decades down the line and we can see just how far they mutate aid and there’s also the mention of a radio tower in the episode which is where I’m guessing they’ll head to after they meet Henry and Sam this was the location they camped out at and it’s probably going to be somewhere that appears later on the series along with all the Riley stuff not really an Easter egg but Sarah’s played by Nico Parker

who’s also the daughter of danry Newton also the showrunners have said there’s gonna be no spores or gas masks in the series Neil druckman said it’s because if there were Sports in this world they would spread everywhere and everyone would have to wear masks all the time that kind of sucks as I love the aesthetic they brought in the game and I I think people could have suspended their disbelief or probably not have even had that cross their mind because we’re living in a world of zombie fungi to me it would have given the infected

encounters a sort of upside down from stranger things feel but alas tis no more now as for Curtis and Viper 2 this is the movie that Joel and Sarah were gonna watch together the night that she died he never got to see it and in a bitter Twist of irony it’s also the movie that giola gonna watch the night that he died too Joel and Ellie had had her falling out due to her discovering the truth but she had decided to see if she could forgive him by inviting him over to watch a movie that

night they were gonna watch it and here’s what Ellie had to say what movie you guys gonna watch what’s Joel into uh Curtis and Viper too that’s the one that’s been on my radar for a while oh wow we used to watch these cheesy 80s action movies he’s really into them oh no I actually really like them too what’s Curtis and Viper 2 about okay so two former Commandos that go Rogue to fight bad guys and I think in this one they go up against Russian spies or something I’m more interested in this than I

thought I would be all right so the young one Viper he’s a trained ninja and he’s a complete badass so how old is he in the first movie uh 10. wait how many movies did they make of this uh I think they made four jeez Joel actually saw the last one on the theater am I crazy yes lastly is Bill and Frank the former of which we know will be played by Nick Offerman he’s someone Jill and Tess have had a long-standing relationship with and upon reaching him Gio and Elli are escorted to a school

in order to get a car battery so don’t get it but they do find Frank who discovered was bit and he unalived himself which I have to say because YouTube’s been ridiculously strict with the demonetization recently a pair were lovers but they grew apart and Frank fled in order to get away from him anyway I think that’s all his spoilery strikes too and I really hope that you enjoyed the breakdown I had a blast putting this together and I’m so glad that HBO have done Justice to the game I was worried they might mess it

up and though it’s very it’s very very early days I think this first episode was great really captures the feel of the source material and as a fan I couldn’t have asked for more obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether you agree or not but for me yeah this was a great way to start the series now if you want something else to watch and you don’t mind Last of Us spoilers then definitely check out our Brighton and why the game’s got the effect ending it talks about all the themes in it some

things you might have missed and if you enjoyed this breakdown then you’re gonna love that too hopefully see you over there and yeah make sure you stick with us as we’re going to be doing last of us every single week we’re going to be milking it dry and yeah I hope you come along for the ride by the way thanks for clicking this I’ll be bored I’ll see you next time take care peace

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