THE LAST OF US Episode 8 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Easter Eggs

welcome to the heavy spoilers show I’m your host Paul in this video we’re breaking down episode 8 of The Last of Us this is the one I’ve been waiting for and David in the games one of the most memorable characters that you come across when playing Voice by Nolan North he started off as an apparent Ally but as you began to learn more about him you start to see his more Sinister side though blow those clickers in the infected were terrifying I think one of the scariest things for me was playing as Ellie and moving

about the restaurant as he walked around wielding a machete normally Boss characters and games are gigantic monsters or highly skilled characters there was just something so unnerving about a creepy 50 year old cannibal walking around looking for you now as is with all Last of Us episodes the fact that we aren’t playing the game means that they can show things from the perspective of others in the PlayStation counterpart you will lock to the POV of Joel and Ali or as here we can see more of David’s backstory that’s how we begin as well and we

open by looking over his town which is called Silver Lake in both the Sean game we discover David has taken it upon

himself to become a holy man and over the top of this we hear him narrating Revelation 21. his opening line discusses the new Heaven and new earth and this very much reflects a new world that they’ve found themselves in the midst of the verses in this chapter talk about how there’ll be no need for a physical temple in this new world because God’s presence will be everywhere we then jump to see him hitched

up in Todd’s Steakhouse to watch him delivering a sermon Todd’s restaurant was what it was called in the game and it’s been transformed into a makeshift church we see how people have tried to find reason in what’s happened to the world and you can totally understand why someone turned to religion I didn’t want to spoil this episode all the way back in the first entry but it’s even possible that Mrs Adler could have foreshadowed people going like this well that’s true every day isn’t it people out there need to get right with Jesus now religion

Beyond things spiritually also acts as a way to explain things for example thousands of years ago people didn’t understand how the world was formed but religions gave these answers whilst also outlining the best ways to live thus people flock towards them because science hadn’t given Alternatives I’m trying to explain this as best as possible as I can without offending people but basically what I’m trying to say is that in this once more stripped back world you can see why people would end up becoming religious a lot of people don’t have the scientific tools to answer

things and those preachers could provide the answers and compare to those that feel lost now Revelations is about the end of the world and this it’s easy to see why so many people return to this and David after the world had ended it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows though and due to long hard Winters David has had to resort to cannibalism in order to keep people alive you see a sign hanging up saying when we are in need he shall provide and this is playing on Philippines 419 which states God will provide for people

this sign is also pulled over to the game and when Ali fights David in the restaurant we can actually see this sign hanging up at the back of the room now he’s had to cross a line in order to provide but David’s hiddenness from the people whereas in the game I always kinda got the impression that the townsfolk were aware now you might be wondering why they don’t just just move somewhere warm well the fact is that people here feel safe and they very much control their society they’re not oppressed by Federer and the infected

also tended to stick to warmer areas though you didn’t counter some in the snow when you first met David the second game showed that the exposure to the elements left them completely Frozen you also discovered that every time they bunker down the Raiders eventually showed up and thus they had to find somewhere that wasn’t too appealing to others so Salt Lake is probably the best place to be though the cruel Winters have meant that food becomes scarce now interesting little tidbit for you mate did you know that Vikings called it Iceland because it would put

Invaders off from going there they called Greenland that because it was covered in ice and thus when Invaders arrived there they’d be like sake anyway he goes to comfort a young girl there by saying that after pain God will make it so there’s no more sorrow we learn this girl has just lost her father and that they want to bury him but the ground is too cold David calls himself her father and it’s very much a perverted version of the dad and daughter relationship that Joe has with Ali whereas Jill will do anything to protect

Ali David smacks her in front of people and they’re very much surrogate fathers at opposite ends of the scale anyway I’m getting the word yes David is one of them and I think that’s what made the character in the game so creepy I think this is obviously commenting on controversies surrounding the church and gonna be difficult not to offend people but it’s definitely an important thing to address the entire holy man thing with David is something that wasn’t present in the game and I think it adds a whole new dimension to him when he’s This

creepy religious figure that eats people and prays on children at this point we get a quick cut of his right hand man James and in case you don’t recognize him that’s Troy Baker he actually played Joel in the game and Baker gave this seminal performance I think actually helped out with a lot of the success of the last of us he’s a very beloved voice actor he’s played lots of different iconic characters and I have to say that I think he completely knocked it out the park and so far in the show we’ve had Marlene’s

voice actor playing her in the series Tommy’s popped up as Perry and now Baker is playing James all that’s left is Ellie’s Ashley Johnson so I can imagine that she’ll be popping up next for the finale there are rumors about who she she could be playing but will not spoil that here should change the name to not much of a spoiler mate like the video anyway Baker actually looks a lot like Childers in the game and I as much as I love Pedro I wouldn’t have minded him playing him in live action too look I’m

not trying to offend people again and outside we hear how dire of a situation they’re in when it comes to rations in the game we never saw this side of things and after Joel fell off his horse at the University he then cut to Ali hunting and whilst you were doing this he noticed the bark that he then shot an arrow in this didn’t kill it unless he tracked it through the environment trying to take it out for food it fled to an abandoned Factory which is when you found it dead and at this point

James and David step forward now here we see the other side of it with James and David talking about how some their spotters saw a deer the other day you see how their paths now cross from both sides and also explore the doubt within James he’s clearly wrestling with the fact that they’re crossing the line in order to keep going and adds a lot of complexity to the character that wasn’t originally there it was pretty much just an NPC with a couple of lines but here Baker flashes him out so we get much more of

his thoughts now this cannibalism in the snow could be a reference to the Donna potty who are a group of American Pioneers that migrated to California from the Midwest they got stuck in a snowy mountain range for a while and had to resort to cannibalism like what we see here James is starting to doubt whether this is God’s way and it’s possible he knows about the other stuff too in the game when Joel ambushes the town you overhearsome saying that David’s leadership should be put to a vote again so this sentiment was clearly felt amongst

some of the other inhabitants in the game he didn’t really encounter any of the kids here but you did hear a woman saying that they were moving the children to a shelter now in the game James went off and David and Ellie waited for him which is when they were both sworn by infected you had to make your way through the abandoned Factory as they closed in and you made your final stand against some Runners clickers in a bloater in the game you had no idea what was up with David at this point and it

allowed you to build some camaraderie with him so far in the game though he’d fought lots of hunters the people that you’d met in cut scenes had ended up becoming your allies this was the case with Marlene Henry and Sam and of course Joel’s brother Tommy it sort of lured you into this false sense of security with him and when listening to the kind of funny podcast a couple of weeks ago they did bring up a point that stuck with me since then they said that Kathleen might have even heard that David reveal a bit

because we’d already experienced an evil leader figure though I don’t know if that’s fully the case I do think having two characters like this in the show hurt the fact that David was someone you came across who was worse than the infected you don’t really trust him from the start whereas in the game you kind of did and I kind of feel it missed that gut Punchy bit but let me know below if it caught you off God this is a public service announcement announcement announcement manscaped have new beard products and they’re also going further

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cheers now back with Ellie we see she nurses Joel the surroundings here are identical to the game with him being on a dirty mattress with a couple of blankets to keep him warm we had a shot similar to the game where she examines his wound and this is something she did Upon returning from David seeing how little food they have left I did go back and forth over what the intention of this scene was he does hold a snap of it for a second and I even thought that she might be wondering whether it’s worth

giving it to him due to him being so close to death store I don’t think that’s what was intended and I’m sure that the HBO podcast will probably clear this up we do these videos before that’s released so I don’t really get to hear things people yeah some people genuinely think are watching hour-long episode and listen to a 40-minute podcast and then make a 30 to 40 minute video and release it the second that the show ends which they’ve discovered we’ve been using time travel they’ve figured it out now but like I said I don’t

think that’s the intention and Nelly decides to mount up and go hunting here she comes across a rabbit like in the game and I have to play this clip again sorry that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life look I’m a vegetarian yeah but still it’s a good reaction now unlike the PlayStation counterpod Ellie’s pretty useless or as she was taking out animals with ease in that we see here how she’s really struggling at this point she comes across the deer and similar the game she fails to down it we have a

moment mirroring the sniper scene from episode 6 and I did appreciate how they built off the back of that David and James come across it and he does the typical religious preacher strategy okay all I ask is 10 seconds of your time I just want I won’t say it twice let’s see how these scenes play alongside those in the game scenery you think we can just take it who’s there come out drop your rifles now hello we just want to talk any sudden moves and I put one right between your eyes and he shot him

moves like the arm right between your eyes you know for Buddy Boy ditto for Buddy Boy over there what do you want name’s David this here’s my friend James we’re from a larger group women children and we’re all very very hungry from a larger group women children they’re all very very hungry so am I women and children all very hungry too well even so you can’t drag this back on your own maybe we could do trade you for some of that meat there what do you need we’re not asking for charity we we can trade

you for some of the deer we have what do you need we have medicine weapons ammo clothes medicine you have any antibiotics like for infections we do the camp welcome to followers I’m not following you anywhere we do back in our village you’re welcome to follow us I’m not following you anywhere buddy boy can go get it he comes back with what I need the deer is all yours buddy boy can go get it he comes back you get half the deer anyone else shows up you put one right between my eyes that’s right anyone

else shows up I put one word right between my eyes that’s right two bottles of the penicillin in a syringe make it fast go on bring back two bottles and a syringe it’s not code James do as I said I’ll take that rifle people is well aware of who Ellie is at this point and as we later learn it was his men that went to the university either way they go into one of the Huts which is similar how they camped up in the game here we learn a bit more about David and discover that

he was a maths teacher who converted to become a preacher after the world fell apart not even gonna go down the rabbit hole with teaching avoiding that but we do learn that he came from Pittsburgh the qz there fell in 2017 due to a war between the fireflies in Federer which is something that was sort of touched upon in the game in the show Ali and Joe went to Kansas City whereas in the source material that was Pittsburgh where the whole Henry and Sam thing happened you arrived there to find it overrun by Bandits and

could piece together enough things to learn about what happened Pedra had been keeping rations for themselves and starving people and when they were ousted the bandits rose up in their place people like David ended up leaving and they run into the same problem when it comes to food the dialogue in the scene starts to transform into how it plays out in the game you know you really shouldn’t be out here I don’t like company you know you really shouldn’t be out here all on your own from where I’m sitting you shouldn’t be at her on

your own let’s see what’s your name why fair enough so what’s your name I understand it’s not easy to trust a couple of strangers it’s hard to trust strangers I know but I honestly mean you know harm Let’s see we make a pretty good team we got lucky I only look how to run out sooner or later hmm look lucky no no such thing as luck you see I believe and everything happens for a reason just leave his luck no I I believe everything happens for a reason this winner that’s been especially cruel we didn’t

expect this winner to be so cruel nothing will grow game’s been hard to find a few weeks back I am sent a group of men out nearby Town look for food so I sent four of our people to a nearby town to to scavenge what they could only a few came back and only three of them came back he said that the others had been slaughtered oh yeah crazy man turns out he was murdered by this crazy man I get this he’s crazy man traveling a little girl and get this that crazy man was traveling

with a little girl you see everything happens for a reason you see everything happens for a reason no way David I’m not gonna let it lower a gun he is the one that killed Alec couldn’t she she didn’t kill anybody lower the gun now give her the medicine the others won’t be happy about this did you bring the medicine yeah but throw it to her David where the out of the way we won’t survive long out there can’t protect you survive for long out there I can protect you I remember experiencing this for the first

time and my stomach dropped with the turn this was the guy you just bought side by side with and had now inadvertently revealed yourself as being one of the people that caused this town so much torment now they’ve added in a layer with the person Joel killed being the father of the girl at the steakhouse and they of course are supposed to reflect Joel and Ellie we see how the stories have changed too which y’all being described as a crazy man whereas we know from our side that they attack them in the game we we

never saw David and James’s side after the conversation but here we can see the doubting him resurfaced once more as David lets her go now we returned back at the house and again see things play out similar to how they do in the game Joe move your arm s here we go Joe where the do I put this you’re gonna make it all right foreign ly this was the moment that you learned Joel was alive and he’d had a large part of the game his Ali where you had no idea what his fate was similar

to the game Ellie lies down with him and whereas in that we could at the morning to see David’s forces coming in here we cut to the town there’s a lot of focus given to the meat with people clearly knowing what’s going on but they keep it to themselves because the truth’s too difficult to bear it’s said to be venison but whether that’s actually true or not is another thing entirely James does talk about suppliers earlier in the episode but we know from their interactions that they use code with each other they could all be

lying to themselves keeping their mind off it and it can mirror the predatory behavior with David but let me know what you think below at this point David and James arrived with the deer and you could say that like David James because they saved bit of an English joke there and David admits that they’ve found who killed Alec and he ends up slapping his daughter when she suggests killing them it shows just how abusive that he is and he tells the girl that he’s her father now entire town sits in silence and allows it to

happen I think it very much shows the grip that he has over everyone when things come out about figures like this you’ll often hear about how many people were aware of what was going on but they turned a blind eye to it it’s very much the idea that you don’t have to deal with something if you ignorant to it and no matter how horrific it is you can reassure yourself that everything is okay the reason I question this venison is because this could very much be carried over to the food too and we get a

lot of focus on the town’s people wolfing it down they’re happy to just tuck into their food have a warm meal and be quiet because speaking UPS better than starving I would then jump back to Ellie and see as Joe looks slightly better she injects him once more and we get a slight differentiation from the game as Ellie gets to go outside whereas in the game she spotted people coming in from the basement we get a great scene with David and James with the former clearly wanting to take it even though it will only cause

problems with people back in their Community David wants to spare her because he has ulterior motives whereas James sees it as being God’s will that they should leave her to die this very much reflects Kathleen from earlier in the season who believed it was Sam’s fatadai instead of getting the leukemia medicine either way in both versions Ali decides to head out and draw them away with us getting a big action scene Ellie leaves Joel with a knife and this is what he later uses to interrogate the people with in the game Ellie took her horse

and Road through the streets as the hunter slept out to grab her and eventually the horse was shot and she fell down a Cliffside she then navigated the surroundings and got into a hotel which is where she tried to escape here she stealthily took out hunters and eventually was grabbed by David which is when she was transported the camp yeah they keep the sort of energy the same but shorten things a bit with Ellie riding out and the horse getting shot by James David demands that Ellie is taken and alive and I did find it

interesting how he mirrors Kathleen Ernie for Revenge led to him making dumb decisions and David’s need to have Ali leads to him doing the same thing he stops Sally from being shot and even carries her away similar to how giol carried Sarah at the start of the season the sick and twisted Father Figure is pretty much a reverse Joel and he’s arguably the most dangerous person we encounter in the whole show now it’s uh that’s outside of one of the other characters but moving on I’m in the game one Sally is captured we then switch

perspectives to see Joe like what we get here when he first took control you were stumbling about and a little worse for wear which is like how he appears here too attention from the scene comes from the fact that Joel is almost out of it but he manages to get the upper hand and take down David’s men now the death scene here is terrifying with a lot of the struggles feeling like they’re ripped right out of the game the facial expressions especially are something that I always spin the camera around to see and I guess

we’ve discovered that I’m a bit of a psychopath but please subscribe and from here we get the interrogation scene I was so happy seeing this playing out as I was thinking that the scene with Graeme green was gonna be the show’s version of it might have spoiled the scene for you if you watched our breakdown down for that episode but I genuinely thought that’s how they were going to play it the Disney the Disney interrogation was how I thought they were going to play this scene now because they’re so similar you might be asking why

have they done something that’s basically the same scene as that well it’s for a good reason as yeah we’re seeing the true side of Joel when Ellie’s not around in the cabin we knew nothing was gonna happen as did the couple because there was a little girl here they were likely aware Joel wouldn’t do anything which is why they ended up laughing yeah though Joel is free to do what he wants and he’ll do whatever he wants to get Ali back now let’s play the scenes from the game and show you how Stuff lines up

oh leave him alone ah please I don’t know any girl is she alive what girl I don’t know no girl oh Jesus Focus right here right here not popping goddamn knee off you focused kneecap off the girl she’s alive she’s alive where where the town ah the town what town Silver Lake to where we are and where your Resort is and it better be the same exact spot your buddy points to and it better be the exact same spot your buddy points too Market right there you can verify it go ask him go ask him

he’ll tell you I’m not lying I ain’t telling you it’s okay I believe him no all right so let’s do that’s all right I believe him no wait we also get a follow-up from this with Ellie and a moment that builds upon the original I know you’re hungry been out for quite some time what is it it’s deer what it’s worth this is just dear meat I swear it’s just the deer meat animals you’re gonna chop me up into little pieces so now what you’re gonna chop me up into tiny pieces I’d rather not I’d

rather not please just tell me your name please tell me your name you’re so full of if you want to judge me judge you you’re gonna eat it it’s awfully quick to judgment considering you and your friend killed how many men the only way I’m going to be able to convince the others kind of been some of what that you can come around you have heart you’re loyal and you’re special smart loyal oh in the life we could build faster oh stupid little girl you little cut what am I supposed to tell the others now

let’s see when I go tell the others now Ellie what Ally what tell them that Ellie is the little girl tell them that Ellie is a little girl who broke her finger broke your finger how did you put it tiny pieces how did you put it hmm tiny little pieces Ellie realizing that cannonballs is so chilling because they missed steak and it was a mistake getting Ellie caged like this his picturesque Last Resort on the world has turned into something where people have turned to cannibalism as a last resort and what did the frustrated cannibal

do he threw up his hands David recognizes the violent Hall with an Ali and he even talks about how cordyceps showed him the truth of the world it feeds and protects its children and he thinks that it actually loves I realize at this point that the religion things are charad and that he lets others believe it because it brings them Comfort however it also brings people closer to him and though he won’t admit it it allows him to be propped up and the cordyceps loving is something that the show’s creditors have talked about on the

podcast and even said that they had the kiss with tears to hammer harm this idea love is a lace throughout every aspect of the show and we’ve seen both the positives and negatives of it you have people like Bill and Frank and the coupling episode 6 but then you have people like Kathleen and geol who it just causes pain for David has a sick and twisted kind of love and when he’s assaulting Ellie later on he creepily says don’t be afraid there’s no fear in love now the cordyceps are very much made him believe that

his sick and twisted be of the world is the right one and it’s a chilling way to betray the character although his plan with Ali fails it’s likely that he would have got her into the camp had things not gonna write everyone was just silent about him I doubt they would have spoken up and thus he probably could have got her as one of the members taking out chill would have helped him because he was the only person defending him and I doubt the other villagers would have been like yeah Ellie’s my friend especially after

this stuff for the University thus Ellie would have been alone and what people tend to do in abusive relationships is that they get people away from their friends and family thus they have no one to fall back on and with his safety gun they can fully manipulate the person and control every aspect of their life now back with Joe we see as the storm rolls in and he makes his way to Salt Lake this is a similar thing to the game and at this point you’re able to mask your movements by using the environment now

inside a Hut there he discovers belongings and bodies hanging up which is similar to what happens when you enter one in the game you find Ellie’s backpack which is ripped right out of it too and he realizes just how much trouble she’s in the episode in general it reminded me a lot of the movie the road and which characters also come across cannibals in that also it’s important to bear in mind that James is comfortable doing this with the chopping board probably because he’s helped David kill people like this before in the game he even

refers to Alias David’s new pad showing how he views her and we then get Ali’s Escape in another scene that’s ripped right out of the game stop I warned you yeah you had your chance I’m infected really so are you sorry really so are you roll up my sleeve look at it look at it right there rolling my sleeve look at it what’d you say what did you say three reason everything happens for a reason right what the hell is that now she would have turned by now this isn’t real okay what a turn by

now it can’t be real looks pretty real to me it looks pretty real to me now you might be asking whether Ellie biting someone can actually infect them and there’s a bit in the second game that clears this up I’ll talk about that in the super spoiler section section section well we do kind of know the answer to it either way they cut the sections down here and compressed the scene so that Ellie goes immediately into the restaurant in the game he made your way through the town and jumped back and forth between Joel and

Ellie I think it’s actually smarter to handle it like this and we see Ellie throwing a burning log which ends up setting the place on fire in the game as he went to escape David grabbed you and eventually this knocked over a lamp which then started the Blaze and several lines in the game are pulled directly across here there’s no way out Ellie the doors are locked and I have the keys nowhere to go you want out God has to come get these keys now Ali burning down this quote-unquote church also symbolically shows how she’s

burning down the facade of everything David spelled the pair battle it out with one another and the struggle ends up being exactly like how it is in the game let me tell you something you have no idea ah stop stop it’s me it’s me it’s me yeah oh baby girl oh okay it’s okay baby girl during David’s death we keep the focus on Ellie and it shows how much Overkill she’s giving to this wicked and evil man shall Comforts her and we get a really important line dropped here where he calls her baby girl this

is the same nickname that he gave to Sarah and at this point he’s all in on this being his daughter the pair walk off together with his arm around her and this is a complete opposite to how they were in episode 2. after Tessa’s death Jill stormed away leaving Ali Raz here we see them closer than they’ve ever been the pair have bonded over everything and whereas she once was just cargo here he’s putting a coat around her to let her know everything’s okay and that closes out the episode and we once more get a

shot of the pair walking away this is imagery that’s often used in the shown game and it stages the characters are going on the next part of their journey and before we get into the spoiler section I’ll give my review and I thought this episode was really solid with some great performances in it Scott Shepard brought a lot to David and that points he was even creepier than Nolan North in the game Things Are are a lot more implied but there was some extra lines of dialogue that they added which really freaked me out now

it was also really nice seeing Troy Baker 2 and he gave a lot away from just minor facial expressions guy looked completely beaten up at points and his Meek performance made me think that he very much represented the town’s citizens who refused to confront David I think this episode worked really well as an evolution of Ellie as well and it’s no coincidence that this is the chapter in the game where you first take control of her like that section this is very much about her having to fight to survive without help from others so far

she’s relied on people like Federer Riley Marlene Joel Tess and Henry and Sam but this is her showing that when she’s cornered she can handle things that come her way you also see that the character is realizing that this world isn’t as fun as its cracked up to be going back to that opening in episode 3 we’ve seen how she thought wielding a gun with something cool and also exciting here though we have her smashing David’s head and like it’s a like button and we see the Relentless anger that she carries huge change in Dynamic

and her growth as a character now as for what I didn’t like you already know what I’m gonna say and I think the show has continued to under use the infected which has taken away from some of the most memorable scenes of the game I think if we had something with David where they had to fight some of them it would have made that turn as impactful as it is in the game and with the episode just being 45 minutes long I think we could have easily have gotten another 10 or even five minutes where

we had something like that play out I’m guessing that they pulled back on shonie in fact it is much because of the budget but every week it seems like there’s a major moment involving them which is left on The Cutting Room floor minor nitpick and yeah obviously the game’s there if you want to see more of them but I did kind of want an action scene like that with Ellie so we could see what she was capable of against humans and also the infected and that takes us into the Super spoiler section and for the

next part of the video I want to go over some of the Easter eggs that will probably give the game away if you don’t want things spoiled then thanks for watching thanks a lot mate again for wasting 40 minutes of your life and I hope to see you back for the finale next week now the first thing I want to talk about is the interrogation technique in part two aliors ends up using this and we of course needed to see her actually see it by herself in order to explain how she knows this you also

discover that Silver Lake is a resort rather than just being a town I wonder if this line was thrown to show how Resorts have changed across the country as part 2 ends with Ellie going to a resort on the hunt for Abby this was controlled by slavers and you can see how these holiday locations have been Twisted in this new world now lastly is Ellie buying David was he infected was he not we don’t fully know however Ellie does end up kissing Dino in the second game and at one point she also bites Abby when

she’s buying her in the theater as we know Abby doesn’t get infected and thus I don’t think that Ellie’s bite actually could infect people infection seems to have stopped at her arm and not made its way to her saliva glands unless I don’t think she passes it on so I don’t think early actually infected David and either she didn’t know or she used it as a weapon throughout the series she’s been told to hide it from people but she pulls her down this moment to further slow down confusion this throws James off a bit and

it adds upon what he was experiencing before allowing Ali to escape anyway that wraps up the video and huge thank you for sticking with me until the end I know I made a joke about before but asking you guys to sometimes give up 40 minutes of your life to watch these things is a big ask and I appreciate you for sticking with me through it hopefully you’ve enjoyed the video and now I’d love to hear your thoughts on it in the comment section below we are running a competition right now giving away three copies of

the rocky 4K boxer on the 15th of March and all you have to do to be on the chance of winning is like the video make sure you subscribe with notifications on and drop a comment below with your thoughts on the episode we pick the comments out random at the end of the month and the winners of the last one are on screen right now similar to you then message me on Twitter at heavy spoilers you don’t smells to watch it will cut a very controversial video on screen right now can we forgive Abby definitely

go head over there after this uh if you’re watching this part of the video you know what I’m talking about in that spoiler section you’d have to go head over right after this by the way thanks for sticking through the video that’ll be important I’ll see you next time take care peace

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