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hello guys and welcome back to our channel in today’s video we’re going to take a look at link chest which is an amazing website you can use to improve your SEO very simply and if you don’t know what SEO is or why it’s so important if you want lots of organic traffic to your website for absolutely free then you need to learn more about this tool without further Ado let’s jump into today’s content okay guys so what we’re going to talk about is link chess jumping down into the description you’ll find the link for this

website if you want to find out more you’ll also find a link for an incredible website where you can go to get a massive deal or a massive saving on this very product and I’m going to talk about that later on in the video so make sure you stick around for that if you’re not sure what SEO is it stands for search engine optimization and it allows you to rank on things like Google Bing and various other different search platforms why that’s so useful let’s say people are searching to buy a new pair of shoes

on Google and they’re searching for shoes whoever comes up top is the most likely to get the click from that person they’re going to go across to the website

they’re already looking for that item there’s a high chance that they might buy it now that’s obviously a very simple description the very key thing about that is the website is not paid for that person to come through the website so that person is highly targeted not only are they likely to buy from your website but they’re also didn’t cost you any money in advertising fees to

get them there in the first place which is extremely powerful now in order for Google and other websites to understand how important or How likely your website is to answer the question of the person searching for it on Google they use a various different things and one of the things they use is a backlink so let’s say for example this video if I then go and post a link to it over on Twitter that’s one a backlink from a high profile website but you need lots of different backlinks from various other websites to kind of

allow you to rank on Google and this is a way that you can get various backlinks from tons of different websites you can see here from like LinkedIn you’ve got Twitter Reddit Pinterest Etc all very very easily boosting your site’s ranking with 2102 easy to get backlinks the link just is a collection of high quality easy to win backlink opportunities is the smart way to kick-start your SEO Mission and improve your ranking of your website as you can see it’s already got 4.7 out of 5 of potential stars and is trusted by 15 320 people

which is obviously amazing backlinks are everything but getting them is not easy and there are lots of people who will offer you backlinks but not necessarily the most quality and you need high quality backlinks from highly reputable sites and you can see over on the right it’s giving you a couple of example referring domains it looks like there’s no website with no people clicking on it here 21 people for February and then on February the 22nd referring domains you can see it’s 320 it shows a Google Etc that your website is Alive and Kicking and

something that they should be ranking when you’re just starting to rank a website you’re like a new kid at school no one’s to link with you because you’re the new kid but if you want organic traffic you need backlinks so here’s giving a good example when you’re a new kid at school no one wants to talk to you because you’re the new kid and the website is very much the same so no one wants to link with you because you’re the new website however once you start to get backlinks more people are going to want

to link with you and it’s going to build into an army of backlinks once you can reach out to other webmasters and build relationships then you’re going to start to see referral domains and it’s going to show your website as being something that Google Etc needs to be ranking well most businesses don’t know most people don’t know is it’s very simple to get some really good backlinks with very little effort and finding them all would be a pain in the ass if you have to do it yourself but if you’ve got a tool like this

that you can use to go and do it for you then it’s a fantastic opportunity here you can see all the different ways in which you can get backlinks from websites like Amazon Microsoft Instagram Adobe these are all highly reputable companies reputable sites you can just see how easy it is for you to get backlinks for them or this is the dashboard that you’re going to be operating through and something that’s not going to help you out in the short term but over a longer term is going to really help you to grow your business

and it’s the simplest and easiest way to kick start link building accessing 2102 of backlinks now I kept clicking across to start building now guys you can see that it’s going to bring up the link chest for 129 which actually might sound expensive but actually in terms of a lifetime and the potential it’s going to give your new business is a very affordable price but in just a moment I can show you another amazing website where you can get this very same link chest program for a massive saving today guys so make sure you hang

around for that so you can see down here guys an orchard of low hanging of backlink fruit for you you can choose the different languages you can choose the niche so let’s just say we’re into art let’s say I want to click on worldwide it’s going to show me all of the different backlinks for all these different places I’ve got 13 potential backlinks there and I can use all of these different things to help me build my backlinks for all of these different areas from social media search engines infographics articles submissions and so much more

it’s going to save you days and days of work just by unlocking this link chest and it’s going to really help you to get started if you don’t know anything about SEO and how to build backlinks and this is an absolute no-brainer so as promised guys jumping across to appsumo link Down Below in the description remember it was 128 over on the link chest website but if you come over today onto appsumo you can pick up the very same product one-time purchase for 89 which is an absolute steal which is an absolute steal guys knocking

30 or so off the price so if you have an online business you want to build that business and you need SEO backlinks in order to build your SEO game in order to get organic traffic absolutely free then make sure you come across to appsumo and grab this opportunity because it’s not going to be around forever if you want this saving if you want this product then make sure you come down right now get into appsumo and pick up this product today one time purchase 89 comment Down Below guys you can see there’s lots more

information available here what you’ll get for the purchase price it’s a one-time license high quality backlinks lifetime access and various other features as well as the SEO Orchard low hanging backlink fruit that we just talked about you’re also going to get two bonuses which is stack two codes to receive an extra 10 product domain licenses and stack three Coast receive an extra 20 project domain licenses which you can use for this website comment down below there’s more information from the founder as well as that guys you’ve got lots of FAQs with answers from the founders

so you can find out anything else that I haven’t covered in this video and comment Down Below guys you can find out all these reviews of all the information telling you how fantastic a product this is and how it has helped people with their business it’s easy great Kickstarter etc etc so make sure you come across link down in the description massive saving today if you get across it’s not gonna be around forever so act fast if you want this product in summary guys SEO is an essential part of any digital business it allows you

to gain organic traffic for absolutely free and all of that traffic is hyper targeted to whatever it is that you are selling whether that be services or physical products building backlinks is the best way to get started with your SEO game but it can be kind of time consuming and pretty difficult if you don’t know much about SEO whereas linkchest allows you to do all of this very very fast and very effectively for a extremely low price in my opinion so lynchest is something that you need if you want to get started in your SEO

game guys if you’ve enjoyed today’s video make sure you smash the thumbs up button for the YouTube algorithm helps us out more than you know and if you’re new to the channel you want to learn more about all of these incredible digital products at a fantastic reduced price then make sure you subscribe to the channel to be kept us today with all the latest happening thanks very much for watching guys I will see you soon with another video bye-bye

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