The Music God Reacts Zinny Zan Lullabies For The Masses Music Review

Greetings and Salutations I’m the Music 
God and this is The Music God Reacts! 
So today, we’re going to be doing 
something completely different.  
this is a new feature to this 
channel that we’re going to be doing  
this is the very first one of these we’re going 
to do I’m going to be doing music reviews,  
CD reviews of all kinds: hard rock, metal, 
country, americana, blues, jazz, reggae…  
essentially what these are going to be 
when a new record comes across my desk  
that grabs my fancy makes me want 
to listen to it on repeats when it  
has some kind of element to it to make 
me look up for my keyboard and say  
wow we’re going to review it here so the 
very first one of these I’m going to do  
is actually a band but it has the lead 
singer’s name I’ve been a fan of this gentleman  
for many many years going all the way back 
to college uh first uh his work with the band  
kingpin uh which evolved into shotgun messiah 
and then the stuff after that which eventually  
uh turned into zan clan and then 
he did solo records under his
birth name uh which were all in swedish i 
believe so i

haven’t heard them because i  
wouldn’t understand a word of them you know as 
the lazy american that only speaks one language
but he’s back with a brand new record uh this is a 
band project that has him and three other members  
and this is a phenomenal record this 
was sent over um through Andy Turner,  
who is a PR person i work closely with 
and sends me a lot of really good records  
many of which you have seen on the reaction 
channel: Paddy and the Rats uh Kardashev um  
you’re gonna see this one uh there’s a variety 
of stuff that Andy sent. Andy’s amazing but with  
that said this one got sent over and i said you 
know let’s listen to it i went into this record  
thinking i knew what i was going to hear because 
it’s Zinny and Zinny has been pretty consistent  
in staying within uh the hard rock genre this one 
though caught me completely off guard for a few  
reasons that we’ll get into as we’re discussing 
and i’m going to discuss this individually by song  
so I’m not sure how long this video will be 
but first one it’s an experiment let’s go!  
CD is called Lullabies for the 
Masses as you see in front of you
song list nine songs approximate running time
is roughly
i’d say let’s see
roughly 30 – 35 minutes i would i would 
say um is the run time on this thing um
song one, the CD kicks off 
with a song Heartbreak City  
um Heartbreak City killer 
opening track a hard rock
amazing rhythm section going in this one
Zinny sounds great um spent a lot of 
years doing this obviously age roadware  
life can take a toll on your voice and your body
even the best of singers 
are starting to really show
vocal deterioration um Zinny sounds 
really really great on this man  
like better than i expected out of this
second song kicks in it’s called Bombs Away  
immediate impression this is got Lynch Mob kind of 
written all over it has that bluesy hard rock vibe
killer groove killer vocals cool guitar tones
yeah third song kicks in third one 
is where he caught me first off guard
third song It’s No Good, obviously it’s a Depeche 
Mode cover it’s a different kind of song for Zinny  
kind of stepping outside this 
box doing some Depeche Mode um
this is got an amazing vibe to it
sung perfectly
vocal tone in it it’s dead on exactly what 
it needs to be this is how you do a cover  
now also take into account about two days ago we 
lost Andy Fletcher who was one of the writers of  
this song one of the founding members of depeche 
mode, to us Depesh Mode fans affectionately he  
was known as fletch so it’s pretty poignant 
that the song was chosen and then you know  
a few days after release of the cd we lose 
a member one of the guys who wrote the song  
so it takes on a little bit more 
meaning a little bit more poignancy
it’s a great cover i love cover songs i’m a 
fanatic about them i have tens of thousands  
of them in my collection this is top 20 for 
me for cover songs i easily top three for  
depeche mode cover songs really amazing job 
on this so mad respect for the cover of this  
fourth song kicks in it’s called 
heal the pain heal the pain
big giant power ballad
sometimes the best balance the best songs 
are when you wear life’s experiences and  
disappointments on your sleeve for the lyrics for 
the tone of the song this is one of those songs  
this is a song about traveling life’s 
road the ups the downs the in-betweens  
but never giving up this song right here
when you hear the song mama i’m coming home  
obviously by ozzy massive song if that song 
ever had a sequel it would be this song
this has that kind of vibe that kind of feel that 
kind of tone to it that kind of message to it  
a great power ballad uh if this thing 
would have came out 20 years ago  
it’d have been massive okay it’d have been 
right up there with mom i’m coming home  
uh great great song just the continuity so far 
on this record is a plus nobody gets out of  
here alive kicks in at number five and there’s 
something about this song that sounds familiar  
but i can’t put my finger on what 
it is it reminds me of somebody
but i can’t formulate in my mind 
who it is that it’s reminding me of  
the song has a bit of a synth wavy 
hard rock hybrid style going on  
it’s a killer thong great groove um but listening 
to it it bugs me like i can’t think of who  
it reminds me of vocally like the way 
zinnia is singing in this reminds you of
you just hit me who it is it’s ace fraley
it’s ace frailey the vocal lines 
in this song the chorus especially
vocally he reminds me of ace failure
that’s what it is
it’s just the song that i’m thinking 
of just clicked into my head  
um this is the frayley style uh if 
ace fraley did a synth wave song  
this is it it would be this song um 
number six nobody gets out of here alive
is er i’m sorry number six says welcome to 
the show um cool mid-tempo rocker great guitar  
dynamics in this one the tone of the guitar in 
this one is really great um has kind of a thick  
tony um buzzy kind of tone i don’t want 
to say blues but kind of in that direction  
um gary moorish almost in places as far as the 
tone of the guitar uh not the blues not like a  
blues style but just a kind of a guitar 
tone that gary moore would have used um  
this would make a great opening song like 
when you start the show kick the show off  
this is the type of song you’re gonna 
want um number seven song i’ll let it rock
this is cocky this is rock and roll 
okay this is [ __ ] rock this is 70s era
inspired cockrock so to speak 
um kiss aerosmith israeli  
all of those vibes are in this one man 
this is just a rock and roll song you know
song number eight
is goodbye to yesterday
this again massive groovy power ballad
this has ozzy written all over it
quite a few places in this one zinny really 
channels his inner ozzy as far as vocally um very  
reminiscent of ozzy and again right up there with 
heal the pain this you know just kind of has ozzy  
written on it um not sure if he intended it to be 
that way but me i’m hearing ozzie on this one okay  
uh all in a good way i don’t mean these in 
any kind of negative way closes the album out  
with a song called the one this is kind of a slow 
burn record or slow burn song has a big groove to  
it nasty rhythm track and again another song that 
would perfectly perfectly fit into the sort of um  
zach era ozzy as far as groove and dynamics and 
tempo so overall this record flawless production  
on this record this record sounds like a million 
dollars man i don’t know who produced it but
it whoever it was primo job on it 
flawless sounding record across the board  
really great dynamics and tones on this thing 
the running order really great song selection  
song selection is something i talk about 
a lot that a lot of people don’t tend to  
put a thought into the way a record flows and ebbs 
through the record you know the ups and downs of  
the records and the emotions that it conveys 
can really be screwed up by a bad song order  
this is not one of those records this has a great 
song order the songs really flow perfectly uh last  
thing i want to talk about in this record i don’t 
know if this is the one off with these particular  
members i hope it’s not there’s obvious 
chemistry with the four people in this band um  
i believe the drummer uh is from the band 
drain or they i think they used to be drain fch  
uh the other two the guitar player and the 
bass player uh were from the band’s skin trade  
and then zinni obviously has been you know like 
i said the kingpin uh shotgun messiah zanclan  
uh and there’s another one that i’m 
forgetting that escapes me i apologize  
this record huge surprise to me i kind 
of went into this expecting just a  
a very kind of hard rock record so to speak 
you know and and i don’t mean that in a bad way  
but i expected this to kind of have 
that zen clan type of vibe to it and
this is a mature record man like this shows that 
zinnia is far more than just a hard rock guy  
obviously he is a hard rock guy but this 
shows that he could easily branch out into  
synthwave if he wanted to he could easily 
branch out into singer songwriter stuff  
he could easily branch out into a lot of genres 
that are kind of touched on here but not really
gone into full bore
this record uh on a scale of one to ten  
i will give this about an 8.8 
just just a hair under a nine
i don’t really have bad things 
to say about it there’s maybe  
one song on this that i’m not as in love with um 
let it rock is it’s a cool song but i think it  
it doesn’t fit as well with the rest of the songs 
the rest of the songs are just so good that let  
it rock to me it kind of sounds ordinary in a way 
you know and i know that’s gonna sound bad but i  
don’t i don’t mean it that way it’s not a bad song 
it’s just kind of everything else is so damn good  
that it kind of sounds like a bad song compared to 
everything else you know um i guess the equivalent  
of saying is you know if you if you walk into 
a car lot and they have eight lamborghinis and  
a corvette you know what i’m saying um you’re 
not going to be his throat about the corvette  
when you can choose one of the eight lambos 
you know um and i think that’s really  
kind of what we have here is 
it’s not a bad song it’s just
not as good as the other eight because the other 
eight are outstanding this is a easily a top five
for record of the year for me 
right now um maybe even top three
it’s so good there’s so many emotions conveyed 
here there’s so many tones and varieties  
and styles i’m in love with this 
record okay and again it caught me  
really off guard because i was kind of expecting 
zen clan and i got hey mature city who can  
go way outside of just being that hard rock guy so  
kudos on that man like i hope there’s 
more from these four down the line  
i hope it continues in this direction i hope 
we continue to see this kind of growth and um
stylistic thinking of a little bit outside 
the box you know uh keep the hard rock but  
continue touching on things like you know the 
synth wave and the the more retro style stuff that  
sounds so good so with that said this is music 
got approved absolutely like i said about 8.8  
8.9 out of 10. this is as good of a hard 
rock record as you could really expect so um  
run out grab this record let zinnia and those guys 
know that you heard about it from the music ad and  
i’m going to be working on setting up 
an interview with zinny uh through andy  
for the podcast in the link below i’ll drop 
the podcast link where you can check out our  
podcasts and me interviewing all these cool 
people uh continue to support this reaction  
channel there’s lots of reactions coming but 
with all that said i hope everyone is well  
i hope everyone is treating everyone else 
with kindness and always remember music heals

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