The Mysterious Disappearance of Julian Sands: What We Know So Far | Julian Sands Missing

British actor Julian Sands acknowledged for his work and suggests like 24 in movies like A Room With a View and Arachnophobia has been recognized as a hiker lacking within the Mt Baldi California location seeing that last Friday according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Sans become stated lacking at 7 30 pm on January 13 Gloria Huerta a spokesperson with the branch instructed CNN on Wednesday CNN has reached out to representatives for Sans for comment on Thursday Mara Rodriguez a spokesperson for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s workplace informed CNN the look for Sans turned into

ongoing but it is nonetheless dangerous to go looking by means of foot there’s no ground search presently the situations are just too risky for us to insert any of our seek and rescue Personnel into the mountain Rodriguez said the sheriff’s workplace searched by using air Thursday morning with helicopters and drones but so far the search has been unsuccessful officials do not know when they will be capable of seek by means of foot and say it’ll all rely on the situations at the mountain they also are unsure if they will be able to locate Sans alive

nothing is off the desk but obviously the conditions there are very intense Rodriguez said we simply don’t know what the turnout is going

to be cell phone pings from January 15th lead officers to believe Sans went missing near Mt Bobby additional telephone pains from the cellular company have been tried however had been unsuccessful because of the shortage of cell provider and maximum possibly sell smartphone power failure assertion launched Thursday by using the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said Mt Baldi is located in the San Gabriel mountains in San Bernardino County on Wednesday where does stated

seek in rescue crews were at the mountain searching out Sands but due to the extreme climate and an avalanche Hazard Rescuers needed to suspend their Sikh efforts officials persisted the search using drones but were constrained with different assets because of the weather on NT Balby where to brought San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department has recently warned hikers about journeying Mt Baldi where high winds and ice keep to make situations risky in a post on Facebook the business Enterprise stated that over the past four weeks search and rescue teams have answered to 14 rescue missions on Mount

Baldy and in the surrounding place these rescue missions were for misplaced stranded and or injured hikers unfortunately in the course of these past four weeks hikers did not live on after falling and injuring themselves the submit said the recent storms that brought the snow and ice conditions are not favorable for hikers even those who feel they have excessive degree of Revel in sansa’s different credit Encompass films like The Killing Fields and leaving Las Vegas and TV indicates like Smallville one of his maximum recent credit included a recurring position in Netflix’s TV collection what slash if

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