The Next Level of Modern Japanese Food – Takeshi-San Review

I like it leh! If this keeps up, I’m going to get drunk.
We are at Takeshi-San which is a modern 
Japanese concept. It’s mostly using  
Japanese dishes as the base for playing with modern 
flavours. Modern flavours or maybe modern ingredients.
So what I really like 
about this place from the get-go is  
how unpretentious it is. I’m a fan of 
Japanese food, my dad’s a Japanese chef  
and even so I still feel that sometimes 
when you walk into a Japanese restaurant  
it’s a little intimidating you know it feels very 
premium and very like expensive but it’s a little  
pretentious sometimes, like people go there 
you can’t talk too loud you know, that kind of thing.
Uni Chawanmushi.
And then, Salmon and Scallop Carpaccio. I see some tuna in it as well, actually.
I’m actually not a super big fan of uni.
You’re not?
Good chawanmushi is good chawanmushi.
Do you taste truffle? Yes, I taste truffle 
and it works with the uni. This uni is fresh!
I know why you don’t like uni.
I don’t get that smell!
Pretty nice. The marinade feels very Chinese.
It’s firmed up somehow from the preparation 
like there’s more bite to it. I would like  
to go for this one

I will go this. Thank you!
So this is the Umami Sparkling Sake.
Oh wait, what? what? I like it leh! I totally wasn’t 
expecting it it’s a sweet one. The umami is in the  
aftertaste. Is it? Like a very faint umami flavour 
coming up! Right, I get you.
On its own, it’s a really nice drink like 
I cannot get over the sweet sake it was really very nice.  
Yep. If this keeps up, I’m gonna get drunk.
Supreme Roll. Wow this one also got cream cheese  
i’m scared it just sounds really adventurous. Super 
adventurous! Look at it. Oh! I get the cream cheese  
after biting for a while and
that was such a nice surprise. Wow the tempura bit is  
very crispy leh. It’s definitely not the soggy kind.
It’s actually really well done. A lot of  
nice textures. Can I be really honest? I’m 
not a fan of unagi because of the bones inside  
but with this because there’s so many textures 
from the crunchy cucumber to the tempura bits
and all right so it takes away that bony feeling I
don’t like about unagi. The cream cheese is a nice  
bed to the whole thing and even with the 
cream cheese, right, it still tastes rather Japanese  
Mentaiko with angel hair pasta and of course,
protein of choice. You can see the actual mentaiko  
in it. So a lot of the commercially 
produced ones are just a lot of mayo.  
I like that the mentaiko is not too strong.
I don’t taste truffle, but I smell truffle.
You know what the texture reminds me 
of? The dried mee sua. Eating pasta with chopsticks
is another experience. As blasphemous as it 
sounds, it’s the realest way to eat it. I think  
we should just eat everything with chopsticks.
Oh this is really nice. It’s very pretty eh!
This is definitely stronger also a lot drier. 
The sake that they serve here is drier in nature  
because it goes better with the kind of food they 
serve it helps cut away the fattiness of whatever  
we just had because to be frank, the pasta was a little bit 
oily for me. It got heavy at the end. Takeshi set  
and then this is the salmon set. Are you ready 
to take the next step? Given this is a Kaidan
sushi set I feel that the raw one should be at the 
bottom. You know like how sushi is supposed  
to go from lighter flavour to heavier? The experience 
makes more sense if you are going from bottom to top
BORN gold it’s like a champagne and the 
reason why they serve it in the champagne glass  
is because they feel that the nosing or the smell 
of the sake is one of the key selling points.
Oh I get it. It smells like it 
could be sweet. Oh it is slightly sweet but  
also very fragrant. It’s extremely different 
from the first one that we had. I understand now
why because initially, I thought that the first 
one we had, which is like a sparkling sweet sake  
would be the best seller but
when we’re drink it still feels very full-bodied  
and then the sweetness, the lingering 
sweetness. I like this, I can tell why  
this is a best seller. We have a Black Tea Shochu,
Chardonnay Milk Liqour as well as a Honey and  
Umeshu. These are your dessert wine trio.
Actually it feels like having very siap siap tea.
No, this is not siap. You don’t taste the siap-ness? Not really.
I’ve had more siap tea. Oh I like this.
This is grape yakult. Yes! Oh it’s really good, though like 
how is this alcoholic? I’m done already. Umeshu!
Sweet, this one should be.
The plum flavouring is quite strong.
Okay so that was Takeshi-San! Hai! Unpretentious 
Japanese food paired with really delicious sake that  
might open your mind about sake and what it is 
That’s about it. Have a try if you have any other  
Japanese fare that you want to recommend, Please 
put it in the comments we’ll check it out. Bye!

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