The NL Central Champions will be the ____________

It’s time now to turn up the heat. And one of these teams that were talking about is the Milwaukee Brewers. So Kris, I want to ask you this because certainly the Nl East is very much lead by the Atlanta Braves and of course, the Miami Marlins are in there too. The Mets are struggling this season. The NL Central is so tight. It is unbelievable. So I ask you this, you is more likely to win the Nl Central, the Brewers, the Cubs or the Reds. That’s a very good question. Uh Are the red is going to

go out there and get some pitching Brewers have better pitching. The red is going to go out there and make and spend some money and give up a couple of prospects to bring some pitching in. They are not winning with that pitching staff that pitching staff got annihilated this weekend. They’re going to have a lot of trouble. I love the lineup. I love the spirit. I love the enthusiasm, but that pitching staff eye will say Milwaukee will still win the division and Woodwards gonna come back eventually, they still have Peralta and Burns there. I will

same. Milwaukee will bounce back and win the division. The Cubs. I’m not sure if they’re going to trade Stroman. You mentioned him a couple minutes ago. I’m not sure what

the Cubs plan is right now. That might be fishing for Abettor day. Plus Bellinger could they unload players and their still under 500. So are same. Milwaukee has the best chance two. Still win the Nl Central. All right, I picked Milwaukee at the beginning of the year. Andrew Abbott with the Reds has been impressive since, since he has been called. A, since Dela Cruz has been

called up for the Reds. They’re 14 and four. Milwaukee, they’re, their lead has been as big as two games. They’re deficit has just been 1.5 as far as the biggest deficit that they have and as far as the Cubs, they have the best starting pitching, er, a in the national league largely because of what Marcus Stroman is doing. Ok, which sub 500 team has the best chance to make the postseason Cubs. Mets or Padres earlier in the brushy back. You said the Mets, Padres were probably done. Well. I definitely would say the Cubs because they’re

a lot closer to division and the NL Central is not any good remember for the Mets to win 90 games. They got to go 55 and 30 to win 90 games. Not impossible, but 55 and 30 here is what is impossible. If they go 55 and 30 for them to win the division. Atlanta has got to go 40 45. Now, Atlanta’s not going 48 45. So that puts the Mets in the wild harden scenario where there , you know, clawing with all these other teams. The Cubs just have two claw with Milwaukee and most likely

to Reds, Cardinals and Pirates. Let’s throw out the window. So I would say the Cubs have the best chance. The problem with San Diego is you’ve got the down box giants and Dodgers way ahead of them. And although the Padres are not a bad record wise, the Mets are there close, they have shown no ability to grind and a fight and scratch and claw, you know, get that Luke hit when you need to win the game there. Hitting with runners in scoring position is terrible. So I think San Diego in the Mets are not going

to make the postseason. So I would say the Cubs with the best chance. All right. So the Mets have lost 15 of their last 20 games of both Fernando to teach Jr and Juan Soto has been hitting well at of late. They just got to get the rest of the team going okay. Who do you want at the plate with the game on the line? Freddie Freeman orRonald Acuna Jr. Ronald Acuna Jr.. Freddie Freeman. That’s a good question though. Freeman. I think Freddie Freeman is, I’d have to think about it. A little more carefully. Uh,

every player in the national league, I can make an argument, clear argument and a good argument that life on the line season and the line in a spot where I could use a home run, I use a base hit a walk. He’s the best hitter in the national league. I can make that when I saw him beat the Brewers to years ago, beating home runs off Josh Hitter in the eighth inning of game four, hit a home run, a 1 to 1.I think he is for my money. I think he’s the best hitter in the

national league now, Acuna is wonderful defense and everything else. But I think Freddie Freeman is the best player, a best hitter. The best hitter, Freddie Freeman has a 3 33 average lifetime with runners in scoring position. Okay, Ronald Acuna Jr.. Has 16 career hits in the seventh inning or later that have given the Braves elite. Does that change your opinion at all? No, no, it doesnt, I mean I’ve scene Freddie Freeman, do it remember Acuna was not on the team two years ago as all the injuries when they brought everybody else in the World Series.

I’ve scene Freddie Freeman. Do it. Listen, Acuna, he’s a wonderful talent. He’s going to be a great player , but Freddie Freeman has been around a long time now. I mean, it is just getting his career started. So, I mean, for five years from now, this might be a, this is not going to the same discussion right. This second, I have my life and season on the line. I’m down 32 in the bottom of the ninth in a game five or top of the ninth against big lefty reliever. Anybody. I want Freddie Freeman with the

bat in his hands. That’s what I want. Okay. Fair enough. Who is, who do you want on the amount to close out a game? Both of these guys had been tremendous Felix Bautista or do you want Alexis Diaz to close out a game? I havent seen either one of them due it with seasons on the line , so I’m not sure. I mean, Batista’s got a little benitez into me for me, which worries me a little bit. I saw Diaz the other night. He’s got a lot of Moxie. Can I come up with somebody else?

I mean, you never done it ever. They have, it doesn’t matter their doing so far in the regular season for there club, they’ve been tremendous. Felix Bautista has a 1.23 earned run, averaged 21 26 save opportunities. But you look at Alexis Diaz 21 of 21. A save opportunities. He has an, er, a under to and he’s doing it. Something about those. Diaz. Yeah, maybe I’ll take Diaz, he’s got a lot of Moxie to him out. Personality doesn’t seem to be afraid. I’m not saying Batista is, but I would take, I’ve seen to give up some

home runs. I guess I’ll take Diaz in that spot. That’s a good question. Excellent job on your part will take Diaz. Thank you so much.

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