The only REAL "Pro" MacBook? 14" M1 Pro – 1 Year Later Review

m1 macbook pro and air m2 macbook air 16 inch m1 pro i’ve talked about all these models on my channel many times there is only one macbook i held off talking about and this is of course the 14 inch macbook pro with the m1 pro chip and guys i’ve got something to tell you sit back and strap in because today we have the 14 inch m1 pro long term one year review okay go i’ve talked about the 14 inch pro many times on this channel but mostly in the context of comparison with other macbooks or

buying guides but i never made a separate video about it for one simple reason it’s almost the same as my 16 inch pro the difference is only in the size of the screen and of course the price but it has several significant advantages over its 16 inch older brother and unfortunately it’s not without a few flaws as well as you know i edit videos all the time what can i say it’s my life so i think it’s clear to everyone that 14 and 16 inch are similar in performance if they have the same chip and

performance differences are not that significant so for comparison i’ll show you the test

results of the 16 inch m1 max and surprisingly at some tasks the 14-inch m1 pro outperforms its brother and i know you don’t like editing examples but let me praise this boy a little bit because i feel like this laptop might be better suited for video editing than any other laptop from apple i’ll be quick i promise let’s look at the final cut pro x and compressor here we are immediately in for a surprise working with 4k the 14 inch pro even

slightly outperforms the m1 max and although the difference is minimal we can at least prove that the 14 inch pro is not a slow laptop exporting 8k files into four video formats makes the difference in performance more evident m1 max says higher number of cores as expected delivers a massive difference in the test results not in favor of the pro of course in davinci resolve the laptop performs great 4k prores 444 any formats any codecs can be processed without any problems moreover if you just need to edit simple youtube videos then don’t bother with it

it would be a total overkill for that having said that you can consider this laptop as a powerful editing machine with further potential okay i’m done now enough video editing for today and what about web browsing i think it’s pretty clear that everything works fine here so we can open a thousand tabs or more if you desire actually if i get 5k likes under this video i will make one where i open 1000 tabs on this mac for the benchmark fans here’s the result of the jet stream 2 javascript browser benchmark launched in safari 208

points is an excellent result shout out to all the it people i’m not a software developer by any means but i will certainly express my extremely important opinion that i based on the experience of my friends and acquaintances from the it world regarding the 14-inch mac everyone keeps saying that most programming languages are well supported here there are javascript python go php and so on and of course how can we forget xcode some people choose a macbook because it’s a macbook and i’m happy to report that it works just fine on this pro model we

used one of the benchmarks for xcode to test it out and as you might know the important thing here is the number of cores and in the m1 pro there are 8 cpu cores that can complete the task in 117 seconds here are the results with other macbooks using the same benchmark i think you will agree that the results are pretty impressive compared to the top and 2019 16 inch macbook pro as its maxed out model and of course apple is ahead of the rest here since this is their own software on their own hardware

if you work in any particular software then before getting a macbook check its compatibility because certain programs may not work as well on apple silicon for those who care about running windows on a macbook pro 14 stay tuned because we’ll be discussing that later but what about 3d rendering for many the macbook pro is a controversial solution for this type of task i can say that it’s both pleasure and pain the best part is that apple didn’t lie a year ago when they said that their processors can use unified memory to help out video memory

and therefore the real-time work is really popping up here since the macbook easily creates swap files that speed up work in 3d but then what’s the catch rendering here is not that fast here are the tests in redshift benchmark it overtook even the top and 16 inch macbook pro on the m1 max no matter how counterintuitive it sounds but to hell with these benchmarks in real life i didn’t experience much pain when working with 3d but it’s also worth considering that i’m not a cgi professional i’m just an amateur who sometimes enjoys shoving different models

into blender and the laptop works just fine with that speaking of blender even before being optimized this macbook showed excellent results in real time and given the fact that in october 2021 apple joined the blender development fund apple also provides engineering and technical support and helps in the development of the project as a result all macbooks support blender by default and if you are interested in blender then 14 inch m1 pro or m1 max chip will work just fine for you this is also considering the fact that this software will continue to develop for better

compatibility with apple chips and now let’s move on to my favorite adobe stuff photoshop lightroom and after effects and this video is not sponsored by adobe let’s start with photoshop and unfortunately the optimization here is at the top level it runs fast and smoothly without any hiccups you can create multi-layered complex compositions and a 14-inch pro can easily cope with the workload and if you’re interested in numbers here’s the test for you opening 100 psd files with a total size of 25 gigabytes and on a inch pro it took about 2 minutes and 17 seconds

while the old 16 inch macbook pro 2019 took almost 7 minutes all in all photoshop works great on the base 14-inch macbook pro it’s a similar story with lightroom let’s take a look at the export results of 100 process photos i think you already know that ram is very important for lightroom and 16 gigs is the bare minimum so if you are a photographer then look for models with 16 gigabytes of memory and even the base macbook pro 14 is an amazing option for photographers and digital artists in general but what about after effects as

you might guess everything is fine here i took one of the projects with prores 422 with alpha channel and sent it to render this guy in the face of the 14 inch macbook pro just rips and flies just look at the test results and specifically the performance gap with the 2019 flagship if you make motion 2d graphics then this macbook pro will be a pleasure to work with ah got into editing again i already told you about the magical software called parallel’s desktop after the launch they released a technical preview of the software which supported

apple silicon and then they released a parallels version that works great on m1 pro m1 m1 max processors so it runs a windows 11 virtual machine all apps work great thanks to the good work of both the parallels and microsoft team but keep in mind that resource intensive tasks require more what that’s right resources therefore if your main activity and interaction is based on working with windows then getting a mac does not make much sense but in general if you disregard this fact and still go for a mac then budget for more unified memory but

we already talked about this in this video right here what about video games we all know how great macs are as a gaming platform out of pure curiosity i launched the legendary half-life 2 and it ran without problems it got a stable 120 fps after that i launched something heavier oh yes skyrim the 2013 oh 2011 game and it also starts without problems but i would say it didn’t run fast i got an average of 20 to 25 frames per second the launch was more needed to monitor the use of resources and the conclusions are

the processor is practically resting but the graphic scores work at full capacity at the same time the temperature began to rise but the fans did their job well and didn’t allow the mac to overheat so on the base 14 inch macbook pro using parallels you can play games and run apps on virtual windows but of course don’t forget about apple arcade if you watched our m2 macbook video after a month of use then you know that games from apple arcade are weird at the very least they heat up the laptop subsequently leading to throttling there

is also active cooling which positively affects the performance so go ahead and do your thing gamer boys despite the fact that i am hardly a musician we conducted a test in logic pro for the musically gifted viewers we used billy eilish’s demo for ocean eyes and i would put it to aif format the 14-inch macbook pro although slightly behind its older brother is still not as critical as it might seem at first glance because at the same time it overtakes the most powerful 27-inch imac and isn’t that a miracle so if we talk about the

overall impressions then they are really similar to the macbook pro 16 because the design is similar the difference is only in the form factor and price but is it critical due to the large case the 16 inch pro has better sounding speakers than the 14 pro also the smaller size of the laptop yields a shorter battery life the 14 inch pro has less space in the body so the battery capacity is obviously less here when tested in benchmarks the 14 inch pro battery dropped to 86 percent in 35 minutes and the 16 pro dropped to

91 but here are all the promised 17 hours of battery life and of course with very intensive loads the time can decrease but in some simple tasks such as watching movies writing scripts and surfing it is as promised but you shouldn’t be too happy about it because there are much better options on the market for watching movies and writing scripts and we talked about this here you can check it out after you are done with this video but smaller dimensions compared to the 16 inch model really make a big difference and this 14 inch macbook

pro is also a whole pound lighter and 22 percent more compact while the performance is comparable and the 14 inch pro will seem like a smarter purchase in terms of price plus functionality than the 16 inch pro so you can get a 14 inch macbook pro for complex video editing sorry fast rendering as well as professional work with sound and graphics in any way shape or form with this laptop you won’t have to worry about performance the 14 inch m1 pro is ideal for any kind of professional who needs a powerful yet compact device and

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