The Passenger 2022 Movie Review. The Passenger Movie Review. The Passenger

hi this is the melroner and this is my review 
of the passenger i absolutely love this movie  
it’s about a driver he’s sort of like an 
uber driver that picks up a family a mother  
her daughter and the mother’s friend for a 
road trip the mother is going to see her ex  
to give up her daughter to him i guess she might 
be tying her daughter but she says she’s not  
and on the way on the road they hit somebody so 
the friend keeps telling him you know go back  
go back because she’s a nurse go back you know 
he wants to drive on then finally he goes back  
and they get the person they hit and they 
put the person in in the van and then  
stuff just starts to happen from 
there and i’m not gonna tell you  
you’re gonna like it this is not your 
typical rider what you think about it  
melvinator too the passenger will rebuild 
his intentions on the people in the van  
and when you find out what’s going on you’re gonna 
be like oh boy you know like melvinator said this  
is not your typical passenger this is a different 
kind of passenger one we haven’t seen before
you’re right melvinator

two the intentions 
are brutal there you have it a great horror  
movie that takes us in a direction that we’ve 
never seen before you are absolutely loved  
this movie the passenger is just 
fun and exciting it was just  
a good movie kind of fresh to the horror general 
i just you know i just liked it you know because  
when the passenger gets going with he 
or she motors it gets going and man  
it will be no stop action from there on the 
movie’s not slow it’s a great movie and i think  
our horror fans will like it you know because 
it’s different because with this passenger if  
you have this passenger next to you you’re not 
going to want to sit next to this passenger  
because of what’s going to happen you’re going to 
be like let me try and go to the back of the van  
maybe i’ll be safe back there or not so 
please check this movie out it is good this  
is the melbourne and this is my review of the 
passenger i would definitely say check it out  

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