The Platform Netflix Movie Review – Stunning Screenplay! Must watch Movie!

this video we are going to see the review
of a Spanish movie with a different content
and also with a strong social message.
The movie name is “The Platform” released
in the year 2020.
The movie is available in English in Netflix.
Lets get into the detailed review of the movie.
The hero of the movie wakes up in a room which
looks like a jail, and there is another old
man in the room along with him.
There are several levels above and below him
with a hollow passage in the middle of the
The hero starts interacting with this that
old man and gets to know that they are on
the 48th level of this prison.
He asks the old man why there is a hole in
the middle of the room, the old man says they
get food only through this hallow passage
of this vertical prison.
The old man says that he is staying in this
jail for more than a year and every month
they will change them to different floor randomly.
He also says that it is beneficial if you
stay on the topmost floor, as the people who
stay below gets to eat the left overs of the
people who

stay on top.
So when you go levels below you won’t get
much to eat.
As he explains this a platform arrives to
their level through that hole.
This platform looks very disgusting as it
has completely spilled over and left over
food by the people above them.
So the people who stay on the top gets all
the fresh food, while the people on the bottom
levels starve.
As there are 47 levels above them, and 2 prisoners
in each level, so 47 into 2 is 94, so after
94 prisoners eat, what is remaining is all
they get to eat.
And on top of that they have few more rules
in this prison – this platform stays in
a particular level for only few minutes, so
you have to eat whatever you can within that
time and also you cannot take any food and
store it in your level for having it later.
If you do so the whole room will get heated
up and you will burn to death.
Now they show the flaskback of how the hero
came into this prison.
He has voluntarily entered into an agreement
with the management of this prison to live
here for a period of 6 months, and in return
he asks them to give a degree certificate.
So like this each person is here for a reason.
Either you should have committed a crime or
you demand something in return to stay as
a prisoner.
But will you get out of this prison alive
is not guaranteed by the management who runs
this prison.
Also when the person goes inside the prison
they can carry any one item along with them.
The hero chose to carry a book along with
him to the prison and the old man carries
a sharp knife with him.
One day while the platform comes to their
floor, they see a women sitting in the platform.
The hero tries to speak with her but she dint
say a word and goes down in the platform.
The old man explains that, every month this
lady comes down through this platform in search
of her daughter whom she has lost.
And before coming down in the platform she
will kill her cell mate so that she can accommodate
her daughter in her cell if she finds her.
That night both of them sleeps and next day
when they wake up they see they are on the
floor 171.
And the hero’s hands and legs are tied to
his bed.
The old man informs the hero that he has only
tied him up, as in the previous month when
the old man was on the floor 132 he dint get
any food to eat.
So now they are in floor 171 floor they will
not get anything to eat from the platform.
As all the food will be eaten by the people
above them.
Also the old man warns him that as day passes
a time will come when he cannot bear his hunger
anymore and at that time he may even cut and
eat the flesh of the hero, with the knife
he has.
Till now what you have seen is just to give
you a flovour of the movie.
There isn’t much which I have revealed and
there is much more story to come.
The remaining movie has lot of interesting
facts like what happened to them, how they
survived with a unpredictable climax which
leaves you stunned with a good social message.
The whole movie revolves around only limited
characters and all the scene happens only
within this prison.
The cinematography and lighting effects are
really good.
The movie has won awards for Best special
effects and best Visual effects.
The movie has a runtime of 1 hour and 30 mins.
This is a must watch movie for all type of
movie lovers.
Watch the movie and let me know what message
you get from this movie in the comment box.
Catch you all in my next review.

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