The Power of Moments Book Review

it’s mary the mom
of a girl a book and a mom
and i’m here
the eve of our
newest school year
like the eve eve like i probably
should be in bed by now
but i’m staying up
because of you because i promised
that i would review
this book
before monday so here it is sunday night
got my
cup of steamed milk because yeah i can’t
have wine on a school night it
doesn’t work for me
okay so let’s review this book world’s
shortest book review i didn’t like it
thanks for joining me no i’m just
kidding uh not kidding that i didn’t
like it i give it two stars because
because i’m generous um
yeah so basically
the power of moments written by chip
heath and dan heath is uh
my assigned summer reading um
and it’s why certain experiences have
extraordinary impact
yeah and he goes through it he uh they
they go through it it’s uh
basically elevation but you have to
raise it up um
insight you have to think about the
pride or courage
like you have

to take pride in something
you have to courage to do something and
community and um in general if you want
to create a
memory i i suppose
these are
good methods of doing it i
other than that everything else was
wrong uh
no um
other than the fact as i alluded to
before that the boring moments in school
are math uh the exciting moments and how
to make a moment stick are english and
social studies that you work together
and you create a big project
this is my 12th year of teaching
and i can tell you that every single
teacher in my high school
every single academic teacher has gone
to get their degree
in teaching or if they’re like me and
they have a degree in math
and then they went back and got a degree
in teaching there’s some course work
where you learn hey
collaboration is a good idea
and it’s a great idea
you know if you’re going to give me your
boring moment in math give me your
defining moment in math give me an
exciting math moment
i mean
i can’t speak for all math teachers
i try to do things like
taking the square root of something to
breaking out of jail
i you know i’ve brought in goldfish
before to teach a point i teach the
with cheez-its to help
bringing all that knowledge in
like i was taught
in my courses
in college
how to do
that you are well okay i wasn’t taught
how to do this i was taught this was a
good idea
uh moral of the story
he doesn’t tell us anything new
and when he talks about failing schools
he talks about how they were then handed
over to charter schools
and then
oh all of a sudden they’re they’re
wonderful schools yeah um
that is not how school works charter
schools generally um are really just
concerned about the profit uh but anyway
i digress again
um i think
that while chip heath
be um
may be
great at teaching at a business school
i think he really doesn’t have much
grounds to speak on
high schools
and i think we can we can also point out
that um
that this is a crappy book
for a
a professional development for high
school teachers
other excellent books that i would
recommend are grit
the power of habit by charles durig that
was an excellent book
atomic habits another excellent book if
we’re looking for teachers for
professional development mindset by
carol dweck is an excellent book
many many more excellent books
than the power of habit which is
two stars because i’m feeling generous
hope you’re having a great day
when are you going back to school i’ll
go back tomorrow hope you’re having a
great day talk to you later happy
reading bye

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