The Queen's Gambit – Netflix Series FULL HONEST REVIEW

hey up everyone it’s me steph aka
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in today’s episode i reviewed something
of the uk
netflix trending list and
currently at number one now is the
queen’s gambit
what did i think to it find out after
this short
awesome intro
so yes this is the uk
netflix trending and number one today
is the queen’s gambit now just to prove
i did watch every single episode so you
see the red bar there it’s pretty much
to the end
of course i’m not gonna watch the
credits but look
red bar red bar red bar red bar red bar
red bar
the basics of this all is you follow
alas pretty much from when she was small
up to an
adult and she is an absolute gifted
prodigy growing up in the 1950s 1960s
where really only
men are good at chess how could a female
be a man well queen’s gambit shows you
quite easily
that yeah it can happen by an absolute
kick-ass of alas and i swear
this was freaking amazing to watch
i think

chess is boring i’ve played
chess in the past don’t get me wrong
i ain’t no chess master i’m quite thick
at the game to be fair
you probably beat me in freaking 10
moves or less in all honesty
but this series
oh my goodness like thumbs up
to this series because it made
me care about the game and be like oh
what movie is she going to make next is
she going to beat that guy is she going
to lose
it proper got me invested into a game
where really from a day-to-day
standpoint don’t give a flying shiz
so props to queen’s gambit on that one
uh star stars anna taylor joy
she of split frame hey
we like her in that well i do anyway um
and so yeah it follows her life there is
a lot of
drinks and drugs kind of goings on
she has a lot of issues that she’s got
to sort out and deal with
but this series does it in such a gritty
honest emotional way that
yeah i i i was cool with that big thumbs
up in terms of how they handled that
um it worked just
wow just the performances her
anna taylor joy was
wow i seriously the fashion in this
just completely inspires me yeah i know
that’s quite
what is it to say but i’m a girl i’m a
lass i like nice looking claws
this series there we go this series has
nice looking claws and fashion
absolutely love it she is cold as hell
like so clinical and so
focused on her craft and her game
that when it comes to any emotional
attachment whatsoever it just
doesn’t register with her and i feel
sorry for lads that are like
lass i care for you i want to look after
you and she’s like no bug off
i want to play chess it’s like
okay but i can see that happening a
child prodigy
that is so awesome when it comes to
so clinical so strategy minded like
maybe missing a little bit of the
emotional kind of human connection chip
so that’s quite realistic as well so
i liked that um there is
this russian grandmaster the
throughout the series she gets to the
final and he gets to the final
and at the final she somehow screws it
up the night before
like she drinks she takes drugs and she
does parties so then the day after she’s
just completely just
not all there and she loses
like completely just like a car crash in
slow motion
but towards the end it series
you knew it was going to happen because
again somewhat like this is quite
but even when it did happen and she
finally beats the russian grandmaster
and she gets the world championship in
russia even then
i’m like yes
nice one last that’s awesome well done
and all that jazz
freaking fantastic so
in retrospect for me my eyeballs
approve i’ve seen this series um
have a watch it’s actually quite a
in terms of how good it is and how
enjoyable it is
but what’s everyone else saying well
we are on wired dot co dot uk
the queen’s gambit is the watched show
on netflix
right now watching gifted chess players
is a reminder that brilliance exists in
even if you don’t understand their game
absolute freaking lutely the only thing
that is real is the chess
yeah child prodigy beth harmon is
um everything else is fake
um the impeccable 1950s and 60s
fashioned in the series are too good to
be true
but still nice looking i gotta admit
um yet i’ve missed all of that every
chess game it’s played extremely
accurate which you gotta give full props
for for something like that
so not that anyone’s short of a
professional chess player will be able
to tell but every game in the seven
episode series
and there are a lot of them was designed
by chess coach bruce pandelfini and gary
probably the best known chess player in
the world i didn’t know that
that is cool the actors had to learn the
the camera had to follow him you see
that was a thing that i thought was
really impressive
like she was like moving the pawns and
the pieces around
so fast and so adept that i’m like
dude did you learn the moves oh is this
like a
double right now like the equivalent of
a body double doing this for you
no they had to learn the moves that is
freaking impressive
mostly people don’t know the
significance of one
d4 d5 and 2c4 the chess
opening known as the queen’s gambit okay
that’s clever but every time it’s played
on screen it’s done
correctly oh that is proper clever
essentially i learned all of the
sequences like dances and because i’m a
that was helpful in terms of remembering
how everything worked out
says anya taylor joyed okay
cool perhaps that’s why the queens can
be which is currently netflix number one
showing the us is so addicting
and the uk thank you very much it’s a
dance suffice to say very few people
watching understand chess at the level
someone like kasparov does
well yeah duh and it kind of completely
went over me to be fair
all the moves uh those like sequences
that are named after things yeah
well over my head dudes um
but movies from searching for bobby
fischer to queen of catway to fresh have
proven audiences want to know what it’s
like to play as a grandmaster
yes that was so fascinating to see
and watch and like find out what all
is about um
it’s likely to that the mystery of chess
is what makes it even more compelling
than say the final game in whose years
even if you don’t play basketball it’s
easy to see the brilliance of someone
like lebron james to understand how
deep his knowledge of the game must go
for him to command the court the way he
does same thing with this with the
queen’s gambit and annie taylor’s joy’s
character same thing for non-players of
chess as something far more ineffable
the world’s grandest players or the ones
in movies and television shows at least
possess something pre pretentual
um i would say supernatural but there
you go watching them plot players
five moves ahead of their competitors
feels like watching neo sees nothing but
lines of codes
as it navigates the matrix or watching
will hunting do math
everyone it seems enjoys watching genius
at work
yeah that is what proper grabs you in
with this series
um yet there’s something else
particularly learning about chess it
promises a level playing field
yes the great players all seem to have
some natural unimaginable level of skill
but all they needed was a bar two kings
two queens four rooks four bishops four
knights 16 pawns and the rules
um in the queen’s gambit beth harmon
played by taylor joy
learns how to play from a janitor in her
orphanage the real chess player
who inspired queen of catware fiona
mutesy learned the game
from a missionary so there are some
barriers to entry let’s face it not
everyone has the time to study strategy
all day
well don’t i know i’ve got work to do
and some folks may never be introduced
to the game at all but it has very few
requirements beyond brainpower
there’s a hopefulness in that watching
gifted chess players is a reminder that
brilliance exists in everyone
even if you don’t understand their game
yes yes and yes
that pretty much explains a little bit
more in depth
what the queen’s gambit is all about
and why it’s so good and why even though
you may
never have played chess before or even
freaking understand the game or be good
at it
that shouldn’t put you off watching this
series seriously
watch it because as far as i’m concerned
my eyeballs were happy
to watch this series it was freaking
and i pretty much can say that i’m sure
your eyeballs will enjoy it too
in all honesty um with that being said
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