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today i am going to recap and explain a
true story based australian survival
horror film called the reef
the director of this film is mr andrew
trockey who directed another great true
story survival horror film called black
water i have already recapped that film
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the film opens with a guy named luke who
was an employee in a boating company
his job was to deliver the private
yachts to its customers
sort of a yacht captain
he welcomes his friend matt matt’s
girlfriend susie and his ex-girlfriend
luke had invited them on his tour to
indonesia where he was delivering a
this was a jolly good holiday trip
at the dock site he introduces his new
crew member warren to everyone who was
also on this route for the first time
he used to work on a fishing boat before

kate observes the bones of mako
tiger hammerhead and white pointer
displayed on the wall
a tour guide says sharks are local to
this area they are there
it’s only that people don’t believe that
they can come this far north
he jokes about the odds of people dying
from shark attacks to that of a bee
kate and luke had a bittersweet breakup
these two used to crew together in the
some incidents caused kate to move out
of this profession and she asked luke to
leave as well
but he refused hence she moved on
now all five sail and enjoy the ocean
these guys were sailing through the
coral reef
after sailing for a few hours an island
appears on the horizon
luke suggests diving here to which
everyone agrees
with the help of a lifeboat these guys
reached the shore and enjoyed the beach
later dived and explored the underwater
aquatic life
here kate saw a baby white shark and
ignores it
as it was a baby
after resting for a few minutes on the
beach the tide suddenly starts to recede
warren informs about this to luke by
signaling his hand
luke quickly grabbed everyone and
reached the yacht
because the tide was receding the water
level was dangerously low for the yacht
to sail
luke and warren lift the anchor they
carefully and slowly sail through the
water to a higher level
luke asks kate to steer the wheel while
he and warren went down to check on the
here kate teaches susie how to sail a
the engine was fine hence they sail at
full speed
at night all sleep in their cabins
the next morning luke and kate started
talking about their relationship
after a few minutes luke heads to grab
some food from storage when suddenly the
yacht topples
everyone was drowned and started getting
in a panic state kate reached the
surface first then susie luke and warren
matt was still underwater he heard sue
ice calling
luke dived here and saved matt
the condition of these guys was pretty
these guys were in the middle of the
ocean their yacht was toppled and the
lifeboat was damaged
they also lost their food in water
luke was not sure what caused this it
may be a shark attack or they just
simply hit a reef
everyone tried to revert the yacht but
it was heavy hence unsuccessful
later all climbed the yacht where they
saw the keel itself was damaged
even if they somehow revert this yacht
it was in no condition to sail
luke saw a white shark surrounding them
but he ignores it as this will cause
panic which will help no one
instead he says we are in the middle
there are no boats for miles
for us to survive we must swim to the
nearby turtle island and wait for the
it is approximately 12 miles matt and
susie were terrified hearing this as
they never tried something like this
the marathon swimming
they were not michael phelps
warren talks about activating sos signal
a purp
aperb stands for emergency position
indicating radio beacon
this was an old model which works only
for planes
meaning whenever a plane enters the
range of this signal it gets detected
since no planes were flying around here
as it was not the usual route for them
the chances of a perp getting detected
were next to nothing
warren was pretty scared about this as
this area was infested with sharks
he decides to stay here
luke again died here and brought back
the aperb device with some body boards
and wetsuits
to cover that long distance it was
except for warren all four enter the
water and started swimming north
luke found north with the help of his
at least for a couple of hours these
guys swam without any trouble and rather
enjoyed it a little
then they saw a school of fish circling
after a few more minutes susie saw
something in black color floating toward
everyone halts to see it but it was not
clearly visible
luke tried to see it underwater still it
was unclear
matt courageously and slowly swam
towards it
it turned out to be a big dead turtle
whose head was chopped off
everyone falls back in panic as to who
might have killed such a big turtle
kate thought of a shark
susie was terrified hearing this her
legs just froze hearingness
matt and luke helped her they insisted
on marching ahead
back at the yacht warren saw something
surrounding him
it could be a shark or something else
but he was definitely terrified
back at the ocean susie again saw
something around him she started
kate and matt tried to calm her down but
she was pretty agitated
luke started seeing underwater where
this time he saw a big shark
quickly he asks everyone to stick
together and not to make any movement
the sharks started circling around them
fear and paranoia gripped these guys as
there was no one to save them
susie was breathing heavily when the
shark passed just beside kate
it dragged her body board away from her
after staying here for a few minutes
matt decides to bring back that board he
slowly swam towards it and retreated it
when he was heading back the shark
attacked him from behind with all its
force and chopped off his legs
he started screaming and flashing water
susie also screamed in panic she wanted
to swim toward him but luke stopped her
after the shark went away with matt’s
leg these guys approached matt
as he could not swim anymore he asked
everyone to go ahead
susie was shocked and crying matt died
in her arms luke screamed at her to move
away from matt as the shark was again
coming for him
susie kissed matt and swam away from him
later the shark jumped on matt as it
dragged his body underwater
these three started swimming again
towards the north and pretty soon it was
susie was pissed as luke told them that
they will reach the island in three
hours but it was way past that
clearly it was a lie to get them on
she blames matt’s death on him but kate
supports luke
at night another shark surrounds them
but this time it leaves without
attacking them
these guys swam all night they were
the next morning brought a ray of hope
as they saw the island on the horizon
they rested for a while on a small reef
that was barely above water
as they head out susie again saw
something approaching them
i mean this lady might have the eyes of
an eagle it’s always she who sees the
this time it turned out to be a dolphin
not a shark
everyone breathed a sigh of relief and
swam ahead
after a few minutes a shark sneakily
attacks susie underwater and drags her
away from rest
it shreds her body where a school of
fish started munching on her
luke and kate saw this in horror but
they were helpless
they quickly swam away from there
claimed another wreath and kate started
she thought this was the same shark that
attacked matt
in a hurry her feet got injured luke
wraps a cloth on it and both rest here
for a while
these two end their breakup and embrace
each other
this misadventure taught them one thing
very clearly living a life without love
is as good as being dead
the island was not far from here hence
these two moved ahead
finally they reached it
but the island was not flat it was quite
steep and slippery
just then the shark returns and started
circling around
luke somehow lifts kate onto the rocks
as soon as he tried to climb at the
shark attacked him from behind and
dragged him underwater
his blood slashed across the water
kaiden desperation screamed like hell
but luke was gone
the written epilogue reveals that kate
was rescued by a fishing boat the next
day however extensive searches failed to
locate warren or the yacht
most probably it sank
with this the film ends
well this is not by far the great shark
movie but definitely a realistic one
like in the black water where they used
real crocodiles the director here used
real sharks
except in one scene when the shark
passes right beside kate all scenes are
this film is a reminder that while we
enjoy playing out in the waters deadly
creatures do inhabit them
they use our fear of the unknown to
their advantage
the film has great suspense from
beginning to end it holds tension and
makes you nervous
even though it bombed at the box office
i still say this in hindsight it’s a
great be horror film
it’s sort of sequel is releasing this
month which i will recap
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