The School of Life "An Emotional Education" – book review

hello dear friends today i would like to
talk about the school of life and their
book an emotional education so what can
i say
finally finally an amazing book for
those who are feeling lost in this world
or for those who finally understood that
maybe there is something in us that
needs more attention than we previously
our days there are more and more people
out there who understands that we need
not only work out in the gym to have a
beautiful bodies but we need to exercise
our mental abilities as well and
especially to work out on understand our
emotions to have a beautiful minds and
if you are one of those who feels this
way and would like to end up running
away from yourself and your problems and
maybe even find some meaning in your
life then this book will be a great
starting point for this quest i’ve
actually been amazed on how easily
authors explained and introduced some of
the most complicated areas of our life
of our psychic life such as for example
childhood trauma a historical
philosophical approach to our thoughts
and approach to life in

general how to
spot signs of our inner problems and
better understand the need for an
emotional education some examples of
history art and some of the famous
experiments just blown my mind how they
interacted with the main idea of the
book expanded field of knowledge and
made difficult material looked more
interesting and relevant to us i’ve been
thinking for some time on the section of
psychotherapy and the specialist work
somehow it at the beginning it seemed
unappropriately long and insightful
compared to other topics at the
it might seem that they are trying to
promote their service that actually
earning them money school of life at the
end of the day is a group of specialists
that helping
other people by working with them but
then i could grasp a bigger idea as well
that this is an attempt to educate
people to change their stigmas about
such things and show them what does it
mean in the reality to have a therapy
and what therapists really like the book
is more of a
introductory type so you will not find
their easy steps on how to achieve your
goals as we are used these days but it
is a great place to start and you will
definitely find some interesting
approaches to the human being and basis
of our psychology to not be naive at the
same time it is not a bible it will not
give you all the answers and some of the
approaches and examples will definitely
be out of proportion and you don’t have
to agree 100 percent with some of it but
bear in mind that it is not a point of
the book the point is to start talking
about these things discuss them and
start searching for the truth and it is
a good place to begin
so what can i say if you are thinking
about your mental well-being or you
would like to go on the path of
making yourself better person and start
understanding yourself better or your
partner and people who surround you i
would highly recommend to read this book
and they have much more books in their
library so maybe we’ll find something of
of interest to you thank you very much
for watching and see you very soon in a
next video

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