the second round games testing review of OneGx Pro tigerlake version

Hey~ Guys. I m “one” player
I got the OneGx Pro here now.
Lets check this device performance.
Its quite small,
Smaller than folded A4 paper
How to play a game when we on the way to work?
We need a different solution to make it
Lucky that I have this
Now I can enjoy my game time when I sit in the bus on the way to work or before I sleep.
My favorite are The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The Witcher, Watch Dogs, Monster Hunter
And Cyberpunk 2077
Game control handles is the better solution for Role playing game
OneGx Pro support detachable handles
There are hide slideways to insert handles
OneGx Pro looks pretty cool
The weight is pretty light too.
The way we hold it in hand
Exactly quite light
The taillights design looks cool
It deserve my love😊
OneGx Pro equipped intel 11th Core Tigerlake processor
10 nm technology
Quad Core 8 threads
Turbo max 4.4Ghz, 12M 3level cache, TDP 7W-15W
Probably this is the first Tigerlake series prototype to boot on in the world
New Iris Xe framework of GPU
Integrated 96 computing units
So it make me can running

lot of games
Now lets check it
We enter the world of devil hunter
For better to enjoy my game, I connect a External speaker
Lets check the first
Its not 100% performance because this is a prototype now
So, I chose the default resolution 1280*800 and Default image quality
it still looks clearly even the screen was narrowed the native proportion
This game won a lot of awards
Both the plot and the action design are excellent
Handles will connect with device by default Xbox 360 method automatically
Since the device has a built-in receiver, there is almost no delay when we operate it.
Now Get on my horse and go for a walk
When I moving faster the game still running fluently
I see a soldier over there. Let get a fight with him.
Make a provocation
He wont fight with me if I don’t do that
About 40 FPS when I am fighting with him.
His defense is very strong
Check those images details
I can even see the pores in his face
It looks like a movie
Wow, its 60FPS now
This is the top FPS setting I think.
Probably its unable higher
Moving with the wind
Like a movie
Ubisoft’s games have always been known for their top graphics
It’s called the live tour of the game world
Odýsseia It has a very beautiful sea view
The effect of the ocean is very realistic
This is why It’s called a travel simulator
Look at this handsome face and muscles
Its high definition
Its 35FPS now, lets get a fight
Probably I will be killed because my level still low
So I need to draw them out to kill one by one
It fluent than I thought
There are Sense of vibration of handles
Ok one enemy see me now
He’s shooting an arrow! Its hurt
One shoot will kill me.
It still fluent when I m fighting
That’s all the testing today.
Tell me if you want to see more game testing in OneGX Pro
See you later

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